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Rachel Leighton (Scenesys ID: 1314)
Name: Rachel Leighton
Superalias: Diamondback
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Hired Goon
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Some High School
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 20 Apr 1995 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 142 lb
Hair Color: Pink (dyed) Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Diamondback grew up on the mean streets without an obvious path to success. So she went for the not obvious path: training to become a supervillainous henchperson. For the past several years, since coming up with her Diamondback identity, she's been a low-level mercenary, acting as a soldier of fortune to various criminal organizations.


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* 1995: Born in Austin, TX.
* 1997: Family moved to NYC.
* 1998: Father died.
* 2003: Began assisting older brothers in petty crimes (shoplifting candy, etc.)
* 2007: Older brothers joined the Savage Crims street gang.
* 2010: Attempted to join the Savage Crims herself and was forcefully denied.
* 2011: One older brother killed by police during an attempted armed robbery.
* 2011: Dropped out of high school. Became pickpocket and con artist.
* 2013: Aged 18, enrolled in an underground academy for training supervillain henchpeople.
* 2014: Graduated from henchperson school.
* 2016: Dissatisfied with nameless henchwoman roles, created 'Diamondback' persona. Leaned on an old friend of her brothers who had experience making gear and gimmicks. Continued career as a criminal-for-hire, but now as a name brand unto herself.

IC Journal

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A hardscrabble life spent struggling for every morsel has left Diamondback of the mindset that life is too short for keeping things hidden. She'll speak her mind, whether to tell someone off or to back someone up, and she won't be shy about her feelings for people, whether they're disgust or fascination.

Essentially Good:
Despite being a costumed criminal, Diamondback is not an evil person. Her moral character is certainly compromised, but not completely so. She doesn't enjoy hurting people who haven't done anything to 'deserve' it, and she doesn't have the guts for killing. Deep down, Diamondback is a good person who made bad choices in bad situations.

Diamondback has no use for law and order. In her mind, laws are just there to inconvenience people who can't get a fair shake, and to protect the crooked people who write them in the first place. She has no respect for the authority of the legal system, the police, etc., and will flout said authority whenever doing so will get her what she wants faster.

Character Sheet


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As a graduate of a certain unnamed underground henchperson academy, Diamondback was trained in how to fight. She's capable enough with guns and other forms of artillery that might conceivably be used as a henchperson. She also possesses decent but not spectacular close-quarter combat skills, though she relies more on her gymnastics and her tremendous reflexes to avoid getting hit long enough to run away.

Diamondback is a health and fitness obsessive. If she stopped and thought about it for a second, she might realize that she could make much more profit as a private personal trainer than she does as a costumed criminal. Yoga, crossfit, HIIT, Peloton, Pilates, parkour, P90X, sports, Tae Bo... this is her language.

In addition to being incredibly physically fit, Diamondback is a talented, near-Olympic-level gymnast. This was one of the fields where she truly excelled at the underground henchperson academy.

Street Crime:
From her misspent youth, Diamondback learned how to get by on the streets without paying any mind to John Law's rules and regulations. She can identify and implement best practices for common street crimes like shoplifting, mugging, conning, bilking, defrauding, fleecing, hoodwinking, swindling, flim-flamming, bamboozling, and so forth.

Thrown Weapons:
In addition to gymnastics, Diamondback's other key skill is her facility with thrown weapons. Her hand-eye coordination is tremendous, to the point that she can catch an arrow out of the air. (She could probably catch a bullet, too, if she wanted to get herself shot in the palm.) While she lacks the sort of truly astonishing capabilities of the heroes and villains who can throw ANYTHING and turn it into an effective weapon, she nonetheless comes close to their level of accuracy and ability to make throws under adverse condition or while in motion. She's most practiced with her gimmicked throwing diamonds, and can throw them two at a time from the same hand without losing accuracy.


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As a graduate of an underground henchperson academy, Diamondback was a working henchwoman for a while, taking freelance jobs with various criminals and supervillains. Like anyone else trying to get by in the freelancing world, she did her share of networking, and has contacts she can call upon to various extents, ranging from old bosses if she needs a reference, to former co-workers if she needs some information or to be put in contact with someone else, to money-launderers and gear-makers and gimmick-inventors and other types who keep the supercrime economy functioning.

Diamondback's main gear consists of an attractive spandex costume and a selection of throwing diamonds. These diamonds are actually steel-tipped darts, specially gimmicked to be aerodynamic when thrown. Diamondback's diamonds are mounted onto her costume to look like design elements, and also concealed in various spots, such as her boots, her gloves, her bra, and her earrings. Some of these diamonds contain hidden payloads, similar to different varieties of grenades. Diamondback's typical fully-stocked loadout is six regular diamonds, four explosive diamonds, four acid-filled diamonds, two tear gas diamonds, two knockout gas diamonds, two poison diamonds (with several doses of the antidote), and two much smaller, less-potent versions of any of the above worn as earrings.


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Criminal Record:
Due to her checkered past, Rachel Leighton has a criminal record, mostly for things like fraud and larceny. While the average beat cop wouldn't know to connect Rachel Leighton with Diamondback, agencies such as SHIELD would probably be able to do so, if they haven't already.

Diamondback is beholden to the supervillainous gig economy. She has to hustle for work to keep her head above water. After all, she has bills to pay: food, rent, HBO Now, gym memberships, and all of the expected stuff... but she's also paying out of pocket for high-grade health and dental insurance (better to have it than to wish you had it, in case a billy club knocks your front incisor out). In addition to all of this, she has to pay a retainer on a crooked mob lawyer, an accountant who can launder her villainous paychecks, occasionally bribe people to look the other way on things or make some records fall behind the cabinet, and we haven't even gotten into how much it costs to keep buying things like explosive throwing diamonds...! While she's financially stable, Diamondback is by no means financially SECURE.

Diamondback often acts first and thinks later. As one might guess, there are various drawbacks to this, whether putting herself (or others) at risk in a combat situation, or making a fool of herself in a social situation. While she has the impulse control necessary to function as a human being, her 'you only live once' mentality often leads to her overplaying her hand.

Diamondback is pretty easygoing, but is easily set off by sexism. It's not even about social justice for her, so much as a need to prove that she's as tough as any guy in a given group. This hyper-focused competitive streak can, if not tempered, lead to trouble.



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Rachel Leighton has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Checking In May 3rd, 2020 Satana pops in to visit Rachel, and ends up becoming a roommate.
To Faux Pa a Fence May 2nd, 2020 Diamondback and Death Reaper both tried to sell the same fake ray-gun to a Brooklyn fence. It didn't go how they hoped, but maybe they came away with a new bond! A crime bond.
Ethics 101 at the Noonan's Sleazy Bar Education Annex April 29th, 2020 Diamondback and Phobos discuss what makes someone choose a life of crime. The 'someone' in that sentence is Diamondback.


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Rachel Leighton has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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