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Russ Broxtel (Scenesys ID: 518)
Name: Russ Broxtel
Superalias: Firebrand
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Enforcer, Criminal, Janitor
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Broolyn, New York
Education: Primary School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 31 Oct 1987 Played By
Height: 6'3" Weight: 225 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Firebrand is a hired criminal who primarly works for Justin Hammer utilizing the Firebrand power armor as an enforcer or guard.


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1987: 31st of October at 10:20pm. Russ Broxtel Jr. was born to Russel Broxtel Sr and June Broxtel. 7lbs, 10oz at 21 inches long. They would remain in Brooklyn, New York as a family.
1994: 4th of September, 8:10am. Russ Broxtel started primary school at PS:405 Brooklyn B.
2005: 11th of March, 3:21pm. Russ Broxtel got into a fight with Sam Wilkerson and broke the boy's nose, his left arm, and pushed him in front of an uncoming vehicle. This took place on school property. Russ would be arreted and tried as a minor and sent to Juvenile Hall were he would finish his high school studies until he turned 18 and received his GED. His mother would be heartbroken.
2007: Russ Broxtel turned 18 and was released from juvy. Having received a GED and a clean slate (legally from the state), Broxtel would then enter the job force as a waiter, a dishwasher, a bus boy, a mail room delivery boy, a courier, and take many other non affiliated dead end jobs. He would also attend continuing education for adults in computer processing and social psychology. Having spent time in juvy, he acquired many skills such as coercion, bullying, extortion, manipulation, and social hacking.
2012: Obtaining a job at Hammer Industries, Broxtel would work as a janitor.
2013: June 6th, 3:40pm. Broxtel was caught stealing a piece of technology. Broxtel wasn't aware of what he was stealing, other than it appeared to be something he could sell on the street. He is taken before Justin Hammer. Hammer had already received unsealed criminal records on Broxtel and knew who he was dealing with. Instead of firing the man, Hammer repurposed Broxtel; for janitorial staff is far beneath Broxtel's skill set. Hammer would have Broxtel trained and then dispatched on various heavy handed assignments.
2015: Jan 21. Hammer received intel from a spy that Stark Technologies was working on a new type of power armor. Hammer would see that Broxtel get a job at Stark International think tank as a night janitor and thus gain access to those plans.
2015: January 25th, 12:34am. He worked nights, beneath the notice of professional personnel, and accessed the S.I. computer files. This allowed him to steal plans for the Firebrand armor. He then took those plans to Justin Hammer who would then begin construction of the armor. Broxtel would resume his services with Hammer.

2015: February 22, 6:14pm. Hammer has Broxtel come to his office and Hammer presents Broxtel with the Firebrand power armor. Thus granting Broxtel the use of the armor and giving him a promotion for work well done. Hammer also told Broxtel that he would lend Broxtel's services to a man named Phillipped Bazin, a crime boss and will work as an extortionist for the family. But that Hammer had additional plans. Broxtel then begins services for Bazin.
2015: March 15, 7:15pm. Broxtel then obtained employment with Philipped Bazin, a crime boss, and worked as an extortionist within the family. Broxtel's initial assignment was to extort money from a city official who ran a homeless shelter in the Poseidon Hotel. The man's name was Munson. The hotel was required to pay an 'operating fee' to the family. On Hammer's orders, Broxtel took the monies offered but never turned it over to Bazin. Therefore, Bazin assumed that Munson refused to pay. Bazin ordered Boxtel to make an example of Munson. Broxtel did this during a Daily Bugle charity ball at the Poseidon. Wearing his Firebrand armor, Broxtel killed Munson (thus covering his own tracks) and set fire to the hotel. Most of the people attending the fund raiser escaped, except for the staff of the Daily Bugle and a few other guests that were trapped inside the inferno. The Bugle staff held it together long enough for a named super hero to show up. Along with the super-humanly strong Morlock named Eanter, the Marvel Team-Up was able to save the innocents from the burning building. Meanwhile, outside the burning hotel, Firebrand was assaulted by two other named super heroes. Instead of capturing Firebrand, those heroes also decided it would be best to help save the people within the burning building. During his escape, Firebrand was confronted by the first super hero who turned Firebrand's own flame emitters on hism and thus causing his suit to short out. Police arrived, and Firebrand was taken into custody.
2015: April 30th, 4:14pm. Broxtel doesn't squeel. Broxtel is found guilty of murder, arson, and other charges. He would then be committed to Ryker's prison.
2016: January 10, 3:15pm. An unaffiliated attorney (secretly working for Hammer Industries) discovers a technicality regarding Broxtel's case. The judge reviews the technicality and orders Broxtel's release.
2016: January 12, 8:18am. Broxtel is released from Rykers and he is met outside of the prison by a limosine where he is given a ride back to Hammer Industries. Justin Hammer meets with Broxtel and lauds him for his silence and service. Hammer gives him a new Firebrand power suit and puts him back on the payroll. Hammer utilizes Broxtel as an enforcer. Broxtel keeps a low profile and doesn't fight with other super powered individuals. Life goes on.

IC Journal

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Broxtel is a bully and actually enjoys pushing people around. This is especially evident in the use of his battle armor (Firebrand suit) as he will gladly use the powers against the weaker targets.

Broxtel's very nature is criminal in origin. He doesn't respect laws or many people. He carries no honor among thieves and will rip off just about anyone who can be an easy mark for him.

Broxtel is a greedy person. He desires money and power over all other things. His motivation is likely to impress a pretty girl or to 'show the world' that he can have more stuff than anyone else.

Broxtel doesn't care for the social rules that govern most persons. He doesn't care how he gets something, as long as it is gotten. He has emotions, but not to many emotional bonds that keep his actions in check and he would easily kill someone so he himself can get ahead.

Character Sheet


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No Personal Powers:
Broxtel does not possess powers or attributes that rank him as super human.


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At various jobs Broxtel learned how to clean toilets, fixtures, floors, and so on. Even in prison he's had many cleaning jobs.

Broxtel has knowledge of criminal applications such as breaking, entering, extortion, laundering, thieft, burgulary, and how not to get away with murder. His time in prison has also afforded him the means to learn more of his chosen trade. He is a professional criminal.

Broxtel has had experience bullying others for money and personal gain. He looks for a weakness in a person and will use it against them or just strong arm the mark.

Minor Hacking:
Broxtel utilized social engineering to obtain passwords and such to be able to hack into the Stark International Network. This took time and people skills to manipulate his way through. Then he possesses the minor hacking skills to at least know what and where to put in passwords.


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Attribute Increase:
The Firebrand armor increases the wearer's strength to be able to lift up to 50 tons (doing 50 points of damage). This can be pushed to be able to lift 60 tons. However, normal/casual lift weight is around 25 tons. The suit also increases the wearer's endurance to be able to sustain a 10 minute fight; agility and fighting abilities to that of a skilled combatant such as a police officer.

Damage Shield:
Firebrand can emit flame from countless ports all over the battle armor thus creating a damage shield. This can melt volcanic rock and can be maintained for 5 minutes. It is something he uses when grappling or being grappled. Also slows and melts weapons or projectiles when coming into contact with the superheated flame.

Firebrand Armor:
Firebrand's costume/armor provides him with many advantages and abilities. This armor was designed by Stark International. The plans were made into reality by Hammer Industries and the armor was then fitted and keyed to Broxtel's body.

Flame Projection:
Firebrand's battle suit main attack is a flame projector mounted within each glove. These attacks can fire independently doing heat damage enough to melt titanium (doing 80 points of damage (normal humans have roughly 24 hit points)) or in conjunction to be able to melt iridium (doing 100 points of damage). It can melt through tank armor within a few moments of attack or melt through Iron Man's armor within 5 minutes of constant attack. They can be used for up to 10 minutes before weakening and needing to be recharged.

Jets mounted in the boots provide Firebrand the ability of flight. He is able to obtain a speed of 375 miles per hour and maintain it for 5 hours before the suit has to recharge. He is as maneuverable as Iron Man but not anywhere as skilled in aerial combat.

Justin Hammer:
Hammer employs Broxtel as an enforcer as well as created the Firebrand suit, Justin Hammer and his company may be utilized for super-suit repairs or contacts if need be.

Life Support:
The Firebrand armor contains a 30 minute air supply just in case of entering locations where there is no oxygen. This also supports the wearer's breathing during high speed flight and excessive damage shield usage.

Multiple Attacks:
Firebrand's flame emitters (one in each hand) can attack two separate targets at the same time or do a sweeping attack of up to six adjacent targets in an area effect sort of an attack.

Nova Attack:
Coupled with the Damage Shield ability, Firebrand can emit flame from countless pores in his armor that emit an explosive damaging nova like attack that reaches out in all directions up to 1 area (44 feet diameter) with a significant flame/heat to melt volcanic rock. This is an instant attack. This can be done once per day and it significantly depletes the charge and resources of the Firebrand armor.

Resist Damage:
Firebrand's armor is able to resist physical and energy attacks on top of being resistant to 80 percent of his own maximum flame attack. Physical resistance can protect him from one ton of force and the raw energy resistance significantly less in intensity.


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His greed and lust for power is pretty much what drives Broxtel into the troubles he encounters. It's likely going to happen again, and again.

Firebrand has crossed paths with a few heroes and they will likely want to box Broxtel's ears.

Justin Hammer:
Broxtel owes Hammer for services rendered, favors, unique opportunities. There's a whole lot of interest compounded since the initial contract. Hammer feels he owns Broxtel.

Known as a killer, Firebrand will not be treated with kid gloves when encountered by heroes or law enforcement.

Overwhelming Fire Damage:
The Firebrand armor can only resist so much flame damage before itself is shorted out. This was proven when a super hero forced Broxtel to attack himself with full power. Attacks such as those from Havok or the Human Torch will short out the armor.

Record and Techicality:
Even though he got off on a technicality, Broxtel still has a criminal past and is known for murder, arson, and several other crimes. He's known by police (and other law enforcement) in and out of his super suit.

Stark International:
Having stolen the original plans from Stark International, Firebrand has made an enemy in the company and its owner, Iron Man. Not a good day for Firebrand if they ever meet.



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Radio K.A.O.S. April 2nd, 2020 No description
The Heat of the Night March 13th, 2020 The Scarlet-Spider stumbles upon Firebrand trying to break into a building that housed a Recording/Mixing studio called Eastside Sound. It's not known what Firebrand was up to or his motivation for trying to break in. The Scarlet-Spider drove Firebrand from the scene.


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Russ Broxtel has 2 finished logs.

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