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Santo Vaccarro (Scenesys ID: 2088)
Name: Santo Vaccarro
Superalias: Rockslide
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Mooch
Citizenship: US
Residence: NY
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 27 Sep 2002 Played By CGI with the voice by Not sure yet.
Height: 6'3 Weight: 500 lb
Hair Color: None Eye Color: White
Theme Song: The Man--The Killers

Character Info


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The literal brick type. Mutant made of rock, who is like a standard strong man type. Oh and he loves sports, and video games, and picking on others!


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2002: Born in Boston Massacutes to an average Boston family.
2009: Discovers the joys of sports, and becomes a typical jock, almost like an 80s movie badguy!
2014: Powers Manifest, all hopes of becoming a pro athlete fall out. However parents are very supportive of mutant kid.
2015: School is not so much supportive of his powers, is homeschooled.
2020: Is eventually sent to Xavier's school to get a better education, and learn more about his powers.

IC Journal

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The Façade:
There are two sides to Santo, the first is the façade that he keeps up. The façade is that of the jock bully, who picks on people. Really that is all that there is to it. He is the jock guy from the 80s movies. He picks on people and has no shame in bullying them as well. Cause hey those nerds need to be toughened up! He tries to show the world that he has a heart of rock.

The Real Santo:
However the real Santo is something completely different. He cares for his friends, and is very protective of them. He has decided that he doesn't like to show people the real him, so he made that façade up. On top of actually caring for people and being protective, he has found that he enjoys helping others, and well doing the hero stuff when he gets a chance to.

Character Sheet


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Limb Firing:
One of the unique things about Rockslide is that he can fire off his limbs from his body. The rocky projectiles hit with the force of a bullet when he fires them off. He only has a range of about 50 yards when he does fire them though.

Rock Body:
All of Santo's powers stem from the fact that his body is made of well rock. This isn't ordinary rock though, it's some type of special rock that is more durable and stronger than regular rock! Like he can take punches from people like Colossus or even the Hulk and not shatter, on the first blow of course. But well repeated blows, will eventually do some damage to the guy. Because of his rock body, he also doesn't need to breath, so that means things like gas attacks do nothing to him! He also doesn't feel the cold as well, so he can stay in the freezer and beat the meat for hours at end! But for some strange reason, he does need to eat, his body somehow turns the food into energy to power it, even though he well has a rock for a stomach.

Rocky Strength:
So Santo is strong, but what would you expect from a guy made of rock, right? Sure he's not the strongest person out there, but well he is strong enough. He can pick up a car and throw it with ease. He has also supported collapsed buildings as well. So yeah Rockslide is plenty strong.


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Santo has some combat training, sure he never paid that much attention in that class, but he has some basic knowledge. He can use that to bully people with ease. But if he goes against a bigger or stronger person, don't expect him to wow them with his made combat skills or anything like that.

Santo can make himself look like a boulder, that is good for stealth in places with other boulders around.

Video Games:
Santo plays video games, he is good at them. But well maybe not good enough to play professionally. Or well he could, but he keeps breaking controllers.

Wrestling Knowledge:
Santo is a wrestling fan, he has extensive wrestling knowledge. Enough that if there was a wrestling category on Jeopardy, he would own that shit.


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Xavier's School:
He hasn't graduated to full X-Man level yet. But hey he lives at the school and stuff, and they feed him and give him a bed. And well he does have video games there, so that's cool.


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Certain Powers:
Santo himself his vulnerable to people who can control the earth. He is actually made of rock and stuff, so that could be trouble for him. Also there are some minor drawbacks to his powers. First firing off his limbs, could leave him without a hand or a foot, if someone managed to keep them away from him. Also well he is big, and heavy, you ever try and fit in a car at his size?

Obvious Mutant:
Santo can't change back into a normal human at all. So well he is kinda an obvious mutant you know. Sure it doesn't bother him, but well it makes him tough to hide really.

Santo thinks because he is made of rock and stuff that he is totally indestructible. Of course he isn't, he is durable but not indestructible. But that tends to have him leaping into things and places head first. He just doesn't think all the time about what can cause him trouble.



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Title Date Scene Summary
The Ridiculously Chill Debut October 27th, 2020 Virgil visits Phantom Comics in Westchester, where he encounters Noriko and Santo. They discuss various things, Santo is a jock, and things are vaguely 80s!


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