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Shroud (Scenesys ID: 1898)
Name: Maximillian Quincy Coleridge
Superalias: Shroud
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Idle Rich
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: Queens
Education: Home school, Criminology and Law degrees, Himalayan Monastery
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 13 Sep 1981 Played By Oscar Isacc
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 220 lb
Hair Color: Reddish Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Painted Black

Character Info


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Orphaned by street crime as a child, Max Coleridge joined a sect of Kali in a remote Tibetan monastery. Blinded in a strange ritual, Max stumbled away from the monastery and found he had a strange form of mystic vision. He found his way to Nanda Parbot and continued his training in martial and mystic arts. Returning to America he created the identity of the Shroud, a sometimes hero, sometimes criminal in LA. After keeping a low profile for several years the Shroud is again at large.


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1989 Maximilian Quincy Coleridge is born 1999 Watches his parents killed by a mugger.

2007 Joins a sect of Kali.

2008 Blinded as an ancient ritual sacrifice Max is found by travelers and brought to Nadia Parbat to be healed.

2010 Leaves Nanda Parbat after receiving martial arts and occult training. In this time he learns to generate and control Dark Force.

2011 Attends college.

2014 Creates the Shroud identity and attacks 'Doom' in Latveria destroying a Doombot.

2015 Returns to the USA and forms Night Shift to make horror style villains fight for good.

2016 His lies discovered, Night Shift breaks up.

2017 Returns to his civilian identity and earns Law and Criminology Masters.

2018 Decides to resume his activities after Loki's army attacks New York.

2020 Sets up a base of operations in Brooklyn, New York.

IC Journal

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He's mysterious and handsome and has a certain quality people find attractive. Perhaps it's his direct way of speaking. Perhaps he is good as saying what you want to hear. He wins people over easily, whether villains or heroes. He is a good leader, in the sense that people do follow him.

Despite his initial fame for trying to kill Doom, the Shroud can and will adopt more subtle means to get the job done. He lead and managed a group of lunatics called Night Shift successfully for a while, pretending to be a villain. He often takes an indirect approach these days, preferring to simply spoil plans to fighting every battle.

The Shroud has a high opinion of his own abilities. He started his career by attempting to kill Doom (he heard the dictator had returned to Latveria in 2014). He succeeded in destroying a Doombot and escaping Latveria with his hide in one piece-still good for a rookie. His overconfidence still remains, but he is more realistic. He knows he's street level. He won't fight Sentinels alone. He might take a poke at Daredevil or someone with a Bat emblem.

Seeking Justice:
The Shroud is passionate about justice. His first plan to establish himself was to kill Dr. Doom for his numerous crimes and dictatorship of Latveria. He will still go to insane lengths to see justice done or protect people from corruption and tyrrany.

Character Sheet


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Darkforce Control:
His mystical training and blinding triggered a latent ability in the Shroud. He can tap into the extradimensional energy called Darkforce. The Shroud can summon enough Darkforce to fill a large auditorium in several seconds and might be able to summon even more with time. The Darkforce appears as an impenetrable black fog, translucent at the edges. It is not merely darkness, it swallows light with amazing potency. People find it very disconcerting and are severely hampered by it unless they possess senses other than sight to let them function. The Shroud can also use the Darkforce to create shapes he has full control over such as moving shadows. His Darkforce has no offensive abilities, like Darkstar's and he can't use it to teleport, like Cloak.

The Shroud has learned to use the Darkforce to generate thrust, He can use it to fly about as fast as he can walk or run. He's not the best flyer but it comes in handy when you get yeeted off a building.

Mystic Vision:
Although blind to visible light, the Shroud has a mystical perception allowing him to see up to 100 feet (30m). He can see through physical objects, looking into an adjacent room and 'seeing' its contents as easily as the room he occupies. His 'sight' is fairly discriminating, allowing him to see the tumblers of a lock or other mechanisms. He can recognize faces, unlike Daredevil. Also unlike Daredevil, this sense functions in a normal field of vision. He can't 'see' behind him.


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Despite being blind he can work a crime scene. He's not great at lifting prints but his mystic vision spots a lot of clues behind and under furniture.

Like most vigilantes Maximillian has little trouble gaining entry to most businesses and installations. Military base require a little more effort. He can make a credible showing at penetrating most villain's lairs. he did get far enough into Doomstadt to destroy a Doombot, though Latveria was dealing with insurrection and possible invasion at the time. It helps to see into adjacent rooms and spot the security cameras and alarms.

A Law degree is not the same as passing the bar. It does come in handy for a vigilante. He probably could make a decent showing in court.

Martial Artist:
The Shroud has mastered Judjitsu, a brutal style of strikes, grapples, locks and throws. He is able to hold off several untrained thugs and hold his own against a couple of martial artists. By super hero standards he's about average. Black Canary or Bronze Tiger would find him a problem for a couple of seconds without using his Darkforce. Daredevil would give him _real_ problems.

Maximillian is an accomplished pilot, qualified to fly multi-engine planes and jets. He tends to stick to smaller aircraft. He flew a small single seater aircraft into Latveria without being shot down, using his mystic vision to fly incredibly close to ground and seeing through the terrain ahead of him to direct his flight.


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Bombarangs are a blatant rip off of Batarange. Anyone can see that. Be that as it may, they work. the Shroud carries a couple with varying strength. The highest powered bombarangs can blow open a steel door or breach a brick wall. He also carries inert Bombarangs (Bluntarangs?).

Max Coleridge owns the family business, a vague network of companies, stock in other corporations and a trust fund. He's set for life. His aircraft was a one time purchase but he could lay hands on a few million given a week.


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The Shroud will rise to a challenge. He doesn't back down easily and can be manipulated in this way, similar to Dr. Doom. A taunt or challenge is likely to get a response. Regardless he's not stupid and the response may not be what you expect.

While he can fly a plane (with custom instruments) Maximillian is unable to read print books or use most electronic media unless heavily modified (somehow). He cannot see colors though perhaps rough shapes in bright light are possible. Bright light, that's ironic.

Normal Human:
For most purposes Coleridge is a regular joe, who engages in intensive physical exercise. fractures take weeks to heal. He can be shot, shanked or blown up and go down. He doesn't even make use of the body armor most vigilantes use.

Strange Appearance:
Max Coleridge is not merely scarred, he is marked with an ornate brand in the shape of Kali that covers his upper face. He often covers it in his civilian guise with large wrap around sunglasses (dad glasses), a wide brimed hat or large hood also seems to work, shading his upper face because comic books. To add to the strangeness his pale blue eyes are unresponsive and have milky pupils (again comic book shorthand for blind people).



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