Summer Gleeson

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  Summer Gleeson  
Summer Gleeson (Scenesys ID: 868)
Name: Summer Gleeson
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: WGBS TV Reporter
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: Gotham City
Education: BA in Journalism
Theme: DC (AFC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 07 Sep 1990 Played By Holland Roden
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lb
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

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Summer Gleeson is a top-rated news reporter for TV station WGBS out of Gotham City. She's well-known for covering crime, major events, politics, and just about everything except for traffic, weather, and sports. She currently has her own news program, Gotham Insider, and is rumored to be on the short-list of several national cable news networks for anchor duties.


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*1990 Born in Gotham City
*2008 Begins attending Gotham University
*2012 Interns at Gotham Gazette
*2014 Graduates with BA in Journalism
*2014 Interns at WGBS
*2016 Promoted to regular news reporter for WGBS
*2020 Begins hosting Gotham Insider news show on WGBS

IC Journal

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Career Oriented:
She has her career planned out and won't let anything get in the way. She's got her own news show at 30, and she plans on being a national news anchor by 35.

Summer has a dogged perseverance about her. Once she sets her mind on an objective or goal, very little is able to sway her.

Seeks Justice:
In a city like Gotham, bad things often go unnoticed or simply ignored. Summer is determined to shine a light on all the dark deeds and hidden activities going on in the city. Partially because it helps her career, but mostly because she sees reporting as a way of helping make the world a better place and healing those who have been wronged.

Character Sheet


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There's an art to doing interviews; drawing out information from a person, catching little hints in conversations of something more to follow up on. And Summer is well-skilled in the art of the interview. She's gotten public figures to slip up on camera and admit to things that the public weren't even aware of happening

While many see Summer as just another nosey reporter with a pretty face, she has a keen investigative mind and is able to follow clues and gather evidence in pursuit of a story. If she weren't a reporter, she'd make a decent GCPD detective.

Summer also knows how to craft a report into a story that can grab the public's attention; fueling support, outrage, sympathy, or other sentiments about the story's subject.


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Local Personality:
Being a well known reporter with her own local news show has it's perks. Summer is well-recognized around Gotham, having a minor celebrity status that can get her reservations, invites to events, hard-to-get tickets, and other minor benefits.

Press Credentials:
As a member of the Fourth Estate, Summer has credentials that give her access to all kinds of events, as well as some access to criminal investigations.

A major television station in Gotham, Summer can request things like tickets for travel or events, hotel stays, and other expenses while in pursuit of a story. She also has an assigned cameraman, news van & driver, and production staff.


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With being a highly visible and recognized figure comes a darker side. Summer has more than her share of critics, detractors, and sometimes stalkers. She's also a public figure that can be targeted by any of the various psychos in Gotham for their plots of terror.

Pursuit of a Story:
Once she's started an investigation, Summer doesn?t give up. Threats, vandalism, even kidnappings won't make her give up. She doesn't think of the personal cost, only of getting to the truth of the matter.



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Summer Gleeson has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Catching Some Peace And Quiet April 1st, 2020 Harvey and Summer plan a getaway.
Alias Investigations: Selina Kyle - A Charity for Cats March 24th, 2020 Following the case given to her by Dick Grayson, Jessica uses fellow Defender Danny Rand to get into a gala charity for big cats in a gallery in the Empire State Building. She winds up learning everything she wanted on Selina Kyle. It may not have gone the smoothest, but at least it's one less case to worry about.
First Meetings March 12th, 2020 A lovely first date is had. Lives and work are discussed.
Hot Couture March 8th, 2020 Fashion Weekend in Gotham City gets crashed...and burned.


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Summer Gleeson has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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