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  Clock King  
Temple Fugate (Scenesys ID: 2109)
Name: Temple Fugate
Superalias: Clock King
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Supervillain
Citizenship: American
Residence: Currently New York City
Education: Bachelor's in Education
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 51 Actual Age: 51
Date of Birth 21 Jun 1969 Played By Alan Rachins (Voice)
Height: 5'10" Weight: 173 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfpn2rGt6ZY

Character Info


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Temple Fugate used to be a sucessful efficiency expert in Starling City who kept to a very tight schedule. However, on the day of a very important court date, Fugate, under the advice of an attorney, broke his schedule, only for it to result in him not only losing his legal papers in a series of mishaps, but to lose his company when he was found guilty by default. His misfortunes were compounded a year later when, convinced by a faulty medical database that he was gonna die, Fugate was arrested while trying to rob a bank, resulting in his dying sister passing away alone in Hospice seven months later, a month after he was supposed to die. Fugate, who blamed all of his misfortunes on breaking away from his schedules, snaps and becomes the infamous Clock King. Until recently, he was imprisoned in Stryker's Island thanks to The Titans. But, on exactly the 4th annivery of his capture, Clock King escaped and is currently at large.


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* 1969: Temple Fugate is born in a idyllic Maine fishing town.
* 1974: Temple's lifelong obsession with time and schedules begin at a early age. His Father, a Clockmaker, often brings his son with him to work and instills in him the importance of punctuality and always keeping to a schedule. Temple takes these lessons to heart.
* 1975-1987:Temple is a punctual student in school and does relatively well. He graduates with a decent GPA and is offered a Scholarship, which he turns down in favor of being a apprentice watchmaker to his father.
*1988-1990: Temple is taught by his Father the very intricate trade of clockmaking. This trade furthers Temple's obsession with time and schedules.
*1991: Temple's father suddenly passes away, and the family's clock shop dies with him. Temple, with no other choices left, enrolls in Gotham State University.
*1995: Temple graduates with a Bachelor's Degree in Business.
*:1996: Temple takes up fencing as a habit, proves to be a natural at it.

Timeline 2:
* 1997 Temple takes up a position at a efficiency consultation firm in Starling City.
* 2005: Fugate leaves his employers after a tense argument with his superior and starts a efficiency consultation firm of his own.
* 2009: Temple's family informs him that his sister is dying of a terminal disease. Temple, who at this point is running a successful consultation firm, agrees to take care of his sister.
* 2012: Fugate company is sued by a unsatisfied client, who wins the case, but Fugate's lawyer manages to get an appeal. However, on the day of the case, Fugate receives advice from another lawyer to "loosen up" and break his schedule by having his coffee break at 3:15 instead of 3:00 and to get out of the office. Unfortunately, a series of mishaps occur after Fugate does this, and he ends up not only losing his legal documents, but winds up losing his court case by default, and is ruined by the lawsuit.
* Jan of 2013: Fugate is informed by a Doctor that he would die in six months. Fearful of leaving his sister without a caregiver, Fugate memorizes the timing of a time lock at a local bank vault and plans on robbing it. However, when he does this, he accidently sets off an alarm and is apprehended by the Starling City Police.
* July of 2013: Fugate, much to his surprise, is not dead come the six month deadline. Fugate was one of the many victims of a faulty database that mixed up his medical records with another patient.
* August of 2013: Fugate's sister dies alone in hospice. Fugate, who blamed all of his misfortunes on breaking away from his schedule on the day of the court case, snaps and manages to break out of jail before his trial.
* 2014: Fugate reemerges as the Clock King, a Supervillain with an obsession with time and schedules. Using his precise timing, various time-themed gadgetry, and henchmen called "Second Hands", Clock King goes on a series of very precise, and very successful heists, having run in with many Superheroes in the process.
* 2016: Clock King is finally apprehended in Metropolis by The Titans, more specifically by Donna Troy, who leaves Clock King and two of his Second Hands hanging off a balcony on the largest tower in Metropolis. Clock King is then imprisoned for 15 years for his crimes.(Note, have Donna's permission for this.)
* 2020: Clock King escapes Striker's Island and is forced to flee to NYC, knowing that the Starling City Police would be waiting for him there. He is currently planning a new series of heists, and possibly revenge against all who wronged him.

IC Journal

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Clock King has a very calm demeanour in almost every situation he is in. Even when upset or angry, he tends to speak in a very calm, calculating, even tone of voice, unless significantly angered or upset. He approaches every situation methodically, remaining unflappable in almost every situation, unless, of course, something goes wrong with his "perfect time table."

Temple Fugate is a very obsessive man, especially regarding to time and schedules. Fugate has been known to large amounts of time and resources to fulfilling whatever it is he is currently obessed with. This often manifests in ways like developing very detailed schedules for his actions the next day, constantly checking the time with one of his many watches, doing very through research on people and places and their time habits, and constantly cleaning his rather extensive clock and watch collection.

This obsession also leaks out to his men, who Temple has on a very short leash. He insists that his men follow a very strict dress code, follow set schedules like clockwork, and to be as efficient as possible while on the job.

Fugate is a sociopath through and through. Even before turning into the Clock King, Fugate had been known to fire people for even the smallest of infractions, especially if it involved their timing, and not shed a tear. Nowadays, Clock King seemingly has no conscience whatsoever. He is able to pull off large scale crimes that can leave many people hurt or possibly dead and feel no remorse or pangs of conscience whatsoever and continue on with his day like nothing happened.

It may not look it, but Clock King can, and will hold a grudge. Whenever he feels like someone has slighted him significantly enough he will be determined to bring down their downfall, even if it takes years. This can be quite an annoyance for heroes who deal with him on a regular basis. For at any time or place, Clock King could show up wanting to avenge himself for some "wrong" committed unto him.

Character Sheet


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During his younger years, Temple Fugate took up fencing and quickly proved to be natural at it. Years of practice has made Temple a master at it, able to compete with some of the best fencers of the world.

Gadget Making:
Temple Fugate was once an apprentice Clockmaker to his Father, who was a master of the craft. Nowadays, Clock King uses this craft for a much more sinister purpose, to make weaponry. Clock King is able to make complex gadgetry out of simple looking timepieces, effectivly hiding their true purporse behind very simple looking, and very accurate, clocks and watches.

Tactical Analysis:
Clock King's most infamous skill is his almost perfect sense of timing. With just a glance, Clock King can accurately determine how long it can take anyone, even a superhero to do certain actions like throw a punch or fire a energy bolt, allowing him to dodge attacks more easily. With intensive research, Clock King can learn more complex things like how long it would take the police to arrive to a jewlery store on the otherside of town, when the subway would arrive to break his fall by landing on it's roof, all the way to how long it would take for a text message to arrive to someone in another city.


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Fencing Foil:
Clock King carries a Fencing Foil with him at all times, which he carries around in a near invisible sheath on his person. This blade is well maintained, and very sharpe, and can penetrate up to five layers of cloth, and can even go between gaps in armour, no matter how small.

Clock King has lairs in Gotham, NYC, and Metropolis. These lairs, which are often hidden away in Industrial districts, serve as both a workshop and safe house for Fugate and his associates. These lairs, besides being having walls covered in clocks, are often equiped with a high-tech security system and various traps which are designed to not only get rid of intruders, but to alert Fugate and his men that they have company. Each lair is also equiped with a escape route, which helps Fugate make quick escapes.

Money Laundry:
Fugate has developed a very efficeint method of cleaning dirty money. Fugate's associates send the money through a series of offshore bank accounts, where bribed officials help clean the money for them. This process, which is perfectly timed to last up to a week, results in cleaned money to be put to use in more villainous schemes.

Second Hands:
Clock King's Second Hands are his henchmen and partner's in crime. These criminals, who are clad in very identifiable black sweaters with an icon of a clock face, black slacks, and often a black flat cap, are very attuned to their boss' obsessive time keeping, able to execute crimes more efficiently than most street crooks. However, besides that, they are still normal crooks and can be easily taken out by even a street level hero.

Time Gadgets:
Clock King main weaponry, besides his fencing foil, is his infamous array of time gadgetry. These gadgets, which are often handcrafted to resemble clocks and watches, are very efficient, and quite deadly. Amongst these deadly time pieces are exploding pocket watches, Grandfather Clocks that contain various kinds of gases, wrist watches that fire razor blades, cuckoo clocks that fire real bullets, and more.


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Temple Fugate has recently escaped prison. As a result, every cop and hero within NYC, Metropolis, Gotham, and Starling City is keeping an eye out for him. As a result, Temple Fugate will have a much harder time interacting in public without a disguise, as his face is plastered on every media outlet and police station.

Clock King's obsessive nature is his biggest weakness. Everything Clock King does is governed by a very strict schedule which Fugate absolutley refuses to break. If Fugate breaks this schedule, either accidently or on purpose, he will often suffer from a mental breakdown, making him much more easier to catch. Clock King's plots are also highly dependent on a very strict schedule and any interupptions, delays, or changes in this schedule can often cause the entire plan to collapse in on itself.



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Temple Fugate has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Tangentally January 6th, 2021 No description
A Late-Night Christmas Shopping Spree December 26th, 2020 The Golden Eagle meets The Clock King
Timing is Everything December 1st, 2020 Miss Marvel and Spider-Man ruin the Clock King's timetable.
Flashback: Fugate's Time Crime November 6th, 2020 No description
A Time for a Bargin November 4th, 2020 Fugate pledges his soul to Hela
A Timely Reunion October 30th, 2020 She-Hulk tries to reason with the infamous Clock King, and nearly succeeds as well.
The Search for the Lair October 25th, 2020 Clock King and Spiral meet and Clock King finds his old lair


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Temple Fugate has 7 finished logs.

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