The Fourth Son Cometh

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The Fourth Son Cometh
Date of Cutscene: 16 February 2020
Location: Gotham Coastline
Synopsis: Damian Wayne and the League sneak into Gotham
Cast of Characters: Damian Wayne

Off the coast of Gotham, a submarine slowly breaches the surface of the water. The hatch opens and a team of black and white clad men ascend the ladder.

"Gotham City." Speaks the last one to ascend, much shorter than the others. "Mother and Grandfather have had issues with the local population. We will make sure that doesn't happen again."

"This city is a cancer upon the world! And what must we do with a cancer?" A scant few moments pass before the boy answers. "We excise it."

"All hands prepare for shallow dive! Let us not make our presence known too early. There will be much more fireworks to come."

The assassin looks out, holding an amulet at his neck, once the others have descended, his face changes for just a moment, before his al Ghul green eyes steel themselves. "Move, Dammit! No time to waste!" The klaxon blares as the hatch is sealed after Damian gets back into the sub.