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  Triss Trask  
Triss Trask (Scenesys ID: 2505)
Name: Triss Trask
Superalias: None Yet
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Whatever pays the bills
Citizenship: US
Residence: District X, NYC
Education: GED
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mutants, Street Level
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 25 Jun 2001 Played By
Height: 5'4" Weight: 113 lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Triss is a 19 year old mutant girl with stark white hair and skin, and violet eyes. She has the ability to make small, disc-shaped forcefields, and was unjustly convicted of a crime that landed her a year long stretch in prison. Recently released, she struggles to make a living, and has turned to vigilante work and the limited wealth she gets from the pockets of criminals in order to scrape a living out in the Mutant Town district of NYC.


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2001 - Triss is born in rural Maine, as an albino. Her father is a logger, and her mother stays at home.

2014 - Triss attends a mutant rights rally in Portland against her parents wishes, and is caught when she returns home.

2017 - Triss's mutant powers activate, revealing that she has the ability to create small disc-shaped force fields. She is immediately told to hide her ability from the public and not to use it at home. This becomes a bone of contention within the family.

June 2019 - Triss's 18th birthday turns into a vicious verbal fight that culminates with her packing a bag and leaving home, with no intention of returning. Her father pursues her, slightly drunk, in his truck. Triss is forced to use her power to prevent herself being hit by the truck, wrecking the truck and causing minor injuries to her father.

July 2019 - Triss discovers that her Father has claimed the damage to his truck was from a deliberate attack when police catch up with her and arrest her for aggravated assault and destruction of property. The judge believes the narrative spun that paints Triss as a mutant agitator, and she is sent to prison for a year.

2020 - As a known mutant, prison life is not easy on Triss. She refuses to join up with any gangs and gets in frequent fights. She is able to avoid being caught by the guards in any use of her power, so avoids extra punishment or transfer to a mutant prison.

July 2020 - Triss is released. Wanting nothing to do with her old life or parents, she moves to the place most unlike her rural town she can think of, and heads straight to new york city. New york is harder than she had imagined, with nobody willing to hire a visible mutant with a record. Triss is quickly homeless and once again fighting to avoid conscription by gangs.

August 2020 - Triss moves to Mutant Town where the prices are cheap and she doesn't earn as many stares. She is still unable to find work, but performs her first heroic act. When she stumbles upon a mugging while walking home, she prevents it from turning into a murder and also confirms that her force fields are strong enough to stop a bullet. She returns the victim's money and pockets the rest of what the mugger had. It's enough to get her a room in Mutant Town for a week, and inspires her to spend her time seeking criminals instead of a job. She has more success here, but continues to struggle to avoid becoming homeless.

IC Journal

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Triss is very bitter about what she sees as a betrayal by her parents, over the bias she's experienced in the justice system as a mutant, and in society at large for being a mutant and ex- con. For her, a side-benefit of vigilante work is how it allows her to release some of that anger when fighting, which is a trait likely to get her into trouble sooner or later.

Triss is an idealist at heart. She can see quite clearly the way the world -could- be, and is often disappointed by just how short it comes of that mark. This viewpoint gives her a drive to help others, even when she's on very shaky ground herself. She also has a strong streak of bitterness and anger over the injustices in her past, and can sometimes be pessimistic in surprising ways.

A slight natural introvert, those tendencies have been even more enhanced by the way she's often looked upon or treated for her appearance or criminal past.

Character Sheet


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Defensive Uses:
Defensive Uses
The defensive uses of this power are obvious. She can use Stationary forcefields to create extremely robust cover, or attach Anchored forcefields to herself as a shield or limited form of body armor.

Triss is able to create multiple disc-shaped force fields that appear quite similar to discs of frosted glass. She can make them at a variety of sizes, but they're only at full strength when they're at a 6 inch diameter or less. At sizes above that they become -rapidly- less visible and substantial, taking less weight or pressure before something will simply push through them. By a diameter of two feet they are completely invisible and intangible. When she creates them, she can anchor them in two different ways, which we will hereforth call Stationary and Anchored.

Stationary forcefields are the strongest of her forcefields, and as the name suggests, they are completely stationary. A full cluster can easily stop a speeding truck.

Anchored forcefields are anchored to to her body. These discs are able to be moved, but only in the sense that they stay attached to the same point relative to it's anchor. So, if Triss were to create a cluster of discs to hover like a shield by her forearm anchored to herself, they would stay hovering by her forearm however she moves. The downside of this approach is that all of the energy directed into the discs is dispersed into the anchor. Having the force of a weapon or bullet strike dispersed through her entire body is uncomfortable, but livable, but trying to stop a truck with a shield anchored to herself would still cause a good deal of blunt trauma and send her flying.

Beyond the limitations to size, there is a limit to how many force fields she can have manifested at one time. At largest, she can overlap them to make a complete shield that's approximately 3 feet by 2 feet, or about 40 discs. She can only manifest Stationary force fields within 5 feet of her body, Anchored forcefields must be within 1 foot. Additionally, as a transparent forcefield, they provide little to no protection against lasers, most forms of radiation, or gases. While tightly overlapping shields may block direct flame, extreme heat or cold will seep between the gaps quite quickly.

Triss has learned to use Stationary forcefields like stepping stones, allowing her to move in a fashion similar to Mordo using the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr in Doctor Strange.

Offensive Uses:
Offensive Uses
Triss has discovered an offensive use for her forcefields as well. By creating a self-anchored forcefield roughly the size of a quarter just in front of the central knuckle of her fist she can reduce the striking area of her punch and increase the effectiveness of her strikes accordingly.


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Triss is a runner. She started focusing on that whenever she was in the yard in prison, jogging the perimeter was safer, keeping her from interacting with the other prisoners more than she had to. She has kept this up since her release, and often uses going for a jog as a pretense for a patrol.

Triss got into a number of fights in prison, and she's learned the basics of brawling through painful experience.


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Triss's history includes enough personal experience with anti-mutant discrimination to have left her bitter about it, making her more vulnerable to recruitment efforts by some less than heroic organizations.

Criminal Past:
As an ex-con and visibly mutant, Triss finds that her record counts against her far more often than she had expected.

Triss is poor enough to still be struggling to keep from being homeless. In her better times she rents a tiny one room apartment in Mutant Town, but she's no stranger to the city's shelters and streets.



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Talk to the Hand February 22nd, 2021 Creepy Amatur Carny Causes Chaos and Gets Away. No one Harmed.


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