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Undead is a catch-all term that describes many entities that formerly were alive but returned to consciousness by profane mystical forces or abominable sciences.

It includes vampires, zombies, ghosts, and others.

The creation of an undead can take on several forms. Common necromancy often invokes an 'echo' of a departed soul to fuel a biological construct powered by (usually profane) mystical power. Others may invoke or trap ambient spirits and force them into a corpse or a spectral entity reinforced with phlogiston from the Astral Plane.

Naturally occurring undead are created when a soul's passage to the Astral realm is interrupted or blocked, most often due to unresolved attachments to the metaphysical echo of our world. The toxic brew of resentment and fear can significantly corrupt a soul and creates a feedback loop of increasing power. Truly ancient spirits are incredibly powerful and malevolent forces. Some of them even experience renewed consciousness as they learn to perceive the Astral Realm and reality simultaneously, experiencing a new awareness that grants them significant power as they straddle life and death.

Potent undead such as certain vampires are created by a process both spiritual and biological. The biological process can only be quickened once the spiritual process commences. Drinking blood is a biological necessity; it's the act of killing a human and feeding upon them that fuels the spiritual transition. This corrupts the soul and profanes it with mystical forces, and accelerates the biological transformation.

For many mortals, icons of true faith are the most effective weapons against these monstrous entities. Purified materials such as silver, holy water, or cold iron (refined iron metal) rip away the underlying structure of profane magic that pollutes the soul.

Though they share certain weaknesses and similarities, Revenants and other spirits of possession are taxonomically considered demons and not undead.