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Virgil Hawkins (Scenesys ID: 2078)
Name: Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Superalias: Static
Gender: Male
Species: Bang Baby
Occupation: College Student/Part Timer/Superhero
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Diploma
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 03 Jun 2001 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

Character Info


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Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, is the young, outgoing, and chatty hero of Dakota City. Well, mostly the Sadler neighborhood. He's now in New York attending NYU, pursuing a degree in Applied Physics. Static was mostly active a few years ago, before suddenly disappearing, and was primarily locally known in Dakota City. Now Virgil's trying to lead a mostly normal life in New York City, but is increasingly more active as Static once again, unable to truly give up helping out when he can, despite all the stress it causes him with trying to juggle a personal life.


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* 2001: Virgil Hawkins is born! His parents are Robert and Jean Hawkins, and his older sister Sharon in the Paris Island neighborhood of Dakota City.
* 2007: Virgil's uncle Teshome Gabriel Hawkins goes to jail for the savage murder of an entire family.
* 2008: Virgil begins writing letters and emailing everyone that he can, to convince them that his uncle didn't actually commit the murder. He only gets vague apologies or compliments for caring so much about the case.
* 2010: Virgil discovers the Freedom Project, founded by the law firm of McDuffie, Cowan, Davis & Dingle, dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through D.N.A testing. They actually believe him.
* 2013: Due to a rise in gang activity on Paris Island, his father moves them to the working class neighborhood of Sadler, still in Dakota City.
* 2015: Virgil begins attending Earnest Hemingway High School.
* 2017: Virgil's grandfather, Homer Hawkins, introduces him to Stevedore J. Perkins, the actor who played The Scarlet Scarab in an old black and white superhero serial. In high school, Virgil's being bullied by a racist classmate who calls himself Biz Money B. Virgil's friend Larry gives him a gun and tells him that if he shoots Biz, he won't be a problem anymore. When Virgil follows Biz to Paris Island, a gathering of the island's three largest gangs, five-hundred members, is broken up when the mayor decides to order the gassing of those gangs with a radioactive isotope, with the intent of tracking them all.

This goes horribly wrong, as the gas was tampered with and a substance known as Quantum Juice was released instead. This overcame the police, the gangs, and innocent bystanders, creating the local event known as the Big Bang. 90% of the people exposed to the gas died, while the survivors either suffered horrible physical mutations or gained some sort of super power, including Virgil Hawkins. This event was officially covered up by the government, and the deaths were attributed to gang violence. Virgil uses his powers to become the locally known Dakota City superhero known as Static.
2018: After a year as Static, Virgil decides that after how much it's destroyed or complicated his social life, and failing to save his friend Larry who ends up being killed by the crime boss he secretly worked for without Virgil or his other friends' knowledge, he wants to quit being a superhero. He puts his high intelligence fully into his studies to get his grades back up, and eventually gets a scholarship to NYU.
* 2019: Virgil moves to New York City for college and gets a dorm, since he can't afford New York rent for an apartment.
* 2020: After helping with a crime here and there, unable to really ignore it anymore, Virgil gradually begins to moonlight as Static again, after getting his costume from his best friend Frieda Goren back home. Though time will tell if he's truly back or not. He still has a relatively low level of recognition for people outside of Dakota City, though those who keep up with local heroes do start to take notice of the fact that Static is suddenly in New York.

IC Journal

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Beautiful woman? Way more popular and cooler superhero than him? Someone who just plain knows what they're doing or who he admires? Awkwardness abound. All the coolness and extrovertedness in the world isn't always a match to a particularly intimidating situation. Some things, despite how much he tries, will just lead to him putting his foot in his mouth, stumbling over his words, or just doing something kind of stupid without thinking. He's unfortunately not perfect.

Virgil doesn't simply fight with brute force, having his power has taught him to apply his mind to most conflicts, fighting or otherwise. It's why even when he has the wrong opinion, he usually comes around. But in a fight he'll go so far as to try and figure out the science behind someone's power, and then try and scout and plan out the area he'll have to fight them. At this point, it's simply his nature to be a bit calculating, at least when he doesn't entirely trip over his own brain.

He never shuts up in a fight. He'll talk and talk and make fun of the people he's fighting. He prefers to have a bit of a light mood when dealing with such a dangerous job, but even out of costume he tends to joke a lot, and has a strong sense of humor.

Despite being a nerd, Virgil is also pretty cool. He knows all the hypebeast clothing to wear, all the best pop culture references, knows how to carry himself with some swagger when someone hasn't entirely thrown him off his game. This doesn't make him less awkward, but there's a certain courage he applies to situations to try and overcome awkwardness. It doesn't always work, but hey, he tries.

Virgil is ridiculously extroverted. It's not that he's actually particularly great at the social things he does, depending on one's perspective. But he is willing to try new things, wrangle his friends, go to concerts, talk to new people, no matter how bad he may be at some combination of those! He isn't afraid to go for it, though sometimes it takes a while to work up the nerve for some things.

He has a very strong sense of justice. Given his upbringing and experiences with the criminal justice system, he is far more likely to toss guns into the ocean than hand them over to the cops. Though he also will turn particularly dangerous people over to the cops. On the flip side, he's willing to help people who seem like non-violent criminals, as he doesn't just want to ruin someone's life. One of his best friends, Larry, was secretly a drug dealer for years. Virgil regrets not being able to help him before his untimely murder, and wishes to help other people in that situation.

Virgil is a pretty hardcore nerd. He loves some Dungeons & Dragons, WH40K, writing comics, the whole nerd package! It isn't uncommon for him to try to talk people into getting a tabletop group together. He's also incredibly into his studies to a ridiculous degree.

Social Screwup:
Virgil didn't come from the womb with absolute enlightenment, he's human like everyone else. Sometimes he doesn't immediately understand an issue and might take the wrong stance at first, but he eventually comes around and realizes why people feel the way they do, and apologizes for being dumb. He's come a long way since high school, but he's still not perfect.

Virgil feels a very high amount of stress from being a superhero. He feels a great level of pressure to juggle being a hero with his personal life, to not just screw up and get someone killed, to keep his identity a secret, to actually make his family proud. There are so many things he worries about, sometimes he has trouble relaxing, but he definitely tries his best.

Character Sheet


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Electricity Immunity:
Obviously Virgil is immune to being harmed by the effects of electricity.

Virgil's control of electromagnetism extends to electricity itself, as he does control things down to the electron level. He can generate enough voltage that he can create various simple shapes, like orbs, disks, platforms, shields, etc. Most of these things can range from very small, to a affecting a small city block if he's exerting himself. He can generate an unaugmented maximum of 20,000 volts, while if he's drawing power from an even greater source, he can generate more.

He can of course fire bolts of electricity, or other forms of harmful displays of electricity, subject to the previous limitations. Though these are typically kept to a minimum, mostly to keep from actually killing anyone.

As stated in many other entries, he can draw power from external sources. Depending on the source, this could potentially burn the generator of power out entirely. But Virgil's body is extremely capable of holding ridiculously huge masses of electricity, which he will typically burn off all at once, due to the difficulty of holding more than his usual capacity. This is often done as some extreme last resort, or as some kind of wild plan. And due to the potential damage to things doing this can cause, like the consequences of draining juice from generators outside a hospital, or causing a blackout if a generator gets burned out, it's really not an everyday ability that one uses.

Electromagnetic Senses:
He can sense electromagnetism and electricity to an extremely fine tuned degree. Using his understanding of physics and its math, he can actually manipulate his powers down to the frequency. Meaning, if he does the proper calculations, he could send a charge at very specific voltages and electronic frequencies, or other kinds of very precise physics tricks with electricity and electromagnetism. This is primarily useful for extremely precise strategies that can require a lot of planning, or particular science and engineering applications, but it is something he can do nonetheless.

Virgil can control electromagnetism. He can magnetize and demagnetize anything that doesn't have insulation, including people, causing them to cling to a wall or a ceiling, or even each other. He can simply change the poles and manipulate the electrons in something to cause multiple things to be attracted to another. This pull is incredibly strong, allowing him to levitate and manipulate even cars or trucks, and if he has some large external power source to draw from, he can manipulate even greater objects. Virgil's range tends to be around 200 feet or so.

His most well known personal use of this is to use objects, especially trash can lids, as a means of flight, by manipulating them while he's riding them across ambient electromagnetic waves. The speed is up to about 200mph.

He can also create electromagnetic fields, spheres of energy that can draw things in, repel them, and overall be used like personal defense shields. He can create a large dome shield up to a good 30 feet, more if he has external energy to draw from.

Electronic Manipulation:
Virgil can sense, and pick up, and manipulate electronic signals. If simply picking up electronics, the normal 200 feet or so of range applies. But more complicated than that is the fact that he can pick up waves. So, if he's within range of a walkie talkie or radio, he can pick that up and listen, and even talk over it. He can even use this power to make a phone call. So sometimes things are less dependent on his range, and more dependent on the range of the electronic's waves, or if there are wires or phone towers around.

Beyond communications devices, he can also outright control most electronics by touching them, such as cars or robots, due to his fine control of electricity down to the electrons. But because this is such a feat of fine manipulation, he //does// need to touch the electronic device and remain in contact with it. He is not, however, an outright technopath, so he isn't going to be hacking computers or sending emails. Beyond a certain digital threshold, his ability to control things becomes complicated. He might be able to turn a computer off and on, and manipulate it in very analog ways, but crossing the full digital line is currently beyond him.

Healing Factor:
Virgil has a healing factor, but it's by no means fast-acting. It's more, instead of an injury being fatal, he has a chance to recover from it. Instead of a healing process taking weeks, it can take days. He can still get colds and fatally shot and things like that.

Mental Resistance:
Due to Virgil's complete control over electromagnetism, he has a sort of subconscious control over the electromagnetism in his brain. This gives him an extreme resistance to most forms of mind- affecting powers, though it can take his brain some time to adapt to a particular form of it, leaving him vulnerable upon first exposure. Particularly powerful effects do require a high level of opposing force for him to fight against or break free of, but his mind can't really be dominated on a permanent basis.


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Crafting is one of Virgil's most underrated skills. He used his power to weld together a collapsible disk (that eventually got destroyed), he created his superhero costume from scratch, and sometimes he has to whip up a makeshift jury-rigged gadget out of complete junk to pull together a strategy!

Virgil is pretty well-read and on top of both classical and modern culture. He can reference the most random things that one would get the impression that he's into pretty much everything possible. (Feel free to let me know if you want to bond over weirdly obscure things that Virgil's dumb player might not know about yet!)

Virgil is a huge nerd, and he's well-versed in multiple areas of gaming! Tabletop, video games, card games! He's a complete gaming junkie.

Virgil is incredibly well-verse in tactics and strategy. He can go so far as to apply his scientific prowess to a strategy and using his powers efficiently rather than by sheer brute force.

Science! Possibly Virgil's greatest skill. He's well-versed in physics and math pretty far beyond his education level on paper, due to just how much he obsessively studies. Especially with his power, he considers education very important to using his powers efficiently, due to just how much fine control it requires to pull off certain things. He needs to understand scientific concepts to do certain things, or defeat particular opponents! But also because he's a giant nerd.

Virgil and his friends used to work on a personal comic book project together. He still writes!


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His best friend Frieda might be all the way back in Dakota City, but she'll still cover for him and help him out if he ever needs it!

Virgil has a very expensive hat collection, with all the finest hats around that he regularly shows off as Static rather than Virgil. He also has plenty of top tier hypebeast clothing, which are probably not the best use of his limited funds.

Nerd Stuff:
Virgil of course has a collection of nerd stuff, like comics, books, electronics, etc.

Trash Can Lids:
Virgil is pretty good at finding metal trash can lids in a city where people have mostly converted to plastic!


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Bang Baby Powers:
Strangely, despite Virgil's immunity to electricity, electricity based Bang Babies seem to be able to harm him. Perhaps something to do with having a similar power origin.

Energy Limit:
He can run out of electricity, or even have it entirely stolen by someone who can manipulate electricity. He can try to steal it back, of course, often by trying to get himself hit with it, but it's difficult to do anything while powerless.

Things that are insulated are of course pretty safe from Virgil, though he can still burn wood even if manipulating it ranges from extremely difficult to impossible.

Non-Conductive Materials:
While he is capable of moving non-conductive materials, it doesn't always work reliably due to, well, the fact that it's non-conductive. It requires far more fine control of the electrons themselves, so it can be very difficult.

Still Human:
This is important. While Virgil has a wide variety of powers, they all require a lot of very careful thinking and tactics. He's ultimately no stronger or durable than a regular human (aside from the mild healing factor), so if, say, someone happens to be insulated, or immune to electricity for some reason, they can pretty much beat the crap out of him if they're also physically stronger than him. He doesn't exactly have martial arts training or anything, he's extremely reliant on his powers and planning.



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Virgil Hawkins has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Big Nerd on Campus November 9th, 2020 Ariah answers Virgil's D&D add, and they have a semi-awkward discussion!
New Bounce Presents: History's Freshest Sneakers November 8th, 2020 Virgil Hawkins goes to the historical New Bounce sneaker exhibit tour, where Skeleton Ki attempts a heist! As Static, he goes on hot pursuit, but Skeleton Ki's martial arts and mystical ability to unlock things foils Static at every turn!
Coming To America 2: The Princess and The Nerd November 8th, 2020 Virgil Hawkins incidentally means Princess Shuri of Wakanda in a comic book start, and loses his entire mind, to her amusement.
Night at the Toy Museum October 28th, 2020 Toyman meets Static during a heist at a Toy Museum, and Static gets a new toy in the end
The Ridiculously Chill Debut October 27th, 2020 Virgil visits Phantom Comics in Westchester, where he encounters Noriko and Santo. They discuss various things, Santo is a jock, and things are vaguely 80s!


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Virgil Hawkins has 5 finished logs.

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