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Return To The Dojo
Date of Scene: 06 February 2022
Location: Chikara Dojo
Synopsis: Rogue, James and Kitty accompany Colleen Wing back to Manhattan after the angel fight to see how her dojo fared.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Colleen Wing, James Proudstar

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The government finally gives the word that it's safe for residents of Manhattan to return to the island after the battle with the angels. Most people don't know what to expect, whether their homes or business survived or not.

Kitty reached out to her good friend, Colleen Wing, volunteering to go with her to check out the fate of Colleen's dojo. Though Kitty doesn't have any reason to suspect there might still be danger, she doesn't take any chances with her friend. Kitty invites James Proudstar and Rogue to accompany them, just in case they need any muscle.

Before they all met up, Kitty explained to the other X-men, "Colleen doesn't know I'm a mutant or any of the rest. So, if we can avoid having to do anything in front of her, great. But if there's danger, I'm mainly concerned about keeping her safe."

Thankfully there hasn't been any danger so far. The foursome meet up and drive into the city, which takes forever thanks to all the other people returning as well. But finally they make it to Chinatown and pull up outside the dojo. Kitty climbs out of the car. "It looks pretty good from out here," she says.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hears Kitty about the secret and all. She nods her head softly, then looks down at herself, and reaches for the zipper on her hoodie. She pulls the zipper up covering up 'Mutant and Proud' text on her chest in bold font.

"No problem!" She says with a smile, before slipping her aviators back on over her green eyes, then brushing some of her white hair out of her face. She spends most of the ride in the back seat of the vehicle, nice and quiet.

When they arrive, she is up and out in a flash, holding her leather bomber jacket at her side, and just looking around at all of it.

"Seems like a nice place." She mutters as she closes her car door behind her with a THUD.

Colleen Wing has posed:
She had only recently completed the restoration and rebuilding of the Dojo. A major fire will shut things down for a little while and insurance companies are not exactly the most easy thing to deal with. Nevertheless, she had recieved her payout and after what seemed like forever felt as tho she could re-open; that was until the evacuation. Would it all be destroyed again? Did she have angel invasion coverage on her policy? Was that even a thing? It totally should be.

The car ride she was pretty quiet, there was a lot going on in her head. The dojo was all she had, her only means of making money, and it doubled as where she lived. She still had not gotten over the loss of "Karate Bear", but time owuld hopefully heal that wound. As they pulled up to the dojo, Colleen stepped out of the car and let out a long exhale. The Dojo seemed intact, at least from the outside.

"Well, that's a good sign." Her brows raised and she gave a half smile to Rogue. "Yeah not exactly the Ritz Carlton, more like a Motel 6, but it has it's charm." SHe walks up to the door and pulls out a key from her pocket, unlocking the door and taking another breath. "Shall we?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar stretches four hours in a vehicle even a van is way too much for the large man. His back and shoulders crack noisily as he bends and stretches grumbling, "Being normal sucks." He sighs and nods, "Yeah, just a few minor things I can take cate of." Jim pulls out a large toolbox from the back of van. He laughs and shakes his head. "It is compated to where I grew up. You have a lovely dojo Ms. Wing."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Yeah, Colleen had a lot of kids from the neighborhood. Keeping them out of gangs and things," Kitty says. "It'll be good for the area to have you back open again," Kitty says, slipping an arm around Colleen's shoulder to give her a quick side-hug before letting her go so she can unlock the door.

As Colleen is unlocking the door, Kitty rests a hand on James' back, and one on Rogue's shoulder. "Thanks for coming guys," she tells them both warmly. The immense Apache gets a quick pat and then Kitty is moving forward to follow Colleen inside and take a look. "I wonder how long it'll take the restaurants to get reopened. We might be short on takeout for awhile, so I brought a bag of groceries for you," Kitty says.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Colleen, and raises her sunglasses up on to her forehead. "Oh, no judin' from here. I used t'sleep on the streets, for like two years, prior t'goin' to the fancy fancy boardin' school where I met these fine two people." She says with a grin to Kitty and James on her side.

Her gaze goes around as the place is unlocked, and she whistles a tune lightly. "Ya'll think there's much trouble brewin' around here anymore? I heard Mighty Woman was in the neighborhood, maybe lookin' t'bust some skulls..."

She's not very good at keeping secrets.

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen acends the stairs and unlocks another door that leads into the main room of the dojo, reaching in on the side of the wall to flick on the light. The lights comes on and illuminates the main room of the dojo. Everything seems to be in order, a brand new dojo ready for kids and others to resume their trainings. "Really Kitty? I mean you did not have to do that. I think before the evacuation I had some leftover pizza, and some milk that I am sure is past the expiration date by now. So not going to make that mistake again."

She steps to the side so the three can enter the main room of the dojo and look about. "So here it is. Beyond that door is my space. Nothing too special, but it suits me." She looks to Rogue with her comment. "There is always trouble brewing around here. You kind of get used to it. The sirens, car alarms, the occasional gun shot. Ah the sweet sounds of Chinatown. Could not sleep withouth them."

Her eyes drift to the large man who has joined them, finally getting a good look at him. "You are...um, pretty tall there. Just watch your head through the doorways and such, I cannot afford a lawsuit." She winks to him and walks back to Kitty, giving her a small hug. "Thanks for escorting me back here with your friends."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and shrugs, "Clean living." He chuckles and nods, "It looks good, let me check a few things." Jim squeezed himself into the room, but he moves with surprising grace and agility. He pulls out a clipboard with some forms, "I traded with somone else to get your paperwork, we can get you placed and everything cleared. Want to make sure your doors can open as soon as possible."Jim smiles as he wanders off to check utilities and other varied items.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde flashes a quick, private grin over at Rogue, then moves in, looking around the dojo. She's more concerned about safety than anything else, but it is so much open space, it doesn't take long to confirm the place is safe. "Hey, it's your home," Kitty says of the backroom teeny tiny apartment. "That makes it plenty special!"

She steps in, giving the place a quick check, sticking her head into the bathroom. "Yeah, I doubt the power stayed on the whole time, so probably need to pitch anything in the fridge or freezer," Kitty agrees. Not that Colleen usually had much in there, as Kitty remembers it. Mostly leftovers!

"Well, you can get word out. I'm sure the community is going to be cleaning up for awhile, but I bet you have classes going in no time." They did pass quite a bit of damage. While the dojo was spared, not all of Chinatown was.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just steps through with Kitty, and then looks back to the big huge James with a grin. She tosses her leather bomber jacket over her shoulder before she looks to Colleen. "Milk goes bad like the day after ya buy the stuff, so yeah, if you've been gone for awhile... I'd recommend not openin' it and takin' a whiff." She says with a slight grin.

Then, Mighty Woman starts to wander the place. "Ya know, if you're ever havin' any problems, ya just gotta call. I'll shoot over here an' be glad t'help out." She offers.

"This place is pretty rad..." She idly says whilst taking the place all in.

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen watches as James moves about, checking out the Dojo for any potential flaws that might help fixing. "I appreciate you looking it over, James was it? I am not exacrtly the technical type. If the water runs, the lights turn on and the tpilet flushes...we are doing pretty good in my book."

She follows Kitty and the others into the living space, allowing them to see the whole place and not just the dojo. I mean Kitty knew the place pretty well before the fire, having visited numerous times. "I'll make sure to get your number. I have found myself in some...trouble as you might call it. Not exactly on the nice list with a few groups. Hence the fire. And you are all welcome to stop by anytime. Even if you need a place to hideout or crash for a bit, it's pretty secluded."

She walks to the fridge and starts grabbing the few items that are in there, tossing them in the trash without opening them. "Yeah, my fridge looks like a frat house I get it. I mostly order out...cooking is hit or miss."

She then nods to Kitty and gives a small shrug. "It will take time for the community to get back to normal I think, but thisplace has always been a sanctuary for the kids in the area, hopefully they will seek it out. I got some flyers to put out now that I know the dojo is in good order."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar can he heard from a distance. Doing some work, investigating. Muttering, "That can't be to co-... oh, okay. It is. Why would you... " His voice trails off and there is a growl followed by and thump and a squeal, another thump, rustling and then sputtering and hissing,

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde goes over to a radio, turning it on. She has to turn the dial about a little more than normal, as stations based out of Manhattan are off the air. But others around the city are still up.

She finds a nice station playing some old rock and leaves it on in the background. "Ew, ok, I don't know what that was," Kitty says as she gets a whiff of something that Colleen pulls out of the fridge. "But I need to pick you up some baking soda for in there too I think."

She moves over to smile at James. "Thanks for helping her out. Colleen's, just... really good people," she says, flashing a smile over to the Japanese young woman. "Does a lot of good for the community here. Met her at a market down the street. I was looking for a birthday gift for Shan. Helped me pick out a lantern with the right colors and everything," she says. Kitty turns back to the rest of the room, going over to check the cabinets. "Looks like everything's here, no looters-" Kitty is starting to say, when she hears James go thumping.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds her leather jacket over her forearms as she walks in to the kitchen with Kitty and Colleen. She finds a place to lean back against, and just watches the fridge get opened from afar. A slight grimace forms across her lips at what is pulled out, and the reaction that Kitty gives to the smell.

"Start'in fresh. Forget babkin' put a scented candle in there." She says with a laugh before she's about to say something else when she looks to the last direction she saw James.

"I hope he doesn't shut ya down before ye even get started again..." She says with a grin before upnodding at Coleen. "Ya need any help puttin up fliers, or handin'em out, give me a hollar for that too. I got a way about me, people will show up in droves." She flashes a grin, having quite the bravado about her!

Colleen Wing has posed:
The sounds coming from James cause Colleen to wince and bite her lower lip, her eys darting to him and praying there is nothing too serious. "I am afraid ask. Honestly, if it look like it will hold up, just overlook it. I can't handle anymore setbacks right now." SHe runs a hand thriough her hair and shakes her head slowly. "Is it that bad?"

She cannot wait to hear what he has discovered, turning to Kitty. "Yeah Kitty was pretty lost there. She was going to pay full price. Yeah, the art of bargaining in CHinatown is a skill everyone must learn. You don't pay top price for anything. I;ll teach you both someday; words spoken to Rogue and James. "And we have been friends ever since. Never thought I would have taken in a stray cat for a little while." She shioulder nudges Kitty and looks to the fridge. "Baking soda. Right. Make that a priority."

A smile is given to Rogue. "I appreciate that. I will never turn away help. A little off my plate would be good. And if any of you want some free lessons, just let me know. It is the least I can do for what you have done." Clearly she has no idea who these people really are. "There are some flyers on the the table in front of the couch if you wanna take some before you go."

James Proudstar has posed:
There's a slamand a rattle, followed but low bark that just might be human and a bang that may cause the whole building to shiver.

Then there is and indignant huff and scurrying noises. A few minutes later Jim can heard coning up the stairs. "Yeah, everything looks fine. All re connected was even shit off properly. Umm, it might take them a few months to get caught up on utility billing but I wouldn't worry about it" He signs the sheet lookng far too unmussed for the volune and quantity of noises. He looks up as he hands the paper to Colleen, "Keep that for your records." He blinks at the looks and frowns confused, "Oh' Family of racoons, big ones, had to run them off but that's probably what kept away a lot of the other predators. "Yeah, James. It's not a problem. I'm pretty handy. Let me know if you need anything else. We can work out sone sort of trade, like sparring or something. She seems very nice, and it's good to get away from the mansion after recent stuff."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Yes, it'll be good to have the city get back to normal," Kitty says as she glances around. She goes over to a window, looking out. "Going to probably take days for most people to get back, and some probably weeks," she says.

"I should get over to Warren's building and check on some of the neighbors there. Make sure they are ok. I don't really know what parts of the city were hit the hardest," she comments to them.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pushes herself off the counter and starts to walk out to the living space with the sofa. She finds the fliers and is sitting down on the arm of the sofa to pick one up and read it. "Kitty. We should bring a buncha the students in from Westchester, an' pay Colleen to train'em up. Maybe work some'a that fat off their mid sections. Like Hambone, an' his gang. Course... teachin' them to fight might not be a good idea..." She mumbles.

James' re-arrival has Rogue looking up. She smiles at him. "You okay, Big Fella?" She asks him, seemingly unsure of his story validity.

She leans forward then and scoops up some of the fliers to roll them up and slide them in to the inside pocket of her jacket. "I'll see to it all the rich kids up in fancy Westchester see these around town." She says with a grin for Coleen.

Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen blinks a few times, taking the paper from James and nodding once to him. "Raccoons? Okay. And they are gone right? Not really wanting to wake up in the morning to one of those beside me. Thank you. I'll keep this with my records. As soon as I have records again. This will be the first." SHe holds the paper up in the air and then sets it down on the table."

"Did you say rich kids? Like paying kids? Well, they may help to kepe the lights on." It was true, she did a lot of charity work for the troubled kids in the city, a place foer them to go to learn and be safe, never asking for a penny. "I'll train any kids you send over. Thank you for helping. It has been a long process, but I am finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnell just hoping it is not a train."

She then turns to Kitty, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Thank you again Kitty. You have always been there. Don't be a stranger alright?" She then looks to the others as well. "The both of you too. You are welcome anytime. Door is always open, unless it is locked."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods, "Yeah, that's why they're asking us to check up on everyone. It's all hands on deck, even the students." He shrugs, "The amount of work is crazy." Jim gives a deapan stare to Rogue, "You caught me I fell down the stairs." Jim gives a side-long glance to Kitty, his voice is quieter, gentle, "You sure? I can check... or do you want some back-up?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
They would depart, seeing to other things the city needed them for. Collen would turn off the light, collapsing on her bed. It had been a long journey, but like the city, healing could now truly begin.