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Rogue (Scenesys ID: 31)
Name: Anna-Marie D'Ancanto-Carlyle
Superalias: Rogue
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Teacher
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: MST at Xaviers
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 24 January 2000 Played By Zoe Duchesne (X) (Sizzle Reel)
Height: 5'7" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Brown w/White Bangs Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @RogueOne
Theme Song: "Spirits" (X) The Strumbellas

Character Info


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Rogue's biggest claim to fame is being associated to the attack on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge (Jul 2018). There are many different accounts of what happened on that day, no one seems to know the truth. Some think Rogue was the true villain in that scenario, others believe that she was the saviour of the bridge. Overall though, very few people even remember that event, because as people do, after a week or two, everyone moved on to some other big news story. Rogue ended up at Xavier's School for training and education (Feb 2020).


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* 2000: Born in Meridian, Mississippi (Caldecott County) on January 24th 2000. To parents Owen D'Ancanto and Priscilla Carlyle. Named Anna-Marie (after Owen's mother Anna and Pris' mother Marie) with the middle name of Elizabeth after Owen's grandmother.

* 2005: Moved to a small commune in the outskirts of Caldecott County that was dedicated to peaceful living away from the distractions of technology and big city life.

* 2006: Pris and Owen vanish during a ceremony that was designed to bring about good weather for harvesting season. The ceremony lead to a strange event on the commune that ended in the commune being shut down and Anna-Marie being sent to live with her Aunt, Carrie Carlyle. Its during this Ceremony that Rogue's hair is converted from brown to having the white stripes down her bangs.

* 2014: Rogue leaves her Aunt's house at age 14 and falls in with Mystique and the Brotherhood. Mystique promises Rogue the world, telling her that working with the Brotherhood will lead to anything and everything she ever wanted.

* 2016: At age 16, Mystique unleashes Rogue on Carol Danvers at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A fight ensues and ends with Rogue throwing Carol off of the Golden Gate Bridge down into the waters below. Rogue spends the next 2 year sof her life on the run from the Brotherhood and law enforcement who only new of a mysterious girl that nearly killed Miss Marvel.

* 2018: At Age 18, shortly after her Birthday, Rogue has been taken in by the X-Men after Charles Xavier discovered her in distress in Alberta, Canada. The X-Men arrived in the Blackbird to save Rogue from a local mob that was coming to get her after a fight in a nearby bar.

* 2018: Rogue is brought in as a student at Xavier's. She's known to be the one who attacked Carol Danvers but Professor Xavier has vouched for her and said that after reading her mind he knows it was not her fault. He's placed her on the X-Men roster as a trainee.

IC Journal

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Rogue is growing increasingly more confident with every training session she does where she puts Carol Danver's stolen poewrs to the test. She's bound to grow very confident in her ability to take care of herself and protect others.

Rogue's personality lends her to flirting with everyone, almost anything. She'd flirt witha gold fish if she felt it would be fun and entertaining enough. 'Heya, Fishy fishy. Hows the water today?'

Rogue is a natural born leader, though this is a personality trait she hasn't quite discovered resides inside of her, though with every mission and experience that she embarks upon with the X-Men a little bit more and more of this will start to shine through in her personality.

Rogue is a loving young woman who cares deeply for those closest to her. She'll defend her friends to the death.

This... is one of Rogue's worst troubles. When she absorbs others she absorbs memories and personality traits that belong to them. This means that at any given moment she can recall something that she (herself) never experienced, but rather was experienced by one of the people she absorbed in her past. It can come across as completely random and some might say feeds into her 'charm' depending on when and how she uses it.

Rogue is extremely sassy and loves to have fun in conversation. She loves to fill an awkward moment with a smile and a joke, sometimes at other people's expenses. All in good fun.

Team Mate:
Rogue is a natural team mate and due to her stealing Carol Danver's experience in the military she's only more understanding of what it takes to be in a good team environment.

Character Sheet


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Rogue gained the power of flight after permanently absorbing the powers from Carol Danvers. This was not an easy thing for a 16 year old girl to gain. She first discovered it while staying with a caravan of hippies in California. It scared them so badly that they demanded that the young girl leave their group, so she did, even more afraid than before. She was terrified that she would float off the face of the earth at any moment.

Seventh Sense:
Rogue has gained the ability to see danger before it happens. It's similar to Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, but somewhat less powerful. It only allows Rogue to know when danger is coming to her rather than to the area around her.

Rogue gained this power from her permanent touch of Carol Danvers when she was 16 years old and under the direction of the leaders of the Brotherhood. Rogue can lift 50 etric tons without strain. She maxes out at 60 to 70 metric tons.

When Rogue makes skin to skin contact with another being she absorbs some of the life energy and psyche of that person. As a result of this transfer, the victim loses its memories, skills, and any metahuman powers, and Rogue gains these abilities. The duration of the transfer is exponentially proportional to the duration of contact with a brief touch lasting only a few seconds, a longer touch lasting several minutes, and extended contact potentially resulting in a permanent transfer. She is only able to absorb innate powers and knowledge -- her power has no effect on technology.

Note: This power is always on and thus Rogue cannot make skin to skin contact with anyone without absorbing them.

Rogue gained her toughness after touching Carol Danvers. She didn't realise that she'd become nearly invulnerable until she ran away from the Brotherhood and a few weeks later, she met a drunk man at a truck stop who tried to molest her, and she fought him off, but he stabbed her with a knife and the knife broke. Needless to say, the young girl was stunned and began to realise she took more from Danvers just her wild thoughts and memories.


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Although Anna-Marie was always in great shape because she spent most of her childhood outside on a farm doing farm work, or just generally roaming around like a good wild kid should... her teenage years kept that shape up, working for the Brotherhood she did a lot of intense exercises.

After permanently absorbing a copy of Carol Danvers, Anna-Marie's physical condition has not only stayed at a high level, it has gone even higher than it was at previously. Plus, due to Danvers's powers, Rogue's muscles are almost always firm, fit, trim, and tough as steel (if not tougher#-1 FUNCTION (ANSI) EXPECTS 2 ARGUMENTS BUT GOT 1.

Rogue's natural charms are a distinct advantage for her. She was gifted with good looks and a knack for charming the socks off of many. She uses these advantages quite often to get things that she wants... especially when she was homeless. She could easily charm money out of men, or food and clothing. Sometimes? She will still utilise this on the easily charmed.

Miss Marvel:
The most skilled person that Rogue has absorbed is Carol Danvers, who had military training and was skilled in the use of military grade weaponry and vehicles.

* Rogue now knows how to fly planes and helicopters, though she's still afraid
of them because she (herself) has never even been inside one.
* Rogue knows advanced military tactics and special forces skills. This causes
her to have nightmares because the training was so intense and the memories
that came with it are not hers, but Carol's and Rogue feels guilt over
stealing them.
* Rogue has advanced firearms training. She knows how to shoot guns. She can
operate almost any kind of pistol or rifle at a high-skill level. However...
Anna-Marie hates guns, and has never touched one in her life.

Note: All of this was gained from Carol Danvers, however, all I use it for is primarily just flavour in my role-play. It is fun to bring up now and then in a random pose.


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Rogue's car is a 1969 forest greet Dodge Charger with a black racing stripe down the middle. It was her graduation gift to herself following her completion of her teaching degree. She's had a number of modifications done to it to reinforce its structure, as well as supe up its engine, and the interior. It is her baby, and she is very careful about where she drives it and putting it in dangerous situations.

After graduating Xaviers School's High School level, Rogue went on to college courses. She earned her Bachelors in English Literature at age 22 and earned her Masters in Science and Teaching at age 24. Through this, Rogue has become a Poetry teacher at Xaviers School, and is likely picking up additional teaching work in the coming days. It is a great source of pride for her, having earned these personal achievements, and further shows her how much of a positive influence the time at Xaviers has been for the young Mississippi native, who had a very troubled teenage history.

Rogue has recently reunited with her estranged father from her childhood. They found each other after a long time apart, and Rogue has come to rely on him for conversation through hard times. She's come to really enjoy his company, and along with him they are working together to try and track down the people who kidnapped her mother. Rogue's father, Owen D'Ancanto lives in Salem Center now at the apartments over Music Center. He and Rogue spend time together at least once a week, and his presence has helped calm her mind down during troubled moments.

Nest Egg:
Between her work at Xaviers School, and the sponsored Hero gig she had in New York City, Rogue has amassed a comfortable bank account status. She is saving up for her dream house, but that is a dream for a later day in life. As such, Rogue's nest egg is plenty to let her enjoy life with a little less worry about how to pay for food, or fun.


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Anger Issues:
Rogue's temper can sometimes cause her to act to extremes when honestly angry. Whether it's necessary violence, or just kind of crazy behaviour, Rogue has left a bout of temper looking really dumb before.

Rogue will often flirt with people when she's trying to cover up awkward social interactions. She likes to try to be amusing and funny as well, and sometimes watching people squirm after flirting with them is just the best way for her to be amused. Other times? She just straight-up wants to flirt with the pretty person she's interacting with. This is a weakness and a skill. She's good at it. But it can also get her in to trouble with people who like it a little too much and if she uses it on someone who becomes a little too interested.

Coupled with the way she was raised, and the way that Rogue's power keeps her separate from everyone, Rogue tends to feel a bit isolated, even while surrounded by people. She can never touch someone skin to skin, pretty much ever again in her mind. And that leads to this feeling.

No Control:
All skin to skin contact results in Rogue stealing the energy of the person with whom she's made contact. There have been no exceptions to this rule and it has given her a well deserved fear of ever getting close to anyone. She always wears long sleeves and gloves, hiding beneath layers of clothes to protect the people around her from 'accidents' and herself from the guilt she always feels when she experiences their memories and emotions.



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Rogue has 478 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mist River Montana May 18th, 2024 The X-Men travel to an idylic Montana farm, where they meet up with Rogue's father, and a close friend who may shed some light on the mystery of the Native American mysticism rituals that caused Rogue's mother's disappearance years earlier.
Cajun Cookin' May 14th, 2024 Remy sneaks into the mansion for a sandwich, has a chat with Jubilee, Patty, Rogue and the Professor, and ends up leaving with a job and a home.
Moonwalk Eat your Heart Out May 11th, 2024 A meeting of minds beside the pool, where Allen-James' powers and condition are discussed. Bouncey castles are promised too, and pizza is eventually enjoyed.
Second Annual Xavier's Talent Show May 4th, 2024 Xavier's holds another sometimes annual talent show for gifted youngsters. Like last time, there were lots of amazing acts. The judges were split, but the tie was broken in the final moments and Patty Sloan was declared the winner! Against all odds, the school will be getting its deposit back for the Dip N Dots machine rental.
Late night noshing April 30th, 2024 Remy is in the rec room playing Solitare. Others show up. Cards! Popcorn! Ice Cream! Awkwardness!
Another Day in Mutant Town April 29th, 2024 A badly damaged bar in Mutant Town turns into a one stop shop for an unlikely group of people who end up talking and very nearly but not quite get to trading punches.
Mutants and Master Molds: The First Wave April 24th, 2024 The Sentinels send out their first production line to rampage through Bushwick. A combined group of the Brotherhood and members of Xavier's fight them off.
A fiddler on the porch April 19th, 2024 AJ meets Rogue and talks about who he is.
Jacket of Swagger April 15th, 2024 Carol returns Rogue's jacket, and shares in a bit of banter with the Southern Belle, before pool is played and root beers drank.
Rogue's Poetry Class April 11th, 2024 A poetry class held at Xaviers School.
HUNGER: Fetch Quest April 6th, 2024 The X-Men visit the First World in orbit around one of the Universe's oldest stars and uncover a mysterious terror even the eldest beings dare not speak of.
Garage and Stuff April 2nd, 2024 Rogue and Bishop share a few words after a school outdoors club meeting in the garage!
Tennis Everyone March 27th, 2024 The Spring Tennis Tournament at Xaviers School is interrupted by a notorious prank gang amongst the student body! Hijinx ensue!
HUNGER: I Believe We Have Your Duck March 24th, 2024 The X-Men visit the strange museum of the Collector and arrange a ceasefire ... in exchange for a favor that will take them to places even stranger still.
Skating, Pizza, Dancing! March 23rd, 2024 Skating was done, Pizza was consumed, dancing occured!
X-Duck vs The Spanker March 16th, 2024 Howard the Duck has some bad hombres after him. The X-Men show up in force to save their feathered friend.
Mutants and Master Molds - The Alien Acquisition March 7th, 2024 The X-Men respond to a Sentinel raid at a STAR Labs facility. They manage to mostly drive off the Sentinel infiltrators.. But they can't guarantee that their robotic enemies haven't gotten away with something bad. Very, very bad.
Howard the X-Duck March 2nd, 2024 the X-Men have a sit down chat with a friendly feathered fowl from a far flung world of Ducks, and Duck related things.
HUNGER: The Sky Is Falling February 25th, 2024 Rogue finds an alien pod in the woods. Together with Jean and Scott, she takes it back to the X-Base in time for it to open a reveal a feathery passenger.
It's My Party February 21st, 2024 The town turns out for Emma Frost's birthday bash (of whatever year it is).
Stroll, Interrupted February 17th, 2024 The Juggernaut is out for a stroll. Attitudes flare up, a grenade blows up in an armored car, a police officer briefly becomes part of the NYC timeline, and the Juggernaut escapes. Heroes are left to do what heroes do best.
You Never KNow February 13th, 2024 a brief moment of meeting a fiery redheaded clone!
Pizza Thing February 6th, 2024 Rogue and Ben Grimm have a bite of pizza, and talk about Flat Earth theory.
Mutants and Master Molds: Getting Gyrich February 2nd, 2024 The X-Men go to sneak up on Henry Gyrich to see what he knows about recent Sentinel Shenanigans. They find he knows nothing of interest. There is mental trauma from poking about in his head while he was indisposed. And dinner goes In and Out.
Dazzlin Danger! January 30th, 2024 Rogue and Dazzler go to the Danger Room for entertainment. It gives them a group of German terrorists taking hostages in a mall!
The Moulin Rogue January 28th, 2024 House hunting, fashion-shows, and a last minute rescue of notSatine from the Phantom of the Moulin Rouge. Guest starring the Peregrine Falcon, for some reason.
Wad Wulson January 21st, 2024 Rogue runs in to Wade outside of Harry's. He gives her some questionable money for her birthday. She ensures he's headed to Arbys again.
Mutants and Master Molds - Ghost in the Machine January 18th, 2024 The X-Men find a storehouse filled with Sentinel parts being stolen. While they're there to investigate they face off with the real thing!
Big Wheel Keep On Turning January 17th, 2024 The Big Wheel rampages through Manhatten's East Side and comes face to face with several heroes willing to stop him and decent citizens willing to pitch in and help their fellow New Yorkers in the wake of his path of destruction.
La vie, c'est Paris... et la morte aussi January 15th, 2024 A day playing tourist mixes joie de vivre with a touch of the morbid and contemplative.
Winter Getaway 2024 - No Kids or Wendigos January 8th, 2024 Jean and Rogue take planes, trains, and automobiles as they embark on a holiday vacation. They make it as far as Paris, and make a local taxi driver's night.
Gotham University Lecture January 5th, 2024 A packed house of attentive students and amazing guests attend a lecture given by Ms. Clara Jennings on the topic of Mongolian epic poetry.
More than a Spot of Tea January 1st, 2024 Olivia stops by Xavier's school and has a great conversation with Rogue and Kitora. She even sneakily does the dishes to help out!
X-Mas Party December 23rd, 2023 Xaviers School hosts its annual Christmas party for high society highs.
Jingle Jangle. December 18th, 2023 Rogue and Dazzler have a bit of banter out on the lawn behind the school garage. Rogue is painting a Christmas sleigh, Jeepers is being Jeepers, Alison is planning how best to schmooz the Headmistress! A typical day at the Mutant School.
Shi'ar - The War of Queens: Prodigal Son December 10th, 2023 The X-Men intervene in the Shi'ar Civil War, and it's also something of a Summers reunion tour. Hope averts some mass casualties, Izzy gets the dubious honor of a promotion and some quality time with her boss, Alex gets offered some space conquests, and Rogue defeats her ancient nemesis... eventually.
Whiskey and Wishes December 9th, 2023 Rogue and Logan share a bit of banter following a rough X-Men mission. Whiskey and Wishes.
Mutant Town Melodies December 4th, 2023 a buncha randos gather up at Mootant Town Milkshakes to gab and be weirdos!
Secret Stash November 26th, 2023 Rogue confiscates Hopes guns!
Frothy Mugs November 16th, 2023 Remy and Rogue talk about beanie babies and battlestar galactica
The Apple Trip Part II: Re-Appleing November 12th, 2023 The apple saga continues, Owen and Jeepers invade, and Rogue is properly initiated into the Clan Grey!
A Leaf on the Wind November 9th, 2023 Rogue meets Rachel in need of some free hugs. Jean arrives just in time to serve that need! Chicken and Waffles are put back on the menu!
Gone Home November 3rd, 2023 Rogue comes to Vermont to pick up syrup. Also Logan.
Xaviers: Haunted House Night October 28th, 2023 An Xaviers Haunted House extravaganza!
Today's Your Lucky Day October 25th, 2023 The X-Men (and friends) encounter Longshot, but a threat from someone who seems to know him sends the newcomer into hiding.
Xaviers By Night October 19th, 2023 A student's nightmares are made real by her mutant power. The X-men have to fight through hellhounds, Bloody Mary and Samara, and then the Headless Horsemen to get to her.
Snack Time October 18th, 2023 Yukio bumps into Rogue while making a snack and discovers new plans: destination Mall!
Jack-o'-lanterns For Xaviers School October 11th, 2023 Mid-October is pumpkin carving time at Xavier's School.
Hello Hi Hi October 9th, 2023 Rogue and Sam have a chat over some cookies.
An Unbe-leaf-apple Outing October 7th, 2023 A wholesome scene in idyllic upstate New York. Rogue endures the Grey-Bailey-McCallisters. Also, its going to be apple everything on the menu at Xaviers for the next month...
Punching Holes October 6th, 2023 Monet and Jimmy help Rogue fight through some extra Danger Room work!
Oktoberfest in Salem Center September 30th, 2023 Oktoberfest at Salem Center sees a lot of drinking and eating, some dancing. No necks were drained of blood that we know of.
Acquired Power September 24th, 2023 The X-Men meet to recruit Joshua Foley and Kimmi Jones-Smith, but encounter a strange combination of powers that sends mutant abilities haywire.
Xaviers Faculty Party September 21st, 2023 The Xaviers faculty has a bit of fun in their basement arcade. Drinks are eaten, food is sipped. Video games are conquered, and Jean shows off some interesting talents! All in all it is a grand ol' evening, where ultimately Storm becomes the new High Score leader in the Galaga cabinet records!
Yo Rogue Experience September 15th, 2023 Rogue, Wade and Jubilee meet to talk about the events surrounding the Mutation Reversal drug and Senate situation! It is a gay ol' time.
The people you run into in the worst settings. September 10th, 2023 Jacen was driving out of the city when he arrives at an accident. Rogue was driving back to the city when she arrives at the same accident. The two work together to help people until fire and rescue can arrive.
Smoke and Mirrors September 9th, 2023 The X-Men do battle with Black Team 5 1, and the rest of his soldiers. The captives at the hidden lab are rescued after a gritty and violent battle. Magneto puts on one hell of a light show before fleeing in to the sunset, and Mr. Sinister offers an ominous fairwell.
The Dog Walker August 29th, 2023 Remy and Rhona get a chance to speak to one another. Jeepers is there too! And some tasty Cajun Shrimp is enjoyed!
Shi'ar: Starjammin' August 27th, 2023 Seeking out the Starjammers, the X-Men find them capturing a cargo vessel that turns out to be a trap, loaded with alien bounty hunters called the Sidri. The X-Men join them in battle, defending the Blackbird from Sidri invasion and then helping evacuate the Starjammers from the cargo vessel. A ruse involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers forshadows familial coincidences.
Cellmates August 24th, 2023 Rogue and Magneto settle in together inside their not-so-comfy cell.
Non-Danger Room August 21st, 2023 Rogue and Scott chat over training ideas and exciting topics like MATH and getting hit by things.
Shi'ar: Sic Itur Ad Astra II - the Flight of the SR-X August 12th, 2023 The X-Men take the SR-X on its first hyperspace trip under its own power, traveling to a space station on the edge of the Empire to investigate Deathbird's mutant ally. They don't find much about him, but after a dizzying trip through a few alien strip clubs, they do get some information on another rumor they've heard before: of a misplaced human space pirate operating in Shi'ar space.
Magneto and the Train August 5th, 2023 The X-Men, along with Captain America, race to a remote farmland area to stop Magneto before violence can break out. Magneto is detained by the enigmatic Black Team 57 and it's cocky leader.
Captain Kurt Sails Again! August 5th, 2023 Kurt, Kitty, Rogue and Logan go pirating in the Danger Room. Things do not go quite as planned. Kurt may have left the after-school special filter on...
Three Hundred and Ninety One Days. July 30th, 2023 MARRIED?!?!?!?!
Shi'ar: The Package July 29th, 2023 The Shi'ar ask the X-Men to transport unknown cargo under conditions of extreme secrecy with SHIELD help, only to find themselves ambushed by what seem to be rogue SHIELD-like agents. Is it HYDRA? Or something else entirely. And... what's in the box?
Kitty's Atlantic City Birthday July 21st, 2023 Craps, poker, drinking, and felonious Cajuns are part of Kitty's 22nd birthday party in Atlantic City
Taking Care Of The Bird July 20th, 2023 Various X-men gather in the Blackbird hangar for maintenance work and conversations.
Bushwick Blowback July 18th, 2023 Protests in Bushwick flare up as people for and against the 'mutant vaccine' spill over, and the locals have to help keep the peace.
A Kind Deed Indeed July 17th, 2023 Franklin takes it upon himself to play big damn hero. He finds himself in Cody Collins' hospital room, and attempts to wake the young man up from a decade long nap!
AVENGERS FOREVER: Et In Cosmos Ego July 6th, 2023 The X-Men investigate the mysteries of Ego the Living Planet!
Fourth of July July 4th, 2023 Jubilation Lee presents the 4th of the July! Sponsored by Capri Moon!
Hello Wade July 2nd, 2023 Wade and Rogue talk after her Hawaiian vacation. They talk about any of that though, and instead mostly just pick at each other for a few minutes before Jeepers demands attention!
AVENGERS FOREVER: The Wake of Tempus Khan June 25th, 2023 The X-Men travel to Korea to save a very special mutant and encounter a rift in the very fabric of time!
Basic Maintenance on a not so Basic Ride June 22nd, 2023 Scott and Rogue are doing maintenance on the Blackbird. Rogue asks Scott why he's so humdrum.
AVENGERS FOREVER: Avengers Day June 18th, 2023 The Avengers Day celebrations are interrupted by a teleporting dude bro and smiling stormtroopers!
Brood of the Savage Land: Heart of the Swarm June 10th, 2023 An elite strike team infiltirates the Brood hive. They discover fully intelligent Brood drones, and not just a Queen, but a multitude of would-be Queens, each made from genetic material stolen from heroes who have previously encountered them. Meanwhile, the Brood begin some sort of space launch and an attempt to contact what seems to be a greater swarm beyond the limits of the local cluster. Although the Hulk smashes their WHOLE MOUNTAIN, things are still going bad and so SHIELD calls in the nukes, which serve as a Phoenix-snack for another psychic assault on the Hivemind. Earth 2, Brood 0. Cue Ewok Song!
Banner the most wanted. June 2nd, 2023 Ross attacks, but Mighty Woman, and Inez save the day with a little help from Hulk.
Xaviers Senior Graduation Party May 22nd, 2023 The cast of characaters of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy another successful graduation of a class of students. Hopefully they all grow up to be pillars of their respective communities, and not you know... Youtubers.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Finale May 19th, 2023 The group travels to find the final Celestial computer... but they don't find the Engineer. Instead, they find the Savage Land sun cult, who speak of their god imprisoning the Deviant as a 'demon.' Also, one of the priests thinks Lorna is their high priestess. She tries to trick them by playing along, but gets in trouble when the genuine article arrives. They do bear a certain resemblance. What does it mean? Who knows. But at least they finally got Doug to the damn computer. POWER ON!
And Extra Sour Cream May 18th, 2023 Rogue gives Kitty a ride back from the city in her muscle car. They meet up with Warren at the Burrito Wagon food truck in Salem Center. Rogue might have done some bouncing.
Throwin' Cards at Fate May 13th, 2023 Remy and Rogue catch up. There's Oscars, booze, pretzels, a melon with a smiley face, and a card in her boobs. So, about what you'd expect.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part III May 11th, 2023 Shockingly, the creepy secretive scientist turns out to be up to no good. Maybe he's looking for Iara's secret shark juice, or maybe he wants what Jemma figured out is inside Nat. Either way, things go bad, and he loses an eye and an arm for his trouble, while Rogue gains another overdose of ageless understanding, this time in a different part of the Celestial heritage: Homo Descendus. Now, back to meet everyone's favorite green guy in a lab coat.
Operation WATCHFUL: NERD PROM May 7th, 2023 SHIELD takes Sauron to see Queen Tanya and it goes expectedly horribl, provoking the Brood Queen's full emergence. While she fights the group, Rogue combines her draining powers with Sauron's, and his hypnosis is able to help free Tanya's part of her psyche and push back the Queen intelligence. At the same time, it provokes a release of all the Queen's knowledge. This is overwhelming to most, but Cinque's power allows him to usefully process the information. It includes glimpses of the entirety of Brood civilization, spanning eons and parts of the universe unknown to humanity. There is good news and bad. The good: they know where the bioweapons are being stored. The bad? The Brood in some of those furthest reaches may still exist, free of the Phoenix's wrath - and potentially aware of this single wayward Queen. Also, a very gentlemanly Sauron requests an unorthodox team-up.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part II May 5th, 2023 Unsure how to find the rest of the Celestial computer cores (or what to do with them if they did), the heroes use Lemurian legend and SHIELD intel (courtesy of Lara Croft) to locate a ruin potentially tied to early residents of the Savage Land. En route, they are faced by increasingly more well organized members of the dino-brood Hive, and despite an attempted distraction, suffer injuries - and potential infections - in reaching the ruin. In the last moment, they are aided by an inscrutable and likely inhuman figure. Despite its aloof nature, its promises of aid seem their best chance at saving their friends and dealing with the larger Brood threat!
Oblivion, they name is Laphroaig. April 28th, 2023 Rogue gets off with a warning.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Part I April 27th, 2023 THE ERRUPTION OF MOUNT DOOM. Heroes return to Sauron's former lair, sneaking past a broodified colossal Quetzalcoatlus, debating King Phangor and his new Sun Priestess advisor, and ultimately destroying the Celestial computer core within. One down... at least six to go?
Jungle Fireside April 21st, 2023 Savage Lands discussion with the X-Women at the fireside of a Fall People village. The topics are light, and ominous.
Marauders and Mayhem April 19th, 2023 The X-Men go to bust up a lab of Mister Sinister's. And find something waiting for them that is even more disturbing than a trap.
Paws at Pugsley's April 14th, 2023 Rogue bumps in to Alderic out by Pugsley Creek. She offers him some food and some lessons on how to say her name! 'Rooooo GUH!'
Clash of the Titans April 6th, 2023 Harley and Rogue meet up for the first time in two years. Harley has a bone to pick with the famous, and beautiful, Mighty Woman!
Look Up There! March 29th, 2023 Rogue knocks Brick's ship out of the air, with her butt. She then proceeds to try to make it up to him, by making it worse.
Return to the Savage Land, Part II: The Goddess and the Queen March 23rd, 2023 The X-Men defeat Arrash, whos is actually Deathbird trolling them (it's Sharra kinda-backwards, she so funny). The prophecy is fulfilled, at least in part (Deathbird IS a Princess). Tanya, the would-be Brood Queen is in custody. And the... new hive continues to grow in the center of the Savage Land, ready to consume all around it, while ironically under the protection of the uncaring Celestial defense systems.
Monet restored... or restrained March 21st, 2023 Rogue retrieves the restrained and restored Monet from Dr. Doom's clutches, only the future will tell what trials await when they confront Desparo again...
It's Better than Taco Whiz! March 19th, 2023 Wonder Girl meets Mighty Woman at a less-than-prestigious fan event at a comic store. They discuss the many vagaries of hero hustle culture! No lawsuits are filed.
Return to the Savage Land, Part I: the Aerie March 16th, 2023 The X-Men return to the Savage Land, traveling to the Aerie Shalan, home of the bird-people. On the way, they discover a T-Rex feasting on a dead Triceratops (as one often does, in the Savage Land), save that both seem horribly infected... and display Brood-like features. The creature is destryed without mercy, and soon the team enters the spire. They arrive at a lab full of more alien technology, and discover the missing Doctor Tanya Anderssen in a suspension pod, also showing Brood-like features. As they investigate ways to free or help her, a hologram activates to taunt them in the form of the apparent 'false goddess' of the Aerians, before sealing the POWER-DAMPENED room as it fills with what is almost certainly some very, very bad mist!
Vidya Gamez March 15th, 2023 Video games!!!!
Duty to Secure Stuff March 13th, 2023 Rogue is doing her duty in the security center, Logan comes in and relieves her of that duty. Nap time!
Marie-Ange's 21st Birthday Bash! March 8th, 2023 Marie's friends and 'family' gather together to celebrate the seer turning 21!
A Disturbing Snowy Scene March 7th, 2023 Rogue, Hank and Kitty find a bloody patch in the snow where a pair of deer were killed by something, little sign of their bodies left. Worried about the neighbors, they make plans to have some students help with chores at the neighboring farms to keep an eye out.
Danger Room Danger March 5th, 2023 Rogue and Remy battle robots in the DANGER ROOM!
Guess Who's Back, Back Again February 25th, 2023 The reunion of reunions! Remy comes back from hiding, having ended what had been a tumultous few months in his life. He rns into Rogue again and they reconnect...with plans for Remy to reconnect with the rest of the X-Men and get back into their good graces.
Operation WATCHFUL x Savage X-Men: Dr. Lykos, I Presume February 23rd, 2023 SHIELD takes custody of Dr. Karl Lykos from the X-Men as they return from the Savage Land. In human form, Lykos is repentant, but claims innocence in the plot to free him, and urges his captors to find Tanya Anderssen, who possesses equal knowledge of his work. Work that between the research and stolen physical samples could potentially be used to create a powerful genetic weapon capable of truly strange mutations for its targets.
Taking Aim - Stringing the bow February 20th, 2023 Cap and Roberto discuss the plan to assauly AIM while Gabby gets some merch signed, Jamie people watches, Rogue fails to use the dewey decimal system and Marie assumes she's about to be arrested.
Savage Land: Epilogue is not Ending February 15th, 2023 Hailed as heroes, the 'Knights of Xavier' enjoy a Lemurian tourney feast, several prevailing on the dino-jousting lists of honor. Tales are told, songs are sung, and they enjoy their victory... before turning to the task of Sauron. As frustrating as ever in the face of interrogation, answering every question with misdirections, they at last concede to use the best tool at their disposal, and delve into his mind for answers. They get a few, and perhaps a few more questions. As well as the company of one Dr. Karl Lykos.
Lorna arrives with food and hospitality February 6th, 2023 Lorna invades Xavier's with... hashbrown casserole and is countered with feels.
Savage Land: Sauron, Pt 2: God in the Machine February 1st, 2023 The battle continues! Sauron grows ever more powerful, as the machine core continues to stop the X-Men from using their full strength. Things get psycho-sexual as Tabitha and Emma conjure an army of illusionary angry girlfriends, Rahne feeds herself to a dinosaur, and Rogue powers-up via makeout. In the end, with Queen Leanne's amulet and some donated cosmic knowledge, Rogue deactivates the machine and Ororo shows Sauron what real power looks like. In the aftermath, Phangor gets elected king of the flying lizards, and the X-men depart with Leanne and the Aerians, with the dread Sauron... now as THEIR prisoner.
How'd it Feel to Dance With Yourself January 30th, 2023 Rogue and Jamie discuss having many minds in the mind.
Savage Land: Sauron vs the Fellowship! January 26th, 2023 The Fellowship fights its way into Mordor, aka the mountain domain of the Pterons. After meeting various dino hordes in battle, they discover Sauron in his lab, built around an ancient machine powered off the the heart of a sleeping volcano. The battle is bloody, as the machine seems to intervene at every turn. Eventually, they uncover its secret, that this isn't Sauron's work, but some ancient AI designed to help maintain the artificial biome of the Savage Land. But will this information help them as Sauron feats upon one mutant's life force and looks hungry for more?
Rogue's Surprise Birthday Casino Night January 24th, 2023 It's Casino Night at Xavier's in honor of Rogue's 23rd birthday! And thanks to the borrowed powers of Jamie Madrox, Rogue gets five extra birthdays. Old friends and new friends come together to celebrate Monte Carlo style before the whole thing descends into Warner Bros style madness.
Savage Land: Captured! January 19th, 2023 On that day, after the disagreement on the shore of Gorahn, the battle of loincloths and potatoes, and the reading of the cards, the Fellowship among men, Aerian, and Pteron was forged. Next time: Sauron, for realsies!
One song in 3 parts January 18th, 2023 Stuff happened. Songs were written. Snoop Dogg gave Ali a blunt.
Savage Land: On a Boat January 12th, 2023 The X-Men's Lemurian ship is is beset by Aerian 'pirates,' and many give valiant fight against the bird-people. As Ororo flies to assault their ship, she meets the enemy leader in the air, but cannot quite realize where she's seen her in the heat of battle - perhaps a portrait back and the castle? Protected by an Atlantean artifact, Queen Leanne defeats the weather-Godesss, rallies the Aerians and the X-Men are quickly overwhelmed. Now, they find themselves captives of the very person they were sent to rescue... and seemingly sailing in the wrong direction. Well, it's... progress?!
Mystery Danger Room Theater January 10th, 2023 The gang heads down to the Danger Room for some combat training only to discover a grisly scene. Rogue, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith, and Noriko Ashida catch Jubilee running a program that simulates her tearing them to shreds, but not everything is as it seems...
Savage Land: Hail Lemuria! January 4th, 2023 Luxury living at a fantasy castle, where the Queen is missing. Surely the literally moustache-twirling Uncle Regent had nothing to do with it. Still, mostly everyone decides to be polite and not try and murder him, and instead take up his polite offer to go fight some flying lizard people on his behalf. Very generous. Well, he does give them a boat! Next time: on a boat.
A TIME TO ... Gain December 29th, 2022 The X-Men visit Madripoor and find their lost frenemy.
Savage Land: The Plains of Zarhan December 22nd, 2022 After making friends in the Forest People village, the group sets out, with warnings of the Gods who rule over the Savage Land. A river-ride becomes a tussle with a giant plesiosaur, and the first 'divine law' shows its face as powers seem dampened or misfire. Rahne gets chewed on and goes over but Berto gets her back, Rogue plays grab-tail, and Emma knocks herself out while Tabitha discovers the rocket-boat. After not quite flying it over a waterfall, the team descends onto the plain below, where Rahne ends an encounter with a beast-tribe hunting party via complex animal sexual politics. And getting chewed on some more. She does not join the cat harem. After this, its onward to the fantasy castle, where nothing will go wrong!
Into the Savage Land December 16th, 2022 The X-Men travel to the Savage Land, landing at the outpost in Ka-Zar's protected valley, but find it attacked by 'bird people.' Rogue and Ororo visit the Lord of the Jungle's house and meet Zabu, his intelligent saber-tooth tiger, as well as a bird person captive, while the others fight off some dinosaurs and reach the village of the Fall People, a tribe of human hunter gatherers who live in the valley and may be able to offer information and aid. And Emma gets her Savage Land alternate outfit.
The McRib is Back December 15th, 2022 The Xaviers School team is sent on the epic quest of 'Recover the McRib' before it goes extinct again! Which reminds me, have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that the McRib only ever comes back as a distraction from some sort of event happening at the same time? Like 'Oh, just give the fat plebbs their McRib again, that'll shut them up for awhile!'. But yeah, anyway, this was fun and everyone in it is a peach, a damn peach, I say!
Schoolin' the Youth December 9th, 2022 Logan doesn't know what to do with a student that acts a lot like, well, Logan. So he dumps him off on the first teacher he thinks might be responsible. enough to deal with it!
A TIME TO ... Lose December 4th, 2022 The X-Men investigate missing mutants and discover technology and a portal from another time and place!
The Prototype Sentinel November 30th, 2022 Shaw calls Lex asking why the heck there's a Sentinel at a US Military base. When they go to investigate, Lex makes the decision to have it shut down and shipped to Shaw Industries --- when the thing turns on and attacc. Luckily, the X-Men and allies also came to investigate or else there might not have been any survivors, President Luthor included.
The Hunt for Sauron November 30th, 2022 The X-Men visit Tierra del Fuego and a research station operated by Tanya Anderssen - the daughter of Karl Lykos' old mentor. Investigating, they find the place mostly empty: Tanya is missing, with some signs of a struggle in her room. The computers and communication equipment at the place have also been tampered with, presumably by whoever attacked her. And while Sauron seems a likely suspect, when he arrives with an army of dinosaurs, he seems to blame the X-Men instead. They fight him off, but not without a few bruises as Rahne risks herself saving a nearby civllian and Rogue attacks her teammates under hypnosis. Worse, the discovery of underground connections between the Savage Land and South America may allow Sauron to lead an invasion beyond the Antarctic... unless they can figure out who took Tanya Anderssen, and deliver them to him!
Remy Can Spell November 28th, 2022 Remy LeBeau has run off again. Grass is green. Water is wet. Jubilation checks on Rogue for the ... how many times is this now? Despite Rogue having made her peace with this most recent disappearing act, Jubilee decides she's going to find that ne'er do well and deliver some bespoke justice!
The Guilty Party November 25th, 2022 Iara threatens to eat Remy's face! Mighty Woman talks her out of it! (Advertisement for REDACTED brand plays.)
Xaviers: Thanksgiving November 24th, 2022 It's another Xaivers School Thanksgiving preparation night! Kicking off the holiday seasonal fun times! There's lots of parents at this one, and interesting alternate Thanksgiving meal options discussed, including X-23's dutch oven, Sam Guthrie's deep fried turkey? And Hank suggests a fish! Jean's floating brain ham, and Roberto probably ordered some food from a designer food store that will be delivered any minute! Enjoy reading, whomever I'm talking to here!
Blizzards and Babes November 20th, 2022 Kitty stops back on a blizzardy night. She and Rogue critique other hero's themes.
X-Men: The Oil Tankers November 12th, 2022 The X-Men help the Dude find his wife's captors and aids him in starting a potential revolution on the 'other side' of the mysterious gateways.
Riot at Ryker's Island November 3rd, 2022 The prison riot is mostly foiled, but questions remain. Where did the box of silly tech badguy gadgets come from? Who put Rhino on the job? Who let Dazzler on the X-Men? Something something.... <Deep voice> Welcome, to Jurasic Park.
Xaviers: Haunted Hayrack Ride October 28th, 2022 The Xaviers School annual Halloween special. This time with limited commmercial interruptions. It aired on FOX at 6:30pm, and was viewed by approximately 82 million households.
XM A Dinner with the Dude October 24th, 2022 The conversation with Rogue's father is had at dinner at Xaviers School. Much is discussed, Rahne is the winner in the end though.
Rogue's Spooky Campsite October 15th, 2022 Rogue invites a bunch of students and other weirdos from Xaviers to the woods. STuff happens!
Loungin' October 10th, 2022 The troubles with reading brains.
Salem Center Oktoberfest October 4th, 2022 Oktoberfest at Salem Center is full of beer and food, and there's even a fight.
It's Not a Spirits Halloween But It Will Do October 1st, 2022 Rogue and Kitty hit the mall in Salem Center as they work out Halloween Costumes.
Law & Order: SVU (Shi'ar Victims Unit) September 29th, 2022 The X-Men return to the orbitting Shi'ar cruiser to answer questions about the Starport assassination. While the information Michael and the team has seems to scrape at an uncomfortable, hidden conspiracy, the lead investigator resists giving Emma a free hand in doing her own investigation. Worse, Tabitha is held for further questioning due to suspicious circumstances at the Starport. Rogue continues to hate space.
Hot Dogs in the Yard September 27th, 2022 Alison and Rogue do a bit of chatting over spoiled milk. Jeepers enjoys spoiled hotdogs out in the yard.
Anyone Still Up September 24th, 2022 Kitty and Lockheed crash Rogue's room. Jeepers and the dragon play, Kitty and Rogue talk.
LE DIABLE BLANC: Waking Up In Vegas September 17th, 2022 Rogue, Tabitha, Kitty, Jean, and Remy wake up in a fancy Vegas hotel suite with no memory of the night before. The Hangover ... MARVEL-STYLE.
Shi'ar: SPACE CHASE September 12th, 2022 The X-men's prototype space Blackbird pursues the assassin's shuttle as it flees the Atlantic Starport. Launching a single but potentially devastating antimatter torpedo as a distraction and calling on another of the mysterious Raptor armors to defend it, the shuttle barely makes it to close Earth orbit before its engines are disabled and crew telepathically bamboozled. Sam stops the torpedo in the nick of time, Michael has a clone fight and dies for a little while, and the big Shi'ar arrive to arrest everyone. Space is fun!
Rogue Captured September 10th, 2022 A big wild thing happens at a train station. Everyone is kewl!
Michael Jackson Thriller Pinball September 5th, 2022 Explosive Mutants trying to figure out a purpose beyond explosions.
LE DIABLE BLANC: Cinema Sins September 4th, 2022 A pleasant evening at the movies is interrupted by the Marauders and a kidnapping!
Westchester County Faire August 27th, 2022 Jean and Rogue visit the county faire and enjoy a bit of down time together, and a fireworks show! Shockheed approves.
Teacher is Loungin' August 22nd, 2022 Smokin' in the Teachers Lounge!
X-MEN The Biggest Smile August 11th, 2022 The X-MEN arrive at a mysterious island in the Atlantic Ocean to chase the coordinates of what they presume to be the hidden base of the SMILE laboratories.
Woot Woot August 10th, 2022 Rogue and Nori bump in to one another in the garage! Nori wants to mod her school vehicle! Rogue warns her Jean prolly won't like that!
X-Folks: Dox-M: Camping Noobs August 7th, 2022 The X-Men make the world, and a Montana Summer Camp safe for S'mores and undersized tees. A number of fankids are made and the amount of wild dyejobs at the Xavier School increases.
X-Ren Faire August 1st, 2022 X-folk and T'Challa show up at the Ren Faire and there are some learning and teaching.
X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older July 30th, 2022 There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Kitty's 21st Bday River Rafting July 23rd, 2022 White water rafting in Oregon is Kitty Pryde's 21st birthday party
Je suis a la maison, bebe! July 22nd, 2022 Remy and Rogue reunite again! Rogue is a proper adult now!
Murder Theatre Dinner. July 17th, 2022 Bart gets yelled at, Jean gets butt blocked. - Rogue
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished July 8th, 2022 Supergirl nearly re-enacts Mortal Kombat with Monet. Thankfully, the Titans, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men all make an appearance to save the day!
X-MEN: Danger Bots June 30th, 2022 A small team of X-MEN members unite to do battle on their own turf vs a hypothetical nemesis attack. SENTINELS!
Dress Up Date June 29th, 2022 Jean takes Rogue to the Fashion district to see a friend from her model days. Makeover montage ensues!
The Nemean Clause June 27th, 2022 Hercules runs afoul of an old foe and is saved from a bit of an poor showing by a Mighty Woman indeed!
This Goes Here June 21st, 2022 Rogue and Remy have a chat in her cleared out bedroom. There's a mouse in the house, and someoen's gonna pay! Probably the mouse, or Jean, for an exterminator.
Ugh, this Guy June 16th, 2022 This guy! Who has the time for!?
Field Duty June 11th, 2022 Noriko and Rogue catch up down by the lake while Rogue partakes in her summer pastime of tossing kids into the lake.
Billy, meet Kitchen. Kitchen, Billy. June 5th, 2022 Billy Kaplan's tour of Xavier's, led by everyone's favorite NPC student Wendy Fleeb, is briefly hijacked by Jubilee, who introduces him to Remy, Rogue, and Zandra.
A Family Dinner June 1st, 2022 Ended
The Toys From Brazil May 30th, 2022 In Iara's origin story, The X-Men acquire Shark-Girl from the beaches of Recife, Brazil, which is harder than you'd expect when they run into armored troopers and vehicles belonging to HYDRA in the process!
X-MEN: Watching - Breathing - Smiling May 27th, 2022 The X-MEN investigate the SMILE labs, and find a whole lot of teenagers in trouble! And bird poo.
Xaviers Graduation Party May 21st, 2022 It is a nice graduation day 2022 at Xaviers School! The Fleebs really are the best!
May Pool May 18th, 2022 A casual little evening pool-side chat'n'play! Tabi is ever becoming soooooo responsible!
Spice, Not Heat! But Maybe a Little! May 16th, 2022 Chicken is shared. Future summer plans pondered.
Mop mop mop, all day long. May 10th, 2022 Rogue tries to be cute and pretty for her lovely male friend. While smelling like a piggy! It's a weird scene! But cute, in some viewpoints anyway!
X-Folks: Dox-M: The Pox on 'em May 9th, 2022 Warning: Implied trauma and abuse.

Tabby's research into her recent bad luck turns up deeper problems in the world of social media and the internets. Plans are planned to use the knowledge for the good of mutant kind or at least feeling really good about themselves.

Also. Tabby's dad is a complete bastard.

Roguing Right Along! May 7th, 2022 Lil Roguie of the X-Babies makes a surprise guest star appearance at Xavier's during Science Class!
Breakstone is Not Easy to Break. April 25th, 2022 Tabby works on her powers. Tries to be all private about it and fails because she doesn't think things through. Valid options and tactics are offered by friends and close ones! It's nice having family!
No Friend of Mine April 16th, 2022 Tabby was selected to be on a very exclusive show. The X-Men vehemently disagreed with the casting agency, the Friends of Humnanity
Model Scouting April 12th, 2022 Belle takes a look at Rogue, allegedly for model scouting reasons.
Loungeheads April 11th, 2022 Jamie and Rogue hang out and talk shop (re: powers) while she unloads some groceries.
S.M.I.L.E. Time April 10th, 2022 SMILE TIME
The X in Mexico: Parte Tres: Beach Blasting Boomie April 9th, 2022 The Spring Break trip comes to an end. Tabby brings a not so happy trail. It's disposed of but Monet is hurt. Kids get a new life as does the newest superhero, Jerome Badonk: The X-Donk!
Happy Tree Groceries April 6th, 2022 Rogue and Remy go grocery shopping. It is a lot of silly banter, and very questionable content! But it's also super cool rad awesome!
X-Women's Night Out April 4th, 2022 The mutant ladies go to the spa!
The X in Mexico: Party Dos April 2nd, 2022 Drunken ruin delving actually results in an archeoogical find. Jean being responsible again, everyone else beiing grossed out and Tabitha smelling badly in Rogue's arms.
Storm's Flyin Lessons March 27th, 2022 A random conversation in midair about how to better ones self
When Amazons Are Attacked March 27th, 2022 Cheetah targets Morgan Finn to leave him a bloody mess to send back to the Amazons. Fortunately a southern belle is here to save the day!
X-MEN: Capital Critters March 27th, 2022 The X-Men investigate a bunch of missing mutants in a Washington DC suburb. What they find may lead to more questions than answers!
Patrol: The Work That Never Ends March 25th, 2022 Rogue and Morgan spark a friendship and fly around in the Invisible Jet. Hopefully Wonder Woman won't be pissed!
The X in Mexico March 25th, 2022 Part 1: X-Men get wasted in Cancun. Borrow a boat from Beto and invade a tourist trap island for possible ruins and loot! To be continued!
Xaviers: School Days March 12th, 2022 It's a random School Day at Xaviers SCHOOL for shifty Mutants.
Xaviers: Spring Break Volleyball March 5th, 2022 ROGUE WINS AGAIN! The others are pretty great too tho.
Odd Debts February 28th, 2022 Rogue introduces Remy to one of HER shady underworld friends. He's not the only one out there movin' and groovin'.
WAP! (No, not that one) February 24th, 2022 Rogue and Remy dial it up to Six! Teen! A arch nemesis robot is made along the way!
Hellfire Mardi Gras 2022 February 23rd, 2022 The Hellfire Club's Mardi Gras party for 2022 sees a lot of beads earned.
STORY CONTENT February 19th, 2022 Remy calls Rogue while being chased by unknown mutants. He's shot and taken to the X-Men base. Cryptic messages.
Westchester By Night: Till Final Death Do Us Part February 16th, 2022 Noriko Ashida and the gang at Xavier's save Jubilee from her obligation to marry the local vampire Duke, thanks to the eleventh hour arrival of Remy LeBeau and the secret he has uncovered. This scene has it all: a classic
The Chill of Victory February 15th, 2022 A snow competition, so of course Rogue won. Of course.
Jean's Jacuzzi February 13th, 2022 A nice hot dip in the hot tub, with hot sandwiches, and hot foot rubs from Kitty on Emma's legs. Remy is hot without his top on, and Jean not knowing where to change her clothes is so hot. What am I even writing at this point, it's so hot.... MMMH! KIFK FIGHTER THE MOVIE!
Just In Case February 13th, 2022 Noriko asks Rogue permission to marry Jubilation and, suffering no fools, chews Remy out when he offers to his way. Noriko keeps the ruse mother-daughter relationship alive! ...and doubles down out of anger.
Down in the mucky muck February 12th, 2022 Remy takes Rogue to buy a pool table. She gets to see some of Remy's old friends. They touch hands. Very scandelous.
Westchester By Night: Hell Hath No Fury February 12th, 2022 The mutants of Xavier's are captured by their vampire enemies, but not everything is at it seems. After the Final Death of Severina the Scourge, The Malefactor needs a new vampire bride and he has the perfect one in mind. The mutants break up the wedding, but Jubilation is presented with a Kobayashi Maru situation and agrees to marry The Malefactor at a new ceremony next week. Remy LeBeau is mistakenly seated on the groom's side and blends in a little too easily.
Imma break them ankles February 10th, 2022 Remy follows medical advice to the letter and Rogue doesn't find him out when he shouldn't be. They bond.
Mojo II: The Mojo-Ening! February 10th, 2022 The X-Men (and special guest star Stella) are abducted to Mojoverse where they face leftover holiday threats and treats! FEAR stocking stuffers! FLEE fruitcake. ESCAPE bad movie references! And AVASTE YE at the fourth wall!
Not Nailed Down! February 9th, 2022 Hope manages to get Tabby some medical help from Rogue and Jean while Remy figures out he probably needed assistance too. Much wincing and owies dealt with,
Terror Couture February 7th, 2022 Mighty Woman drove off the hobgoblin but Roderick still achieved his goals
Return To The Dojo February 6th, 2022 Rogue, James and Kitty accompany Colleen Wing back to Manhattan after the angel fight to see how her dojo fared.
Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
Well Stocked February 5th, 2022 Tabby reloads the X-Lounge bar with the spoils of mutant empowerment. Rogue acts the awesome teacher and life coach.
Eat, Pray, Slay: A Westchester By Night Story January 30th, 2022 Tempers flare as the gang at Xavier's gather to talk about the best ways to kill vampires. Wendy Fleeb makes a cameo appearance and is a total B.
SomeTitleWillCome January 28th, 2022 Rogue's room is great.
Movie in Rogue's Room January 28th, 2022 Rogue hosts a few people for snacks and movie in her room! Nori might end up in a flying squirrel wing suit!
Westchester By Night: First Blood January 16th, 2022 After swiping an ancient grimoire important to her kind, Jubilee has accidentally left a trail of breadcrumbs that leads the armies of its rightful owner to the gates of Xavier's! The school is visited by Suthtehk The Malefactor's three vampire brides and their army of undead, hell bent on recovering what belongs to them! Divine, the half-Kryptonian visiting the school, draws first blood, figuratively speaking, and ignites a war between vampires and mutants!
Snow Blowne January 16th, 2022 THE WOBBLY BARN IN KILLINGTON! Woooooo!
Xavier's Ski trip II: Return of the Hunger of the Night January 15th, 2022 The X-Men investigate the mysterious cave from their first outing in Killington. The cave, as it turns out, is possibly the butthole of a sleeping primordial ice giant, who draws power from every murder in the local town, which transform people into its Wendigo-like servants. After, er, climbing into the creature, its servant attacks, fought off by Warpath, and the giant itself awakens, forcing the team to scramble to save the town from the ensuing avalance. Defeating the titan itself requires defeatnig the seemingly deathless Wendigo servant - ultimately, Rogue defeats it with her own life-stealing abilities, reclaiming the lifeforce stoeln on the titan's behalf, and sending it back to its slumber. Also: the school cancels all future ski trips and everyone votes for tropical vacations.
Bubble Bubble Sinister and Trouble January 13th, 2022 The X-Men encounter something horrid deep in the Earth. Something Sinister this way comes, and Murderous Marauders try and rampage. Held off by burning Phoenix Fires.
X-Gossip Marks the Spot January 10th, 2022 Emma, Jean, Kurt, and Rogue debate the theological ramifications of existence, the end times, angels, the cycles of life and death while under the strong influence of alcohol.

Aka 'When Rogue saved Jean by throwing a spitball at her'.

Xavier's Ski trip II: Its all Downhill from Here January 10th, 2022 The Xaviers students and teachers arrive at the ski cabins, and the teachers end drunk and pruny while Monet's room is fortified against all enemies! Meanwhile, Noriko and Jubilee plan Fleeb-icide.
Danger Room: Rage of the Gorilla King January 7th, 2022 The X-Men's island adventures in the Danger Room come to a climax, facing off against the Gorilla King. Who knows what the next chapter will have in store...
Unpacking January 6th, 2022 Kitty moves back to the mansion, and Rogue is there to be a good, bad influence.
In the Heights January 3rd, 2022 A paranoid motorist causes chaos on the Henry Hudson bridge, and the X-Men, there delivering humanitarian aid to the evacuees on the Blackbird, save the day with the help of Rave. Also, Cheese Guy has a bad night.
Where were you when the bombs dropped January 3rd, 2022 A random crime occurs under the super vision of an unsavory sort. Things go sideways when MULTIPLE heroes show up and things get messy from there.
Joyeux Noel Mon Amour December 29th, 2021 Remy has Christmas gifts for Rogue! Yet she finds one that might change her life forever.
Soup Hunting December 26th, 2021 While digging up fodder for a crawfish boil, Michael is happened upon by Rogue. It goes well!
Bonfire of Vanities December 22nd, 2021 Jimmy has a drink station setup in the backyard. Rogue and Jeepers stop by to mingle.
Rogue's Birthday December 19th, 2021 Rogue's Birthday! Everyone is great!
Danger Room: Shipwreck Isle December 12th, 2021 The training session in survival techniques proved a few of things for certain. It is probably a good thing that they have mutant powers to rely on. That Rahne can sleep through almost anything, that Monet knows an impressive array of french swears, that James can benchpress a solid portion of an 18th century sailing ship, that Jimmy cannot be trusted with pork products. And that Scott should not include alcohol in his simulations. Especially if Rogue is involved.
Shovelin' Time December 12th, 2021 Jimmy Rogue Jean Hot Chocolate Risque Pics Snow Shovels Cold and Warm Stuff The end.
Vroom Vroom December 11th, 2021 Rogue and Atrid chat a bit, then head out to get him some job applications!
La nuit pour les amoureux December 7th, 2021 Remy and Rogue have a date and take a daring step!
German Cooking, or German: Cooking December 5th, 2021 Kurt prepares a big German meal for Xavier's. There is a vampire visit, also a 'sister' visit, which leaves the elf feeling awkward after recent revelations.
Holly Jolly December 4th, 2021 Christmas decorations at the Mansion turns into the nefarious plots of the night.
The Actual Best Thanksgiving Meal November 28th, 2021 Ororo and Rogue raid the kitchen for leftovers. They definitely do not plan any hijinx nor shenanigans.
XAVIERS: Caroling pt 2 November 25th, 2021 It is that time of year again. The Xaviers School gang tries to go out and spread Christmas / Holiday cheer. It sorta goes pretty good this year! Everyone is surprised by this...
Lounge Lizards November 22nd, 2021 Rogue and Remy have a bit of back and forth with each other in the X-Men Lounge.
Movie Time November 21st, 2021 Cain and Rogue see a movie.
Really How Hard Could It Be November 19th, 2021 Rogue stops by the kitchen and finds Kitty practicing cooking Thanksgiving fare.
Xaviers School: Cooking X-travaganza November 17th, 2021 The Xaviers Thanksgiving pre-game cooking! It is a moment of peace, calm, family and no aggressive space bird people!
A Walk on the Wild Side November 16th, 2021 Rogue finds Black Cat sneaking around and assumes she's about to perform a big heist!
Saturday Morning Cartoons November 6th, 2021 Its morning at Xaviers and there are cartoons on. Conversation is had, Deadpool is investigated. A typical Saturday at the Mutant School.
Recreational Games! November 5th, 2021 Rogue and Remy chat in the rec room, deciding to eventually get some good meatloaf.
Bring Your Pet to Milkshake Day November 4th, 2021 A group of random folks all end up at Mootant Town Milkshakes to get their free shake for bringing their pets in! Oddities insue!
Xavier's Halloween Party October 30th, 2021 The annual Xaviers School Halloween Night of Horrors (Or was it nightmares? Night of Nightmares makes it sound weird... but anyway) Enjoy reading it if you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaAAAAAAaaare *ghost noises*
Slow Day, huh October 27th, 2021 Halloween Preparations are fully underway with the X-Men.
I messed up. October 26th, 2021 Remy tries to reconcile with Rogue. He's partially successful, but there's a long road left to walk.
Rumble in the Alleys October 24th, 2021 Rogue meets Juggernaut in the shady sides of town. He recruits her to go find some fights to blow off steam.
Checking the Weather October 23rd, 2021 Storm is great.
A Really Bad Night to be a Criminal October 23rd, 2021 Two idiots try to rob a car. They realize they are stupid thanks to Rogue.
Xaviers: JUMANJI - THE MONKEY KING October 21st, 2021 XAVIERS JUMANJI: Monkey King Adventure part ONE. To be continued...
A tour of the School October 18th, 2021 Lovely tour of Xavier's school, Tara gets to meet Rogue and have a lovely conversation with Laxmi
In Da Kitchen October 17th, 2021 Noodles, Pizza, Stuff on the floor, Stuff on plates. Stuff in mouths. Not enough noodles. Too much snark. Vampire movies off limits. Kevin Smith writes about weird stuff. Good times had.
Garage Shenanigans October 15th, 2021 Rogue, Jean, and Roxxi feed carrots to the horses and discuss the meaning of Bronies.
Mandarin Express October 11th, 2021 In an effort to turn her vampiric bloodlust into a positive, Jubilee is in the Danger Room, drilling through a program made up of feral vampires for her to to slay. Rogue stops by, shouting in Mandarin whenever tensions get high. She just got back from a mission in China, where she absorbed a rock-skinned Chinese mutant, so give her a break, wouldya!? The two discuss the Brotherhood and Jubilee's new status as a vampire, drawing connections to their shared experiences growing up mutant.
The Problem With China: Resolution October 5th, 2021 The mutant children of Tibet have been freed, sent on to Genosha to live free lives.
Millions of Pumpkins October 5th, 2021 Millions of Pumpkins. Pumpkins for me.
Creek Confessional October 3rd, 2021 Remy confesses, what he considers to be, his worst sin to Rogue, with Ororo's support and encouragement. ...and Rogue didn't turn her back on him like he expected. Instead it kicked up an entirely different problem. How to get to Sinister before she can so she's not the one that ends up hurt in the by the madman in the end?
Carpe Diem, Oui. October 1st, 2021 What started with drinking and dancing wound down to a little serious discussion. Tabitha and Sam kept the drinks coming through it though. Remy filled in a few missing pieces, but a lot of that puzzle's still left scattered.
Skipping Rocks, not Skipping Town. September 30th, 2021 Rogue finds a wayward Remy much closer to home than she expected. They talk a little about his situation amid a lesson in skipping stones.
Snoop Doggs fingers September 29th, 2021 Ellie opens up. Rogue gives advice. Ellie wants cupcakes.
Tell Me a Story September 27th, 2021 Remy wakes in the medbay to find Rogue keeping vigil. He unwittingly shares a secret he thought she knew and she tells him a few stories of *them*.
All Sales Final: Gambit's Return September 26th, 2021 The X-Men find Remy and bring him home, but the work's really just begun. (...and Rogue saved his coat.)
Got Them Digits September 23rd, 2021 Following a the digits from Remy's call to Rogue, a few of Xavier's baddest of the badasses (The WOMEN of course) get one step closer to finding the Cajun.
Russia Calling September 22nd, 2021 Remy steals a phone and calls Rogue. He's obviously not himself and without much in the way of useful information to give, the call probably only served to get a little Southern Belle stirred up like a nest full of hornets after a good kick.
Missing In China September 21st, 2021 The Chinese Government will think twice before messing with mutants again. Rogue, Warpath, Blink, Spectra, Wolfsbane, Sabertooth, Toad and Magneto personally saw to the rescue of Mystique and a not to subtle note to never repeat their actions against mutants again.
Six Feet Under September 14th, 2021 While taking Jeepers for an evening walk, Rogue stumbles upon Jubilee dragging a large garbage bag out to the woods to be buried. She lends a hand and becomes an accessory to...whatever was happening. The two talk about the nature of vampires and what might be done about her situation. Rogue shares an important detail about Coney Island, starting Jubilee on a dark quest for answers.
Staff Meeting: Jubilee Vamped September 13th, 2021 Members of Xavier's school faculty and more discuss the situation with Countess Jubilation.
I Am Not A Real Title September 12th, 2021 Soda and friendly chatter in the Rec room! Roxxi is excited about Monday!
That time with the stuff September 6th, 2021 So, to recap, Rahne is awesome and Rogue is not. *smack* WHAT? I recapped! Oh yeah, Rahne got caught by poachers and some junk. Boring.
It's my birthday and it'll rain if I want to September 3rd, 2021 Ororo hosts her own birthday party at the pool, Laxmi, Rogue and Rahne, as well as many others show up and enjoy the sun and rain.
John's Return-Finale: The Rescue September 1st, 2021 James comes back bigger and his brother can finally rest
It Yearns to Burn! August 29th, 2021 There's a lake celebraiton for the new school year at Xavier's. STuff explodes, smores are had, its good innocent fun!
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty August 28th, 2021 Visiting the Xavier grounds, Michael meets a new ally - and learns a little bit more about the mutant cause.
An Unexpected Visit to Asteroid M August 20th, 2021 Although Rogue got to see the Asteroid, things with Remy did not go well. And Clarice got her money back.
Shi'ar: The White Hot Room August 20th, 2021 Having overcome the nightmare barrier, the X-men and their Green Lantern ally explore the tower in the center of the crystal's city, encountering the mysterious builder, before facing D'Ken and Davan Shakari. The battle seems to fracture the crystal around then (and perhaps all of reality with it), while the version of Jean they have found appears a corpse. Yet James makes contact with the Phoenix, who sweeps them into the center of its domain. It shows them a multitude of Phoenix hosts across time as they ask for their friend's return. The Phoenix agrees, although the process means they will be bonded again - and it demonstrates anger toward Lilandra for the Shi'ar's meddling. Soon after that, they are all ejected from the crystal, returned to the surface of M'Kraan for Illyana to transport home.
Here's your MONEY August 16th, 2021 Rogue goes to pay Remy some BLOOD MONEY! Er, just some money from Blink from Lorna to Remy for a ticket, or something? Who really even knows!
Shi'ar: Into the Crystal August 15th, 2021 The X-Men break some perfectly good space quarantine gear and finally make contact with the M'kraan crystal, sensing a disturbance caused by D'Ken's meddling. Once inside its impossible space, they feel as though they can almost reach the center of everything, only to be cast into a void filled with the greatest horrors of their own souls.
Remy Seeks Out Rogue August 10th, 2021 Remy and Rogue have a discussion about life the universe and everything
Shi'ar: Reckoning August 8th, 2021 Several X-Men and their SHIELD allies follow Jean as she races to save her parents. The Titans arrive to assist. While they're able to defeat the remnants of the Death Commandos and several strange Shi'ar androids, Davan Shakari brings a mysterious young man to the encounter. Jean calls upon unknown aspects of the Phoenix to revive her father, dying from a heart attack from the stress of the attack, but is then seemingly destroyed -- or absorbed -- by the mysterious figure.
Chevaline, The Other Red Meat August 6th, 2021 Dyani, Noriko, and Rogue discover a dead horse that was drained of its blood by a mysterious hooded figure, who promptly escapes into the night. Moments later, Jubilation Lee joins the group, apparently not dead at all. Noriko was right! Dyani remains suspicious, however, as there's just something not right about Jubilee -- something difficult to place and even harder to communicate. Dyani wrangles the living horses while the others leave to get help.
Shi'ar: Night of the Raptors I August 2nd, 2021 Shi'ar troops, led by the elite Death Commandos, attack Xavier's mansion from multiple angles. A defense is raised in the back yard, and the school staff hold the day, if not without several injuries -- and the strange discovery of cloned soldiers tied to James Proudstar. As casualties mount and Jean tries to coordinate the response, a moment of sudden psychic fear reveals another danger -- and another possible target for the Shi'ar.
SHE'S ALIIIVE! July 31st, 2021 Noriko wakes up Gabby and Rogue to tell them about Jubilation being alive and visiting her in the middle of the night...after they had already seen Jubes in the morgue earlier the day before.
A Spark Fades July 30th, 2021 Jean meets Rogue, Shan, Noriko, and Gabby at the local hospital where Jean has to identify Jubilation's body and break the news.
Fireworks Gone Missing July 30th, 2021 Noriko freaks out after Jubilation doesn't come home after a shift at the Burger Joint and after a non-stop search, tells Rogue that the mutant is missing.
Let God Sort Them Out July 29th, 2021 The children are safe, the base destroyed by the owners hands, but the question still remains: What happened to the founder? The Brotherhood, Aerial and the X-Men have seen to it that nothing bad can happen from this location again, but the insigators got away. Perhaps in time, the questions that remain unanswered will be answered.
So Long Germany! July 27th, 2021 Remy gets rid of the porsche, but gets something a bit more slow. A bit more. Him. Rogue approves and has a moment.
Birthday Blast July 25th, 2021 A birthday party by the lake brings people together.
It's A Training Montage July 22nd, 2021 James Proudstar and Rogue visit the Workout Room, where Jubilation Lee is training for a fight. Cameo by Noriko Ashida. The gang discusses their feelings about the recent visitors from the Brotherhood.
Halloween In July July 18th, 2021 A friendly attempt at a summertime Halloween celebration leads to awkward tension.
Shopping for Charle's Gift. July 14th, 2021 Remy and Rogue goes shopping for Charles' birthday gift. Jean shows up and ideas begin to fly!
Harry's Pool with Pool July 12th, 2021 Wade tracks down Rogue in Harry's Pub near Xavier's School. They talk about Simulation Theory and Wade's love life.
Rogue's Present for Remy's Birthday July 7th, 2021 Rogue and Remy enjoy some baseball in Saint Louis.
Xth of July July 4th, 2021 4th of July 2021 by the pool at Xavier's School
Dyani's School Tour June 30th, 2021 Dyani's parents come to accept Xavier's as Scott, Hank, and Rogue introduce themselves to the family. And Clarice makes her feelings about hugs known.
Time to Make a Change June 28th, 2021 One city block of Bushwick is rebuilt. Mystique was not arrested thanks to the X-Men, The Brotherhood, the Mutants of Bushwick, and one Barney Barton.
Sion Re-Opens! June 25th, 2021 Betsy hosts a gala at a nightclub, complete with barbarians at the gate.
Bet Pay Off June 25th, 2021 Remy lost and is stuck doing dandruff duty in the brain room
They Don't Want To Go! June 24th, 2021 The gangers were confused, the innocent victims rescued, Rogue, Scott, Remy, Kitty and Clarice did their job... and the mutant who controlled them? That remains to be seen. He was caught, but at what cost?
Just a Bit Outside June 24th, 2021 Remy has a bet with Rogue and looses IMMEDIATELY.
Xavier's Welcome Party June 22nd, 2021 An excellent party turns dark, as both students and teachers learn a bit too much about Halal food. Oh, also Monet is welcomed. Details, details.
The Lounge in the Below June 20th, 2021 Rogue and Jimmy do some socializing to get to know each other better, even take Jeepers on a walk to the creek!
Mr Ded June 14th, 2021 Remy reveals a bit about his past with the Assassin's Guild and his former betrothed.
Way Oh. On the Railroad. June 10th, 2021 Remy rescues a horse. Rogue rescues a Remy. Clarice moves a Nicolai. Nicolai teaches a Clarice. Mystique ruins EVERYTHING.
Jukebox Zero June 6th, 2021 Plenty of drinks, plenty of food, and some jukebox shenanigans
Crocodile Mile June 5th, 2021 Jubilation Lee won an eBay auction for a new-in-box slip-and-slide toy from the 1990s, which promptly gets laid out on the Xavier's Mansion back yard. Students, faculty, and whatever Rogue is come to enjoy an afternoon slipping and sliding down none other than the...CROCODILE MILE!
Who Wants To Jump From A Sign June 5th, 2021 Jean, Nazo, Rogue and Cliff prevent a woman's media career from launching by
Basic Maintenance Day June 3rd, 2021 Remy, and Rogue are cleaning the Garage, Ororo is supervising. Hijinks ensue.
Waving the White Flag June 1st, 2021 The White Flag has been accepted, a tentative agreement between the school and the Brotherhood has been reached. Today is a good day to be a Mutant!
A Road to Perhapsburgh June 1st, 2021 Rogue and Remy Roadtrip to anywhere and nowhere. Maybe even halfway to Perhapsburgh. Who knows. They don't. That's for maybe certain. Verdict is still probably out there. Somewhere.
Tail between his legs May 31st, 2021 Remy returns to the school, seeks out Rogue who's been abandoned by her students and left fishing alone
Cry the Children: Beginning May 29th, 2021 The X-Men UnSHIELDed
Gone Up the River May 27th, 2021 Cassie & Rogue meet on a train, foil a prison break, beat up D-list off-brand badguys!
Betsy wants to give a beating May 19th, 2021 Rogue talks Betsy out of anger
X-Men: A Call to Arms May 16th, 2021 Mutant tries to rob an armored car, gets captured by a passing super group. What're the odds?
Sail The Open Seas With Me May 14th, 2021 The scenario is not at all fair and it is entirely possible that Kurt's notion of a fun Danger Room session needs a little work. But on the bright side everyone ends up on the beach at the end.
All The Time May 14th, 2021 Rogue and Atrid meet outside of a pizza place in Salem Center NY.
Ramen without the ninjas! May 11th, 2021 No description
Stopping for a burger. May 9th, 2021 Jacen ran into Rogue for dinner and a robbery tried to break out.
X-pool May 4th, 2021 Ororo creates some warm weather and people gather at the pool to enjoy it.
Longnecks and Rednecks May 2nd, 2021 New kid in town wanders into the path of Rogue and Jean Grey. Casual convo and beer drinking to follow.
Remy's trouble creates some sparks April 26th, 2021 Remy gets beat up, Rogue's a brick S**thouse, and she saves the day.
THE SAVAGE LANDS II, Creative Title! April 18th, 2021 After arriving with supplies in the prior scene, Jean and Rogue relax at a research outpost-slash-village in the SAVAGE LANDS. There's a small party in their honor, and all seems well... or does it? What's with the creepy villager? Is something going on with Dr. Martinson? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.
Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That April 17th, 2021 No description
X-men: Hijack This - Surface Assault April 14th, 2021 Anti-mutant terrorist hijack a plan with two dozen Trask engineers and researchers. The X-men assault an abandoned salt mine to save them and the other passengers taken hostage. The surface battle.
LeDate Night April 9th, 2021 Rogue and Remy stroll the streets of Salem Center after seeing a pirate movie.
A Bicycle Built For Two April 7th, 2021 James, Jubilee, Rogue, Rachel and Kitty go for a bike ride and roller skate to enjoy the Spring day.
THE SAVAGE LANDS April 4th, 2021 No description
Mutant Riverboat Unlimited Texas Hold'Em March 29th, 2021 No description
3 Card Monte! March 28th, 2021 Remy shows off a game of skill, ends up coming up with a worse idea
It's good to be 21 March 24th, 2021 Jean cheats at pool, and one of logan's kids is like 'LOGAN, WHERE R U?!' Remy gets lost in a bathroom and Bruce Willis wants us OUT OF HIS BAR.
Old Friends And A Fully Stocked Bar March 24th, 2021 Rogue and Storm get an invite to come meet up with Kitty in the city. A bottle of wine and a pot of tea, and lots of talk.
Helloooooooo JERK! March 23rd, 2021 Rogue and Remy meetup again after another long absence from one another. They go get breakfast, tacos? Who knows.
Casing An Angel March 17th, 2021 Kitty meets Rogue at the lobby of Warren's building, and the two run into Felicia Hardy. Who unbeknownst to them was casing the place. They all go for lunch.
EXTREME HOTEL MAKEOVER March 14th, 2021 Watch the worker bees raise a building in one week!
Brisket Night! March 13th, 2021 Friday Brisket happens at Xavier's. Everyone comes to eat and to meet the new kid. Plans are made to do this again.
Look who is over for dinner March 8th, 2021 Mystique comes to visit Rogue and catch up on current events. It is not a hallmark moment.
Rogue Oppressed a bowling story March 3rd, 2021 Kitty, Rogue, Warren, and Simon take some of the younger Xavier's students bowling and drop in on Nori at her job. Some come for the the company, some come for the beer, and some come for the firemen. Which one are you?
And Sometimes Your Life Picks You March 1st, 2021 Call of Duty is broken up by the arrival of a kitten in the Recreation Room. A kitten that wins the heart of even the most cycloptic at the school.
HORSEYS February 27th, 2021 Emma, Christian, and Rogue have a chat, Christian has been sober for four days.
Emma has a follow up session with Rogue February 18th, 2021 Emma talks to Rogue, Jean comes in and is the angel on the shoulder to Emma's devil. Devil wins. With bargains.
Emma gives Rogue an Out February 16th, 2021 Emma cheats Rogue with a 'power switch' for her late birthday present and then offers to help work out her muscles
We Got No Troubles Life Is The Bubbles Under The Sea January 31st, 2021 Jean, Rogue, Paige, Tabitha, Kitty and Warren go out for dinner to the fancy undersea Fathom restaurant in Happy Harbor. It went about as crazily as you'd expect.
Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER January 28th, 2021 Emma hosts a gala style event at Xaviers for the students. Some fun is had, some trouble is had, some news breaks.
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Hello Dani! January 21st, 2021 Dani, Rahne and Rogue go on a mini-adventure to track down Rogue's wayward dog in the forest.
Xavier School Ski Weekend: The Hunger of the Night January 17th, 2021 A group of Xaviers students and residents stumble upon a murder in the ski town, and track the perpetrator into the woods. The creature - a serial killer inhabited by the Wendigo-like Giwakwa - attacks them but is defeated, the evil spirit banished by Illyana's soulsword while the physical shell is blown to bits and smacked around by Talia and Rogue. Afterward, fearing the presence behind the possession nearby cave, Rogue moves to seal the entrance, and Jean (who arrives late to answer a text for help) aids her in sealing the rocks. Surely, its evil will never trouble the town again... or them!
Xavier School Ski Weekend: Wheels on the Bus January 14th, 2021 The Bus makes it to Vermont! There's a screening of Beetlejuice, a ukulele concert featuring Journey, and everyone enjoys a good meal! And we didn't even lose Kevin!
Rolling back Prices January 11th, 2021 Rogue likes her watch gift, but does not like her suitcase. Beats Remy up with a light bulb. RIP
An Unexpected Visitor January 9th, 2021 With a large group present in the Rec Room, Kitty's father, believed dead for the past year, shows up unexpectedly.
Salem Center And the Hill of Death January 6th, 2021 Jean, Rogue and Kitty brave a huge sledding hill and somehow manage to survive.
And Now For Something Completely Different January 1st, 2021 Rogue and Maxwell drop by Kitty's room, and share Lockheed-shaped cookies made by Kitty's mom!
Eat When It's Quiet December 30th, 2020 Rogue and Drake have a chance to meet up and chat again. Compliments are shared. Spaghetti is talked about. The Danger Room is discussed!
Rogue's 21st Birthday December 27th, 2020 A big gathering of kind and well mannered people all enjoy cake and each other's company.
It's Christmas, ya Idiots December 19th, 2020 Remy and Rogue share a bit of gift giving together at Remy's place. Mostly SFW!
Fancy Garage December 17th, 2020 And 8 Crazy Niiiiiights.
Fire, Friends and Beverages December 14th, 2020 After fun in the snow, a group at the school retire to the fireplace in Kitty's room. A man from the future makes them tea!
A Succubus, A Phoenix, and an Imp walk into a Sanctum December 11th, 2020 Rogue gets driven by Jean while dragging Remy to the Sanctum to find a sorcerer to exorcize their pet demon. They go get ice cream.
A Touch of Brimstone: Mutant Town December 7th, 2020 Remy infiltrates a clinic in Mutant Town where the HFC were picking up some of their subjects and meets the Cryokinetic doctor- with explosive results. Rogue and Noriko find his partner, a Big Lebowski villain, at a nearby club, and have a bit of a scrap. Both encounters lead to standoffs and chases, leading toward the nearby Brooklyn Navy Yards.
An X-Mas Carol December 7th, 2020 One house successfully caroled before the great snowball massacre of Salem Center.
Emma's Mail Arrives December 4th, 2020 Emma's clothes order arrives, Ruth, Noriko, Rogue and finally Sam help Emma, or make fun of her, or both.
Goo'd you, good on you December 2nd, 2020 April comes by to see Remy after a fight with Toad. Remy is a POS.
Mr. Toad's Wild RIde December 1st, 2020 Toad drives his own makeshift assault vehicle through upstate New York while Rogue looks to stop him and the two reminisce about old times.
Are You Really Keeping It November 30th, 2020 Jean teaches Rogue about taking care of her pet imp. Piotr says hi.
Xavier's School: PIRATE TIMES November 30th, 2020 PIRATES
A Touch of Brimstone: The Subject November 29th, 2020 The X-Men meet and discuss plans for dealing with the HFC's mutant kidnapping. A mission to the streets of Mutant Town. Diplomacy in Europe. And perhaps an investigation of the local chapter to gain the information they need. Afterward, the remaining victim of the genetics program awakens from his stasis, only to go briefly berserk as he cannot control his 'chimeric' mix of genetically grafted powers. They're able to subdue him, and his last moments are spent peacefully in the med bay. In his last moments, his memories reveal a face, perhaps the engineer of this entire gruesome plot.
Nibbles of the Hellmouth November 29th, 2020 A hellish gate opens in Westchester, spewing imps and a massive demon!
Balcony Above November 28th, 2020 What starts out as a relaxing evening on the northern balcony of Xavier's School, turns into a shopping trip of the bustling Black Friday variety of Manhattan's Bryant Park!
Xavier's On Ice November 25th, 2020 Some faculty, residents, and students go ice skating on the lake courtesy of Bobby. Rogue and Jean show off. Noriko refuses Emma's help. Noriko asks Jean if she can do independent study.
X-MEN: The Shallow Lake November 23rd, 2020 The X-Men travel to a lake community in Maine, where they come across a powerful Mutant who has been wronged by vicious hatred. A lake is emptied, then refilled, fish explode, the ground is torn into fissures, and Jean may have found a new Scott replacement! Who knows!
I'm so Thankful. You don't even Know. November 22nd, 2020 It is a Cooking Bonanza Extravaganza. This is Jean Grey's kitchen, you mustaches! So look out! Dodge the floating stuff, and mind the dog in the corner! Nori's got the shocking, Kitty's got the cereal, Hank just wants a gd sandwich, and Rogue is mincin' words over bad types of pies!
Emmanem Lose Urself November 19th, 2020 Emma doesn't know how to make mashed potatoes.
Best Milkshakes in Mootant Town November 18th, 2020 Rogue and Pietro bump in to each other in a milkshake shop in Mutant Town. Conversation is had, flirting is a given. Good times all around!
DANGER ZONE November 16th, 2020 Jimmy meets the danger room, unwittingly facing a number of Logan's Greatest Hits. 1.5 out of 3 isn't bad, right?
Jimmypool November 16th, 2020 Jeepers plays with his newspaper squeaky and runs around, then maybe gets to go flying later ZOMG! oh and there are humans nearby being boring.
Blackbird Care November 15th, 2020 Rogue and Piotr chat it up
I'm being Oppressed! November 14th, 2020 Some of the Xavier's School group go on a forest hike and enjoy a beautiful autumn day! They find dead things, they litter the forest with ketchup packets, they tear up the ground and leave man-sized goffer trails in the ground, they steal a tree and fly it back toward their cult compound. A typical lovely day in the Xavier world!
Mah Head, Jean November 11th, 2020 Jean helps Rogue out of a PICKLE! Rogue learns yet another lesson on why touchin' random powerful enemies is a troublesome thing to do! Will she ever LEARN?! Nope, probably not.
Corps and Robbers November 10th, 2020 The bank robery is mostly stopped, and the day is saved!
A Gruesome Rescue November 8th, 2020 X-Men and some notable Avengers come rescue Kitty, Noriko and others from Emma's mess. Some got away.
Even Superheroes Do Laundry November 5th, 2020 Clothes (and gloves) washed! Ski trip in the works. Chute abuse still an outstanding disciplinary issue.
Xavier's: Taking A Knife To A Pumpkin October 26th, 2020 A load of pumpkins for Xavier's turns into a lot of jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin punching, and Logan-relative sniffing outs.
Nobody Knows the Trouble Jimmeh's seeeeen October 26th, 2020 Jimmeh and rouge chat with each other.
Welcome to the X-Men, Jimmeh. Hope you survive the experience! October 24th, 2020 The X-Team responds quickly to a mutant situation and discover a Misha and a James.
Big Top Follies:Part 2 LA Woman October 23rd, 2020 Send in the clowns, Noriko top of her class. Mommy Storm says home again jiggy jog. Murder of an anti-mutant group, but it's all in a days work right?
Sailing The Seven Seas October 22nd, 2020 No description
Cyborg Wars October 20th, 2020 Spiral tries her hand at marketing the Body Shoppe through the medium of cyborgs brutalising innocent boxers. And is stopped.
X-MEN: The Halloween Noise October 19th, 2020 The X-Men do battle with the forest, and some of its mythical (maybe not so mythical?) creatures that roam it! They also deal with a really crappy anti-mutant step mom and a dad who was maybe a bit oblivious.
Big Top Follies:Part 1 October 16th, 2020 Lighting fire, missing people, but now with clues.
That's a Spicy Meatball October 15th, 2020 Wade and Rogue brutalize a bunch of mobsters, then hang out and have personal talks. Wade is crestfallen!
A Beastly Birthday October 14th, 2020 If the measure of a man are those who love him, then Beast's birthday party shows he is indeed a great man. And Beast.
Well I know you can't work in fast food all your life! Sell out! October 14th, 2020 Missing Kid, Rogue is on the case.
Kitty puts Lobster Boy in the Friendzone October 9th, 2020 Twins have their powers emerge at the same time in a Mutant Town ice cream shop. Poor Lobster Boy does not get a second hug.
Is it worth it October 7th, 2020 Honesty is tough when your a liar. Remy tries to be honest, he does it okay.
Spiralling trouble at the docks October 5th, 2020 Gambit + Rogue battle with Harley + Spiral over some criminal dirtbag. Waller ends up getting the dirtbags body, but whether its alive or not, is anybody's guess.
Danger Danger Panic at the Disco October 4th, 2020 Danger room with Noriko Gabby, Rogue and Remmy. Than, off to Étouffée!
Camp Storms - Fear the Beast October 3rd, 2020 A camping trip is set up at the last moment. Students and teachers alike attend, and there is a bear! And a squirrel. Oh, and chaos. Because reasons.
Cows ain't even home September 30th, 2020 First taste of the danger room for Remy with a tag along Rogue. Than, some good old fashion Cajun food.
Getting the band started September 29th, 2020 Scott Summers meets Remy and Rogue to talk about that super team up.
Long time acoming September 28th, 2020 A gift, with a promise for future fancy dances.
X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin September 24th, 2020 Rogue, Noriko and Julio helped Spider-Man after the ambush by Vulture and Green Goblin, and the group took down Vulture while the rest of the team faced off with Goblin.
Guess Who's Back! September 22nd, 2020 Remy returns from the snow!
Long Time Away September 21st, 2020 Luke and Rogue catch up after two years of not seeing each other. Casual banter is had, compliments are passed around along with tea!
Splash of September September 20th, 2020 Rogue and the new kid Drake have a poolside chat about life, love and everything in between.
A New Xavier's Arrival September 18th, 2020 After having gotten to know some from the school, Drake Riley is brought to Xavier's and begins to find out what the school is and how they can help him gain control of his powers.
A Water Fight, You Say September 17th, 2020 Xavier's erupts in water works as a few baskets of water balloons result in carnage of the fun variety.
Dash and Dine September 13th, 2020 Rogue and Drake meetup at her place of bizness. She further tries to recruit him into a cult--- er, into the very reputable Xavier's School.
So That Went Well September 9th, 2020 Drake's nefarious plot to root out others like him has succeeded! Nevermind that it wasn't strictly necessary. Rogue catches him red-handed, gives him a lead, and he gives her a few watts for theatrics.
A Night On the Town September 6th, 2020 Remy and Rogue enjoy a night out on the town. Pizza is had, a dog is yappy, and a movie with a lot of explosions is watched!
X-men: Road Rage September 2nd, 2020 Betsy, Beast, Julio, Rogue and Iceman stop a mercenary attack on a convoy. But Vulture and Green Goblin get the drop on the X-men.
Thorney Island September 1st, 2020 Thor and Mighty Woman have a walk and talk on the Coney Island pier. Laffs are had, lemonade and cotton candy are consumed. Something gets thrown into the east river!
Hellooo People! August 29th, 2020 Carol and Rogue, meet Starfire and Angelica! Tea is drank, muffins are had and hugs are shared. It's a feel good kind of thing.
X-MEN: The Dark Down August 29th, 2020 The X-Men venture into an unfinished abandoned subway tunnel, only to discover an underground race is in full swing! THE DARK DOWN CIRCUIT, only there's no banana peels in this race, just giant MAN EATING SPIDERS! And yeeting!
Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet August 26th, 2020 People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
Diner Dialogue August 25th, 2020 Remy and Rogue share a smoke, make a joke
Dude What happened to your Car August 20th, 2020 No description
Broken Veins August 19th, 2020 A protest in Bushwick becomes something much stranger ...
Amateur Anglers August 16th, 2020 Fishing, a jet ski and a grumpy Canadian, oh my!
Awaiting Admittance to Monaco August 10th, 2020 While waiting to get into the club monaco, a rag tag group of heroes save the day from some random thugs and a strange dude.
Don't Judge Me August 6th, 2020 Mystique judges Rogue.
Karaoke Night! August 3rd, 2020 The X crowd goes out for a night of karaoke, pizza and wings, and general camaraderie. Rogue admits to some knowledge of the Shrek franchise.
Beastnapped! July 31st, 2020 Shanna and a group of random heroes help stop a HELLA ILLEGAL Savage Land animal auction. A dinosaur takes venom and has to get knocked out.
Go for the Eyes, Boo July 28th, 2020 Remy runs in to some trouble from his gaming nights! Rogue bares witness to the madness, but also walked away with a bunch of shopping bags filled with CLOTHES, ZOMB! The Buck was stopped here though... ouch.
The Goshawk Hotel July 23rd, 2020 Claudius gets critical intelligence from Ark with some help from Rogue.
Birthday Pryde July 22nd, 2020 Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
The Ice Palace: 'Friendly' Creatures July 16th, 2020 An innocent butterfly terrorizes bystanders near the ice palace.
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
Rollerskates July 12th, 2020 Remy comes to Rogue's new summer job to pick her up, and he brings her a present even though it was HIS birthday.
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
Crt-Alt-Delete to Reboot System July 1st, 2020 Carol visits Xavier's for help from Jean and Rogue on restoring some of her memories. I'm sure it will be fine.
Camping Is a Good Idea June 28th, 2020 Rogue and Remy have a camout. The wild Drop Bear makes a cameo appearance!
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Bowlin' Night June 12th, 2020 Rogue and Remy go BOWLING!
Operation: Prank Hank June 11th, 2020 Pie. Jokes. Friends. Good times.
Drinkin' Age! June 5th, 2020 Rogue steps into Luke's bar and meets the man himself!
Trouble in Bushwick June 4th, 2020 Our heroes delve deep into the tunnels beneath NYC to encounter memories of Morlocks and potential Morlock wanna-be's. A tense situation is ultimately deescalated with promises of amnesty and relocation to Genosha. Maxwell is rescued. Portals deposit mutant and mutant-hater alike where they will do the least harm. At least one villain is yeet'd. Chick-a-plao is skeptical.
X-Sphere: Goat Simulator June 2nd, 2020 Chinese food was sacrificed to save some mutants and aliens.
A Sinister Plot: Attacks of Opportunity June 1st, 2020 Plans are laid.
A Sinister Plot: Interlude: Special Delivery May 27th, 2020 Julian appears on the lawn! Scott and Jean arent clones! Rogue thinks we are all crazy!
A Sinister Plot: The Game is Afoot May 25th, 2020 Plans are made.
Wagon'o Burrito May 23rd, 2020 Rogue and Remy enjoy an evening together at the Burrito Wagon! They talk about what's to come for the summer vacation.
Mutants, No Holds Barred May 21st, 2020 A group of X-men walk into a bar... and it's a barfight!
A Warm Day By A Cool Pool May 15th, 2020 An afternoon pool party at Xavier's
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
Graduation Reception May 9th, 2020 Graduates were celebrated, food was eaten, fireworks were shot off.
Nerd Culture May 9th, 2020 A comic shop adventure.
WHEEL of FACTIONS May 6th, 2020 Mystique invites Rogue to help with a project.
Troublemakers May 6th, 2020 Rogue, Mustang and Jubilation Lee meet inside of the Burger Joint!
Movie Night at Xavier's April 26th, 2020 Movie night is interrupted by -actual- dinosaurs! Maybe next time the denizens of Xavier's will actually get to finish a film...
Boldly Gone April 21st, 2020 A Star Trek Convention becomes all too real ...
Mad Science Yo April 21st, 2020 Warren shows up at Hank's lab to bring donuts and talk of parties! Rogue was helping Hank with his Dino-Research! Chattin' was had, fun was rumored!
The Hunger: Murder By Design April 20th, 2020 While the Thanagarians do battle outside, AIM presses their advantage ...
A New Stoodent April 19th, 2020 Rogue and Mystique's latest alias to get close to her, i.e. Charlotte the young teenage Xavier's School student, eat snacks and watch tv in Rogue's room!
Study Belles! April 17th, 2020 David goes to help Rogue with coursework, and finds out that mutants in Chicago are in trouble!
Deep Dish Purity April 17th, 2020 A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.
Shiny Secret Base April 17th, 2020 Hank tells Rogue about the Dinosaur Virus and... well... Rogue wants to social distance for the rest of her life! Or at least until she's told it's not happening anymore. One of those two things.
The Jerk and the Chick that Stole the Seat April 15th, 2020 Alexander gets a dawg and is a jerk.
Too Cold for Pool April 10th, 2020 Jubilee and Rogue are at the hot tub, Clarice ends up joining them. They talk for a bit and then they go to a beach on the other side of the world! Clarice's powers are badass dope!
Brotherhood vs Xmen: Sentinel Payback April 6th, 2020 Mystique acts!
Lemonade fresh from the vine. Ice cream fresh from Iceland. April 5th, 2020 Jubilee holds an impromptu lemonade sale in the Xavier's foyer. Lots of faces show up, some of them are wearing clothes!
House Calls Are Not Cheap April 2nd, 2020 Strange comes by Xaviers to ask some questions. Leaves a gift.
Huff and Puff and... April 1st, 2020 Carol comes to the mansion for a bit of a reckoning that looks like it all actually work out in the end with Rogue and help.
Racin' Stripes March 29th, 2020 Rogue takes a ride in Remy's 'legally appropriated' Porsche.
We Need an Army. March 26th, 2020 Mystique shows up to ask Rogue for her help, Rogue still harbors some anger at her for the past.
A Sweet Surprise March 24th, 2020 Illegal cupcakes! Bickering teenagers! Frustrated adults! Sugar rushes and sage advice from a child that listens to Dr McCoy too much. Emma's surprise birthday treats for the X Mansion were well received by the kids, but the adults... something something security risk.
Exploring the Kitchen Fridge March 20th, 2020 Pizza and chatting over various things.
Suck Perfect March 19th, 2020 'Karen' comes in making demands of the Burger Joint employees while they're under seige by the new Burger Time opening across the street. Steve is a hero. Fin.
A wolf and a rebel survival edition. March 15th, 2020 Rogue and Logan share dinner with Mystique who learns about Rogue's adventures.
It'sa her, Jubio! March 14th, 2020 Rogue, Remy and Joshy go to the Burger Joint. It is a restaurant that sells Burgers. It is not a store that sells joints that taste like burgers. It's a fun little casual time, and there's a ukulele.
Reaving Means Raiding March 11th, 2020 Sam Gunthrie, Rogue, and Illyana going hunting for a Cerebro ping in New York City with Jean playing 'Oracle' back at Xaviers. Reavers attack a charity event in M-Town and the X-Men intercede. Chaos Ensues. Josh demonstrates his mutant power, is knocked out for his trouble, and kidnapped (I mean rescued) back to Xaviers.
Danger Room: Oh Hello March 11th, 2020 The tropical beach was already in the program! (Lorna meets Jubilee and Rogue.)
Ellie's Log: Day Too Many In Medbay March 6th, 2020 Ellie learns not everyone sucks in the new place, and it's definitely not a hell show.
Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger March 4th, 2020 Rogue meets Jubilee. It's a cult of personality.
X-men Episode IV: A New Hope March 2nd, 2020 Hope Summers emerges in our timeline and finds her way to Xavier's School.
Breakstone Stroll March 1st, 2020 A nice little stroll along the lake.
A Little Recreation February 25th, 2020 Bobby, Alison, Kitty, and Rogue meet up in the rec room and discuss the superiority of berry toppings for ice cream. Lockheed eats cheesypoofs. Movie nights are planned.
Welcome to Heaven's Gate! February 25th, 2020 Rogue and Remy have a chat after he returned to the Mansion with some of his belognings. Like, Whiskey and Star Trek and Donuts... and Klennex too. Its an interesting Loot Bag that the Cajun has, to say the least!
Genoshan Rescue! February 25th, 2020 Lorna is rescued from the rubble and debris of Genosha's ruins, and activate's Magneto's last message, sending it out to the world.
Dinner and a Show February 21st, 2020 The Cajun and the Belle enjoy tiny burgers, onion rings, and life stories.
The Breakstone Slasher February 19th, 2020 Logan and Rogue talk about their shared belief that Xavier's is a cult, and other stuff!
Genoshan Survivor Doug February 19th, 2020 Heroes go to Genosha looking for survivors. They find Mr. Sinister trying to revive and modify Doug Ramsey
Speed Dial February 18th, 2020 A Cajun and a Belle meet again. Brainwashing ensues.
House of the Rising Sun February 15th, 2020 A Cajun meets a Belle.
Fittin' In July 25th, 2018 A flashback to a simpler time.
Logan's Thing I March 10th, 1968 While helping Logan move his stuff out of storage, the X-Men take part in an unusual retelling of history.


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