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Diana's Birthday Present
Date of Scene: 22 March 2022
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Morgan helps Diana celebrate her birthday, and maybe Diana is going to hook him up on a blind date? With a...with a jet?
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Diana Prince

Morgan Finn has posed:
It is afternoon. Diana, one of the most popular superheroes in the world, has had an endless stream of birthday well-wishers throughout the day and doubtless will have many more throughout the rest of the evening. Morgan, who isn't much for crowds, waited until there was a lull to go knocking on Diana's office door. The smell of chocolate cake baking earlier foreshadows some of what the boy is bringing to Diana's office.

The door opens and Morgan pops his head in. "All clear in here?" he asks with a warm smile on his face.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is at her desk with her eyes upon her laptop. She's got her dark hair up in a loose style on the crown of her head while she taps away on the keyboard sending responses out to people who've messaged her today in particular. She's wearing her stylish black framed glasses and a white loose sweater with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her eyes raise up to Morgan when he peaks in on her, and a smile crosses her red hued lips. "Yes, I believe it is." She responds to him before glancing back to her laptop to send that last message off. She draws in a breath then and leans back in her chair.

The afternoon sunlight shines in through the large office windows as the Princess reaches up to remove those glasses that she only wears for the look, and sets them down upon the desk surface. "How is it out there?" She asks him then in a calm tone. "Anyone else arriving that I should know of?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan pushes the door all the way open and enters, wheeling a cart. He's wearing something that he absolutely hates: nice clothes. But it's Diana's birthday and that makes it a very special day. He has on khaki slacks, a long-sleeved white button-down shirt tucked into the waist of his pants, held together with a black leather belt. His shoes are black leather dress shoes. By the gods does he hate wearing these kind of clothes, but he looks pretty good.

On top of the cart is a massive cake on a 14" cake platform. It's a glazed pineapple upside down cake that he's been working on for the past couple of hours. He may have gotten his ass royally kicked by a jacked-up supervillain last night, but he did a damned good job on this cake.

Also on the cart are some plates, forks, a cake server, and a small package wrapped in golden wrapping paper.

"It's quiet out there now," he says to Diana as he rolls the cart fully into the room near her desk. "I think it's the first peaceful moment since the embassy opened this morning." With a wry grin he adds, "Thankfully your birthdays only come once a year."

Diana Prince has posed:
When the big reveal of the cake, let alone the fancy clothes, is given, Diana sits up straight again and smiles even more broadly. "Oh my..." She says with clear surprise strewn across her expression. "What have we here..." She questions as she stands up from her chair and readjusts the sleeves of that comfy sweater she's wearing by pushing them back up her elbows. She walks around her desk toward the impressive looking cake and eyes it over quite thoroughly!

"Gosh, you have really been getting good in the kitchen." She tells the young man with a grin now given to him. "You did all of this on your own? Not even a /little/ help from Ferdinand?" She inquires then as she bites down on her bottom lip, a clear indication that Diana sees tastey chocolate treat, and approves!

She reaches her left hand out then to pat Morgan's shoulder softly and affectionately. "You are too kind." She says then.

Morgan Finn has posed:
A sheepish grin crosses Morgan's face and his cheeks get just a little touch of red in them. "Pineapple upside cakes are hard. Ferdinand was definitely on hand to consent and advise."

Leaning forward, Morgan gives Diana a hug. "Happy Birthday, Diana. You effortlessly change for the better all the lives around you. My mother would be proud of who I am growing up to be because of you." He picks up the wrapped package. It's maybe about the size of a book. "This wouldn't be possible without you," he says, handing her the package.

Then he starts to cut the cake, putting hefty pieces on two plates.

Inside the package is a frame. Mounted in the frame is Morgan's most recent report card from Happy Harbor. With the exception of chemistry, which is an A, every grade on the report card is a B. He has never gotten an A at Happy Harbor, and he usually gets Cs and Ds sprinkled in. Hand written on the report card in Morgan's (sloppy) handwriting is: "Happy Birthday, Diana. You changed my life for the better forever. I can never repay you. Love always, Morgan"

Diana Prince has posed:
The words from the boy have Diana laughing softly. "I think all cakes are hard, but I will take your word for this one, and assure you that I'm very impressed." She says, joking around a bit as usual. She returns the hug to before ruffling the top of his head with her hand. "And you are dressed so finely too. This is a change that I think should become a common habbit." She further teases the young man while he goes to fetch some of the cake upon plates for them.

The gift draws Diana's eyes away from the cake though, as she accepts the plate. "Come, lets sit and enjoy this before we get pulled away by other visitors..." She says, the cake resting on her lap as she goes about unwrapping the gift carefully. "So pretty..." She quietly says of the wrapping before she pulls out the framed sign of Morgan's improving grades. This makes her smile brightly at first, then his words make her bite her bottom lip again, but this time in an effort to bite back the emotions.

Once she gathers herself up some, she just shows him another smile, as her eyes drop back to the framed report card. "I love it." She says then as she looks back to him.

"You are doing so well. Maybe a /bit/ more room for improvement, but, let us focus on the positives as they are now for the time being." She says with a grin for him.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan sits down and watches as Diana opens the present. How do you shop for a princess who has lived as long as Diana? Answer: you can't.

He takes a teenager-sized bite of cake and makes some pleasurable sounds in his mouth as he chews. "Oh man this came out really good. I love pineapple. I tried to save some to put on some pizza but Ferdinand told me if I ever spoke those words in his kitchen again I'd be banned for life."

"Did Superman get you anything?" he asks, arching one eyebrow. "I bet he doesn't make you a cake like this. Psh." He shoves more cake in his mouth.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana lingers her eyes on the report card for a few moments longer before she sets it down upon the table in front of the sofa. His question about Superman has her laughing softly. "He is a very busy man..." She counters in defense of the Man of Steel, though can he cook? She doesn't know!

A moment later and the Princess is sampling some of the cake herself, and she too has a very positive reaction about what she tastes. Her eyes close and she just savors the sensation of it. When she looks again she is nodding, and pointing down at the plate with her fork. "This is divine." She says to the young man who made it. "And we will whittle away at Ferdi about pineapple pizza, because, I for one... am in support of it." She states with another shown grin before she takes another forkful of the chocolate deliciousness.

Rave reviews! "We will have to post about this milestone online, I think, right?" She asks him with another grin. "Your first major cake success." She says to the boy again. "This is shaping up to be a very good birthday. Avoiding responsibilities, and living in the moment. My favorite." She teases, even if Morgan knows she's not such a heathenous person to avoid her responsibilities!

Morgan Finn has posed:
The young man relaxes back in his seat, crossing one leg over the other. That posture combined with his respectable clothing makes him look downright sophisticated. But then he shatters the illusion by shoving a massive bite of cake in his mouth.

"So we've been getting geared up for baseball season at school. Last year I played first base, but shortstop is where I really wanted to be. That's where the action is at. So this morning coach posted the positions and you're looking at this year's varsity shortstop." He can't help but grin. The report card? Eh, okay, it's fine. But it's nowhere near as important as baseball. "Besides, I think girls go for pitchers and shortstops."

Diana Prince has posed:
The talk of the upcoming sports season has the Princess holding a light smile while she enjoys her birthday treat with one modest forkful after another. She nods her head two small times to his words, then shows him a big grin. "I love baseball." She says. "One of the very first things I did when I came to the United States for the first time, to New York, was attend my first Yankees game. A long, long time ago." She says then with a slight smirk at herself.

"As for 'girls', well... focus on your skills, and being the best person you can be, and the rest will fall in to place along the way." She has to provide that motherly advice, right?

"I am excited though. I will be sure to attend as many of your games as I can. I'll even wear my fancy new Themysciran Eagles jersey that was gifted to me by the Major League jersey maker for the Yankees. It is so pretty. Any excuse to wear it is fine by me!" She says then with a little laugh chasing her words.

Once again she motions to the mostly finished cake plate now. "This is so good..." She says with a half full mouth.

Morgan Finn has posed:
After finishing his very ample piece of cake, Morgan sets the plate and fork down. "Why do you think boys play sports, Diana," Morgan says through a joking, playful grin. "To impress girls." He shrugs one shoulder. "Well some of 'em do it to impress other boys, but it's all good. Same thing."

Leaning way back in his seat and looking up at the ceiling. "Lanis asked me this morning if I was okay when she flew me to practice," the boy murmurs after a few silent, introspective moments. "I mean, she's a computer but also somehow more than that." A few more beats of quiet, then, "Do you think she gets lonely?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana listens as she paces herself with the cake consumption quite a bit more than Morgan had. She has a few bites left to attend to as she just smiles at the first part, then considers that last question.

"I am not sure... I hope not." She answers him as she glances up at him. "I would think that the purpose of the technology there-in is to perform what is asked of it, thus ... provide a sense of accomplishment? But, I am no artificial intelligence expert..." She says next with a sly grin that comes and goes.

As her eyes drop back down to the plate and she pushes another piece of cake about before forking it, she raises it up to her lips and pauses. "Why? Are you wanting to ask the Jet out to a movie?" She asks now grinning at Morgan as she takes the bite off the fork.

Morgan Finn has posed:
That makes Morgan erupt into some genuine, carefree laughter. It's good for him. He's been carrying alot around on his shoulders lately. His belly and shoulders shake and his neck and ears turn red from the effort of laughing. "Maybe. She's got a /fine/ looking fuselage. A guy could do worse."

Finally the last of the laughter fades into giggles, and then the last of the giggles fade into silence. He's still reclined back, peering up at the ceiling. "I mean, is she /alive/? Do we have a responsibility to give her a choice if she is? I just...don't really understand artificial intelligence is all."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks at him as he laughs, a smile showing at his reaction. Her head gently shakes at his question though as she partakes in the last bit of cake while perched there on the edge of the sofa.

"I was told that the 'disc' had been imprinted on me when I was gifted it by the Lansinarian people. They said that it would serve me as long as I wished it too, and that I could pass it on when I wished to pass it on." She explains of the tech that powers the Jet, as she leans forward to set the plate down upon the tray on the table beside his framed gift.

Her eyes glance toward the windows in the room then as she places her hands together palm-flat. "Emerging AI is still such a young field when it comes to Earth technology. Some great advances have taken place, and the discussions of what it means to be 'alive' are certainly ramping up in many corners of the world. But to me?" She asks as she looks back toward him.

"Well, if Lanis expressed a wish to do their own things, i would of course honor that desire."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Rather unceremoniously, Morgan thunks his feet from where they were perched up on the coffee table down to the floor, and he stands up. "Well I got about three hours of school work, so I should get started." He says it like a man might say that he is heading down the green mile to get executed.

Morgan gathers up the plates and put them on the cart. "I'll put the rest of this cake in one of the fridges in the kitchen," the boy says as he pushes the cart toward the door. Just before he exits the room the stops and looks back at Diana. "Happy Birthday, Diana. And many, many more!"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches him stand up and tend to the plates. She smiles warmly over the distance to him as she stands up too, her hands gathering up the framed gift he'd given her. "Thank you, I appreciate all that you do, and look forward to seeing all that you continue to do, Morgan." She tells him as she steps over to the bookshelves along the wall opposite of the windows.

She finds a place for the framed grade card and sets it there among some other memorables also framed and on display.

"Keep up the good woooooork." She calls out to him as he pushes the cart out of her office. "And I'll tell Lanis you are keen on her!" She teases too, for good measure.