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  Wonder Boy  
Morgan Finn (Scenesys ID: 3618)
Name: Morgan Finn
Superalias: Wonder Boy
Gender: male
Species: Olympian
Occupation: High School Student
Citizenship: US
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Workin' on it
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Godlings, Happy Harbor, Justice League, Themyscirans
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 21 Aug 2006 Played By Tyler Young
Height: 5'10" Weight: 155 lb
Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brown
Theme Song: "Something Just Like This" ~ The Chainsmokers

Character Info


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Morgan Finn is a young demigod who is barely and only peripherally aware of his own nature. He is the son of the resurrected Greek god Asclepius and a mortal woman. In 2019 a failed kidnapping attempt by the League of Assassins, which killed his mother and left him an orphan, was thwarted by Wonder Woman. Diana Prince keeps an eye on the godling from a distance.


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* Time Immemorial: Asclepius, slain by Zeus, is reformed by the Demiurge for ineffable reasons, unknowable to god or mortal.
* 2006: Morgan is born to the mortal woman Jenny Finn, a waitress. She became unexpectedly pregnant after a night spent drinking. Unbeknownst to her, she had an encounter with a temporarily Earthbound Asclepius.
* 2019: Apollo, angered by Zeus' refusal to destroy Asclepius but unwilling to act against him directly, learns that Asclepius has a mortal son. He secretly sends a message to ranking members of the League of Assassins, who plot to capture the boy to use his dream walking powers to their benefit.
* 2019: Asclepius learns of Apollo's actions. He, too, sends secret missives to Earth, tipping off the Justice League that a boy with special powers is to be taken by the League of Assassins. Wonder Woman takes the case.
* 2019: The League of Assassins make an attempt to kidnap Morgan Finn. Wonder Woman intervenes and saves the boy. Morgan's mortal mother is killed in the attack. Diana Prince finds a trusted foster care arrangement for Morgan and watches him from afar.

IC Journal

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But yes, Morgan is also a happy kid. He grieves for his losses, but as a demigod he is closer to the wellsprings of life than mortals are. He feels the zest for living and even his sorrow cannot hide it. Few are the gatherings with Morgan in attendance that don't involve laughter and play.

Morgan was created from the union of a mortal with Asclepius, a god with ties to medicine and healing and mercy. He is compassionate and kindly and charitable to an extreme. To intentionally cause distress or harm to another is anathema to his being.

As a demigod Morgan has few half measures. He throws himself into projects and relationships and work and play with utter abandon. Some even find this strength to be off-putting, and the young demigod is still learning when to stand firm and when to bend.

When he was 13, Morgan lost his mother to an attack by the League of Assassins. Although he does his best to soldier on, her loss is the constant lens through which he views everything. Soft and kindly eyes are still tinged with a sorrow that only a lot of time can diminish.

Character Sheet


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Demigod Physiology:
Morgan exhibits a supernatural level of strength and toughness as a result of his demigod heritage, his constant training with the physically powerful Themyscirans, and the missions he has run with Wonder Woman and the Justice League. He is developing a strong level of invulnerability to forces and objects. He can withstand mundane bullets, knives, and the like, as well as fall great distances and take hits from major sources of force. His physical power is likewise greatly enhanced by his heritage and training. He can lift and throw upwards of 4-5 tons of weight and tear or bend some metals depending on the size, thickness, and hardness. Due to the combination of his strength and ability to withstand some forces, he can run much faster than a normal human, easily able to reach speeds of about 35 MPH. Likewise, he can jump approximately 25 feet in the air from a standing position, more if he gets a running start. As time and his training advance, his physiology might improve.

Dream Walking:
The young demigod has the power of Dream Walking. He can enter the thoughts and dreams and imagination of any sleeping person, interacting with them at their most inner levels. This allows him to bring mental peace and healing if such is needed. BUT, it is an extremely invasive process. All mortal barriers and veils are laid bare before him when he enters someone's dreams. It is because of this that Morgan would never dare perform this ability on someone who did not agree to it in advance unless the circumstances were the gravest of emergencies.

He does not need permission to enter a sleeping person's dream state. But once inside the sleeper's dream state, he does not have total control. If he is not resisted, he can access any memory the sleeper has, even memories the sleeper themself does not remember. However, the sleeper can consciously or subconsciously resist Morgan. If that happens, things get...weird...Nightmare on Elm Street weird.

The sleeper and Morgan both become Creators inside a resisted dream state. They can throw up obstacles against one another, in effect magically dueling in a world where literally anything is possible. If Morgan successfully confounds a resisting dreamer, he can access their memories as though he were unresisted. On the other hand, if the sleeper confounds Morgan, he is forcibly ejected from the dream state and may not attempt to enter that dreamer's dream state for one full lunar cycle.

Morgan can also access the emotional state of an unresisting or confounded sleeper. This merely gives him insights into the sleeper's motivations and desires. This would be information the young demigod would only use to help bring healing to a mentally wounded person. It would be unthinkable to him to use the information against the sleeper or to abuse the access in any way. However, there is potential for great power and control there, so it's not difficult to imagine why the League of Assassins tried to capture him. In the wrong hands, Morgan could be coerced into being a perfect interrogation machine.

Empathic Healing:
Morgan has the ability to empathically heal others of nearly any physical injury and even a good many minor illnesses or diseases. He must touch the subject, and he takes the wound or illness onto his own body. He feels everything that the sufferer felt. It is part and parcel of the Empathic Healer's craft that they must endure the pain and discomfort in place of the one being healed.

Self Healing:
Although not immortal or incapable of being killed, Morgan can survive very grievous wounds and diseases. His body rapidly self heals. If the injury or disease is serious enough, he will go into a torpor-like state while the process completes. Although he will likely live a longer-than-normal human lifespan, it is unlikely he will die early from injury of disease unless it is exceptionally harsh or grievous.


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Morgan is a natural athlete. He takes to most physical activities almost instantly. He excels at every sport or physical activity that he puts his hands (or feet or body) to.

Melee Combat:
Morgan receives daily, rigorous melee combat training both from Diana Prince herself and from various Amazon trainers at the Themysciran Arts Center arena. Combined with his natural athletic abilities and his body's ability to rapidly heal itself from injuries, his combat training has allowed him to display reasonable technical proficiency in both unarmed combat and with various melee devices including bo staff, sword, dagger, lasso, shield, mace, whip, and more. His favorite weapon and the one he most excels at is the bo staff.


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Father's Ring:
Morgan wears a ring, which is a gif from his father. He, of course, has never met his father, and is only indirectly aware of his own demigod nature, but he instinctively knows the ring is special. It is composed of an amber metal unique to Olympus. It can never be taken from Morgan against his will and it always resizes to fit him. There are no other overt properties of the ring, though perhaps it can develop further for future plots and stories.

Wonder Woman:
The young demigod was raised poor by a single mortal mother who was killed. He now lives in foster care and is of meager means, but he was rescued from being kidnapped by the League of Assassins by none other than Wonder Woman herself. Diana Prince keeps an eye on him from afar to make sure his path is clear and he is safe.


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Godly Temper:
Although it extraordinarily rarely shows, Morgan actually does have a god's temper. If he is pushed past his limits, he will lose control. This is made even more so by his adolescence.

Loves Deep:
Morgan is a greater lover of humanity. He holds the safety and happiness of others in very high regard. This can easily be wielded against him but any who might seek advantage over the young demigod.

Not Immortal:
Although he has vigorous healing powers, Morgan is not an immortal. Most likely he will live a much longer, healthier lifespan than a typical human. However, he can and will die. He needs to breathe, he needs to eat, he needs to drink. Massive injury or very grave disease could also overwhelm his supernatural self-healing powers. And, of course, he will eventually grow old and die, perhaps passing into Olympus, the land of his father.



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Morgan Finn has 65 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Irresponsible Construction Practices June 13th, 2022 Heavy stuff collapses above an innocent security guard. Wonder Boy gets caught in the industrial debris field and loses consciousness. Superboy saves the day!
Themyscirans: Wings of Fury June 12th, 2022 Diana, and the Themyscirans do battle with an ancient World Eater brought back to life by mysterious powerful 'Hearts'.
Worlds Collide: Wonder Boy Visits Xaviers June 10th, 2022 Morgan runs an errand at Xavier's for Diana Prince. He meets Rhona and is his usual smooth as cottage cheese self!
Happy Harbor: Cairo By Night June 10th, 2022 The Happy Harborites are out for a night of fun in Greater Cairo, but fate is about to intervene. Macha returns from her dead sisters essences that have stored away in Morrigan and they both die as a result. Teens and Faculty are heroic, but sadly death takes Morrigan in the end.
A Robbery in Happy Harbor June 5th, 2022 Belinda, Clover, and Morgan foil a robbery. Morgan introduces two of his favorite friends from Happy Harbor to one another!
Caffeine Makes Everything Better June 1st, 2022 Jon Kent and Morgan Finn meet at the Coffee Bean. Hilarity ensues, and expert origami is done.
Rocky Montage Music May 31st, 2022 Diana continues to help Morgan develop his skills as a super hero!
Morgan Brings Another Demigod To Meet Diana May 25th, 2022 Morgan brings his new friend Clover to the Themysciran Embassy to meet Diana. Clover shares some secrets about her powers.
Happy Habor: Finals Week May 23rd, 2022 The teens are rewarded with pizza and ice cream during finals week. Clover takes a spill and Morgan comes to the rescue. Apologies are made and Maddie doesn't get her float...*dundundun!*
Finals + Teenagers=HUNGRY May 20th, 2022 There is a pre-finals gathering in the cafeteria. Food was eating, things were drawn, the building came sooooo close to being utterly destroyed.
Morgan Impressing The Girls May 18th, 2022 Morgan takes Clover for a ride in the Invisible Jet.
Cometary Excursion May 18th, 2022 The comet is investigated and a plan is formulated what could go wrong?
Book, books, books! May 17th, 2022 Morgan Finn meets Clover Sharp in the library and learns a little secret about her!
We Come in Peace: For Real This Time! May 12th, 2022 Chancellor Araki arrives at the Atlantic Starport, escorted by the Imperial Guard. While the Shi'ar diplomat meets with the leaders of various heroic teams, his escort engages in cultural exchange, learning about Earth food, customs, and engaging in a bit of psychic repartee. They even get a group photo for the history books, courtesy of one Peter Parker.
Amazon Prime May 6th, 2022 Belinda visits the Embassy and stays for dinner.
Happy Harbor Days May 6th, 2022 Belinda, Morgan and Viv run into each other outside Pop's Groceries. They have a chat about sports, chess, bikes and dogs.
The One Where Morgan Visits May 3rd, 2022 Morgan shows up and hassles Alexander then leaves while probably having pickpocketed him.
Wonder Moon April 30th, 2022 Diana gives Morgan a tour of the Mooooooon Base
Strength Comes From Within April 26th, 2022 Morgan and Belinda get themselves in to a pickle. Wonder Woman arrives to help them out of it!
Hello Hyperion! April 5th, 2022 Hyperion is met by some of the JL to help welcome him to the Hall of Justice, and the League itself!
Those To Whom the Future Belongs April 3rd, 2022 Thor has a small gathering to celebrate the visit of several Asgardian youths. And, of course, Diana tries to ruin it all.
After the Library Book Sale March 29th, 2022 Belinda and Morgan meet each other in the Happy Harbor High School library.
When Amazons Are Attacked March 27th, 2022 Cheetah targets Morgan Finn to leave him a bloody mess to send back to the Amazons. Fortunately a southern belle is here to save the day!
Patrol: The Work That Never Ends March 25th, 2022 Rogue and Morgan spark a friendship and fly around in the Invisible Jet. Hopefully Wonder Woman won't be pissed!
Diana's Birthday Present March 22nd, 2022 Morgan helps Diana celebrate her birthday, and maybe Diana is going to hook him up on a blind date? With a...with a jet?
Wonder Boy Gets His Wonder Ass Kicked March 21st, 2022 Morgan gets a little beat down but it was worth it just to get to see Diana in action in all her glory!
Sorcerer's World: The Ritual March 4th, 2022 Felix Faust's ambitions to reorder the Universe have been thwarted. But for the residents of Latveria they will have to come to terms that a new reality has been imposed on their unfortunate nation.
Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
End of Another School Day February 4th, 2022 Morgan and Bando talk about going for a joy ride on Wonder Woman's invisible jet!
Training in the Arena! February 3rd, 2022 Diana sees Morgan get his ass kicked by a training dummy.
Princess in the Old Town January 28th, 2022 Emma meets Diana and Morgan in Chinatown. Talks are made of plans for heroes down the line.
Jetway to Safety! January 21st, 2022 Diana, Morgan, and the Invisible Jet take down a would be kidnapper! Wonder Boy is revealed to the public for the first time.
The Search for Dr. Fate III January 21st, 2022 Hal Jordan and Morgan Finn find themselves thrown back in time, to an alternate history on the day that Atlantis was swallowed by the waves. Their frantic search for Dr. Fate before the end meets yet another trick from Faust. The search for Dr. Fate will continue.
Lightning in a Mirror January 20th, 2022 Freddy invites Morgan over and shows him his champion form.
An Informal Get-Together For Friends & Allies at the Themysciran Embassy January 20th, 2022 There is a mid month party held at the Themysciran Embassy, celebrating the new year to come. People mingle and some mystery is spied at.
Drunk Kid is Drunk January 8th, 2022 Morgans gets into a stash of vodka on his dead mother's birthday. An understanding Diana has a talk with the teen.
No Angels Allowed January 7th, 2022 No description
Happy Harbor: That's Not Right January 4th, 2022 There's something weird happening in one of the girls dorms. It's TOTALLY a Werewolf!
Embassy Lament January 4th, 2022 Terry comes to help with the evacuation of the Themysciran Embassy, and the evacuation of Morgan Finn.
Malingerer! January 3rd, 2022 Morgan slacks off in bed when there's work to be done.
Last Day of Winter Break January 2nd, 2022 Pantheon and Morgan deal with a disturbance on the Upper East Side. Pantheon delivers a broken Morgan to the Embassy. And then those two bastards sat around eating ice cream while Morgan was in a hospital bed!
In The Garden of Statues January 2nd, 2022 A demigod talk to a statue- and the statue talks back!
Chillin' at the Embassy January 1st, 2022 Diana teaches Morgan some of the philosophies of battle while they enjoy some homemade cake!
Hoppy New Year December 30th, 2021 Morgan is a nerd and does nerd things. Alex is super cool.
Advanced Training December 30th, 2021 Diana steps up the intensity of Morgan's physical training, putting the young demigod through a brutal gauntlet that ends in the difficult challenge of battling Wonder Woman herself!
Experiencing Themysciran's Embassy December 28th, 2021 Monet St. Croix visits the Themysciran Embassy and meets Caitlin and Donna.
In Pursuit of the Perfect Gift December 24th, 2021 Eros and Alexander have a meeting, Diana arbitrates, and Morgan questions the world he's known.
Morgan Makes Omelets for Diana and Him December 23rd, 2021 Omelets are made and eaten. Diana cracks Morgan's shell to put him at ease about a difficult situation.
Happy Harbor Christmas Drive December 22nd, 2021 The staff and students of Happy Harbor work to make Merry Christmas for families in need!
Alexander Introduces Two Olympian Cousins to Each Other December 19th, 2021 Morgan gets to meet Sofia. Alexander and Morgan order way too much. No universes were destroyed in the making of this +scene.
Sorcerer's World: An Unlikely Ally December 19th, 2021 The Justice League is offered assistance from an unlikely source and given two paths to consider in seeking to put an end to the threat posed by Felix Faust; gather power and confrong the mad mage directly before he can enact his ritual. Or seek out Dr. Fate, the real Dr. Fate, and hope that he is enough to turn the tide.
Walking Through Hell's Kitchen December 18th, 2021 Alexander and Morgan get some cocoa and kick some asses! Merry Christmas to all!
Freddy Freeman and Morgan Finn hang out at Happy Harbor High just before the start of Winter Break. December 18th, 2021 Diana and Donna show up at Happy Harbor and Make Morgan and Freddy's day!
A Jet of Wonder December 15th, 2021 Diana and Morgan take the Invisible Jet mk2 out for a spin in air and space!
Indentured Servitude at Alexander's Place! :-) December 14th, 2021 Alexander teaches Morgan a thing or two about Olympians, then makes the kids help him clean the apartment. Being a demigod is a hard life.
Morgan Visits Diana's Office December 13th, 2021 Diana, Cassie, and Morgan eat ice cream and banter. There are few better companions to ice than banter!
A Visit From an Eternal December 13th, 2021 Gilgamesh and Morgan got to chat a bit after a tour of some of the campus.
Hangin' Out at the Coffee Bean! December 12th, 2021 Miles and Morgan chill over some coffee, and then THE Clark Kent arrives for a bit. Miles had to run, then Clark has to with the some stuff, leaving poor Morgan all by himself. Oh well. Maybe that cute girl behind the counter is getting ready for her break...
Hello To You December 7th, 2021 Alexander and Morgan join Diana for a bit of social chatter in her office. Ice cream is had. A fight likely broke out at some point off-camera too.
Training Montage Music December 5th, 2021 Diana starts her training with the young Morgan at the Themysciran Arena in Manhattan.
Chillin' in the Happy Harbor High Gymnasium December 4th, 2021 Some Happy Harbor kids hang out in the gym and compare powers and commiserate.
Hall of Tours December 3rd, 2021 Diana takes the young Morgan on a tour of the Hall of Justice.
Cats in Trees November 30th, 2021 Morgan Finn, Felicia Hardy and Gilgamesh have a team up to rescue a cat from a tree.
Well At Least He's Not Trying To Rob A Train November 29th, 2021 A valuable lesson was learned as Invicible discovered that no opponent, no matter how seemingly ridiculous should be taken lightly. Luck -- and Morgan Finn -- were on his side however and he escaped the consequences. This time.
Diana Prince Does A Welfare Check On Morgan November 28th, 2021 Diana came by the dorm to check on Morgan. Things we're...about as messy as one might expect a teenager's dorm room to be. But Morgan scored an invitation to dinner!


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Morgan Finn has 65 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Morgan's Combat Training at the Themysciran Arts Center Arena December 17th, 2021 Morgan Finn's combat training is taken up a notch as Diana orders the boy to be put to the test to see what he's made of.

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