10669/Late Night Training Interuptuss

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Late Night Training Interuptuss
Date of Scene: 05 April 2022
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: A lesson learned
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Rien D'Arqueness

James Proudstar has posed:
It's late, that along earned grimbles from the Mutanttown Irregular Squad that in and of itselfcearned groans from the kids when James showed up suggedting some patrol time. That was 40 minutes ago and now James has disappeared and the patrol can only find traces of him. They are getting antsy and have started arguing about whether to keep looking or call it off, maybe call the X-Men." Meanwhile something is pacing them hunting them like prey waiting for one to stray too far from the group.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien had gone underground for a few months, hunting some stray demons that had taken the chaos of the angelic invasion to come crawling out of the gutters. She arrives back in the city and goes towards Mutant Town first, figuring she'll grab a cup of coffee or a beer, catch up on the word floating around, then check in at the mansion and see if her dad is around. The black leather she wears hugs her like a glove, but that thick mane of blonde hair is a beacon under the sodium street lights and neon. A home-rolled cigarette that smells distinctly of a soothing herbal blend (no harsh tobacco or pungent maryjane) is held between two fingers between puffs. Her nose twitches as she draws closer to a group of.. kids? What are these kids doing out so late?

"Hey... hey guys. You lost? Or need a place to crash for the night?"

She pauses as her hackles raise, that prickly sensation of being watched. She pinches out the cigarette and tosses the butt aside, peering into the darkness even as she draws deep of the city's scents, filtering through it all as she murmurs, "Get behind me... you're being followed..." She shrugs the light pack she carries off her shoulder, tossing it up against the side of the building as she glances around.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sighs as is typical in these situations something always goes wrong. The last thing he needed was a lookey-loo. Course the first two Irregulars are pinched before anyone's the wiser. Quiet, fast, silent, like they just got pulled into the sky.

     James watches from a nearby roof as the kids follow direstions and form up behind Rien, they form a basic permeter taking orders well and with a basic understanding of tactics. "Hey. Where'd Mario ad Sue go?" "oh fuck! Then been got!" The kids are scared but to they're credit they don't cut and run.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
"Hush. Quiet, now. Stay alert. Heads on swivels. Look to the rooftops, the shadows. Listen to your senses. Stay together, everyone has a partner, you watch your partner's back." Rien points to the rooftops, there and there, "Half there, half there. Go fast, go silent. I'll flush out the target, you be ready to act." She turns a steady look towards the kids, then nods for them to scatter to the places she pointed out.

Drawing in the scent she'd caught before, the one that circled around, the one that's wrapped around the missing scents. She stalks forward, following James' path, eyes sweeping all around, from ground to roof and back to ground. Tracking James by his scent, moving towards the rooftop he's on.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles, she's good, skilled and the big Apache wasn't really expecting to be tracked but There's also the fact he can fly. So, she can find where he's been but the only thing left is his scent on the wind. It is enough to identify him and knowing it's James makes this... weird? Sure Sabes or Dakken, any number of others but this is the antithesis of who Jim is. It's also where you find the two missing group members tied up. The groups arrive at the spots you directed them too but the one that's downwind of you there's a scuffle. Two are gone but they saw something a figure in the dark. "Lady! Lady! He's here!" "Fuck!" "Where'd he go?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien stands down from alert when she catches the familiarity of James' scent, relaxing enough to go untie the two 'captured' kids, helping them down off the building and calling the rest in to meet her on the street.

She picks up her pack from where she'd slung it and slips it back over her shoulder, "I am Rien, not 'lady'. And you were being stalked by Warpath. He'll have seen everything, you might as well head back home and get some sleep. It was a good effort. Try to keep more alert and grouped up next, mais oui? It will improve your chances greatly." She offers a quick smile to the kids and gets the group headed off to wherever they're staying, then turns back to the street, looking up into the air.

"I know you're up there, James. Might as well come down and say hello. You can buy me a cup of coffee and catch me up on what's been going on." There's a faint smile on her lips as she calls out into the night sky. She very much expects that he's still there, watching from a new vantage point. Out of reach. "You know I can chase you, James... I didn't get -all- my talents from my father."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar hangs in the air, dropping the kids to the ground. He addresses the kids and there is a little bit of that idol worship in their eyes. James frowns and sighs, but he nods, "Rien's right but you guys know the plan. Generally, that's great advice but if something takes out one of us, there is no dishonor in an strategic withdrawal. Get gone, get safe, report back what you see. These streets are never safe for ours but these days even less so. And however it is they're targeting gammas and deltas like you all. I do like the buddy idea, take friend whenever possible." He nods to Rien, "Rien is one of Logan's, so you know, complicated." He offers a smile. There's a quiet mumrmuring from the kids, "Get home safe night kids."

     James smirks at Rien, "Didn't get any of mine from him. That we know of." Jim shrugs, " Those are the Irregulars, good kids, low powered mutants. We've been teaching them to take care of each other, be our eyes and ears in Mutanttown and around the city. Coffee's fine but not much going on some group call smile killed some mutants down in DC with dire wolves of all things, there's a nut job hunting Gen Active kids, whatever those are. And someone grabbing low level talents from across the northeast and pumping them up, amping up their powers till they crash."