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  Reine du Rien  
Rien D'Arqueness (Scenesys ID: 2481)
Name: Rien D'Arqueness
Superalias: Reine du Rien
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant/Homo Magi
Occupation: Sorceress/Demon Hunter/Adventurer
Citizenship: French
Residence: Wanders
Education: Clan D'Arqueness/French Foreign Legion
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mutants, Mystic Arts, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 58 Actual Age: 58
Date of Birth 21 Mar 1963 Played By Katheryn Winnick
Height: 5'3" Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Not Gonna Die" - Skillet

Character Info


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Rien is a refugee from another timeline. After a successful attempt to change the future through travelling to the past, she found herself in a new world with new choices to make and a brand new uncharted future. The daughter of Wolverine and a sorceress of one of the Great Magical Clans, Rien uses her unique blend of magic and martial prowess to hunt the demons and monsters that lurk in the shadows of the world. At one time such was her inescapable destiny, now it is her choice.


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*Rien is not native to the current timeline, she was born in an alternate timeline that no longer exists.

Alt-1944: Under pressure from Nazi soldiers seeking a new weapon, Marie D'Arqueness summons The Truth, a powerful potentially world destroying demon. However she is unable to control it. Together with Logan's help she banishes the demon but ultimately dies. However The Truth will return once a decade and must be re-banished to protect the world.

Alt-1954: The Truth appears during the 1954 Yangtze river floods. A now teenaged Sylvie D'Arqueness and Logan work together to banish the demon.

Alt-1962: The Truth appears during an American nuclear weapons test in Nevada. A grown up Sylvie D'Arqueness and Logan again work together to banish the demon. Afterwards they become intimate with each other.

Alt-1963: Rien is born to Sylvie D'Arqueness, unknown to her father Logan.

Alt-1968: At the tender age of 5, Rien begins physical and mystical training for her role as a demon hunter.

Alt-1970: The Truth appears during the Bhola cyclone. An overconfident Sylvie D'Arqueness, having grown powerful in her magics, sends Logan off to save civilians believing that she can face The Truth alone. This proves to be her undoing as while The Truth is banished, it manages to drag her back through the portal to Hell with it.

Alt-1971: With her mother trapped in Hell, presumed dead, Rien's training to replace her (and Logan) takes on new urgency.

Alt-1976: Rien's mutant abilities manifest for the first time after a particularly brutal training session.

Alt-1982: The Truth appears during the Syrian Hama Massacre and 19 year old Rien fights and banishes it for the first time.

Alt- 1989: Rien sees from afar Logan for the first time when he shows up at the ancestral village of Clan D'Arqueness, before he is banished again.

Alt-1995: The Truth appears during the Soufriere Hills eruption on Montserrat. Logan with the help of Talisman brings the X-men to fight it. However not knowing the proper spell Talisman is unable to banish the demon. Talisman and Storm are killed before Rien shows up to banish it.

Alt-2008: The Truth appears again during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, only to be banished by Rien again. Logan tracks her down after years of searching. At Logan's urging Rien opens a portal to Hell and the two of them go to try and kill The Truth on its home plane. There they find and rescue Sylvie D'Arqueness who chastises them both for their foolishness telling them The Truth can never be killed, least of all in Hell. Combining their powers Sylvie and Rien manage open a portal back to Earth, but 1944 Earth, the night The Truth was summoned.

1944: The Truth is tricked into following them into the past and Logan manages to pit one Truth against the other. With the combined power of four members of Clan D'Arqueness both Truths are frozen in stone, along with Sylvie and Logan from the previous timeline acting as the key. Marie D'Arqueness still dies. Young Sylvie of the new timeline alerts Clan D'Arqueness who become the guardians of the sealed statues. Rien is finally free.

1944-1945: After meeting her father of this timeline, Rien works with the French Resistance while waiting for him to be free of his Canadian military service. She battles the Nazis and the occult horrors of the Thule Society, among others, on several occasions.

1945-1950: After the war ends, Rien is planning to reunite with Logan when she is visited by a member of the Time Variance Authority. She is told that she must not reunite with Logan for the time being due to disruptions and ripple effects to the timeline that will cause. Though angered and saddened by this, she ultimately complies. Rien, not having a real identity, pretends to be an English woman and joins the French Foreign Legion who do not ask too many questions. She spends the next five years fighting for France in Indochina ultimately gaining citizenship for her identity.

1951-1963: Rien travels back to Europe. She visits Clan D'Arqueness telling them who she is and making her peace with them. While they offer her another name, she is content with 'nothing' and is officially named Rien D'Arqueness. During this time she makes a name for herself continuing to hunt demons and monsters throughout Europe and the British Isles.

1964-1979: Rien decides to travel to the Americas to see more of the world. There she continues her demon and monster hunting, eventually running into the BPRD. After spending the better part of a decade working with the BPRD and helping thwart a Faerie-apocalypse in the UK in 1979, Rien decides she needs to get away and disappears again.

1980-2000: Rien travels to Japan, the country that her father has such deep ties to in an effort to understand him and ultimately herself better.

2001-2020: Rien continues to travel the world both hunting demons and other monsters, and enjoying life. She crosses paths with old BPRD aquaintances, who have now been become part of something called WAND. Rien works with this new organization from time to time occasionally taking assignments from them.

2021: Rien has another encounter with a Time Variance Authority agent who informs her the timeline has progressed enough and she has integrated enough such that contact with her father is permissible again. Rien journeys to New York to track him down.

IC Journal

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Rien is nigh fearless, she has faced threats that would make lesser individuals blanch head on without so much as flinching. Part of this can be traced back to her sense of duty, the need to use her powers to protect the world from supernatural threats was drilled into her from a very young age. But it is also simply not in her nature to run away and her fight or flight tends to favor fight almost invariably. She is not stupid however and given the opportunity may still make a tactical retreat in the face of obviously unwinnable odds.

Rien cares. The world has thrown a lot at her and at times she can seem as gruff as her father but beneath it all Rien is a caring person at heart even if she has difficulty showing it sometimes. This has become a bit more pronounced in the decades since she was freed from her endless cyclical battle with The Truth. Freed from the chains of that obligation she has been able to be more herself to take time figuring out more of who she is aside from a tool bred to hunt a demon. No longer afraid to feel, she has discovered a side of her that genuinely enjoys helping people and keeping them safe from the demons and monsters that lurk among the dark corners of the world.

To call Rien strong willed would be a vast understatement. Once she has resolved to accomplish a task there is very little that can stop her from seeing it done. She won't give up, she won't surrender, she will doggedly pursue her objective until it is completed or she is somehow convinced to take another course of action.

Rien can be a very passionate individual. She has the temper that French women are famous for and then some. She is also a fighter like her father and at times is prone to let her fists do the talking instead of her words. During her time in the French Resistance and Foreign Legion many was the drunken soldier in a bar who underestimated her only to wake up later kissing the floor boards with a splitting headache. This is not to say she has no discipline, her training by Clan D'Arqueness imparted a great deal of that to her. When she chooses violence it is very much a choice, one she does not have many reservations upon visiting upon those who deserve it.

French society places a great emphasis on family and tradition, but above and beyond this in the Great Magical Clans loyalty is all. Rien had loyalty to the clan drilled into her to such an extent that she never questioned her role or why they did not give her a name. Her entire existence was to fulfill a debt, to cover the sin committed by a member of the clan. While she has since broken free from some of these chains and made her peace with her clan in the new timeline, her sense of loyalty remains. Family, blood or found, is very important to her.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Dexterity:
Rien is not just fleet of foot, she is also incredibly agile and quick, possessed of phenomenal agility. She is adept at dodging gunfire and capable of weaving through a melee of multiple opponents with acrobatic ease. She can even parry high speed projectiles or mystical blasts with her claws. Her reactions are such that she can often get the drop on regular humans unprepared for just how fast she can move.

Enhanced Stamina:
Rien's stamina is greatly enhanced by her healing factor giving her a superhuman level of endurance. Simply put her body's advanced regeneration removes the fatigue toxins preventing their buildup. As a result where some people might pull an all nighter, Rien could go days several days without sleep if she needed to without much difficulty. Or in the case of intense exertion, such activity could be kept up for several hours straight before the levels of fatigue toxins being produced would begin to overwhelm her body's ability to remove them.

Enhanced Strength:
The result of grueling training combined with her healing factor, Rien's muscles have torn and rebuilt themselves so many times that she possesses strength far in excess of what should be peak human potential. This physical training has been further reinforced mystically using the sorcery of Clan D'Arqueness. The end result is that Rien can lift and throw up to about two tons of weight before her muscles start to tear themselves apart. This strength also makes her an incredibly fast runner and able to leap great distances both high and long.

Healing Factor:
Rien heals at a phenomenal rate, far quicker than a normal human. Small cuts and lacerations disappear near instantly. Bullet wounds and other high trauma punctures will force out the slugs and close up within a minute or two. More severe large scale or severe damage may take tens of minutes, hours, or even days depending on the scope and severity of the injury. Even severed limbs and internal organs can be regrown. She could be blown up, cut to pieces, or worse, but eventually she'll still heal from it. It will hurt like hell though and she'll probably wish she was dead while it is happening.

This healing factor also has less overt aspects as well. As her cells naturally repair themselves and remain in peak condition, Rien ceased aging in her prime and it is unknown how long she might live. Poisons also have little effect, alcohol included, although a large enough quantity is still capable of overwhelming the healing at least for a short time. She is also functionally immune to all Earthly diseases.

Heightened Senses:
Rien has incredibly heightened senses of smell and hearing. Part of this is due to the animalistic nature of the mutant powers she inherited and part of it due to the healing factor keeping her senses from dulling due to age.

The result is that she can hear far off conversations, even whispers, as well as things like heartbeats. It is very difficult to lie to someone when they can literally hear your pulse.

Her sense of smell is such that she can distinguish and track individuals by scent, and even smell the emotions people are feeling from the different pheromones they give off.

Strong stimuli can prove incredibly distracting to these senses. To combat this, Rien generally carries some form of earplugs for when things get too noisy and has taken to smoking her own blend of herbal cigarettes in order to reduce the number of scents she is taking in, save when she actively wants to utilize these senses to their fullest.

Magical Blasts:
Rien is capable of hurling damaging blasts of raw arcane energy at her foes. It is not the most complex weaving of mystical power, but it is effective. With a modicum of magical exertion these can be shaped into more traditional elements found in nature such as fire, ice, or lightning. She can also gather the arcane energy around her hands or claws for a more up close and personal enchanted strike, greatly enhancing the force of the blow.

Mystic Bone Claws:
As her father before her, Rien possesses retractable bone claws. She can extend three from each of her hands and they are about the length of her forearms, where the bony protrusions are stored when not in use. Where Rien's claws differ from her father's however is they glow with faint blue mystical light having been enchanted with the magic of Clan D'Arqueness. This enchantment has strengthened them greatly, making them nigh unbreakable, and able to cut almost anything. This includes the hide of demons and other magical creatures otherwise invulnerable to non-magical harm.

Mystic Senses:
As a trained Sorceress of Clan D'Arqueness, Rien has been taught to detect mystical changes in the warp and weave of the world around her. She is particularly sensitive to dimensional breaches and the summonings of entities from beyond the Earthly realm, but will generally pick up on magical workings in her vicinity as well. The range on this is directly proportional to the potency of the working, for a small spell she would have to be pretty close, while opening a portal to Hell might well be felt on the other side of a major city.

Rien is capable of shielding herself from damage with her magic. This can be done reflexively in the heat of the moment, however the more powerful the attack the more of her mystical energy reserves it will use up. With slightly more effort, she is capable of extending this power to another individual as well though its effectiveness is diminished requiring more power to achieve the same results. Overusing her magic in this way power can drain her reserves if she is not careful.

Rien is part of the Clan D'Arqueness, one of the Great Magical Clans. As such she has been trained in sorcery and witchcraft from a very young age and is versed in all manner of spells and incantations. These range from simple effects which need a mere focusing of her will upon the desired outcome to complex rituals such as summonings and banishments and everything inbetween.

Common examples of Rien's sorcery include:

Teleportation: Rien can teleport herself and others seemingly anywhere in the world. Members of Clan D'Arqueness have also demonstrated the ability to summon others to them from afar via such magics.

Dimensional Travel: Rien is capable of opening portals to other dimensions, such as Hell.

Transmutation: Rien can transmute matter into other similar forms, such as turning rags into a suit or changing someone's hairstyle.

Summoning, Binding, and Banishing: Rien is highly proficient in the summoner's arts. In particular she excels at banishing what others have summoned, though she possesses a strong understanding of that entire school of magic.

Using her magic Rien is capable of moving objects and individuals through sheer force of will. At its most basic this power allows her to reach far away things or help someone out of a river. It can also be turned inward upon herself though, allowing her to fly.


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Rien is an exceedingly skilled combatant. Her training to fight actual demons began when she was only five years old. Once her mutations manifested, this training took on brutal dimensions as her body could just heal itself, strengthening her muscles further each time. These lessons were then further honed in actual combat with demons, and later added to during her time in the French Foreign Legion and East Asia.

As a result Rien is highly trained in a variety of hand to hand fighting techniques, including Boxing, Savate, Muay Thai, Kyokushin karate, and Aiki-Jujitsu. She is also proficient with a variety of traditional weaponry, both European and Asian. During her time with the French Resistance and the Foreign Legion she was drilled in the use of various kinds of firearms as well. Though in the end her weapons of choice, and with which she is most deadly, are the retractable bone claws she inherited from her father.

Through a convergence of her occult knowledge and wilderness survival skills, Rien has developed an extensive knowledge of herbalism. She is able to identify most plants that she comes across, knows which are edible, which are poisonous, what sort of mystical properties they might have, etc. She can also process them into a variety of natural remedies or poisonous concoctions, given enough time, should the situation call for it.

Rien was schoold by Clan D'Arqueness, has been around the world, across two timelines, and is just over a century old. Due to all of this she has learned a variety of languages.

These include: French (her mother tongue), German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, English, Vietnamese, Khmer, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and the ability to read several dead languages only found in mystic tomes and dusty ancient libraries anymore.

Occult Lore:
Clan D'Arqueness is one of the Great Magic Clans of the world and Rien received their full education from the time that she was a small child. As a result she is extremely knowledgeable about the occult, whether it is history of magic and its practitioners, cosmology of the different dimensions, or the workings of different types of magic.

Her global travels and time spent hunting demons and monsters have only expanded this repertoire with firsthand experience. Through this she has gained a strong understanding of not just European mysticism, but Asia and the Americas as well. Africa, however, still remains something of a mystery, outside of what she has read in books, as she has still yet to set foot there.

During her time with both the French Resistance and the French Foreign Legion Rien often functioned in advance recon roles and became quite adept at operating behind enemy lines and quiet infiltrations.

With the Resistance this was in urban environments where she learned to blend in with crowds and take advantage of situations where her presence would be more easily overlooked due to being a woman.

The Foreign Legion on the other hand built on skills she had already developed tracking her prey in her life as a demon hunter to move quietly and leave as little trail as possible in wilderness settings such as the thick jungles and mountains of Indochina.

Clan D'Arqueness trained Rien to be self-sufficient no matter where her quarry might take her. These skills have been further honed through her time in urban warzones and the French Foreign Legion's own intense survival training.

Rien is able to able to survive in the wild. She is an expert hunter and tracker, both actively and through various sorts of traps. She can also make shelter and gather food from local plants, as well. She is adept at urban survival and tracking, too. She can generally track down her quarry and some food and a place to sleep one way or another.


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B.p.r.d. and W.a.n.d.:
Rien has had an on again off again relationship with the B.P.R.D. and W.A.N.D. for decades. During the 1960's she encountered the B.P.R.D., assisting them with several cases. Eventually she was recruited as a defacto agent and despite a tendency to wander off on her own was a net asset to the organization through the end of the 1970's. After the narrowly averted faerie apocalypse in the U.K. Rien dropped off the map two decades, only to reappear and find the B.P.R.D. had been folded into something called W.A.N.D. She has since renewed her on and off cooperation with she had with the B.P.R.D. with W.A.N.D. agents since the early 2000's.

Clan D'arqueness:
One of the Great Magical Clans, Rien's relationship with the Clan D'Arqueness is a complicated one. The Clan D'Arqueness of this timeline is ostensibly not the one that raised Rien and while she has their blood she is in some ways an outsider to them. Still, she helped save the young Sylvie D'Arqueness (her mother in the other timeline) and now in her 80's Sylvie has become the current matriarch of Clan D'Arqueness.

Should she be willing to make the trip to France Rien can count on Clan D'Arqueness for assistance with things like mystical research or other aid. This is a double edged sword however, as Clan D'Arqueness may also attempt to call Rien's aid from time to time.

Herbal Cigarettes:
Rien's hand rolled herbal cigarettes are more tool than vice. They are made with a blend of aromatic herbs that she uses to overpower many of the scents around her so that her heightened sense of smell doesn't get overwhelmed. There is a dual function, however, with the specific blend of herbs having been chosen for their occult properties as much as their scent. In theory when burned the blend should be capable of warding off 'evil spirits', at least weaker ones.


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The blood of Clan D'Arqueness is not an insignificant thing and because of it Rien stands to inherit their list of enemies, whether seeking settle some ancient vendetta or purely for the magic in her blood itself.

Rien is also Logan's daughter and should this come to light she will likely inherit some of his long list of enemies as well.

Fiery Temper:
French women are known for their tempers, but Rien's is something else entirely. One of many traits that she inherited from her father, it is not terribly hard to get a rise out of Rien and if one is not careful they may wind up with a fight on their hands. This is not to say that Rien is a violence crazed psychopath, but she has very few qualms about throwing a punch as a way of expressing her feelings when she feels the situation calls for it.

Finite Mystical Reserves:
Rien is a potent sorceress capable of some amazing feats, but her power is not limitless. Failing an outside an outside source of magical power to draw upon, continuous or extremely large scale magical workings can exhaust her reserves until she is able to rest and recover.

It Still Hurts:
While Rien has a healing factor and a high pain threshold built up from a lifetime of training, she still feels everything, her wounds still hurt her. She might push through and recover from that bullet wound but it is still an incredibly painful experience. Needless to say while she can withstand a great deal of punishment and bounce back from nearly anything, she does not go out of her way to do so. Pain adds up, and everyone has their limit.

Sensory Overload:
Rien has inherited her father's heightened senses of hearing and smell. While this can be a great boon, it is also a double edged sword that can be exploited by her enemies. Particularly intense stimuli can overload these senses, temporarily disabling them and in the case of her hearing even stunning her briefly. Due to her healing factor such effects invariably do not last for very long, but that can be all the time a cunning foe needs to turn the tables.

Temporal Anomoly:
Rien is not from this timeline. The 1963 that she was born in will never come to pass. Yet by virtue of her being present due to time travel when events diverged, she managed to become a part of the new timeline. However, this means there is no record of her birth, having literally just appeared one day. On top of this like her father her healing factor keeps her from aging, forever in her prime. Which is to say keeping a mundane identity for any extended length of time is all but impossible, particularly as the modern world becomes more and more digitized and interconnected.



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Jailbreak at the Chainer of Souls April 1st, 2021 The Chainer of Souls is destroyed. Four heroes enter, three heroes leave. Hellboy rescues the soul after all.
Flashback: Against the Limner March 27th, 2021 In 1965, a BRPD team fights The Limner, wins but misses a soul in this flashback scene.
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