1145/It's not kidnapping if --oh wait it's kidnapping

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It's not kidnapping if --oh wait it's kidnapping
Date of Scene: 13 April 2020
Location: Warehouses
Synopsis: Alanna helps Deadpool interrogate a villainous kidnapper.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Alanna Lyons

Wade Wilson has posed:
The Lyons' warehouse wasn't supposed to have anyone inside at this time of night. It's late at night, yet there are lights on inside the end with the office. That end is quite well lit: specifically the upper floor office at the north end of the warehouse compound. There's also a car in the lot, a gray sedan, that isn't recognizable.

Maybe some devious miscreant just wants to drive up the electric bill. WHAT HAVOC WREAKED!

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna wasn't in the habit of coming to the warehouses late at night, but sometimes there were messes that needed cleaning and sometimes the middle of the night was the best to take care of things. It's a bit odd to see a car, much less that someone's there, but there's no reason for her to think it's an intruder. Especially not after she tests the door and finds it locked.

Was her cousin working late? Usually he was the first to leave, not keeping track of any of the paperwork that was so desperately needed to keep everything in order. So, pulling out the keys from her purse, she lets herself in, quitely moving in the directioon of the office. She doesn't purposefully stay quiet--but she's also not going out of her way to make herself known.

Wade Wilson has posed:
The office is indeed lit up. And there's a particularly odd feature in the center of it, with one desk pushed back some out of the way.

In a desk chair in the center of the room sits a woman, Monique Kolar, who most certainly does work for the Lyons in terms of 'laundry' and all that that entails. She's fairly recognizable even from the back, since she has a sort of 80's blonde Farrah hair floof. From afar she seems to just be sitting there.

There's also some sounds from the left, the break room; somebody rummaging around.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Well, it was someone familiar working late, as suspected, but Alanna isn't exactly fond of people working after hours. Especially because it /looks suspicious/. So it's a bit of a hazard having someone working after hours. She enters the office to check on the woman, but it's the sound of someone in the break room that catches her attention. Two employees?

Oh, maybe this was /that/ sort of after hours meeting. Either way, that's not proper use of the property. She makes her way over to put her hand on the woman's shoulder, fully prepared to lecture.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Monique jumps in alarm with a weird strangled squeal sound.

THAT is because her mouth is duct-taped shut, and her hands are taped onto the armrests of the chair. There's a charming smile drawn in sharpie on the mouth duct-tape which doesn't really enhance the look, it just makes it extremely creepy.

Monique frantically looks at her hands and then at Alanna back and forth in a 'FREE ME BITCH' panicked motion.

"Got you, you little /rascal/," comments a male voice from the break-room, entirely relaxed in tone, as if he'd found his missing keys.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Well, this was trouble. Alanna wasn't entirely sure if the person in the breakroom was armed, so she'd just have to work off of that assumption. She reaches into her purse to pull out her pocket knife, using it to saw through where she's taped to the chair. She doesn't bother with her mouth, motioning to Monique to GTFO. She doesn't bother with saying anything, she just moves near the doorway, her back against the wall on the side of it.

She doesn't move in, or even peek for the moment, she's listening to determine what exactly is going on. The intruder had to be after /something/.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Oh, come on, we had an understanding," says the new arrival, in a frustrated, huffy tone, appearing in the doorway to the break room. On first glance, particularly in this context? Well.

The red and black leather tactical gear is one thing, and the heavy weaponry is another. A gun is flipped up out of a thigh holster with barely effort or thought, and he slogs after Monique in a full body expression suitable to a teenage boy instructed to go take out the trash. DON'T WANNNNAAAA.

"Stop /freeing/ my villain!" Deadpool directs in a generalized way with a motion of gun, but then flips it around to aim at Monique, snaring her from the door with other hand and jerking her around and back like a liquid dance move to send her towards her chair. Monique doesn't get to the chair, she stumbles and lands sort of in front of it, and Deadpool winces. "We need more practice before advanced choreography. Self note."

He then peeks out the door. "Oh hi! Don't be shy. Come in. We're interrogating. Are you thinking good cop, bad cop, or bonus interrogatee?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Life's rarely black and white enough to call someone a villain," Alanna notes, her eyes carefully staying on the red-and-black... person? Hero? Mercenary? Villain? Who knows, really. Still, he's not actually shooting anyone at the moment and she'd rather get some information, so... play along it is.

"Right, uh, why exactly are we interrogating? When I interrogate someone it's because they have information I don't know. So... what's the goal here?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
The mercenary stops in the doorway and considers Alanna's questions, and even goes so far as to tap the side of his handgun against the left side of his temple.

"I'm going with good cop for you. You can offer the twinkie. Come on then," Deadpool chatters, stepping aside, with a very real indication that she probably should go through the door back into the office. His voice is smiley, pleasant.

"WE are learning vital info to save a life. Aren't we Sheryl--err. Monique." Not Sheryl. Cheryl?

"Is Cheryl spelled with an S or a C?" It matters. Alanna's in the room with an armed crazyperson.

"I'll drag you out from under the deskkkkk, Monique." She did go under a desk. He then points at Alanna. Stage whisper, mouthy: "GOOD COP." Point point. Do your job, good cop.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Vital information to save a life? Alanna tilts her head to the side, looking between the mercenary and Monique and back. Money laundering wasn't usually the worst of the activities the Lyons family was involved in. On the contrary, usually there weren't lives at stake at all. So either this guy knew something she didn't, or he was barking up the wrong branch of the Lyon family tree.

Good cop? Alright. Alanna folds her arms over her chest. "Monique, if you've got information that's going to save someone's life, you really should just say it. It might save your job." There's a long pause as she looks at the leather-clad mercenary, then /slowly/ looks back to the desk. "And there's a twinkie."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Also, sorry-not-sorry, but we need to remove that duct tape from your face for the talking thing," Wade says, reaching under to haul her out by one foot. The woman attempts to drag and hold onto the underside of the desk, and gets a sudden harsh lash of the handgun up under her elbow. That's effective and she releases, dragged out.

Wade 'helps' with the mouth-tape. "What? Job?" Wade looks confusedly at Alanna. "This is Stacy's Mom. Stacy's mom does not, in fact, have it 'going on'; she has the anti-going on, restraining order. Child abuse. Stacy is missing, and I'm hired to find baby Stacy. Come on, good cop: like you /mean/ it," Wade chatters, snaring Monique's elbow to dump her back in the chair.

No, this has /nothing/ to do with the Lyons. Wade is also giving Alanna a lot more attention now, critical, as if she might have information too.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Interesting. That's the first time she's seen a mercenary there /not/ for the family business. Alanna blinks for a moment. She looks back towards the mercenary, the back at Monique. "She works here, you really think it's going to look good if she's holding information back that helps potentially save a child's life? That's a PR nightmare." It's not the narrative she would have presented if he had been there for her family, but it's the truth. There were some things Alanna steered the family away from entirely. Anything involving children was a /big/ one.

She turns her attention back to Monique. Good cop it is. "Right now, everyone's going to assume it was you and no one's going to give you a chance to tell your side of things. If you talk, if we find her, then you're going to be able to explain things. People might be more understanding. If you didn't do this, you need to tell us who did, Monique."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Okay, I get a turn at good cop," Wade decides suddenly. Mercurial? MORE THAN A LITTLE. He pulls Monique's shoulders back, climbing behind her, gun still in his left hand, now next to Monique's face. The woman is doing a mix of terror-sobbing and glaring in anger. It's not victim behavior really. Well, the sobbing is. But that's for other reasons, like dislocated elbow.

"Pretty please," Wade stage-whispers near her head, hands on her shoulders, face coming up near her ear. He pets her cheek with the gun. Wade's good-cop version could use some work. It's possibly worse than bad-cop. "Stacy or your bank account," Wade adds, cheerful.

That seems to get through. Or the gun rubbing her cheek.

"She's at .. at my sister's," Monique finally gives over. "It's not what it looks like, Ms. Lyons ---" Monique says quickly, fiercely. "She's MY daughter."

Wade looks up at Alanna, with a birdlike head tilt. What say Ms. Lyons?

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"If it's not what it looks like, then you'd have no problem working things out in a manner that doesn't involve hiding a child away from someone who cares enough to hire a /mercenary/ to make sure she's safe." Alanna shakes her head. "I'm not going to get in the middle of your custody battle, but do know that I ever catch a whiff of anyone harming a child anywhere near this company there's /no/ coming back from that."

It's not a death threat, she's not the type, but there are plenty of things a larger criminal organization can do to make things tricky for someone they've blacklisted.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"That is also what /I/ think!" Wade announces, and extends a high-five across Monique towards Alanna. Not the gun-hand, at least. "Go team anti-child-endangerment!" he adds, upbeat. For a mercenary, and his appearance, his manner is entirely opposite of expectations, no doubt.

"Okay, we're going to visit some family, then. I'm borrowing your employee, mmmkay? I suggest you do no vacation time or paid leave for this, but, yanno, whatever your company policies are," Wade says, bending to get his duct-tape from where it fell on the floor, and begins to wrap his villain's wrists together with it.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's never high-fived anyone over a mutual passion for the safety of children, but there's a first for everything. She does go for the high five, even if she feels a little silly for doing it. He has, however, proven to be doing something she actually can't fault him for. The mention of no vacation time causes her to chuckle, just slightly as she looks between him and Monique.

"I'll make sure the business side of things is taken care of, just make sure the kid's alright?" That was his whole purpose, it seemed, but she wanted to make the request herself as well.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"She's JUST fine, how dare you, my daughter is---" begins Monique, and gets her mouth duct-taped again. Wade puts his gun away as well: it isn't like he really needs it. He gives Alanna a thumbs up.

"Oh! Should you need services. I mean. I understand what her job is. And you're her boss. No judgement. I mean, I kill people for money, when I am not being a heroic meat popsicle, so," Wade prattles, then digs around in his pouches. He's a Liefeld creation, so THERE ARE POCKETS. "Ummm ummm. Okay." He finds a bit of a a wrapper and picks up a pen from the desk, to scrawl his Twitter on it. @ShutUpDeadpool. It's what came to mind.

"Okay, wave goodbye," Deadpool says to his kidnappee. She does not, but he doesn't mind. Or notice. Instead he just drags her out to her car, bodily.

And some singing.

    "WikiAdmin (talk)Did your mom get back from her business trip? (Business trip)
    Is she there, or is she trying to give me the slip? (The sliiiip)
    You know, I'm not the little boy that I used to be,
    I'm all grown up now, baby can't--"

"For fuck sake, walk, I haven't broken your legs yet," Wade adds, from the stairwell down. It'll be fine.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Well, that was an odd offer, but Alanna takes the slip of paper and looks at the Twitter handle. Well, that's a new one. A mercenary on /Twitter/? She'd have to browse his Tweet history just to check things out. The paper is tucked into her purse and Alanna peeks after the pair of them. She doesn't follow, she just watches the retreat with a mix of odd comfort and confusion.

Yeah, that was weird.