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Wade Wilson (Scenesys ID: 178)
Name: Wade Wilson
Superalias: Deadpool
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Merc with a Mouth
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Mobile
Education: Street Smarts, baby
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery, Suicide Squad, Xavier's School, Brotherhood
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 01 Apr 1985 Played By Ryan Reynolds
Height: 6'1" Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Sparse Eye Color: Two
Theme Song: "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton

Character Info


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Merc With A Mouth, Bon Vivant, Killer of Killers, The Guy in the Red Suit, Winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble match. Wade Wilson is an unkillable killing machine, which doesn't seem fair but WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, B***H. Okay, that was a little harsh, sorry. Anyway, he's a famous mutant fighty guy who heals a lot and you should really just Google me because it's way faster and comes with pictures of my tush.


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* 1985: A star is born, squealing and shamelessly nude. The nurses gathered round and gazed in wide wonder at the joy they had found. And then I farted.
* 1994: Wade gets his first gun. I named it Gunny. Look, I was nine, back off, Stephen King, we aren't all naturally creative. Sheesh.
* 1997: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee made a video on a boat. Young Wade would never be the same.
* 2003: Joins Canadian military. Learns what an oxymoron is.
* 2005: Transferred to special forces. Becomes most badass Canadian since Anne Murray.
* 2009: Dishonorable discharge after 'The Golden Girls Incident'. Less said about this, the better. Enters the job market as a professional mercenary. Meet amazing and superhot chick who is way out of his league and decides to ruin her life by falling in love with her.
* 2011: Cancer diagnosis proves the value of universal healthcare. Except it can't cure me. Sucko. Government offers miracle cure through horrifying pain-torture-burning. Dumbass Wade says okay.
* 2012: No more cancer. Can't die. Realllllllllll ugly. Avenges stuff but can't call himself an Avenger for 'copyright reasons'. Starts wearing a mask and calling himself Deadpool instead.
* Present: Professional mercenary with a snazzy costume, often pesters the X-men, gets full collection of all the Van Wilder movies. Life is good. Ish.

IC Journal

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I do have a softer side! I'm a hopeless romantic, emphasis on the lack of hope! I may have momentary slips into abyssal emptiness and existential despair that result in me falling into murderous rages or violent bouts of self-destruction - a bad case of the Mondays, I call it! There's a lot of general self-loathing, specific self-loathing, categorized self-loathing and sourdough self-loaving when I get out the breadmaker. LOVE THAT YEAST.

Okay, so, let's be honest: I'm a lovable rogue. A scamp. A mischief maker. I like chaos, I can't help it. It makes my huevos all picante. I will admit to sometimes being disrespectful. Rude, unbending to authority. I like to stick it to the man, especially if the stick is sharp and pointy!

I can be really vicious. Like, super psycho. I chop people up like one of those late night informercials with the spinning bullet where they drop in the poor, helpless cauliflower and it goes SPINZZZZZZZ and there are itty bitty pieces flying everywhere. Except I do it with people. With my swords. And my guns. And sometimes my teeth. Well, not that very much. Do you know how human flesh sticks in your teeth? I hate flossing.

There are those who say I can't take anything seriously. To them I say - thank you.

Secretly, I am kind of a nice person who likes puppies and little kids and wholesome family entertainment. I've been to Disneyworld way more than you might think. I own romance novels. I am especially compassionate to, like, freaks and victims for some reason - can't imagine why!

Character Sheet


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Fourth Wall:
So, my mind may be a little more aware than most. You might notice that I'm speaking to you. Yes, you, sitting at your computer, reading the text on this MUX. Probably judging me. You don't know me, I can do what I want, it's my body! Anyway, this is an unusual ability. Most fictions don't quite realize they're fictions. They think they're real boys, like Pinocchio or Barry Manilow, never seeing all the elaborate artifice underneath.

I don't always have it. It comes and it goes. I don't always remember it. And, if the other person in the scene really dislikes it, I can turn it off, because my player is much nicer than I am.

I heal things. All the things. Cut my hand off, grow a new hand. Cut my head off, grow a new head. Cut my-

Hey, hey, easy there, amigo.

Little things come back in a second, big things take longer. Constant cell regeneration that makes Wolverine go "Man, that's some fast healin there eh snikt bub beer samurai".


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I know my way around a Boom-Boom and I don't (just) mean the trailer trash girl that hangs around Cable! Demolitions expertise is part and parcel of all that fancy special ops training I got back when I had clear skin! Grenades, land mines, pipe bombs, all that stuff that makes the bomb-sniffing dogs sit up and ask for a Snausage. I am a mad midnight bomber what bombs at midnight.

I'm a highly trained mercenary MFer. Guns? I'm awesome with guns. I can shoot the wings off a fly at ten paces, especially if he owes me money. Pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, tommy guns, shotguns, pellet guns, rubber band guns, Guns 'n' Roses, L.A. Guns, Guns of the Navarrone. If it has a trigger and a barrel and makes go blam, I can shoot it pretty good

Kung Fu:
Okay, it's not actually kung fu. Do you know how hard kung fu is? There's, like, masters and meditation involved. Philosophy. You have to breathe in special ways and, I dunno about you, but once I start thinking about my breathing, I can't, like, NOT think about it and then I start having anxiety and OH GOD IT'S HAPPENING NOW.

But I am good at hand-to-hand combat. Sneaky good. Punching, kicking, dodging, blocking. The Crane kick. That splits thing that Jean-Claude does on the countertops. I'm good for all that. I'm not Bruce Lee, but I could at least be in a Hong Kong movie getting my ass kicked by him, and that's not bad!

I am excellent at making fun of people. You don't think so? Well...you...you smell funny!

See? I'm making a mockery of the app system right now!

I can be sneaky. I don't like it. I'd much rather be loud. Loud is fun. But sometimes, to do a job, you have to go unnoticed. I can hide in the shadows like a ninja. I can pad along, silent as a wee little mouse. I can do that Batman thing where you look the other way and BAM I'm gone. I can even follow people without getting noticed. And then, after I've taken you by surprise and stabbed you in several of your chakras, then you will notice me. And listen to a mologue while you slowly die. Because I still like an audience.

Sharp things, made for stabbing. I love 'em! I favor katanas, but I'm a fair hand with most of your fencing weapons. When I have a cutlass, I pretend to be a pirate! Arrrrrrr! But, sufficed to say, I'm really good at carving people up with sharp stuff. Knives, too, but the swords are more phallic and attention grabbing. Gimme a sword and I can put the Dread Pirate Roberts to shame. SHAME!


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I've got lots and lots of weapons. Guns, swords, bombs, experimental laser pulse rifles, something called a quantum chainsaw. I don't know how all of it works and I usually stick to the most conventional stuff, but I'm always picking up things off the various heroic and supervillainous entities with which I come in conflict and then rob blind after I kill them.

I have it! Hidden accounts, Swiss banks, all that jazz. I've got a few million. It's never enough and I spend a lot of it on Mexican food and hotel room booze. Seriously, how can a bottle that small cost fifteen dollars? And people call ME a criminal.

I know people! A lot of them hate me, but they know I'm good at what I do, so I can still rely on them for things. I have connections to the black market, to various mercenary and bounty hunter groups, military cabals, terrorist conspiracies, government agencies, and, of course, I remain a founding and lifetime member of the Dorothy Szbornak 'Ride or Die' Golden Girls fanclub.

Holographic Projector:
I possess a personal holographic projector which can hide my uggo face and make me look like other people. Like much of my technology, it is stolen and I don't really know how it works, so it isn't entirely reliable, breaks down sometimes or just gives me sudden unexpected clownface. But it can be very useful as a disguise and letting me fit in with the 'normies' when I'm on a mission or just want to get a chimichanga without somebody going OH GOD WHAT IS THAT HIDEOUS THING.

I stole a few dozen personal teleportation units off of an experimental wing of a snake-themed terrorist organization that gets way too much publicity without any help from me. I wear one on my belt! It allows me to zap myself away to anywhere within a twenty mile radius of my current location or even farther to any of three predetermined home bases, which are currently my apartment, my second safe house and a Hooter's Restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. I just love buffalo wings.


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Okay, so, I might not be to everyone's taste. I may alienate people and drive them to throw themselves off of buildings to get away from me, on the rare occasion. I have trouble making friends, keeping friends, having friends not try to murder me. I'm probably annoying you right now. I mean...that's okay. *sniff* I didn't need any *sniff* friends anyway.

Oh god, I'm gonna die alone.

The girl. You know the one. She may not be what she seems, she might be too good for me and I might not feel like I can show her my face. But she does matter and anybody who messes with her either is going to have leverage on me or is going to piss me off real, real bad. Like Bruce Banner after he loses his pocket protector bad.

So, I'm crazy. I talk to myself, hear voices, have "psychotic outbursts" and "disassociative episodes with paranoid schizophrenic markings". You're probably not even real but I talk to you all the time. My questionable grasp of reality can be off-putting to some, frightening to others and makes me generally unreliable, untrustworthy. And it's distracting! I have been shot while talking to my loyal public. It hurts. I blame you entirely.

Yeah, I don't like myself very much. No joke there. Just the truth. Suck it.

Yeah, I'm really, really ugly. There's just no polite way of putting it. Metaphors have been used literally, often involving overcooked foodstuffs, various kinds of animal hide. Devils of a variety of cultures have been invoked. Lunches have been lost over my appearance. And it's not just my face, it's all over. I am fully drenched and coated in a Magic Shell of hideous. But I'm not giving up my Instagram. You can't make me.

Worse Than Death:
Sure, I may be a little death immune. That's not always a good thing. I can be tortured, like, infinitely. I heal up, but I still feel all the pain, man. Pain is bad. People are less gentle when they know you can't die.

Imprisoned, too. You can't heal your way out of manacles - I've tried. Somebody could lock me in a box, throw me in the ocean and leave me to think about it for a thousand years until Jacques Cousteau's cybernetic thirtieth century alien clone finds me.



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Wade Wilson has 173 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Social Wetwork June 16th, 2024 You don't get to make 5 million dollars without using a couple of friends.
Ultrasonic Immortal Ninja Herd June 2nd, 2024 After Ellie Phimister calls for a pickup from a gothic club in Hell's Kitchen, Logan is on the case. Unfortunately, this sets off a Hand trap, where they intend to capture the Canuck with their poisons and tazers. When all looked dire, luckily, Jubilee and Wade Wilson rush to the rescue, and rescue was had.
We're The X-Forceteers! You can be one too! o/~ May 30th, 2024 Only YOU can prevent traffic jams! Obey all traffic laws or ELSE.
YMCAACP Course: Gun Safety May 16th, 2024 Deadpool teaches a few smart cookies about GUN SAFETY. Friday? BINGO.
Logan & Wade Do America April 26th, 2024 The first stop on the Deadpool & Wolverine Press Tour! With a few SPECIAL GUESTS!
Luck of the Irish Spring April 16th, 2024 Deadpool and Domino discuss getting the band back together. What does that mean for the rest of the world? Uh Oh. Uh Oh is what it means!
Blasters set to destory April 14th, 2024 A city is burning, it is open season on the mutants. Good thing it's in the danger room!
A Smashin' Business Proposal April 5th, 2024 Many faces are seen, punches are thrown and a violent but potentially lucrative business opportunity begins.
Assassin's Ball March 17th, 2024 The Assassin's Ball in the Aegean Sea, mingling and making friends, and shrimps consumed by the Yeen-load.
Mutants and Master Molds - The Alien Acquisition March 7th, 2024 The X-Men respond to a Sentinel raid at a STAR Labs facility. They manage to mostly drive off the Sentinel infiltrators.. But they can't guarantee that their robotic enemies haven't gotten away with something bad. Very, very bad.
It's My Party February 21st, 2024 The town turns out for Emma Frost's birthday bash (of whatever year it is).
Uh oh February 8th, 2024 Wade W. Wilson comes to the Themysciran Embassy to hug the Justice League.
One Hell Of a Mission January 22nd, 2024 Arby's never saw it coming
Wad Wulson January 21st, 2024 Rogue runs in to Wade outside of Harry's. He gives her some questionable money for her birthday. She ensures he's headed to Arbys again.
The Night Before Battle! January 3rd, 2024 Did we hallucinate the Arby's thing? Maybe!
PotatoCakeageddon December 27th, 2023 Diana comes to the defense of corporate America despite their horrible transgressions!
Two Girls, One Deadpool December 6th, 2023 Inez, Monet, and Wade celebrate big scores. Inez serves Wade with divorce papers after finding out he got a possible 3 million windfall. Monet decides to help and watch the world burn.
SUICIDE SQUAD: Hey Buddy, Want to Buy Thor's Hat November 30th, 2023 The Team Comes Into Some Moneys.
ONE OF THESE DAYS, INEZ! November 30th, 2023 Something something Cowgirl. Something something joke.
Meanwhile... November 17th, 2023 Now Bear With Me. I play the character straight. But they're a cokehead!
New Phone, Who Dis November 10th, 2023 Auction shenanigans are narrowly avoided.
SUICIDE SQUAD: Into Space! November 9th, 2023 Felicia steals a suitable item to gain the attention of the man known as Thanatos! Now the Suicide Squad must make their move and soon!
Suicide Squad: The Plot to Kill THANOS! October 26th, 2023 Having defeated the Harbingers from Outer Space, Wade and his teammates launch their next plan!
The Plot to Kill Thanos: Part 1! October 20th, 2023 The PLOT BEGINS!
The 52nd Annual Broom Corn Festival! October 3rd, 2023 The Festival is Enjoyed. By Everyone on Pain of Death.
Yo Rogue Experience September 15th, 2023 Rogue, Wade and Jubilee meet to talk about the events surrounding the Mutation Reversal drug and Senate situation! It is a gay ol' time.
Bacon AND Waffles September 6th, 2023 Wade and Monica share a meal and conversation. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Off to Arcola! August 22nd, 2023 Wade packs his bags as Domino is rude.
SUICIDE SQUAD!: You're All Fired July 27th, 2023 We're all fired! Or put on leave. Road Trip!
The Path of Progress -- A Sublime Time Pt. III July 22nd, 2023 Cable and his team finally come face to face with John Sublime -- after a fashion -- and the trap is sprung. But just who is trapping who?
Meanwhile, Back at the Base July 14th, 2023 The One Where The Team Goes to Tahiti
The Wire was Over-Rated July 11th, 2023 Deadwood is way better.
Hello Wade July 2nd, 2023 Wade and Rogue talk after her Hawaiian vacation. They talk about any of that though, and instead mostly just pick at each other for a few minutes before Jeepers demands attention!
The Sunday Night Blues June 26th, 2023 Wade thinks he's cool. (He's not) But Jessica Drew is very cool and got to meet the way cool Melissa Gold.
Save me, Harley! June 23rd, 2023 Diana interrogates Wade and learns the deep dark secrets of the Suicide Squad.
What Makes You Think You're 7-11 Caliber, Betsy June 20th, 2023 Wade has an idea!
SUICIDE SQUAD: Atlantic City baby! June 9th, 2023 Another Typical Suicide Squad Success
This is a Thing II June 4th, 2023 Melissa sneaks out to see her old friends who are totally Juggalos.
Is There Enough Beer In The World May 31st, 2023 The rules of Paper Football are explained. Poorly. Thus leading to Wade getting hit. Is anyone surprised?
Suicide Squad: Here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams we can eat! May 16th, 2023 Operation Atlantic City is a Go.
Attempt Number 736 May 12th, 2023 Wade becomes an official SHIELD agent. Or at least lies and says he is. Drinks and conversation were had. No one died.
Suicide Squad: Mission Planning May 2nd, 2023 It's time to plan a mission to Atlantic City. Will the team hold up, will deep dark secrets be revealed? Will Skullface inevitably betray the team for a bigger paycut? Don't miss the next episode!
What is this April 23rd, 2023 Melissa cracks the whip, Wade tries to understand why she is so mean.
Pit Stop April 18th, 2023 The Suicide Squad heads out for an op but Wade needs to make a pitstop. Only to find out he's storing weapons on Xavier's grounds. Much drama happens but some good as well as old friends meet once again!
It's A New Day And a New Squad April 11th, 2023 There's a new member of the Suicide Squad and she's leading the next mission. Good luck, Songbird! Hope you survive the experience.
One Flew Over March 28th, 2023 Rhona finds Wade on the lawn in a tree spying on the mansion. She shoots an arrow at him, and then questions him. He exposes himself (his face, shuddup) and she lightens up on him though, on account of... ya know, his face. Turns out he's just a nerd in a red suit.
Day of Destiny! Or: Recruiting Time! March 11th, 2023 Wade begins gathering his army, only to be foiled by the likes of the X-Men!
Almond Joy or Mounds February 21st, 2023 Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. And look! There's two of them present. Betsy runs into Wade and Harley at the park only to learn things she didn't really want to know.
Queen's Gambit February 6th, 2023 Wade plays chess. Betsy spectates.
Alarms Wailed, Lights Flashed January 5th, 2023 The missing sauce is never found. Wade gets a busted wrist and golf cart but earns a hug from Franklin Richards. Ororo's already dismal opinion of Wade does not improve.
Good Sportsmanship December 16th, 2022 Wade steals stuff that doesn't belong to him. He loses a hand and makes an enemy.
The McRib is Back December 15th, 2022 The Xaviers School team is sent on the epic quest of 'Recover the McRib' before it goes extinct again! Which reminds me, have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that the McRib only ever comes back as a distraction from some sort of event happening at the same time? Like 'Oh, just give the fat plebbs their McRib again, that'll shut them up for awhile!'. But yeah, anyway, this was fun and everyone in it is a peach, a damn peach, I say!
There are four lights! December 2nd, 2022 Wade makes so many friends.
Noise, Noise, Noise November 15th, 2022 The Saga of Luis Camacho, Freedom Fighter
Where's my money! November 2nd, 2022 The mystery of who took Wade's money is solved.
Livin' in a Lonely World October 20th, 2022 Just trying to keep his head above water, Wade is interrupted by a ninja as he is chasing a payday and she fails to manipulate him.
She Took the Midnight Train Goin Anywhere October 20th, 2022 Phil owes Wade money. Kwannon wants Phil's head. Hijinx ensue!
Just a Small Town Girl October 18th, 2022 The heroes stop a train heist!
Catching Up with the Kar-Wadians September 8th, 2022 Gabby visits to check up on Wade. The judging is harsh.
Unicorn Hunt III: No Horsing Around August 12th, 2022 Definitely not The Last Unicorn movie. Phoebe, Mike, Inez, Hope, Steve and Wade stumble across each other in Times Square and take on not only a two-story tall undead unicorn, but also The Ringmaster. Steve takes out the Unicorn with a one ton bun, Inez gets to ride the undead unicorn like the proud Texan she is, Hope gets kicked into a building, Mike's rhyming skills are excellent compared to the Ringmaster's, and it's just not a party unless Wade leaves with broken bones.
X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older July 30th, 2022 There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Titanic Awakening I - Pacific Interception July 10th, 2022 The call for assistance from the Pacific Ocean leads to a fight with a number of kaiju, the victory goes to the heores but the cost of life was still high. And more questions remain even after the beasts were disposed of.
Yukon AIM July 8th, 2022 The Bear defeated, the wolves vanquished a beleaguered X-Force calls this a win and finds more details of AIM's diabolical shenanigans.
X-F: MAX EFFORT MAH BITCHES! July 8th, 2022 The finale of X-Force's inaugural missions. The team manages to fight off their doubles and save Neena's brother with only minimal physical and emotional trauma. One loose thread remains unravelled, but we'll have to see where that leads.
July 4th BBQ July 4th, 2022 It's America's birthday! And also Steve's. There is cake, and dancers, and discussion of AI rights. All-American fun.
X-F: X-Force is Back! June 26th, 2022 X-Force (along with Power Girl) manage to destroy the final genetics facility linked to Armadon Labs. But the ringleader of the shady organization and his pet Evil Deadpool are still at large. Where could they be?
X-F Side Dishes: Not You're Average PG Film June 24th, 2022 Power Girl and Deadpool discuss the differences in ideology and find that they sit on different sides of the fence. Go figure.
Go Nuts With Donuts June 17th, 2022 While obtaining vital fuel for the Xavier Institute. Donuts, it's donuts. Tabitha finds herself recuited for a new gig that may or may not be more than she could handle.
X-F Side Dishes( June 16th, 2022 Wade meets Iara in an improbable way and offers her a position with his crew. She's on the fence about it but the seed has been planted, all that's left is to see if it grows.
Funny Meeting You Here... June 13th, 2022 Introductions are made, business advice is given.. but more importantly, there's cheesecake and Golden Girls!
X-Folks - Dox-M: What Floats the Boat June 12th, 2022 Mutants are rescued from flesh traffickers. The smell will wash off. And even some of the most violent types aren't all bad. The human traffickers though. They suck.
The Fall of the Red House: The Iron Fist June 11th, 2022 Deadpool, Rien, Ghost Rider, and Steve Rogers infiltrate an Alhambras Compound. Four of the six leaders are dead and a message sent that Cael Becker is off limits.
The Eye and the Mouth June 7th, 2022 Wade has Jon meet him at Sister Margaret's and the two talk Xavier's spirit mission, life, and a pro bono job that Wade happily takes for the sake of ~romance!~
Pieces of Mind: Equal Exchange June 6th, 2022 A ball of terrorized, damaged souls erupts into the astral!
X-F Side Dishes: Investigative Options June 2nd, 2022 Wade informs Neena that the group they've been fighting have hold of her kid brother, Lazarus. He also informs her that there is a double of him out there hell bent on destroying X-Force and everything he loves and cares for.
Hellfire Club Inner Circle - May 2022 Meeting June 1st, 2022 Susan Richards is introduced as the White Queen, to indifference, interest, and infuriation.
X-F Side Dishes: Mistakes Were Made May 29th, 2022 Inez comes to Wade's rescue when a recon mission goes awry. The entity labelled X-00 turns out to be a Frankenstein's monster version of Deadpool constructed out of disparate body parts that Wade's lost over the years. It gives Wade two near death experiences and Inez a warning. (And it stole Wade's color to boot!)
The Black King and the deadly Wilson - wait, not that Wilson May 23rd, 2022 Deadpool joins the HFC after seeing Sebastian Shaw's social media commercial.
Pieces of Mind: Inception May 22nd, 2022 Lost fragments of spirits seek answers... and those at the X-Mansion work to aid them.
Delivering a Message May 15th, 2022 Gabby passes a message along to Wade. They have drinks and share information about the past.
Disturbance at Xavier's May 12th, 2022 Maggot destroys some Xavier's School grounds. Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Deadpool and Hope put a stop to him, which leaves in medical care. Boom-Boom believes that Maggot was under the influence of MGH, giving Hope a lead. Deadpool was swallowed by a giant metal slug before being regurgitated.
X-F Side Dishes: Dropping In May 8th, 2022 Deadpool pays a visit to Inque to gather (and exchange) what information the pair collected on the most recent raid of the genetic/cybernetic/and mutagenic organization of nefarious intent. Contact information was exchanged and maybe a step in the direction of ally-ship was made. But then again, maybe not.
A Very Deadpool Visit April 30th, 2022 It would seem that Deadpool has been very busy in the background, recruiting people for a his new group X-Force. Mystique takes the time to speak with him and a decision is made.
X-F: Kitties Need Scritches April 29th, 2022 X-Force takes down another of the facility bent on cyber-genetics with the help of Inque. More files were found on their next target. But more questions were raised: Who is the mysterious man who seems to be in charge and what is X-00?
No More Bachelor Pads April 24th, 2022 Wade decides to show Inez his room on the Asteroid and after some more heart to heart, they decide to use the quarters as the site for their second honeymoon.
Oh look, Sara still has a house... April 22nd, 2022 Wade drops by, finally, to talk to Sara... things take an interesting turn when Sara learns he's married, but they talk it out. What does the dirty Witchblade Mistress plan to say to the boyfriend's wife? Stay tuned.
X-F: Roses Are Red April 11th, 2022 The first mission for X-Force is a resounding success but leads to implcations of something far larger than any of them had bargained for.
Date Night on the Boardwalk! April 10th, 2022 Look, a Rare Date Night That Doesn't End in Bloodshed or Explosions!
Getting to Knoooooooooow Yoooooooooooou April 4th, 2022 Getting to Know All About Yooooooooooou!
A Fool's Birthday for a Fool April 2nd, 2022 Wade, Inez, Domino, and Clarice celebrate three out of four birthdays in one night while discussing the formation of a morally gray mutant super group without stigma or gender bias.
Secret of the Sisters: Resolutions April 1st, 2022 The Outsiders and friends regroup after the attack on Alchemax. Wounds are healed, plans are made, Deadpool is itchy.
Thule Chaos in Utah March 31st, 2022 The Avengers, with the help of Deadpool and Artemis, stop the Thule Society from getting the gypsum crystals, and discover that several of them are being imitated by the Society. What sort of shenanigens will the Thule Society get up to while wearing the skin of Captain America, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Witchblade, and the Scarlet Witch?
All Things Thule March 29th, 2022 The Avengers gather to learn more about the newly reappeared Thule Society, information provided by Sara Pezzini.
Secret of the Sisters: Checking In March 22nd, 2022 RP was had!
Secret of the Sisters: Return to Alchemax March 19th, 2022 The Outsiders and Deadpool move to infiltrate Alchemax only to find Gabby's missing sister already broke in. In the ensuing chaos, a new, unexpected threat is released. The dead puppeted but aware of what went on? What horrors is up with this Project Ryker they discovered?
Outsourcing is Always an Option March 12th, 2022 Inez and Neena check in on Wade as he continues his long play of helping his 'family.' Discussions of possible future scenarios are had over drinks, because why not?
Srs Bsns March 6th, 2022 Inez pays a visit to Wade at his usual HQ. Some drinks are had, work is discussed, and the happily wed couple set off for a romantic masacre of a mutant trafficking ring.
Secret of the Sisters: Part One March 5th, 2022 Gabby reveals the secrets of her and her clone sisters to Laura, Deadpool, Bart and Emiko. They realize the urgent need to get to Alchemax to solve a growing problem.
A Question of Nuptials February 22nd, 2022 Wade and Inez catch up and discuss their past, present, and future going forward while dining on steak and beer. All in all, not a bad restart as far as Wade's relationships go.
Ride 'Em Cowgirl February 19th, 2022 In which there is a Mercenary Mutant reunion and much blackout drinking that will happen
Who the Fuck is Moaning Myrtle February 4th, 2022 Jon, Cael, and Wade gather to learn of Sara's condition after she's grievously wounded in battle. Cael doesn't handle the stress well.
Path of Glory: Need to Persevere February 3rd, 2022 Jon and Wade converse while Sara goes in for surgery to handle the damages she sustained after the mission at UN Headquarters.
Memories that should be forgotten January 28th, 2022 Wade checks in on Sara, learned about her missing weak, and then... (this section is rated R).
Good Morning Sara January 20th, 2022 Sara wakes up in the Triskelion med-bay to her friends and family. She seems in perfect health, but only time will tell.
Not In the Spirit of Christmas December 24th, 2021 Deadpool and Domino break up a ring of drug smugglers hiding behind a toy donation service before stealing the toys (that were not laced with drugs) and getting them delivered to children who truly need and appreciate them.
Hula Skirts and Coconuts December 17th, 2021 Wade and Sara have dance lessons - that get interrupted when Cael sneaks off to a hair salon. And no one likes Cael's idea of eating spam, kimchi, and baked egg pizza.
The Return of Old Enemy Part 3 December 1st, 2021 Sara and The Witchblade were rescued from the Thule Society, the impostor destroyed thanks to the team work of Cael Becker, Artemis, Deadpool and the Ghost Rider.
A Very Important (see also secret) Mission November 24th, 2021 Mystique gives Wade a classified mission to deal with a Senator that didn't take the warnings from numerous organizations out there, seriously.
Apartment Mayhem when you're 'haunted'. November 21st, 2021 No description
Covering All the Bases November 13th, 2021 Domino comes to Wade's room and they discuss what's been going on in their respective lives. Wade's is decidedly more upbeat that Domino's. Decidedly. But maybe he can help turn *her* luck around for a change.
How Many Brandy's Does it Take... November 12th, 2021 Cael has a few too many - and doesn't manage to keep her cool around Sara and Wade when her sister inadvertantly pushes her buttons.
1, 4, 5 November 11th, 2021 Wade introduces his friend Domino - and the last of the fish are named. Domino does not fall into the pond, despite Clarice's efforts.
Saturday Morning Cartoons November 6th, 2021 Its morning at Xaviers and there are cartoons on. Conversation is had, Deadpool is investigated. A typical Saturday at the Mutant School.
Mouth, Blade, and Cowabunga! November 6th, 2021 Wade and Sara run into the Fun Ninja Turtle (Michelangelo) and, after introductions by recognition by the Merc with a Mouth, they decide that pizza is on the menu for the evening meal. Because with the Turtles, it always is.
Bring Your Pet to Milkshake Day November 4th, 2021 A group of random folks all end up at Mootant Town Milkshakes to get their free shake for bringing their pets in! Oddities insue!
The Return of Old Enemy November 4th, 2021 The Thule Society is back, and apparently gunning for the Witchblade. A few items have gone missing from the Museum of Natural History, a few left behind, and too many questions left unanswered.
Jihad To Be There October 31st, 2021 Blink, Deadpool, and Toad take out a group of Islamic extremists with the goal of freeing child soldiers. Mission accomplished.
An Avengers Thanksgiving October 31st, 2021 Steve invites a bunch of people to the Avengers Mansion for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was wholesome. Even Wade.
A Hellfire Halloween October 28th, 2021 The Halloween bash at the Hellfire Club goes as planned. Darkness, debauchery, deals, and costumes a plenty. Though, given the shenannigans toward the end, the bar might need to put a hold on jello-shots for the foreseeable future.
Wild Night is Calling October 24th, 2021 Spidey meets up with Lesion...and finds himself in the presence of the Merc With a Mouth.
Deadpool Can Listen to Instructions October 22nd, 2021 Wade and Sara go to Sion's private back room for date number two and play very strange game of twenty questions that goes from innuendo to interdimensional without much break in between.
Who Says Coffee Isn't Romantic October 19th, 2021 Romance blossoms. Wade and Sara make things official over coffee and donuts. Discussion topics include: Wade's disfiguement. Sara's memories. And how many different ways Wade has not quite died.
Mercs and Burgers - What Could Go Wrong October 17th, 2021 Wade learns the truth about Cael. She doesn't give a shit about him.
Mouth Meet Blade October 17th, 2021 Deadpool is saved by Witchblade for a definite maiming. After some not so subtle flirting, Agent Cael Baker joins the party on the Rooftop of Safety.
Waffles and mayhem October 15th, 2021 Waffles, coffee, conversation, flirting, and Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool joins the Brotherhood. Poor H & D.
The Merc, the Herc, and the Siren October 14th, 2021 The Merc with a Mouth waxes poetic about connections (or maybe is just blowing smoke to get a hook up) while the Olympian tries to give him some consolation (and attempts to be a competent wingman.)
The Problem With China: Resolution 2 October 10th, 2021 With the children of Xinjiang, China safe and sound in Genosha, the laboratory in Tibet is breached and the children there taken for medical assistance. The Zhongguo Xiongdi Hui is awoken and ready to move against their own government.
Notnapped! August 7th, 2021 A group of angry fans ragemob someone and Wade, Laxmi and Fire stop them!
Homecoming August 7th, 2021 Getting to the cargo was the mission and it left more questions than answers for most present. Except Wade, he just stole some shit and left; typical Deadpool.
They Fight Crime! August 5th, 2021 The Network declines to order the Ilmr and Deadpool Show Fight Crime Pilot for Obvious Reasons.
The Golem of Bushwick: Trial By Fire August 5th, 2021 An explosion rocks Bushwick's clinic, and the community comes together to save people from the resulting fire.
The Golem of Bushwick: Week 1 - First line of defense July 16th, 2021 Well armed thugs attack the Golem in an attempt to draw out Mystique. It works, but everything goes to hell in a handbasket as more heroes arrive to take care of the situation.
Harry's Pool with Pool July 12th, 2021 Wade tracks down Rogue in Harry's Pub near Xavier's School. They talk about Simulation Theory and Wade's love life.
The Golem of Bushwick: The Grand Unveiling July 11th, 2021 Lydia unveils her latest project to help protect Bushwick: A real life Golem! Reactions are dubious at best, but plans are made to keep it monitored throughout the week.
SAVE YOURSELF February 25th, 2021 Wade and Wanda save the life of a Fish called Wanda and other pets from a fire.
Agent Furby February 17th, 2021 Deadpool confuses Peggy with his beautiful face and many truths, upon a visit to the Triskelion accidentally.
Ill Advised Career Counseling. January 27th, 2021 Strix goes to Deadpool to get some advice. Shenanigans happen.
One Night at Teddy's Tacos January 20th, 2021 Funky silliness happens in Teddy's Tacos.
How Jean Got Her Groove Back November 4th, 2020 Wade and Jean go on a maybe date to find a maybe (definitely) assassin, to stop an assassination. They have some wholesome and also difficult talks. Shockingly, between Wade Wilson and Jean Grey, Jean is the clearer head in the end.
Six Peace Signs October 31st, 2020 Wade and Spiral make peace.
Late Night Snacks October 29th, 2020 Wade is diagnosed brain worm free! Wholesomeness, hot chocolate, relationship advice, nachos, and planning of the Liberation of Jean Grey...
Group Therapy October 27th, 2020 Dr Kat the television personality finds the wrong trio to try group therapy on. Chaos ensues.
A Kindness Over A Collar October 25th, 2020 Wade goes looking for the Los Hermanos gang, meets Vanessa and she gets taken hostage. Then there was gunfire. Lost of gunfire.
Six Leagues Over The Pool (And Other Arm References) October 18th, 2020 Wade, Harley, and Spiral all bond over their abnormalities, and vow to believe in themselves and that they're human after all!
Waller's Headache. October 15th, 2020 Spiral is put on the spot when Waller discovers what she has been doing at prison grounds. Luckily there will be a mission where she will be able to redeem herself! Debrief is made to both Spiral and Deadpool about it. The 'audience' app gasps in anticipation!
That's a Spicy Meatball October 15th, 2020 Wade and Rogue brutalize a bunch of mobsters, then hang out and have personal talks. Wade is crestfallen!
Uncanny Assassination October 14th, 2020 Sally is assassinated by Deadpool. It doesn't take.
ZZGU: Suicide Squad Edition October 13th, 2020 The Suicide Squad is assembled once again! They go into a camp full of nazi-cultists, get slimed, pursued by tanks, shot with miniguns but miraculously come up on top and do the mission.

RIP Jawmaw and Mysterious Ninja.

Clown 4 Clown. No Not That Clown. October 6th, 2020 Wade Wilson and Harley Quinn have an amazing night out!
An Assassin Hunts an Assassin Who Gets Killed By An Assassin October 6th, 2020 Wade Wilson kills an assassin who tries to assassinate him, Strix is hunting that assassin and instead tries to assassinate Wade Wilson. He gets her into a stalemate and convinces her to eat snacks and watch the Rush Hour series. He has likely made an enemy of the Court of Owls without even realizing it.
The Mouth meets the Spiral October 4th, 2020 Turns out Spiral is a Deadpool fan. THINK OF THE RATINGS
Dead Gold September 29th, 2020 Booster Gold pushes his #AllGoldEverything campaign, and Wade Wilson shows up as support. When asked of his true origin, he explains that he's Batman, and escapes with Booster Gold's off-loaded shirts!
Hogwarts invitation for beginners September 8th, 2020 if you need an explanation, you shouldn't read this.
Laundry Day, See You There July 24th, 2020 Deadpool does laundry, and Domino has a sandwich!
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
I'm on a boat EXPLICIT July 1st, 2020 Domino and Deadpool text and are friends. There's no three-way though. :(
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Super Match Game Ep102 June 22nd, 2020 Joan and Siobhan play Super Match Game with Bret, Damian, Natasha, Karen, April and Wade in a heck of a showdown, hosted by Greer!
We all (root beer) float down here June 10th, 2020 Steve hangs out with Wade. Puzzles and kittens.
Mori doesn't have Hobbit Feet May 21st, 2020 Deadpool and Mori have difficulty with reality. And axes.
WITNESS ME May 19th, 2020 Steve and Wade save a kitty in a tree.
Scene title: REDACTED May 5th, 2020 Wade visits Steve, pillow fight is had, for the Dark Side.
Movie Night Pt 2 April 29th, 2020 It's May the Fourth and that means it's time to watch Star Wars at Xavier's. It also means time for some duel-related shenanigans.
Action in Steve's Bedroom April 27th, 2020 Wade is handcuffed to a car door, Steve helps, and weathers the Wadestorm.
What Might The Future Bring April 20th, 2020 A relaxing evening out back of Xavier's turns to a lot less than relaxing with Hope learning Bishop has arrived... and a surprise cameo by Deadpool.
It's not kidnapping if --oh wait it's kidnapping April 13th, 2020 Alanna helps Deadpool interrogate a villainous kidnapper.
I Miss You April 10th, 2020 Wade visits Steve in his room, and they do drawings and YES WADE GETS A HUG.
Shots Shots Shots March 22nd, 2020 Deadpool annoys Powergirl, Tony Stark rises in the (twitter) polls, and Deadpool causes chaos. A typical night at the club.
Smol Screm! March 11th, 2020 A cat causes terrible trouble.
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
Everybody Be Cool This Is A Robbery March 2nd, 2020 Floyd and Wade save a convenience store from a robbery. Well. Sorta.
The Mysterious Red Hood February 17th, 2020 Red Hood attempts to take over a small Gotham gang, but Wonder Woman, Kitty Pryde, Kaida Connolly, and Deadpool arrive to put the gang down instead.


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The Match Game May 21st, 2020 This is a game that involves a panel of celebrity guests who are given a fill in the blank sentence. Two contestants compete to try and get the most matches to the celebrity responses for a cash prize!

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