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Family Night
Date of Scene: 13 June 2022
Location: Robbie's Apartment
Synopsis: And a very family-like fight broke out!
Cast of Characters: Rien D'Arqueness, Gabby Kinney, Robbie Reyes

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
It's been awhile since they've sat down and done a real family night, and after some rest from the mission yesterday, some family time will be welcome. There's a card table set up in the living room behind the sofa in case they all want to play some games, but there's also a stack of movies next to the tv in case people just want to chill and watch videos! Rien has put Gabe in charge of popping the popcorn whils she orders up a couple pizzas. There's some chips available, ice cream in the freezer, and Robbie has been sent out on a run for beer and soda. They are stocked and ready!

Rien's doing some quick cleanup to make sure there's enough space for everything and everyone, the food going onto the kitchen table. SO when Gabby arrives, she zips over to the door to allow her sister in with a grin and a quick hug, "Hey! Come in, make yourself comfortable. RObbie's grabbing drinks, he should be right back." THen she's zipping off again to make sure all the laundry is out of the way!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was more than eager to join in for a family night. She was just a bit nervous. It was the first time she was going to Robbie and Rien's place as opposed to the safehouse in the Hamptons. A silly little thing, perhaps, but the place was Robbie's and Gabe's before Rien was around so it felt a little like she was coming into someone else's turf.

When Rien lets her in she pauses to give a good swipe of her shoes over the floor mat to ensure she's not tracking anything inside. Even her attire was more 'casual' than usual. A tanktop beneath a colorful light weight haori type jacket. Jeans are worn with some tears in the knees, and her ususal favored high-top sneakers.

"Thanks, Rien. Anything I can do to help?" Her hands shove into her pockets while glancing around a moment to take in the apartment thoughtfully.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
There isn't much to take in, honestly. The apartment's pretty small, and in a fairly low-income area. The window bordering the building's front door looks to have been smashed (again), and there are suspicious stains on the lobby carpet. Despite all this, the apartment itself is clean, and Robbie seems to have made some effort to spruce it up a little; potted plants along the window sill, a cheerful floor rug and -- more often than not -- the smell of authentic Mexican food being cooked.

Tonight though, it's pizza, popcorn and beer. The latter of which, he arrives with not too long after Gabby shows up. "Shit," he grumbles, elbowing the door shut behind him. "Forgot the soda." His gaze travels to Gabby and her shawl-thing, and he flashes her a slight smile. "That's nice." Because in guy-ese, 'nice' is a valid word for complimenting a girl.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien steps back out in time to hear Robbie mention not getting the soda. She snaps her fingers a few two liters from the safehouse appear on the table with the rest of the food. Winking at him, she chuckles, "Now aren't you glad you live with a sorceress?" Stepping into the kitchen, she smiles at Gabe, "You ready, big man? You been talking a lot of smack about being a boardgame master. Time to put your money where your gamepiece is!" She leans down and gives him a quick hug... then ruffles his hair and darts out of the kitchen with a laugh!

"Okay. So we have a decision to make. I got all these board games because Gabe's been talking big about his mad board game skills. So either we put him to the test, or we all smoosh onto the couch for a movie night!" Rien turns a smile towards Robbie and Gabby.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances back over her shoulder when Robbie comes with the drinks. "Well that's okay," she begins only to crack a wide grin at the compliment. "Thanks! I'm trying a new look out," she admits while doing a little twirly spin to show off the full look. "Trying to be less like Laura. Not that she's bad, she's just got a look already."

Glancing over at Rien she considers this thoughtfully while regarding the table of games set out. "Mm. I'm all for laying the smack down in some games. Maybe a movie later?" Raising her voice she calls out, "Sound good, Gabe?"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
There's a mock surprised gasp from Gabe, when Rien sasses him about his board game.. game. "I will have you know that I am UNBEATEN in settlers of Catan," he exclaims, swatting at her after the hair ruffle.

"Bullshit," Robbie pipes up, enroute from living room to kitchen. "I remember that time you wanted to go all in on sheep, and got your balls busted." The six pack of beer is set on the table, and he turns just in time to see Rien with a two litre of soda in her hands. "You know, you could've conjured us the beer, too," he points out, trying to snag her for a kiss on her way past.

"No comment!" Gabe laughs, wheeling toward the living room and hoisting himself onto the couch. "Oh, hi, Gabby." He beams the girl a bright smile. "My choice is movie. Something baaaaaaad." Yes, he bleated like a sheep there. "But we could do some games if you guys want, sure."

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Grinning at Robbie, Rien kisses him back and winks, "I don't have the beer you like at the safehouse. I've had the soda there for awhile. Helps get it out of the fridge and make sure it gets drunk up." She sets the soda on the table and calls back, "Besides, you love driving and I needed you out from underfoot so I could pick up! Suited both of us for you to make the beer run."

Then she's grinning at Gabe and leaning back against the wall with arms folded, "If we're watching a movie, it has to be Sharknado. I haven't seen it and I heard its -terrible-." Rien looks to Gabe, 'And then after we can play a game of Settlers and Gabe can show us all what he's got."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Settlers?" Gabby has heard of this before. It was usually one of the nerdier guys at the school trying to get everyone to play it. For a moment she thousand-yard-stares and then shakes her head quickly to get that memory out of her mind. "Oh, well movie before works too. Plus there's gonna be food," she has to admit with a quick nod of agreement.

Given Robbie and Rien are doing the smoochie-hug thing she gestures toward the newly summoned soda. "What you want, Gabe? I usually hit up the rootbeer or Coke. Though I like the Christmas Coke better, it tastes different." And she will smack anyone who says otherwise!

"Oh, Sharknado could be cool! I was gonna suggest Lesbian Vampire Slayers otherwise."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"Yes! Sharknado!" Gabe, at least, is in enthusiastic agreement. "Though I could do lesbian vampires, too.." Well, who couldn't? And let's be honest, as an Engineering major and massive Japan-o-phile, he probably IS one of those nerdy guys at the university trying to organise board game nights.

Robbie snorts at the comment about getting him out from underfoot, pretending to be indignant. But not pretending very hard. Because she's right, he does like driving. He kicks off his boots and peels out of his leather jacket while the others decide on an activity, then wanders into the bedroom he shares with Rien, to see about changing his shirt. Nothing too scandalous going on in there, so he doesn't bother shutting the door while he does it.

"Oh, I'll have root beer," Gabe replies. "What's Christmas Coke?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
"Okay! Sharknado it is. Lesbian Vampires will have to wait for another day. Maybe next time Robbie and I have a date night, Gabby can come over and the two of you can watch Lesbian Vampire Killers? We can make up some really good tamales and conchas for you guys before we head out." Rien glances between Gabby and Gabe, brows lifted with a smile. "Oh! Gabe. I almost forgot. Gabby's going to come with us to Disney World!"

Then she's slipping into the bedroom to be all smoochy-faced with Robbie while he's half-naked and defenseless! Once she's gotten her kisses, she flashes him a grin and a wink, then heads back into the living room. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... we need more seating... the couch can hold three alright." She snaps her fingers and a recliner appears next to the couch. "But four would be squishing. Who wants the recliner?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grabs two cups to begin filling up with the rootbeer. The pair that slip off into the bedroom a moment get a glance that direction only to avert her eyes quickly while clearing her throat. Taking both cups she heads for the couch to offer one to Gabe. "I guess you have to deal with that a lot," she reasons with a broad grin. "And hell yeah you're taking me to Disney World! I would disown you if you didn't." With such a proclamation made she sits down next to Gabe only to add, "For a few months anyway."

When Rien makes the recliner appear she glances toward Gabe giving a shrug. "I think the real question here is who wants to be stuck next to you two the whole evening," she teases back.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
There's a brief burble of laughter from the bedroom, a few soft murmurs, and a little bit of scuffling following Rien's incursion. Gabby's glance really doesn't find much more than Robbie's bare shoulders and back, an instant before he tugs on the tee shirt. There's some ink, but it's far too brief to see what it is.

"You have no idea," Gabe grumbles, grabbing the remote. "You think rabbits are bad?" He tips his head toward the bedroom, and murmurs his thanks for the root beer. "I'll take it," he calls out, flashing Gabby a shit-eating grin, and waiting for his brother to emerge, so he can heft him up (like he weighs nothing at all) and move him over.

Then, as he wanders off to fetch himself some pizza, "You're comin' with us to Disney World?" Gabby's shot a glance over the older boy's shoulder, brows tipping up in question.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien laughs softly at Robbie and shakes her head, "You know, I'm thrilled you find me so distracting, love. But you were the one that said she could join us! Remember, in the sitting room after that training exercise at the gym?" Because they can't talk about JLD in front of Gabe. She flashes him a grin and asks, "Grab me two cheese and two supreme slices, babe? And a beer! Please and thank you!" She bats her eyes lashes at him, and chuckles as she flops onto the couch.

Looking aside at Gabby, she grins, "Looks like you're stuck with sitting next to us. Unless Gabe is willing to share the recliner with you." Then she's chuckling and turning ont he tv, queueing up the movie through Amazon Prime. Leaning forward, she looks at Gabe with a smile, "At least we don't -breed- like rabbits."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lets out a little sigh but doesn't argue over Gabe claiming the recliner. He had to put up with the lovebirds enough as it was, so it was only fair he got first dibs. She does grin however over it all. "Ah heck. Guess I'll manage. And yes, I am." There's a small pause before she adds quickly, "I can pay my own way if it helps!I just would rather not go alone and I DO want to go. It's one of those things on my list." Whatever list that may be.

Realizing she hadn't swiped pizza when she should have she hoists back to her feet taking care not to spill her soda in the process. "I dunno, I think I'd have to be pretty much sitting on poor Gabe to share that chair." A quick glance is cast his way before she looks back to the pizza she's snagging trying not to think too much on that.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"That's between you and him," Robbie points out to Gabby, regarding the seating arrangements. He piles a few slices of pizza for himself onto a plate, then grabbing another one for Rien's cheese and supreme. A couple of beers are snagged as well, and then he's wandering back over to sprawl on the couch. Gabe simply blushes, and chugs his soda like he's become suddenly aware of its existence.

"Did I? Say she could come with us?" Robbie's already finished one slice. Where the hell all that food goes is a mystery for the ages. "Don't matter, I guess. More the merrier."

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien grins at Gabe's blushing, then looks towards Gabby, "I'm going out on a limb and saying I don't think he'll mind." Chuckling, she sits up long enough for Robbie to drop down, then she's flopping back against him, pressing a kiss to his jaw and whispering into his ear. Taking the beer meant for her, she grins at him, and takes a quick bite of her pizza.

Looking back to Gabe, she smiles, "If you don't mind, I can extend it a little, make it more like a loveseat instead of just a recliner? That way neither of you has to be inflicted with us. And you two can do... well, whatever two consenting adults choose to do." Rien flicks a glance back at Gabby and offers a big, cheesy grin. Then she manages to stop teasing long enough to answer, "Save your money for buying souvenirs and snacks. I have the tickets and accomodations covered. Even got us the Genie passes so we don't have to wait in the lines."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lingers in the kitchen a moment or two longer than necessary with all the talk of seating arrangements going on. Thankfully there's pizza as a distraction. Carrying a plate with a few slices for herself she heads back for the couch shaking her head at Rien with a complete lack of smile. "No, there's no need. Thanks though. He can have the comfy seat and I'll give him a break from you guys." It's only then she grins a bit while sitting down to tuck herself into the corner of the couch.

Another little look is shot toward Rien along with a curt single shake of her head. Then her gaze flits back to the TV while lifting a slice of pizza. "Let's get this show going!"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Robbie's got a slight frown on his face as he watches Gabby loitering about in the kitchen, taking her time in coming to join them. Gabe, too, is undoubedly aware of the tension in the room now. He glances to his brother, then Rien. Then offers Gabby a goofy smile.

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Robbie, now visibly irritated, extricates himself from Rien and climbs to his feet. "You want to avoid me so bad, fine. Gabe, you mind moving back? I'll take the recliner." At this rate, it's going to be musical chairs instead of movie night.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
"Ack- ..hey!" Rien finds herself suddenly without the extra warmth of a Robbie and looks at him, then to Gabby, then she's laughing. "It isn't you, Robbie. It was my bad teasing." Shaking her head, she looks between everyone, then sighs heavily. "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine." Snapping her fingers, she adds a second recliner on the opposite end of the couch to the first one. Space is definitely at a premium now, but it means both Gabe and Gabby can have their own seat and neither of them is inflicted with the couple's cutesy stuff.

Looking to each person, she lifts a brow, "If this isn't satisfactory, -I'm- sitting in the recliner with Gabe and you two can grump on the couch together." She takes a big bite of her pizza and just staaaaaaaaaaaares.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was already sitting down looking highly confused by the time Robbie gets up with that declaration. Her gaze flits between them all as her eyebrows draw together with a small frown. "I think you're getting the wrong idea, Robbie. ... And so is Rien," she adds with a slight sigh. An apologetic glance is cast toward Gabe along with a shrug.

She's about to explain further when Rien states it was about her teasing. Snap-pointing toward her sister she gives a rather vehement nod. "I'm not gonna embarass Gabe that way. Besides we already talked and it'd be weird given everything, so it's not gonna happen." A sip of her drink is taken a she opts not to spill the beans about Gabe just getting over someone and not being interested in dating. That wasn't her news to be giving out.

When the second recliner appears she shrugs indifferently. "That works I guess." Up she goes, and heads over to flop down into the new chair with a sigh. "Movie now?"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"You know what.." The older Reyes boy backs away from the couch, and goes to set his plate aside. "I'm gonna get some air. Sounds like you three need to talk. I'll be back later." He fetches his jacket and shoves his feet into his boots, heading for the door.

Gabe just sits there, face in his hands, as all of this plays out. "I'm sorry my brother is so stupid," he mumbles into his palms, without looking up at either of the girls.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Watching Robbie take off, she lets out a heavy sigh and shakes her head, then looks back to Gabe, "It's fine. He's not used to any of this. You at least have friends that will tease you. But few people will actually tease Robbie." She watches after him, then shakes her head again, and looks back to Gabe with a small shrug. Glancing to Gabby, she nods to the light switch on the wall, "Hit the lights, we'll start the movie and he can join us when he gets back." Once Gabby's gotten the lights, RIen will turn the movie on and settle in.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hesitates a moment, fidgeting where she sits. Only to shake her head. The plate and drink are sat down in favor of her hopping to her feet and getting out to chase after Robbie. "No, I think I need to explain a bit... You guys get it started. I'll be back before him probably," she assures with a wink toward the pair.

Then she's out the door reaching after Robbie trying to snag hold of the back of his jacket. "Hey, wait up!" Ugh, she wasn't going to be able to get him to hold still probably so she blurts out, "Rien was teasing me about doing things with Gabe but Gabe's getting over a girl and told me he's not up for dating, but Rien didn't know that before she said that stuff and why are you running away anway?" It all tumbles out quickly trying to get it out at once so he could maybe understand. "I was just teasing about you guys making out. I mean I've sat next to you before it's not an issue."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
The boy's as slippery as a fish, it's true. He wrenches away from that snatch at his jacket, though does at least stop and turn around to face Gabby, a few paces from the door to the apartment. Rien, with her sharp hearing, can probably easily catch the charged conversation. "Because I don't want to deal with your shitty attitude? I'm tryin' to make you feel like.." He runs his tongue along his teeth with a soft *click, click*. Then sighs. "Like part of the family. But I don't know what it is you want. And yeah, I fuckin' knew Gabe was getting over an ex. Rien, maybe she forgot, it don't matter."

Once Rien gets the movie started, Gabe leans over to turn down the lights, and settles in with his root beer and a bowl of popcorn. "Are they always like this?" he wants to know.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien watches Gabby as she takes off after Robbie, lips pursing up for a moment, then letting out a small breath.

Turning back towards Gabe, she chuckles, "No, but there's... there's some history between them that I think sometimes colors their perceptions." Rien leans over and pops a small kiss to Gabe's cheek, "But that's okay. We can be movie buddies." Then she's turning to the screen to watch the very fake and terrible carnage.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
That causes Gabby to jerk her head back looking at him wide-eyed. "... MY shitty attitude? What did I do that was 'shitty' or even an attitude, by the way? All I did was try to signal to Rien not to bring up what she suggested again! It had nothing to do with YOU, Robbie!"

Her hands clench at her sides a moment before she spins away to cross her arms over her chest. It only lasts a moment before her arms uncross to reach up and rub over her face roughly. "I'm not... I wasn't upset. Just kind of embarassed at the suggestion and didn't know how to respond. I feel like *I'm* the one that's fucking things up lately. I'm not trying to make things harder for you guys. You're happy together, I see that, I'm not trying to ruin it for you."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Gabe still looks a little concerned, but he's much better than his brother at putting on a brave smile. "Yeah, I kind of figured," he murmurs, reddening at the kiss to his cheek. He, like Robbie, is a pathological blusher. At least he doesn't have the godawful freckles to make things worse. Then, "OOOH, this is the best part," he crows, reaching over to tap Rien's shoulder as sharks swarm the boat and start slaughtering everyone.

"Yeah?" is heard in the corridor, "well you sure fooled me." Robbie isn't going to try to touch the younger girl, or get her to turn back around. But he does watch her steadily, silent for a few moments. There's another sigh. "You ain't fuckin' anything up. I just.." He just what? "You should head back inside. They're waiting on you."

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien nudges at Gabe and smiles, "Hey, if nothing else, I can teleport them both into a room with no doors or windows until they talk it out." Winking at him, she turns back to watch the movie, laughing at the sight of the sharks just aggressively leaping out of the water to chomp on people. "Man, these guys are worse than Jaws or any of Jaws' kids."

She flicks a glance back over her shoulder, then rolls her eyes and rises up to her feet. She pads over to the front door and opens it, sticking her head out. "Okay, one. I can hear you. Two, I'm pretty sure the neighbors can too, these walls are like tissue paper. And three, nobody is messing anything up unless butts are not back into the living to watch this terrible movie about flying sharks eating people. Gabe and I agreed. We're mad at whoever -doesn't- come back inside." She looks to Gabby, then to Robbie, then closes the door and heads back to the couch.

"Yeesh." She glances over at Gabe and grins, "I shamelessly used you to help guilt them both into coming back."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances back over her shoulder at Robbie with a faint smile. "Yeah well it's not every day someone suggests I get into someones lap and do sexy stuff with them, I get a little embarassed." Somehow she manages to say that with a straight face. She does turn back toward him reaching out to bump his arm with her fist lightly. "You're not fucking things up either," She points out just in time for Rien to lean out and call to them.

Lightly clearing her throat she tips her head that way. "Looks like we're both over-ruled." Flashing a grin, she turns to head back in with a mumble of, "Better be popcorn left!"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"You go ahead, I'll catch up with you guys later," Robbie murmurs. Meaning, he probably has some aggression to get out, so sitting through a movie is not in the cards for him right now. Then he turns and prowls off, clearly willing to risk Rien's and his brother's ire.

Gabe doesn't seem at all surprised that Robbie's still set on taking a breather. "He probably just needs to go punch something," he offers, unconcerned. The boy's got a temper on him, and altercations like this are probably commonplace. He's content to stuff his face on popcorn, after a brief glance to track Gabby's return. "Hey, welcome back." And, "SO bad," he agrees with Rien as they reach the part where the heroes have to rescue people on the freeway from sharks.