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Doom by her own Boom
Date of Scene: 01 July 2022
Location: Medical Lab
Synopsis: Tabby's healing from a rough time in the danger room. Jimmy Proudstar brings comfort food and comforting advice.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Another training session, another night in the med lab soon after. It's almost a running gag that Tabitha has been going pretty hard on some missions and training scenarios.

So once again she's back after a particularly spectactular showing against upgraded simulated sentinels. Kicking back or at least kicking side while she muches away on some left over pizza that was ordered in. Sweat pants in pink, and one of those medical gowns covering her for modesty while bandages and gauze soak up some of the mess from taking shrapnel from hard light missle shrapnel.

Glasses sit on a nearby bench while a still woozy look in on her features and blue eyes stay as focused as she can on the slice.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar seems a little lost, looking for the medbay a room that he has never personally had a reason to enter. He sticks his head into the small space, and frowns, then nods as he sees Tabby in one of the biobeds. He takes a moment to take her condition in and the sidles into the room. His face is concerned, "Heard you got hurt in a training excercise... again. You want to talk about what's going on?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Jimmy!" Tabby beams. They might have let her have some of the better painkillers. Or she's still concussed and no one has let her sleep yet. A bit of both.

"Well if anyone asks. The training mission was like a success. So Rogue said but honestly we ballsed it up. I kinda ballsed it up." she states. Her face isn't exactly a shiny example of pristine flawlessness either with some bandages covering her.

"All this, nah. Triage or Elixer will probably end up fixing this. But umm. Yeah. I screw pooch. Fake people might have died but it still sucks as much as when real people die like in Jersey." she states actually sounding quivery with her voice like she's trying to not break down.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar has a bag slung over his shoulders, his knapsack, and inside is the smell of a dozen of Tabby's favortie fast food treats, burgers, wings, ice cream whatever she most enjoys. He places the bag on the night stand and starts handing her food, "Yeah, I saw Rogue's write up. I also saw you working outside the danger room on flying... I hate having to agree with M, but that wasn't a good idea, and you keep trying that or over charging your powers. I get it, believe me I do. Dealing with the powers out there which are far more powerful than we can comprehend much less combat. But you aren't the beyonder, we can't save everyone. It's just never going to work out that way."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The junk food makes Tabby sit right on up with a wince. While she might not be harmed by heat and flames she can be damaged by her own blasts and her legs took a beating trying to mimic Sam and Ellie's mobility feats. The sum of her abilities could be described beyond her explosive plasma generation and direction as Almost Like, But Not Quite.

"The Beyonder is a total skeeve. He can probably hear me and I stand by what I said. Jheri curls? Really?" she looks up at the ceiling with a grin.

"It sucks Jimmy! I can slag a normal, real Sentinel like easy. Those things were bigger than Master Molds I swear. And if they were like normal sized. I probably could have dialled it down so I could have gotten my finesse back." she finished the slice and starts on the burgers. She'll easily work through the stuff. And her metabolism will easily process it into the energy to BOOM again.

"Feels worse failing like that." she says with a mouthfull of burger. "Than it does actively killing someone. And that kinda brought some bad, bad memories back to the surface."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sits on the edge of the bed, and chuckles, shrugging conceding the point about the Beyonder.

    Jim looks concerned, "Sentinels weren't created for mutants, they were created following the alien invasion to fight the alien menace. It makes sense with the opening of the spaceport and a possible influx alien species that the idea might be being looked at again and upgraded... and they could be usurped to suppress the mutant threat again just like last time." Jim pauses and looks at Tabs, "The things we fight keep getting better, just like we train to do... " Jim nods, "I get it, it's never been easy to fail, to fail in a way that involves your powers like that but... over clocking isn't always the solution, sometimes you use placement or shaped charges?" Jim pauses and watches Tabs for a bit then smiles, "What sort of bad, bad memories?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith says, "Well finesse and shape charges are nice when you can actually make them effective" Tabby says with a bit more of a pout still on her bandaged face. That was how the last sentinel was dropped though it took out SimWolverine at the time by accident. The human living team members weren't hurt.

"Tried like hell to control but I hit that point where fine control wasn't enough." she states and chomps on a wing between burger bites. The girl totally not bothering with table manners.

"Bad memories. Like for starters. Genosha once people started getting blasted and rounded up. I kinda went back there. And with trhe Jersey mission. That spot while you were out wrangling Rhinos and Karens." she doesn't know her name but really, Power Girl was a total Karen.

"I let out a blast that kinda left four blast shadows on the wall. Then how many died when I blew the lab? Clones aside. I've never liked that feeling, ever since Tiger." she flashes back to her first kill way back before joining the school.

"When the adrenaline wore off I was hurling from Sister Margarets all the way back here!""

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar holds up his hands, "You're right, Monday morning Quarterbacking doesn't help. It's just... I have put a lot of time into training myself in the martial arts. It isn't always about the power."

    He listens quietly, "You never really talk about that Tabs, maybe you should... it wasn't your fault Tabitha, there wasn't anything you could do, the Justice League couldn't stop it, nor could Magneto. Right, Roid-Rhino and Krypto Karen." He nods slowly, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone didn't get off that container ship, or at the studio, or... " Jim almost mentions your Dad but thinks better, "in Space." He shrugs as if he just doesn't know, "They made their choice when they decided to do that work Tabs, using mutants DNA without their permission, do you think they could not know what they were doing who they were working for?" James face gets steely eyes at the mention of Tiger, "That Bastard deserved what he got. You were protecting yourself in the only way you could. How many girls couldn't? We do what we can, we do it for those who can't do it for themselves." He states kindly, "Yeah, sorry, after the Rhino beat down, I needed a few to get back on my feet."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"The Jersey thing. You had that in the bag. You're faster than Rhino any day of the week. But damn if that wasn't gonna be attrition" Tabby was downstairs at the time so she didn't get to watch the fight on account of her own with the rest of X-Force.

"Still hurts watching people around me dying. Doug, some of the othger friends I made on the island. Tiger is a sorry I did it but not sorry he's dead thing. I don't like it but some folks just shouldn't be alive." Tabby shrugs and looks down at the food before she finishes that burger.

"That's why I went on the mission. I still remember what the Dominators did Jimmy. To John. Gabby might have a different opinion on Cloning and I get it. But that was totally closer to what happened to John than it was her family right?" she asks. "Weapons made by a couple knockoffs. And that fight is gonna suck more. When he hit us with that pain flick. It felt like Jean, sounded like Cable. And Ms Speak to the Manager really thought she had a chance. I got some ideas on how to work that problem though." she points out.

Investigating and dealing with the problems cause by the Shadow King may have given her some ideas.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods, "Pray it never stops hurting that's what keeps us from being them, empathy. I hear the talk about the line, and we shouldn't kill but that not the world you and I were born into. It's great that Scott, Jean, even Kitty, Berto and Sam have that line. But I know Chuck keeps people like Logan, me, you, Yana around for a reason. He needs us." Jim runs a hand through his hair, "They were telepaths as well, it wasn't easy keeping my mind my own against a planet of telepaths, John showed my some different techniques, he had to resort to a guerilla war, hiding things in plain sight, keep thoughts moving, it won't stop an all out attack like that wave of pain, but it helps you recover and it will keep your mind your own, at least a little, he also showed my how to hide in the rage, a lot of telepaths can't handle the pure emotion of a feral mind." Jim shrugs, " I would be keen to hear any ideas you have, we could keep my or... her at the edge only call then in when the fight was joined and they were in a vulnerable spot. No, I get Gabby's place, I don't blame the clones, I mean there are still Johns out there somewhere and even though they have zero emotional resonance with my brother, they have his memories, some of them at least. They're my family after a fashion and someday I am going to have to make peace with that. But the clones are just as much the victims as we are but they have to be judged by their own decisions, the other Wade his decisions have branded him a villain just like the alternate Cable, I'm guessing they have answers for all of us?" Jim sighs, "That's a fight for a another day."