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Tabitha Smith (Scenesys ID: 586)
Name: Tabitha Smith
Superalias: Boom-Boom
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: School of Hardknocks (Plus High School Dropout)
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 07 Jul 2001 Played By Miley Cyrus
Height: 5'5" Weight: 122lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @OkayBoomer
Theme Song: 'Cherry Bomb' by the Runaways

Character Info


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Teenage runaway with a mile long streak of chaos. Tabby hates rules, and often gets into trouble for disregarding them, but she doesn't mean it to be mean or cruel. It just sometimes happens she takes things too far.


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2001: Born. What more can be said? Right. Parents are Marty Smith (rotten) and Mandy Smith (also rotten) and she was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Neat, huh?
2012: The X-Men protect the Earth and some kind of gene bomb happens. It's the start of a life change. Plus, Dad is terrible. News at 11.
2013: Discovered boys. Discovered mutant powers. Exploded the school cafeteria. Ooops. Sentinels become a thing, fueling parental hate and distrust.
2014: Tried to live as a mutant under the Smith roof. Didn't go according to plan, blew that pop stand for greener pastures. Rumor of some kind of safe place for mutants in New York. 2014 Part Deux, train north crashed by cosmic being in Washington D.C.
2015: Brief cosmic relocation, then return to Earth to resume quest north. Quest succeeded, Xavier's found.
2016-2017: "Settled down" at the school, picked up training. Normal non-mutant power classes still a bore. Attempted assassination of Senator Kelly, things got REAL.
2018: Being a mutant became a much bigger problem, bailed for Genosha.
2020: This time the roof getting blown off is someone else's fault. Rescued from Genosha and end up back with the X-Men.

IC Journal

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Chaos Incarnate:
Whatever reasons she has for doing something are often inexplicable to most, sometimes it seems like choices are made for the sake of being random. Always leave a person guessing, never be predictable. Can't let anyone figure you out. It keeps you safe, right?

It's not rage issues, but she has a temper when pushed that can go off like a bomb. Ironic, no? She sometimes says and does things that she comes to regret later. It's a work in progress.

Rules are for suckers. And, basically every one. But Tabby isn't a really big fan of them, and goes out of her way sometimes to break the rules, and it doesn't always matter which ones. However, most of the time it's in the misguided course of having fun or her personal freedom and not out of any malicious intent.

Character Sheet


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Time Bombs:
Tabby's mutant ability allows her to create balls of explosive plasma of various sizes. So far the largest that she has made has been the size of a basket ball, and in direct relation to the size is the destructive force that is emitted when one of those balls explodes. She's fine tuned the little ones, ones that explode with little more concussive force then a cherry bomb. However the top end of her abilities is as of yet unexplored. She has also learned how to add a timer delay on the little bombs, allowing her to set them and not be there when they explode.


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Combat Skills:
She's had to learn the basics of combat skills, and she's not the best. She's undisciplined and often breaks out of training to react more out of anger or fear then doing what she was trained for. But she's adapted her powers to combat in a way that works for her, and probably would just confuse most reasonable people.

Never had much growing up, still don't have much in the personal things department. But that never stopped Tabby. She's a master of making it work with whatever is on hand, and that has taught her that sometimes you've got to think outside the box.

Street Smarts:
While she might be a bundle of chaos, and just as likely to get into trouble as she is to behave, she really does know when best to keep her mouth shut. She's had to fend for herself from an early age, and that has taught her when you just shut your mouth and go along with things to survive, it's also taught her how to read people and a situation to see just how far she can push a situation, who can she go to for help or who might have what she needs in a given situation.


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New Mutants:
When she finally made it to Xavier's she was of the age group to fit in with the second Generation of mutants that came to be part of the X-Men. She needed that group structure in her life, despite being a rule-breaker she really would do anything for them. Complain the entire time, maybe. But she'd do it, and relies on them to help her too.

She was practically a kid the first time she landed at the school, and she stuck around for a little while before running away again. It wasn't because she didn't like it, it was she liked it too much maybe. But even having run away from home a second time, it's still the home she returns to, and she knows she'll always be taken back. No matter how many times she messes up.


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It's Complicated:
Life wasn't easy for Tabby growing up, her dad was basically the worst. She's struck out on her own, and would call herself a loner and say she didn't need anyone. But the reality is that she really does need a family, friends, a group to belong to, and she's bad at being alone.

White Trash:
Tabby literally had nothing growing up, except terrible parents and a lot of bad habits. She knows that her family was poor, close-minded, and trashy, and as hard as she tries to shed that image sometimes it never fully polishes off the surface. It's a chip on her shoulder that she'll use as a shield sometimes, and just as often use what she assumes is someone's judgment about her as a reason to be difficult.



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Tabitha Smith has 41 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
We Got No Troubles Life Is The Bubbles Under The Sea January 31st, 2021 Jean, Rogue, Paige, Tabitha, Kitty and Warren go out for dinner to the fancy undersea Fathom restaurant in Happy Harbor. It went about as crazily as you'd expect.
Dance Dance Socialize January 25th, 2021 No description
Special Delivery January 23rd, 2021 Tabitha deliverys a package to Cain.
Going downhill January 18th, 2021 students have fun and frustration,
Lodge Life January 17th, 2021 School people meet up for dinner at the lodge after a day of skiing. Students and others meet Talia.
Xavier School Ski Weekend: The Hunger of the Night January 17th, 2021 A group of Xaviers students and residents stumble upon a murder in the ski town, and track the perpetrator into the woods. The creature - a serial killer inhabited by the Wendigo-like Giwakwa - attacks them but is defeated, the evil spirit banished by Illyana's soulsword while the physical shell is blown to bits and smacked around by Talia and Rogue. Afterward, fearing the presence behind the possession nearby cave, Rogue moves to seal the entrance, and Jean (who arrives late to answer a text for help) aids her in sealing the rocks. Surely, its evil will never trouble the town again... or them!
Sick dance moves January 10th, 2021 Tabby, Julio, and Doug head to a club to try to forget their problems, but a whole new set of problems find them, instead.
An Unexpected Visitor January 9th, 2021 With a large group present in the Rec Room, Kitty's father, believed dead for the past year, shows up unexpectedly.
Keeping Up Appearances January 5th, 2021 No description
You Want me to do What January 4th, 2021 Tabitha get a workout. Ted gets a student.
Post-Shopping Veggie Burger January 2nd, 2021 Tabitha and Ben grab a veggie burger and discuss a spy mission!
Operation Glug Glug - Pub Crawl January 1st, 2021 Part I. A bunch of students are given a mission of sorts on New Years Eve. After the kids have been put to bed and the teachers are playing (or snoozing), a bunch of them (+Simon) go on an epic raid of teacher booze stashes and go party in the woods. Noriko and Jubes re-arrive to only have to endure Simon's chronic foot-in-mouth intoxication syndrome about some fabled relationship between them that plays out in his head aloud, much to the mortification of the two roommates. The following teachers donated...stuff for this mission: Jean, Logan, Scott, and Emma. Thank you for all your donations! Rogue was, kiiinda spared.
Delivery People December 31st, 2020 Ben and Tabitha meet with mutual deliveries for apartment 402 at the Dawnrise Apartment Complex. Ben shares the woes of pizza delivery and gets stiffed on his tip, but he does get a business card for Kord Industries from Tabitha. Oh yea, Russian Traffickers were totally exposed and likely to be robbed that evening. Take that bad tippers.
A Looming Shadow! December 31st, 2020 Tabs and Ben get away from some kidnappers.
Delivering the job December 28th, 2020 Tabitha interviews with Ted and almost blows him up, but he appreciates it and buys pizza.
INTENSITY December 25th, 2020 A couple stragglers make productive use of their Christmas Eve with a workout program. It's (not really) intense.
Christmas shopping with a friend. December 23rd, 2020 Friends shop and catch up.
Busy Diamond December 17th, 2020 Noriko tries to hit a few balls and draws some attention from the lights. People meet people who have not met before.
The One With Heated Seats December 15th, 2020 Megan, Noriko, Tabitha, and Jubilee all decide it's a great idea to test Tabitha's hotwiring skills so they can joy ride to some place to do something they hadn't figured out yet! But the car has other ideas.
Hunting Down the Three August 14th, 2020 No description
Mystic Pizza July 31st, 2020 Just a quiet night eating pizza and playing pool
Hail Tabby, The Olive Queen July 9th, 2020 Birthday Dinner for Tabby! Yay!
Petite Theft Yachto June 20th, 2020 Theft!
So This Is What Punching Bags Feel Like June 1st, 2020 A fairly battered and bruised Warpath talks about the day's battles with Magik and Boom-Boom.
Sometime Around Midnight May 25th, 2020 When you're lost, look to friends for help.
A Sinister Plot: Everybody's Coming to Get Me May 25th, 2020 The hunters find out who took Julian, which only leads them further down the rabbit hole.
A Sinister Plot: Malicious May 25th, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! Side One
Danger Room: LEEEEROY... May 11th, 2020 Success! Dazzler is freed from the Mojoverse after FIRE!
Warren's House Party May 4th, 2020 Warren invites friends over for a party to help ease minds off of the crazy things going on in the world as of late.
On the First Day of Jenny's Birthday... April 26th, 2020 On the first day of Jennymas, Jenny gave to everybody: cake. And got an awful lot of awesome gifts.
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
Sometime Before Midnight in the Garden of Mostly Good, Really April 23rd, 2020 A few New Mutants chat in the Garden, and decide to go Dinosaur-seeking. Tomorrow.
Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex April 23rd, 2020 Jean was found! And brought back to the mansion. Also, Sauron is in deep dino doodoo.
Genosha Expedition II: Pirates! April 18th, 2020 Back in Genosha the X-Men meet some wealthy jerks and then fight Hydra pirates under Viper command
Genosha Expedition I April 11th, 2020 The X-Men travel to Genosha to establish a safehouse and meet an unfriendly welcome committee led by their old enemy, Unus the Untouchable
Materiel Girl April 8th, 2020 Bye bye, Blackbird but hello feathers, fangs and free hugs!
Goth Goth Baby April 7th, 2020 A group of teenage mutants end up storming the castl....err Hellfire Club. NOTHING BAD HAPPENS.
Sam showing Alexis some of his hang outs. April 5th, 2020 And that is what they call
How Many Rules Did We Break Today April 4th, 2020 What starts as a mostly innocent walk in the woods ends up taking a turn for the mischievous, and then ends up going to (a figurative) Hell, courtesy of a certain Queen of Limbo.
Many Happy Returns...or At Least One! April 2nd, 2020 James Proudstar runs into a familiar face at the X-Men, newly returned from not-so-sunny Genosha.
DANGER: Band Camp March 31st, 2020 Explosions, broken robots, and a kickass performance.


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Tabitha Smith has 41 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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