12292/Drinks away! No, err, bombs away!

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Drinks away! No, err, bombs away!
Date of Scene: 04 August 2022
Location: Bar With No Name
Synopsis: What just happened?
Cast of Characters: Valerie Killmore, Cain Marko

Valerie Killmore has posed:
At the table that Hex has chosen she has a few design schematics out. Tossed about, she's twirling a screwdriver that's bent at a 65 degree angle, so, practically useless. And on top of the table are bits and pieces of things. Cogs, clock parks, a robust little system of pulleys, and on one end sitting out for anyone is a few prisms, a power generator of some kind, and everything is spray painted with neon or fluorescent paints. Cheshire cats, and some weird looking runes, along with scratchy other graffiti.

Mad scientist? Who knows, but the table she's using is an Air Hockey table, so at least a few of the patrons are upset because they wanted to play Air Hockey. She's talking though, aloud, "Oh, so you don't want to explode? Ohhhhh, I'll MAKE YOU..." Quieting down, she leans close to the schematics, "explode". And the people who were going to bug her about moving just start to step around her instead, her eyes are wide and she's cross legged sitting, bent mostly halfway over staring at scratched on schematics, with a bunch of random gear laying about with her. Are those cows on her schematics? Hard to tell with the art style.

Cain Marko has posed:
The ground begins shaking and rumbling with all the fanfare and presence usually associated with a semi truck that has decided to tap dance down the steets. Glassrs rattlr, tables shake and some patrons pale while others turtle up abit as if trying to shrink into the shadows around their tables to avoid detectionl It has all the atmosphere of a school of fish sensing the impending approach of the largest and hungriest great white shark.

The Juggernaut has arrived. Fully armored, helmet and all, the vast bruiser literally seems to fill up the back area of the bar with the monstrous physicality one associates with the entire defensive line of the New York Giants and a few dozen Mr. Olympia competitions, a few sumo wrestlers, you get the picture. He treads forward with a sort of lumbering gait that speaks of utter boredom and disinterest in the current crowd of minor C and D and even E-listers.. That is, until he notes the odd commotion over by the air hockey table. Curiousity slows his gait and he reaches up and removes his helmet..a flash of red occuring as it disconnects from his armor to reveal his skull-capped visage peering over in Hex's direction.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Vibrations, rumblings, and Hex plants her hands down on one set of schematics, then on another. Then on a few cogs. It's like a cat that is trying to chase one of those electric snakes, she is moving back and forth trying to keep things in their place. It just isn't working, as there's more and more shaking, Hex's face starts to get wilder and wilder, with her eyes widening, her eyebrows raising, and her mouth doing this weird pout grimace.

Then she just slams her fists into the air hockey table, which results in cracks along the surface, "Stop shaking! You can't shake, you told me you wouldn't!" Screaming at the hockey table, and then, she's sitting upright, looking around at her things, nothing is moving. It just coincidentally was when TJ slowed to remove his helmet.

With a grin, Hex is looking around, "Oh, will you look at that. You ARE the best table here." A quick few winks at the surface and she smiles down at it, "I knew it, when I saw you." Looking up she looks around and sees a person standing in a lot of red and she points to him, "I knew it. When I saw this table, it was the best ..." Tilting her head to the right, and then slowly her body as she leans and tilts, she squints, "Are you 5 cow assassins stacked on top of one another, shoved into armor, with a human head sewn on, come to stop me?"

Cain Marko has posed:
"..Well that's a new one.."

Juggernaut's deep voice rumbles witht he mild irritation of a bored Brooklyn-Brawler. The very bass of his tone vibrating through the air into the pits of the stomachs fo those listening to him and watching this unusual bit of interaction between the immense man and the..less then stable Hex.r
"I mean....I've been called worse.." he rumbles as he sets his helmet down onto a nearby counter. He then jabs a massive thumb in the direction of the table, "Not that I make the rules here or enforce 'em but..uh..you break it you buy it. Kinda a communal thing as well. I dunno if you wanna be out here planning your master heist where everybody can kinda ser it and maybe jack up yer plans."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"New! New, hah, yeah, that's fresh." A pause, and Hex's eyes look around, searching, up, around, over, like maybe she's on to some kind of breakthrough, then nothing. "Buy it? I'll trade for it, for sure, I have this rather special spatula, it is a key component in my record player based trebuchet. Have you ever dealt with a 3 pronged fork flung at high velocity from such a thing?!" Hex chuckles and shakes her head at the same time, "Ohhh, you'd never live to see tomorrow cow many."

Then she looks down, and looks up, and picks up some of her schematics and turns them around. It is chicken scratch, at best, some things that look like engineering with whispy doodles and other scratched in things with words like 'great job' or 'boom baby' written at key areas with arrows to others. She pushes it forward in the direction of Cain, "Does THIS look like a heist?!" She stands, walking on the table, still probably not as tall as Cain, finger poking the paper quickly as she steps, "This is... not a... HEIST!" Hand to her own face, she lets it drag down slowly and then her arm goes limp to her side a she shakes her head, "You got some kind of screw loose." She uses the bent screwdriver, poking at her own head, turning it back and forth like she's tightening something.

Cain Marko has posed:
"Are you seriously still calling mr a -cow-?"

The skullcap does little to hide his expression as his features scrunch up with cisible confusion and both of his massive shoulders roll upward in apt utter confusion as she speaks, rants and approaches him with her...ah..schematics. Such as they are. His eyes flicker over the paper and the drawings briefl before looking back towards her, indeed looking down, with his mouth opening slightly as he searches for an answer to her antics.

"Listen, lady, I don't noe what the hell that's supposrd to be..okay?" his monstrous arms relax, muscles sliding like the movement of landmasses beneath his flesh as his mouth nwo sets into a slight frown, "But don't call me a cow again. You've obviously got some screws loose yerself so I didn't immediately put you on strike three but don't test me. It's Juggernaut."

He reaches a massive finger up, thick as a tree branch, and pushes it towards her intending on lightly tapping her with just enough force to push her back onto her rump if she lets it hit her.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Well, you HAVEN'T said you weren't, till just now." Hex is all riled up, the schematics are up in Cain's face, almost, as close as the furthest edge of the Air Hockey table will take her when he stops and asks her a question. The rest of it, is nearly ignored, even as the finger comes her direction she just quickly bends under it like she's playing a game of limbo. Easy peasy, and quick. One smooth motion and she's up on the other side of the arm.

If Cain doesn't move it though she plants a hand on it and leans against it, crossing her legs at the ankles with one foot planted on the ground. She uses her non-leaning hand to stretch out over the air as she does a hand version of 'the more you know' rainbow unintentionally, "An anti-cow laser. It's rather destructive, keys in on their superior body size and ... super heats it up, until... Booom splatter glop goopy goop. All OVER THE PLACE!"

A big breath in and a smiling sigh out she nods her head a few times, seeming rather proud of her invention of cogs and wheels, and pieces of trash that supposedly will blow up a cow with a heat ray, "I'd like to see one of them cow assassins survive that. Clearly you aren't one of them, though, you've asked a question instead of trying to attack me. And no cow would give me even a moment to speak my mind, or share with them the edible information that's extrapolated from these immensely tasty pieces of paper."

Cain Marko has posed:
Needless to say, her evasion does surprise the giant somewhat and he blinks a few times before ultimately withdrawing his massive arm by curling it back towards him and bringing all of his fingers back in to ball them up into a boulder of a fist. There is a cracking sound like boulders splintering and tree trunks snapping as he swueezers and pops his knuckles and he just sort of looks and listens to her with some degree of morbid fascination as she waxes on and on.

Finally, he quirks his lips into a lopsided confused smirk and rumbles, "What can I say? I'm just a..-nice- non cow assassin Juggernaut. I try and listen versus trying to just smash you into paste when you annoy me. At least, when I'm in here. This bar's meant for us all to be able to hang out in, yeah?"

Juggernaut uncurls his arm, stretchign it out to indicate the daamaged table, "So that means don't go breakin' stuff. Now what if I wanted to play air hockey, eh?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Even the powerful sounds of The Juggernaut's knuckles cracking, go behind the explanation of what Hex is talking about. By the time he's talking again, she's pacing, on the table still. "He is calling himself a juggernaut." A pause, and she shakes her head, "No no, he said The Juggernaut. The? Yeah, the." A conversation with herself until she turns back to the big man.

"Wait, you'd smash me into paste? What kind of paste? Hopefully no tomato paste. Ohhhhhh no, you don't. I don't eat tomatoes! Hah!" She points in the direction of Cain, accusingly, until he asks another question. Pursing her lips and blinking a few times, looking suddenly rather less crazy and much more like some cute little kid, "I suppose. I... I..." She sniffles, and rubs her nose with the back of her gloved hand, "I didn't mean to, I just, you know, when, a table is ... " sniffle, "Yelling at you" big swallow, "And you, you just, get... maaaaaaAAAAAAAAd." She lets out a whine as her eyes tear up, and those tears start to run down her cheeks, "I... I didn't mean to, I'm so s-sorry, big red guy. So, sorry."

Cain Marko has posed:
"Hey, hey! It's fine! Stop that.."

Juggernaut rears back, recoiling away from Hex as if her tears alone could do harm to him greater then the greatest of Savage Hulk's blows. "What're you..twelve? Looks it's alright. Hey, sometimes tables need to get smashed yeah? So stop that cryin'. I aint here to babysit folk but to try and get drunk. Won't happen but I'll get a buzz at least.."

He sweeps his gaze over the room once again and frowns mildly, "Yer really a few screws loose huh? I guess some out there are worse.. but calm down. Damn." With that he turns, taking a few deliberate steps towards the bar, "And yeah it's THE Juggernaut."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Water is just pouring down her cheeks, as she lets out a sniffling gooey mess from her face. When the words about it being fine come at her, she swallows hard, and looks down, sniffling, "Are... are you s-sure? You aren't just, saying that, you mean it? Really?" The bawling is starting to lessen, even though it's probably made a mess on the table, and of course all over her gloves, and she takes a shuddered breath in, with letting it out slowly.

The waterworks start to dry up, with a few more sniffles, and she still is looking wide-eyed-awful, on the verge of more tears as she reaches up and rubs her hand on her neck, head tilted a bit, as she rubs back and forth, "I don't try and use screws, tape, and glue, and precision cuts, work better. Screws, no no no, they work themselves out, not like a good lugnut, those can twist twist twist all day long, forwards and backwards, safe as safe can be. But screws? Your design's gonna fall apart." And she turns, following along near The Juggernaut, as he takes that step toward the bar.

"So, what're ya drinkin' mister? I prefer the broken bottles myself, whatever's in those has gotta be good. And no one's gonna pick'em, the suckers. Judging the delicious insides by the outside. Like you, I bet your insides are delicious."

Cain Marko has posed:
Now it's Cain's turn to have a brief conversation with either himself or someone invisible as he looks heavensward and rumbles irritably, "..I just wanted a quick drink. I didn't sign up for this...."

But it's too late. He's got a tag-a-long now and he seems disinclined to try and shoo her off. Plus, he has a sense that if he tried it'd be more trouble then its worth given that brief bit of agility she demonstrated earlier.

"Don't drink out o'broken bottles. You crazy?" he rumbles before making a vague gesture at the bartender who seems to understand just what he means as he complies by bringing the giant a full on keg of 'something'.

"here...try this.." he rumbles after getting hold of a fresh glass and then tipping over some of his drink into it. "I heard it's from trolls in Asgard or something."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Looking up in the direction that Cain does, Hex squints. She's walking forward, but has bent forward and turned her head a bit to look up, it's a rather impressive stance that would normally have someone just fall over but she's definitely got far more strength than her weight to be able to pull it off. Then she just shrugs a little bit, with a softly spoken, "Coo-koo." What with the big man talking to no one.

"Crazy? Me? Maybe. Everyone thinks artisans are crazy, we imagine a world..." And she's at the bar, hopping up onto the stool with both feet, but squatting as she spins herself around, grabbing at things on the counter top and starting to stack them in various ways, "Is different than it is, and we're called crazy for making it so."

The tipping of the keg is missed, the glass is passed to her, and she grabs it in one of her circling spins, "Trolls? Are those real?" And she's pressing the glass right up to her eye to look inside of it, making her pink eyes distort through the liquid, if even being visible from the other side, "I've never met a Troll. Though I've also never met a The Juggernaut before today. So, friend." She'll reach out and hit Cain on the shoulder in a friendly way, should he not move, like they are old buddies, "I'll trust you. The glass isn't broken, or bent, warped, or distorted. Are you sure it's safe?"

Cain Marko has posed:
"Oh, well..I dunno if its -safe-.." remarks Juggernaut with a growing grin, almost shark like as it pulls from cheek to cheek and he looks over Hex as she examines the offered brew. "Probably isn't but..aint that the fun part? And it's just Juggernaut, alright? The only Juggernaut. God, aint you heard of me?? How many times do I gotta run into folk that don't know who I am?!"

He looks frustrated, ending his rant with a light strike of his fist against the reinforced bar counter. It shakes, rattling the drinks, customers and the walls..but still, restrained as far as such things go.

"Anyway..yeah..trolls are real. So are giants, elves, all that stuff. Magic to, yeah?" He places a massive hand to his chest, muscles bunching up there with fiberous movements that creak his armor visibly, "I'm basically made outta the stuff." he states in a vast under statement and over simplification.

"Anyway...go on. Give it a sip."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Hex turns her attention to Juggernaut, and lifts the glass up above her head so she can see clearly from that eye, though not settling it anywhere, just holding it dangling above her own head while it's tilted a bit on its own. "I ain't heard of no one. Are you on one of them idol shows? I don't watch TVs, gives you brain rot, and I don't read newspapers, they're full of conspiracy lies. And magazines?! Oh, well, I read some of those, but only when I'm passing the time in a dumpster looking for spare parts."

With that she rolls her eyes a bit, and looks back at the drink, "Lingerie magazine? No. The phone book? No. Were you on a billboard? Huh. Nope, can't place you. You'd think a person as red as you would stand out like a sore thumb." And then she sniffs the glass, and then hmms, "You're made of magic? Interesting, do you have any runes on you?" And then she takes a gulp of the stuff, blinking soon after. Blinking some more, the pink of her eyes start getting brighter, glowing, and her muscles twitch as this light starts getting more and more intense.

Cain Marko has posed:
"Ah." rumbles Juggernaut as he looks at..this..whatever this is. He blinks a few times, staring blankly as the light show begins and then looking over at the bartender who is..quite wisely..beginning the process of backing away slowly.

Others follow suit, leaving Juggernaut as the only looming presence right besides Hex and even he has now backed away slightly though as he does so he quietly pushes away the keg he had been about to drink, suspecting it to the be ..rather not safe indeed.

"You alright?" he asks curiously, "I think yuo got some problems going on. Maybe don't drink any more. So you don't..I dunno..explode."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Gritting her jaw, Hex is twitching, spasming, her neck muscles are tightening as the pinkness of her eyes starts to get all the more bright. Then she lets out a sigh, "Oh, whew. No, I'm" Zzzzrtttssh crash. She is a blur of colors, a trail of pink light from the brightness of her eyes and she's on the other side of the room crashed into a table.

Wobbling a little bit, she goes to get back up, "No no, now I'm..." And she's ran smack right into the karaoke stage and tripped, rolling over the stage. "Fine... ohhhh, wow. That was pretty, intense." Then she sits up and as her eyes blink the pure energy coming out of them sort of strobes the room. She's looking right at Juggernaut when the flow of energy is just too much and a blast of it heads straight in his direction.

Picture Superman's heat vision, but a lot more PowerPuff girls. It's Juggernaut or the bar, but either way after that her eyes start to dim.

Cain Marko has posed:
"Ah geez."

Juggernaut watches these antics with eyes that widen larger and larger erach time she is hurtled across the room by her out of control powers. "Did I just kill someone by offering 'em a drink...? Good grief.."

Chaos results as the patrons duck, dodgr, scream, curse and otherwise attempt to pile out of Hex's way. It's a mess, as predicting her path is virtually impossible and the array of streaming colors and flashes of light isn't helping either where just..seeing where one is going is kind of somewhat important here.

At the end, Juggernaut simply stands there with his open to their widest as the blast of magic goes racing towards him and then collides into his tank like form with all the fanfare of fireworks mixed with a magical girls transformation sequence. Just colors and sparkles everywhere.

Fortunantely for the bar...he's The Juggernaut and so isn't flung away or pushed backwards and by virtue of his place,ent he manages to save the place from colorful destruction..but that doesn't mean he liked that.

"Augh! The hell!?" He lifts a tree trunk dwarfing arm and pushes back against the flaring light until it diminishes more and more and finally leaves Hex visible once again, "Damn, girl!"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Sitting on the stage, wobbly, Hex is letting out a wheewwwwww, as she offers a big laugh at the lights and the big red man yelling. She points in the direction of Juggernaut, while her head wobbles a bit on her shoulders, and she says, "You... gave me a perfect glass. It ... it wasn't safe." She blames the glass, as she shakes her head with such a robust movement that it twists her shoulders at the same time.

"Evvvvverryone is always blaming Hex, the skinny chick with the weeeeiiiiird hair." Hex wiggles her hands back and forth in a bad drunk version of jazz hands, "Why'd you skin our frog, weird girl, why'd you take apart our car and light our house on fire, skinny bitch? Ohhhhhh, well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. Maybe you shouldn't leave your pets hopping off leash, in a tank, inside your bedroom!"

Then her eyes start sputtering light, flickering a bit, threatening to come back like one of those relighting birthday candles. Then it just fades and she collapses to her side, bent at her waist, legs sprawled out, in a rather uncomfortable looking position. Seems to be breathing, but definitely not conscious.

Cain Marko has posed:
"Huh. Well that was a first..." rumbles Juggernaut as Hex collapses to the floor. Effort is being made to start to put the place back together again and Juggernaut just picks up the troll mead keg and eyes it before slowly taking a pull from it.

He begins walking over towards Hex as he does, eventually reaching her to reach down and pull her up and tuck her under a massive arm. He gave her the drink so no sense in leaving her like that.

"I'll cover the damages." he rumbles to the bartender as he sets Hex onto a stool to let her slump at the counter and then, with a dismissive wave, he turns and begins to make his way towards the exit.