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Cain Marko (Scenesys ID: 635)
Name: Cain Marko
Superalias: The Unstoppable Juggernaut
Gender: male
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal Mercenary
Citizenship: United States Citizen.
Residence: Mobile
Education: High School. Army Training.
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 89 Actual Age: 89
Date of Birth 24 Nov 1930 Played By Himself
Height: 9'5" Weight: 1900 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Considered among the strongest and most powerful beings on the planet. Despite his great power he's largely pursued criminal pursuits and a grudge against his step brother, Charles Xavier and Xavier's X-Men. Though this grudge has cooled over the years, his reputation for wanton destruction and being physically unstoppable is well known and he remains a prolific figure in the superhuman and criminal world.


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* 1930: Born to Kurt Marko and Unnamed Wife

* 1938 Passing of Mother. Kurt Marko raises Cain while physically and pyschologically abusing him.

* 1944 Cain is sent to Boarding School

* 1945 Cain is expelled for behavioral reasons and comes to live at Westchester with his father who has recently married widowed Sharon Xavier following an accident in Mexico resulting in Brian Xavier's death. Meets Charles Xavier.

* 1948 Kurt Marko dies in lab accident after saving Cain and Charles.

* 1950 Cain causes major car crash when trying to scare Charles while driving him to College.

* 1951 Cain begins a career as a soldier of fortune. Meets Black Tom Cassidy in a third world country's prison and befriends him.

* 1952 Cain enlists in the Korean War, is reunited with Charles Xavier. Discovers the crimson gem of Cyttorak and becomes The Juggernaut. He is buried under the collapsed mountain when shelling brings the cave down.

* 1952-2010 Juggernaut is kept in a comatose state by the power of Cyttorak following his transformation and tested in the Crimson Cosmos

* 2011 Juggernaut emerges and frees himself from the collapsed mountain and then returns to America seeking revenge on Xavier. He is defeated by the X-Men with the assistance of The Human Torch

* 2011 - Present Juggernaut begins a career as mercenary super villain, establishing a reputation for his raw power through repeated conflicts with the X-Men and other heroes over the years.

IC Journal

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A simple descriptor for Juggernaut is that he is a boorish pig headed brute with the power to move mountains. Not exactly the best combo but this boils down to him largely still being the schoolyard bully he developed into as a child. His issues run deep but they manifest as a desire to prove he is so powerful nothing can hurt him anymore and to if anyone gets in his way he's no problem proving that fact to them.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, Juggernaut is not a man without honor. He keeps his promises, for better or for worse, pays favors owed to him. Shows mercy when warrented, even to the point of lending aid to pay back a favor done for him or someone close to him and he is deeply loyal to his friends and colleagues. The spark of a man who possesses sincere feelings, connections and empathy does exist within him.

Negative Traits:
Boorish, Pigheaded, Destructive, Disrespectful, Eager To Fight, at times Cruel, Frustrated, Selfish and Angry....The list of negative traits that have built up inside of Juggernaut is a long one and not worth splitting up into individual entries. Suffice to say he embodies some terrible qualities and bad habits and though not a truly evil man, does represent some of the worst thuggish qualities out there. He cannot be said to be truly evil but he does show the results of unimaginable and seemingly limitless power in the hands of someone who can't think beyond simple thuggery. At times he's at best a blue collar mercenary-hitman and at worst a petulant man child who won't think twice about his actions collapsing an entire building around you if you challenge him or spill his drink.

Single Minded:
When Juggernaut focuses on a task it is almost impossible to give him to change his mind or divert him from this task. In determination and desire he can be as mentally bullish as his callsign implies and can be difficult to deal with in terms of trying to convince him to take another path when he's already made his mind up.

Character Sheet


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The Juggernaut has seemingly not aged a day since becoming empowered by Cyttorak. The cosmic effect of a power on the scale of Oblivion proved sufficient to force his aging process but the power of Cyttorak then countered in, fueled by Juggernaut's rage. Under normal circumstances he will not grow old.

Avatar of Cyttorak:
The Juggernaut is essentially the avatar of the most destructive aspect of the magical principality known as Cyttorak. As such he bears the title of the Exemplar of Physical Power. Empowered through an enchantment bestowed upon him by the Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak, The Juggernaut possesses what seems to be virtually limitless brute strength and power and is considered one of the strongest and most powerful beings to walk the Earth.

Juggernaut has exhibited regenerative power. Weapons of magic origin have shown themselves capable of piercing his invulnerability though they still must contend with his natural durability. Unlike Wolverines or Hulks, this regenerative ability seems to require a certain degree of dedicated effort to trigger although it only takes a matter of seconds to complete. The scope of Juggernaut's regeneration is truly monstrous as magical weapons capable of doing enough damage to even put an eye out will find the eye recovered in a matter of seconds.

Incalculable Strength:
Juggernaut is considered a Class 100 being. However this is simply an academic phrasing at best as in truth his strength is so vast it seems virtually incalculable. He has accomplished feats such as easily ripping buildings up from their moorings, plowing through steel tensile strength said to be fifty times that of Battleship Steel as if it were nothing but dry plywood (4,250,000 psi for you eggheads), producing punches so powerful their richter scale could be measured as far away as New York despite the battle taking place in Arizona, swatting, flinging and punching objects and opponents miles away and into space and much more. It has even been implied on multiple occasions that on some levels The Juggernaut is always holding back with his true limits being himself.
Juggernaut's Superhuman Strength affords him several tricks that are commonly used by others of such power and made famous by The Hulk.

Shockwaves: By clapping his hands together, Juggernaut has been shown to produce a cone of force of similar intensity and capability as wielded by Hulk on occasion.

Earthquakes: Merely stomping the ground once collapsed an entire valley onto an armed force. Similar feats may be accomplished wherein localized earthquakes can be caused by simply stomping or striking the ground.

Leaping: Although he has not demonstrated super leaping on the scale of the Hulk he has proven capable of leaping high enough to strike a being as large as The Stranger without much effort and thus can clear considerable distance with a jump.

The Juggernaut is virtually indestructible with the enchantment empowering him rendering him immune to what seems to be any form of physical harm. He has withstood the force of collapsing mountains, buildings , discharges of energy capable of cracking the armor of a Celestial and repeated blows from the strongest beings known to exist. The invulnerability offered by the power of Cyttorak has also protected him from disintegration beams and attempts to remove him from existence via reality warping or oblivion itself. He is even virtually immovable, even when still, against force on par with what some of the strongest to exist can bring to bear though sufficient force, cosmic level power and blows that catch him off guard have been shown capable of knocking him around and even stunning him.

Far from a mere sliding glacier, the Juggernaut's running speed has been observed at reaching 600 mph though it is a gradual build up over an extended distance. At such speeds he requires an immense amount of room to slow himself down to a stop essentially becoming a run away freight train.



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Whoa unto the opponent who believes Juggernaut is not a capable combatant. He is an expert brawler, even setting aside that, has received formal military training and is quite capable of applying this to the fact that he's one of the physically strongest beings in existence. More of a striker then a grappler, it can appear that he is just relying on raw brute strength to see him through but he is an expert at applying said strength and is not easy to out manuever and can hold his own against most trained combatants.

Much of Cain's resources are the result of years and years of mercenary work. He's been at this game longer then almost anyone else and is well versed and experienced in the realm of both the underworld and the muscle for hire. He knows how to hear about the latest jobs. Where to go to get new jobs. Who gives out the best jobs. Who isn't trust worthy and who is.

Military Training:
Having been sent away to a military academy and also fighting in the armed forces before he became the Juggernaut, Cain Marko has formal military training. This largely translates to him having effective basic training skill levels, is capable of using most firearms, is aware of standard survialist techniques and other similar and related things. Naturally as The Juggernaut such skills are less applicable or utilized in the day to day but it bears mentioning and has cropped up during periods when his power was reduced or removed all together.


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Fashioned from metal within Cyttorak own dimension is Juggernaut's armor and helm and skull cap. The armor itself renders Cain, not immune to, but /very/ difficult to effect magically. The magic resistance is innate and it causes Juggernaut to be less vulnerable to spells of certain intensity though spell casters such as Selene or Doctor Strange would be able to effect him with sufficient power put behind it. Juggernaut can summon the armor to him with but a thought and it arrives with a blast of red energy enveloping him and visibly transforming him. This is usually even accompanied by an enlarging of his physical form as well though this is largely cosmetic.

Being one of the more known super criminals on the planet, other criminals of lesser or equal power to him likely hold some degree of respect, either out of fear or begrudgingly, for the giant. Charles Xavier, though Cain has a huge grudge for him, is family and his dislike of him has cooled over recent years to smoldering unresolved issues. Additional exploits have created unusual in roads with others in the super powered community. Lastly, Cyttorak himself is a 'contact' of sorts as he has a vested interest in his avatar for obvious reasons.

Successful missions and contracts have afforded Juggernaut resources to live as he pleases and go where he wishes. Obviously these assets are found and frozen if he's experiencing a stay in a supervillain prison or program such as the Thunderbolts but he's not without his financial security or contacts with those who have wealth and are all to willing to pamper the giant in exchange for his services or the reputation of having him around.

Helm and Skullcap:
The armor is bonded to his helm by magical means and can be pulled loose however to wholesale yank it off without weakening the seals first would require strength on par with the likes of Rhino or Thing. Greater then him have a chance of knocking it clean off and even destroying it with powerful enough attacks as has been accomplished by Nimrod, Thor, Hulk and Captain Universe. The seals can also be weakened by magical attacks or repeated strikes and assaults of sufficient strength enabling individuals weaker then Colossus level to have an opportunity to remove it. Juggernaut's helmet and skull cap provide him immunity to psionic attacks which is one of his few true vulnerabilities. When donned as such he simply cannot be affected although some flukes have occurred.

Typically beneath the helm is a skullcap, scrapped together by pieces of metal that the armor was fashioned from. The skull cap serves as a fail safe in case the helm is ever removed and has the same functionality of the helm. But is much easier removed as it is held by straps that can be cut loose.


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The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful beings in the superhuman community but it is as a result of the whim and favor of the mysterious principality known as Cyttorak, and specifically his aspect of destruction which has much in common with a demon lord. Cyttorak has expectations of his avatar as the activity of The Juggernaut is his method of exerting influence upon the world.

The Juggernaut has proven vulnerable to magic spells of sufficient strength. With his armor on the power to affect him must be on the scale of what can be summoned by Doctor Strange or manipulated by the Hammer of Thor. Without the armor on, Juggernaut still has monstrous resistance to magical energy that is greater then that of a human but can be impacted by sufficient spell casting efforts.

Juggernaut is no more or less vulnerable to telepathic powers and related abilities as anyone else and for this reason he wears his helmet and skullcap. Without it he can be an open target.

His mind and nervous system have both been shown to be slightly vulnerable to attacks that bypass needing to deal with his outward physical toughness. High intensity sounds and effects that deal with his ability to think clearly or that can jam his neural impulses can have an effect though his endurance levels would grant high pain tolerance in such circumstances.

When captured a technological advancement known as a 'stasis pod' has been capable of imprisoning him despite his vast power. Getting him into one is another issue all together but once in and activated he has been shown to have been secure and held.



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Cain Marko has 10 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Special Delivery January 23rd, 2021 Tabitha deliverys a package to Cain.
Park Outing December 21st, 2020 4448= Juggernaut Meets Pixie Then Walks Her Home
Gotham Tourists and Yummy Food November 21st, 2020 Doreen met Diana and Harley.. and Juggernaut. And they all met each other if they didn't already know each other! Ray ate a burger and kinda-sorta met everyone else too! It was a nice night in Gotham and Doreen got to eat dinner at the Iceberg Lounge... and sneak food to Tippy-Toe!
Burger Big Bang October 24th, 2020 The Juggernaut picks a fight with Power Girl then leaves.
Temper Tantrum September 27th, 2020 The Juggernaut decides he doesn't want to beat up a kid and leaves.
Bothering a mountain August 31st, 2020 Cain and Shuri work out details on an interesting experiment.
Nothing Stops... the Juggernaut! August 3rd, 2020 It's a tie! And a trip to urgent care.
Mutant Town Aint So Bad June 9th, 2020 The Juggernaut likes art. Who knew?
Minding The Stores: The Attack May 13th, 2020 Juggernaut and mercenaries raid an Avengers storage facility, but are turned back by Natasha, Pietro, Thor and She-Hulk.
An Unstoppable Outing May 1st, 2020 Juggernaut picks the wrong time to try to rob an armored truck. Facing off against an Amazon, a Ghost Rider, and an occultist proves to be something the Juggernaut didn't plan for and so he gives them one rather nasty round of applause and chooses to rob another day.


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Cain Marko has 10 finished logs.

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