14112/Shove at First Sight

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Shove at First Sight
Date of Scene: 11 February 2023
Location: <text>
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Tommy Shepherd, Bunny Macleod, Gabby Kinney

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
    The night is young, and the crowd is wild. Which only means things are going to pop off soon, when the actual match starts. For now, though, the smell of popcorn is thick in the air, because this particular event is being held at an old school roller skating rink, the kind that has an arcade and does blacklight parties and lock-ins.

    The point being, there are snacks. Tommy's dual-wielding hotdogs at the moment, with his brand new, CUSTOM MADE, Flatland Sugar Gliders cap on his head. It's not screen-printed, baby, this is all embroidered. Deluxe snapback.

    Maybe derby caps are never going to catch on, but believe it or not Tommy has managed to make a profit selling them before the event to enthusiastic family and friends of the team. The bright candy colors of the caps scattered around the room catch on the lights and stand out.

    Sure, it was a tiny profit, but it was enough to buy him the hot dogs that he's... uh... well they've been eaten by now. No worries! He's got more stuff in his backpack. Naturally Tommy's come prepared so that he can be here for the long haul to support the team.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    Support the team that the tiny shield-emitting rainbow fanatic has found herself recruited to, the 'small yet mighty' skater taking a night off of her currier duties in order to commit acts of acceptable violence against other women.

    Life is weird.

    the Flatland Sugarglider known as Rainbow Sprinkle Rustler (it's even painted on her helmet) bites down on her guard as she hops up on her skates, perfectly balanced as she rattles herself about, making sure none of her gear is too loose. After all, there's people supporting *her* in the audience tonight. She wasn't expecting that!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Sugargliders? Super cute. Roller Derby? Super fun. Though to be fair Gabby had never been in the audience before. Her once aspiring career of being a jammer had fallen short when the group of friends she used to hang with had kind of split up ruining their hopes of making a team themselves. It was a fun thought but no one really wanted to face Illyana on skates, anyway. It was a terrifying experience.

Dressed in 'team colors' if there were such a thing, she's also ready to watch things go down and has gone so far as to paint up a poster board to cheer Bunny on. Her own hotdog in hand, poster in the other, she scooches in closer to where Tommy's situated. "Okay, I'm totally ready for this."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
    As Gabby scoots in, Tommy looks over and then slings an arm around her shoulders. He squeezes lightly, but not enough to really pull her in close, not when she's got a hotdog (possibly loaded down with condiments) in her hand. Best not to risk the loss of any tasty treats, especially messy ones. Tommy ain't here to pay any deep cleaning fees to the venue, okay?

    Speaking of money, though, he mentally Venmos himself the cost to cover one more hat, which he delicately places atop Gabby's head. "If my voice isn't gone by the end of this, I'll be ashamed of myself," he says.

    Then he rises up on his toes to try and spot Bunny amongst her team. "Let me know if you see her. Though maybe seeing us before the start will just make us nervous, maybe we shouldn't--"

    SKREEEEEEEEEE comes the shrill call of the starting whistle, and the skaters are off, so Tommy's point is moot.

    From the sidelines, he yells "GO BUNNY! KICK SOME ASS! WOO!" Tommy wasn't lying about the whole losing his voice thing. Boy can PROJECT.

Bunny Macleod has posed:

    Bunny is easily the shortest person on her team, but she's the only one that hadn't needed a refresher on skating tricks, how to skate, and was assigned a Jammer position over a Blocker position. She speeds by in a flash of bright sugar-rainbow with a glittery star on her helmet, though Tommy would pick up the shift of her eyes and the slight raise of her gloved hand as she passes real quick, knowing if Tommy wasn't paying attention -- he was probably eating something. Gotta keep up those speedster calories!

    She ducks one of the blockers attempt to hit her shoulders, spinning one leg out and skating backwards a moment before she ducks another attempt.

    The announcer is going by her team name "And the Gliders' new Jammer Rainbow Sprinkle Rustler is showing she's already got her feet on for this jam!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney leans in toward Tommy's side to let her shoulder and arm gently nudge against his side in turn, taking care to not lose the dog, either. She'd gone simple though: Just some mustard tonight. Cheering with a lot of toppings was a bad way to end up with a sad and soggy hot dog and a lap full of condiments.

When the hat is put on her head she grins broadly with an upward glance. "Awesome hats," she has to point out. She'd been doing some side research on clothing and apparel lately for reasons. "Nah she'd be fine I'm sure," she starts off with a lift of her head trying to see over top of a few taller patrons. She still had a good view where she was at least. Before she can point out Bunny though the whistle blows and things are moving. She just has enough time to tuck the hotdog into her mouth to free up her hand to swing up the 'GO GO RAINBOW!' poster while Tommy yells enthusiastically.

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
    "One of the moms said it gave big Lisa Frank vibes," Tommy says of the hats. "And I have no idea what that means but she was really excited about it, bought one for her and all of her kids." He could Google it, but then he'd know, and this pose wouldn't make anyone feel old. And where's the fun in that?

    The whistle blows, the lights go down on the audience and up on the skaters, and the music starts pumping. It's go time. His super-speed perception kicks in as the two team's Packs skate around the bend nearest where they're sitting, and he finds Bunny amidst them, working her way through. Then things hit fast forward, and Tommy has his arms in the air as he continues cheering along with the rest of the crowd.

    The announcers up in the box (aka two gals on some tall chairs in the DJ booth) hiss as one of the Sugargliders takes a tumble. "That's Mace Wind-You's first knockdown of the night, folks, and if her previous performance this year is anything to go by it won't be her last!" one calls out, the other following up with a couple of terrible Star Wars puns that don't bear repeating.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    The dimunitive Jammer speeds her way around and through the rest of the pack as one of her teammates is taken out. Her eyes are open wide, feeling the adreniline run through her body as she limbly LEAPS over one of the arms of one of fallen packmates as she comes up on the Blockers of the other team, eyeing up Mace of the MOrningstars as she speeds up and comes in low and on the inside of the pack!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Someone said that of me once. Lisa Frank. Dunno who she is but apparently she likes rainbows and cute things so I can get with that." Gabby explains breifly to Tommy while things start to heat up on the ring. "Glad they're selling though! Should do this more often."

"Yes! Smol powah!" Gabby cries out having been one of the smol for most of her life. She still was but in this instance Bunny definitely beat her on it. There were benefits to being small and agile after all!

Grinning still, hotdog polished off now, she switches up waving the poster to just holding onto it so that it doesn't get trampled, or block anyone's view. "She's gonna need soooo much electrolytes after this."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
    Tommy has no problem repeating "SMOL POWER!" and adding in "SHORT STACK ATTACK!" for good measure into his cheering rotation. There's no shame in his game... well, it's not his game, it's Bunny's game. But they're here to support her, and clearly both Tommy and Gabby are committed to the cause.

    Mace Wind-You and Your Ambu-Lance team up to try and take Bunny down, but she's too agile to go down that easy, and then Strawberry Shortstacks (who Tommy doesn't realize he was also inadvertently cheering for) slips in between them and, to the gasping shock of at least one of the announcers, manages to knock down Mace Wind-You!

    "What a stunning upset right out of the gate! Mace Wind-You is DOWN!"

    And the half of the crowd here to cheer for the Sugargliders erupts into thunderous cheers as this gives Bunny a clear shot at the lead Jammer position!

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    Shortstacks UNITE. Rainbow Jimmies gives a hi-speed fist-dap to Strawberry Shortstack, and then speeds up again.

    "Let's goooo let's go let's gooo --" she breathes to herself, ducking beneath Ambu-Lance and Sword of Law, giving a whoop as she comes up on the other Jammer.

    C'mon and SLAM and welcome to the Jam!