1472/Genosha: From the Ashes - Shipping In

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Genosha: From the Ashes - Shipping In
Date of Scene: 01 May 2020
Location: Carrion Cove
Synopsis: Natasha Cranston shows up on Genosha with a freighter full of aid supplies, which are hastily unloaded.
Cast of Characters: Natasha Cranston, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    It's been several months since the Sentinel attack wrecked Carrion Cove along with the rest of Genosha; while the damage is still extensive, people have started the process of cleaning up and rebuilding. There is still a great deal of rubble, but the remaining structures have at least been provisionally stabilized, and the cleanup crews have functional - if still rudimentary - shelters to recuperate in.

    The once-thriving harbor isn't much better off, which is something of a problem because a medium-sized freighter ship is currently heading for the most intact-seeming pier, and the acting harbormaster hadn't been informed to expect any ships just yet. Given what the last group of unexpected visitors did, people are a bit on edge, and the harbormaster has punted the buck all the way up to the top...

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda has grown used to calls in the middle of the night. First, that happens sometimes when you're an Avenger. But even more so with Genosha on the other side of the planet and the number of times that someone from the royal family gets turned to, whether for answers or for the use of their own mutant powers.

In this case the harbormaster's call went up the ladder, which has few rungs left these days. And the result is a glowing ball of crimson energy that grows from nothing, to a bright glare, and then fades away, leaving Wanda and Pietro Maximoff in its wake.

Wanda yawns and takes a drink from a travel coffee cup. "Ship. Too big for the pier," she repeats to Pietro the gist of what she'd got, listening to the phone while half asleep. "Never made a pier before but we can probably manage something," she suggests as she looks around. Some of the security come rushing over as they recognize the twins, setting up a protective detail around them. "Let's find the harbormaster and the captain, or whoever is in charge of the ship?" she suggests.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Despite its size and the lack of proper docking facilities, the ship -- the Tanya Vasilyevna according to the name on the side -- is making its way deftly towards the pier. Crewmen along its side are playing out fender balloons to cushion the side as it slows to a halt, barely bumping the edge of the pier.

    "Looks like a Panamax," the harbormaster mutters as he watches the ship. "Not the largest ships around these days, but nothing bigger can get through the Panama Canal, hence the name," he clarifies to the twins. "Means they don't have to swing all the way around the Capes, so they're more used for speed than bulk transport. Still, low as this one's riding it's got to be pretty packed, but I wasn't informed we had anything incoming..."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    There might have been a slightly displeased look upon Pietro's face as the teleportation bubble pops, with him and his sister left standing on Genoshan soil. But, that expression could be because, yes...it was the middle of the night for him when he was awoken. And...because it is Pietro...and that's how he is. Almost perpetually annoyed. But...that expression is wiped from his face as the security detail quickly swarms to protect the two, though there might have been a slight eyeroll.

    As if the Maximoffs needed protection.

    "It wouldn't be too terrible to do, though anything we do would need to be reinforced later. It would be a better task for Lorna." Which, Pietro is not wrong. After all, they are not the ones with magnetic powers to essential sculpt metal to whatever. But, that's besides the point. He does nod in agreement to Wanda's suggestion. "Yeah. Let's do that. Maybe we can find out the reason for the shipment."

    After all, Pietro doesn't recall a shipment coming. And the trip to the harbormaster is fruitful, if not a little educational, as well.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff offers her coffee cup over to Pietro. It's a stronger brew than she usually goes for, but then she was looking to pack in maximum caffeine. "If nothing else I can move some large chunks of rock over to extend it. And the breakwater if needed," she says, glancing out towards the water and the line of rocks that help keep the waves from coming in. "I don't know if that was affected at all, or if it's good? I know so little about ships. Except for paddleboats," she says with a faint grin to Pietro.

She walks over to join the harbormaster. "Thank you for calling," she says. Not really grateful she was woke up, but wanting to make sure he sends it up the chain if something is needed, no matter the hour. "So we're not sure who it is?" she asks, glancing to her brother and the harbormaster. "Well, let's walk out and see," she says, beginning to head down the pier. "Are they able to... what is it called in English. A gangplank?" she asks, wondering if they'll have to fly up to the ship. Or, run fast enough to resist gravity, for one.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    They are in fact lowering a gangplank already, with the slow and careful movements of people who don't want to provoke others into doing something rash.

    The first person to walk across it once it's securely down on the pier is a familiar looking woman, even if she's exchanged her stupidly expensive evening dress for somewhat sturdier clothing suitable for an overseas journey, and her face lights up with a smile once she recognizes two of the three people awaiting her. "Mister Maximoff; miss Maximoff. Good afternoon," Natasha Cranston says as she comes to a halt on the edge of the gangplank "May I disembark?"

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    At a hand raised by Pietro, the security team holds back. Oh, they want to accompany the twins...but previous incidents, coupled with a dressing down by the older brother, has taught the detail to listen when the prince speaks. Not that Pietro is much of a prince.

    Still, it takes only a moment before Pietro puts two and two together, coupled by the fact that Ms Cranston is standing just beyond the edge. "Ah, Ms Cranston. An unexpected surprise. Please, feel free to disembark."

    Yes, Pietro adopted a somewhat cordial air. It shocks the security team more than Wanda, as Pietro turns to regard his sister. "This is Ms Natasha Cranston. Do you remember? We all met briefly at the Genosha benefit at the Hellfire Club." He pauses, turning his attention back to Natasha, though speaking to Wanda. "She had offered assistance, but we had not determined the exact details of such. It appears that Ms. Cranston came to her own determination." There is a nod of respect...because, frankly, Pietro appreciates a person that takes the initiative.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"Yes, we were not expecting you. But it is good to see you, Ms. Cranston," Wanda adds in her soft Eastern European accent. "I would offer you coffee but... ah..." Wanda turns to look towards the harbormaster. "Do we have coffee?" she asks. He nods and sends someone for a cup.

Wanda turns back with a gesture. "So. Coffee soon then," she says. "Yes, I do recall you from that evening. And, we should have replied before now. There has been a bit of debate, as there usually is, on the best way forward," Wanda says. There were a few government ministers off island at the time of the attack. And views differ on how much to do while the remaining threat to the island is still unknown.

Wanda offers Natasha a soft smile. "Thank you, for coming," she tells her. "I'm not sure if our pier is up to what is needed for your ship at the moment. If it is not we can endeavor to fix that matter," she offers.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "There usually is," Natasha nods to Wanda. "In fact, that is one of the reasons I decided to come along myself. Actual reports on the level of devastation are a bit short on details..." She looks around with a degree of dismay. "... And I see that most of them have understated things."

    She smiles again. "I decided that specific shipments could wait until we had a clearer image of what precisely your people require, both short and long term, but I had the crew load the Vasilyevna with the CERF's standard general disaster package -- tents, cots, water purifiers, generators, fuel, non-perishing foodstuffs, vitamins, blankets, etcetera. All the things that tend to be in short supply and high need when a disaster strikes."

    She looks back at the ship and nods at the crew. "Unloading will take more time than I'd anticipated without a proper container facility, but we can manage, although if you have any labor available to expedite, it would be appreciated..."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Pietro Maximoff glances over to his sister. This time...he has a smirk on his lips. Take some time, indeed. He turns back to Natasha. "I believe I may be able to assist in the unloading of the supplies."

There is no mention of a team. It would seem that Pietro intends to unload the entire ship by himself. "Should only take...maybe 15 minutes?" Pays to have a speedster around.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks over to the harbormaster who gives her a nod and says, "We do have some manpower. Different skills. I don't know if they can beat His Highness. But it would be good to get the containers off too for storage until some of the items are needed, I'd think." He looks over to Natasha. "Probably some things that can go right to work and don't need the containers unloaded if His Highness wants to handle them?" he suggests.

Wanda looks over to Natasha and Pietro to see if that will suffice. "I can help with the containers as well. Also if the pier... does it need to be longer? Or wider? I don't know nautical matters, like this."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha raises an eyebrow. Of course, she's as aware as anyone of the twins' reputation as two of the most powerful mutants on the planet. "This should be a sight to see..." She murmurs, smiling softly as she taps the bluetooth comm in her ear. "Jeffrey, tell the crew to stand back. Our hosts are volunteering to take the cargo off our hands for us..."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
     "Materials are all in one container, yes?" The Transian accent bleeds through as Pietro asks Natasha for confirmation. Before she answers, though, he turns to Wanda. "I will bring the supplies off the pier and stack them....there." He points to a bare section of ground just off the pier. "If you would be able to, please divide the supplies and feel free to divvy them out accordingly."

     As Pietro speaks, the simplicity of his plan becomes clear....and mindboggling at the same time. He doesn't intend on caring the whole container out. But, instead, in pieces, repeatedly, until the container is empty. "You don't mind if I leave the container for you? I feel it is the least we can do."

     A turn to Wanda, that smirk now a full smile. "Ready?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda tells Natasha, "When we are done, if you would like a quicker trip back to New York than by ship, you are welcome to travel back with us as well." She smiles to the woman and says, "Genosha's people thank you for your generosity." And indeed, there will be a press release the next day about it, as well as a thank you delivered to Cranston Shipping's headquarters, addressed to the entire company, expressing Genosha's gratitude.

Wanda turns towards the ship, eyeing it and the containers. "Very well brother. Any you wish me to move without unpacking, just leave the doors closed when you move to the next ones. Otherwise I will handle them as you've unpacked.

She turns to the harbormaster who is already at work, gathering workers. Some of the mutants who come are big, and presumably strong. Others have multiple arms to help carry multiple things out to where they can be put to use. A flatbed truck pulls up, ready to move larger pieces of equipment if needed.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    There are some raised eyebrows and stares from the crew - but they seem more of surprise at seeing the uncommon or unexpected than dislike. Most of the crew adapts quickly, letting the much stronger mutants carry what they can and instead delegating themselves to giving directions on what to unload in which order.

    Several of the containers at the top turn out to be prefabricated housing -- not terribly luxurious, but once hooked up to a generator it's a solid roof over your head, bunk beds, and basic if slightly cramped amenities for four people apiece.

    All in all, the Vasilyevna seems to have been packed with the kind of efficiency that shows a great deal of practice.

    "Thank you, Miss Maximoff," Natasha replies. "I'll accept that offer, I think. Captain Mackenzie has experience with disaster response and assessment; he should be able to let us know what else you're likely to need, and in which order of priority."

    She glances around again. "I suspect construction equipment and building materials will be on that list. I'll see if I can pull some strings back home; construction companies love good PR as much as anyone else..."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
     With a blink of an eye and a guest of wind, Pietro takes off. Finally...something he can do as quick as he likes. The stronger mutants certainly help, but the crew would notice that they keep to one side. While the other? Well, there is a constant blue-white blurring of motion as the aforementioned site Pietro designated starts to accumulate supplies. There is an appreciation for how thorough the ship was packed, certainly, which is reflected when Pietro's unloading zone starts to resemble the same efficiency.

     After all, when one has time, then one can be rather detailed with his work. And Pietro has all the time in the world. Relatively speaking

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
One might be able to tell how often brother and sister have worked together on matters like this. Wanda rarely needs commentary from Pietro, anticipating when he is done with a container. She moves about, not really a dance for how her feet don't move much, but the rest of her body shifting about with a definite graceful energy as the chaos energy whose red hues gave her her superhero name are drawn about her and used to surround each container, lifting it off of the ship and down to the section of shore where the pier connects to keep the pier free.

The work goes quickly, and probably a few on the ship might find themselves wishing they had mutant assistance offloading at other ports by the time it is done. "You're losing a step I think," Wanda teases her brother. "I almost picked you up in that last container," she lies, flashing a smile to her sibling. She has worked up a bit of a sweat, running an arm across her forehead before she turns back to Natasha. "Construction equipment, I believe, is the next thing. There is infrastructure to rebuild. Clearing things away is far easier for our people than building. Though we do have a few talented folks still capable of that," she explains. Most of the Genoshans are still in refugee camps in Wakanda.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha nods. "I'll see what I can do. Call in some favours, make some introductions... It's useful to know people, sometimes." She smiles again, a mischievous quirk to her lips. "That said, your people have made excellent time unloading. Are any of them looking for a job at the moment?"

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
     A laugh breaks free from the lips of the elder Maximoff. "Well, sister mine, I didn't wish to wear a groove through the good Ms. Cranston's ship." A hand reaches up to run through the white hair as Pietro smiles rather warmly. There are few things that make him as happy as a good run, and he certainly enjoyed himself. Pietro even seems a little winded, as though he just returned from a jog. "I could have been faster."

     Of course he could have. There was no sonic boom, this time.

     Then, with that smile upon his face, Pietro wraps an arm around Wanda in a light embrace, turning to Natasha. "We did promise you a cup of coffee, yes? Let us go track one down for you together." And, with that, the trio head off towards the harbor master's office. It may not be good coffee...but it is hot, drinkable, and ready. Which is all coffee really needs to be.