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  Scarlet Witch  
Wanda Maximoff (Scenesys ID: 147)
Name: Wanda Maximoff
Superalias: Scarlet Witch
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Avenger
Citizenship: Transia, Genosha, United States (naturalized)
Residence: New York
Education: More arcane than not
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Avengers
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 12 Oct 1990 Played By Elizabeth Olsen
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A mildly famous Avengers. Daughter of Magneto, a terrorist turned world-leader. Witch. Hero. Many words could be used to define the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff. She is one of the world's great practitioners of magic, possessing her own mutant Chaos Magic which enhanced by demonic intervention. From torturous paths of childhood, Wanda has finally found her way alongside her twin brother Pietro.


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* 1990 In the shadow of Wundragore Mountain, twin babies Wanda and Pietro were given to Marya and Django Maximoff to raise.

* 1997 Villagers attacked their Romani camp over thievery and a belief Wanda had attacked a village boy. Marya was believed burned alive in the wagon. Django yelled at the children to run while he was being beaten. Pietro carried his sister away with his super speed. Twins live a hard life on their own afterwards.

* 1999 First encounter with Chthon cultists.

* 2005 Magneto reveals he is the twins father.

* 2010 Twins leave Magneto and go to America.

* 2011 Wanda begins receiving tutoring from Agatha Harkness and others.

* 2018 Helps repel Loki's attacks. Later joins Avengers. Reconciles with Magneto.

* 2019 Receives Masters in History for Columbia University

IC Journal

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Wanda possesses a great depth of caring for others in the world around her. Her time with Magneto during some of his more extreme days never sat right with her in part because of the harm he was willing to see done to humans. She has a soft heart for children, and those hurting them can draw her ire.

Wanda suffers from some form of mental illness which can be expressed in many ways. Including indecision or doubting herself, though her training with the Avengers has aided her there. She's also affected heavily by the health of the world and timeline around her. Though she doesn't understand that is the source of her occasional funks.

Wanda has a gentle side to her. Laid back and largely unpretentious except for a guilty love of certain types of clothing. She is rarely forward, is unlikely to upset those around her.

Wanda had very little for much of her life. Parents that she lost, leaving her with just her twin brother to depend on and who depended on her. She is intensively protective of Pietro, but also of others that she comes to care about. She is capable of lashing out in protection, or undertaking great efforts for those she cares about.

Character Sheet


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Chaos Magic:
Wanda's main power is the ability to control and manipulate probabilities, warping energy fields and matter in doing so. Her mutant power was enhanced by the demon Chthon and possibly altered further by the High Evolutionary when she was a baby. Wanda can cause unlikely scenarios to happen. The degree of concentration required varies with the effect. She is capable of change on a phenomenal scale when at her best.

Examples of effects she can produce include:
* Melting and spontaneous combustion
* Healing, decaying or breaking
* Molecular matter control including transmutation and changing state
* Power negation
* Telekinesis
* Teleportation
* Physical destruction
* Force fields and deflecting energy or magic attacks
* Bestow good or bad luck, immediately or for a time to come

Divine Heritage:
Wanda was blessed by Chthon as a child, intending for her to be a vessel for him to return to the world. This connection to Chthon also gives Wanda a connection to Chthon's siblings, Set, Gaea and Oshtur, as well as the Demiurge and the Vishanti. Wanda can seek to use this divine connection to receive aid through magic rituals and spells that appeal to these divine beings. The divine beings would be in control of the power and nature of the effects that they might grant.

Hex Bolt:
Wanda's first and simplest form of her mutant power are bolts of Chaos magic. These require far less concentration than greater manipulations of her Chaos magic and are nearly second-nature for her to cast. They can take the form of blasts of energy capable of destroying matter or living beings, though she is reluctant to use them on the latter. Bad luck can be bestowed on opponents, and shields and wards can quickly be formed almost instinctively to deflect physical, energy and magic attacks.

Nexus Being:
Though she does not realize it yet, the Scarlet Witch is the Nexus Being. She is the center of magical energies, and can potentially tap into them for her own use. If this were ever mastered it would put on her a level with the Phoenix Force for sheer power, capable of otherwise impossible feats. She could change time and rewrite fate. However Wanda is not aware of this, and any amount of tapping into this power is currently unintentional, likely to happen during great emotion.

Wanda is also affected by the state of reality around her then. Her mental health can deteriorate when reality is at risk, or when things are likely to take a turn for the worse. She thinks of them only as mental fugues that take her, not realizing their source.

Strong Willed:
Wanda has developed the kind of mastery of self necessary to wield and control the powerful magics that she is capable of. She is of strong mental fortitude and skilled at resisting mental influences. Wanda is able to hold her concentration when casting magic despite the world falling apart around her. The exception is her own mental state provides a chink in this armor.

Traditional Magic:
Though most people think of Wanda's mutant Chaos Magic when they think of her abilities, she is also skilled in the traditional arts of witches and sorcerers. Potions, hexes, protection circles, exorcisms, healing poultices and many traditional forms of magic are at her disposal. She understands many different cultural forms of magic, having been heavily studied on the matter by luminaries of magic such as Agatha Harkness and the Sorcerer Supreme. Between her own powers and her knowledge of other magical spells, Wanda is one of the beings who could herself contend for Sorcerer Supreme.

Witch's Sight:
Wanda's senses extend beyond the natural ones. She is able to sense magic, auras, and supernatural energy around her. She might be able to notice ghosts, concealed foes, the invisible and illusions in her vicinity. She may be able to divine information about other magic done around her or in a location, figuring out the type of magic, or with familiarity perhaps even the source. Her senses are not infallible though, and there are ways to ward against them or at least make it more difficult for her.


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Wanda has a graduate level education in History for Columbia, augmented by personal pursuits and mentoring under luminaries like Agatha Harkness. She also has attained on her own one of the best understandings of probability and chaos theory on the planet. Her mutant ability lets her understand the subjects on a nearly innate level.

Wanda has been using her powers in combat situations for long enough to have grown skilled in their use. She's trained with some of the greatest warriors in history during her time with the Avengers. She knows enough of hand to hand fighting and martial arts to be effective even without her powers, though by superhero standards she is on the lower end. She maintains a high level of physical fitness though falls short of Olympic caliber athletes.

Wanda is capable of speaking most languages, either from having mastered them or via use of her magic abilities, both mutant and traditional. She is versed in Eastern European languages especially, but also can speak ancient tongues learned under the watchful eye of her mentor.

Occult Research:
Wanda is an authority on the Occult and has access to sizable collections on mystical matters. She is skilled at researching effects, items, spells, mystic entities and dimensions. With enough time she can usually investigate a matter thoroughly enough to generate ways of dealing with it. Her strengths included European magic traditions, other dimensional beings and their banishing.

Wanda and Pietro had to rough it for many years. She is adept at finding and making shelter, making fires, scavenging for food, even tracking small game. She could make it through a couple of winter's nights in the wild (assuming she didn't teleport to a spa).


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Agatha Harkness:
Wanda's mentor is sorceress Agatha Harkness who was alive in the early days of Atlantis. Agatha is associated with witches in New Salem. She is as close as a mother to Wanda, and the two share a strong bond with each other. Agatha is a great source of magical knowledge and assistance.

Arcane Objects:
Like most great practitioners of magic, Wanda has built up quite a collection of tomes, antiquities, magical artifacts, rare ingredients and components. Some are kept for safe-keeping, others for her use. She may be able to put her hands on useful items that are well-suited for meeting the sort of challenges that Avengers run into.

Avengers Assemble:
Wanda is an Avenger, which allows her to call on Earth's Mightiest Heroes for backup. It also means they may call on her, and as the member of the team with the ability to teleport, she can often be one of the first called for some sorts of situations. She mainly lives at Avenger's Mansion and makes use of vehicles, both autos and aircraft, from the Avenger's fleet.

Nexus Energy:
Being the Nexus Being gives Wanda a tremendous connection to the magical energy that flows throughout the Earth. While she does not yet understand she is the Nexus Being, the energy is there to be had. Wanda's understanding of her nature has not grown enough for her to truly make use of such tremendous mystical force on anything but rare occasions.

Witchy Woman:
The mystic arts are a community of practitioners, and Wanda is well thought of amongst them. She can call on numerous others for information, advice, or other aid. Some are friends, and others may require payment, or worse, for their help.


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Wanda has a soft spot for children. Always has, always will. She will put herself in harms way to save them, or may bypass other empirically more important objectives when children are in danger.

Demon Vessel:
Wanda was prepared by Chthon to be a vessel he could use to inhabit this world. His minions have been after her to try to make that happen since her powers first manifested. It was from his cult that she and Pietro were frequently on the run as children. They still make attempts, but Wanda's growing skill and being surrounded by Avengers mean their plots have had to become more insidious in response.

Mental Stability:
Wanda suffers from what many would call mental illness. It may be more spiritual than that, however, a failure to maintain a proper equilibrium between her mind and her spirit. This is made worse by her connection to the world from being the Nexus Being, as that outside influence can knock her off center. Her powers can be affected by her mental state, including causing effects she did not intend. Worse, she is capable of lashing out in anger and releasing her powers in ways that might have appalled her if she'd thought beforehand.

Strength. Weakness. Ok let's face it, weakness even for all of the strength he brings Wanda. Pietro is the one person who has been there for Wanda her entire life. He also doesn't have the best head on his shoulder. But the two share a bond that is beyond close. However they are in many ways polar opposites. Early in life Wanda followed Pietro's lead. But as time has changed, Wanda is more likely to guide them, which doesn't necessarily always sit well with her brother. Still, he is the closest person she has, and she will move heaven and earth should he be in danger.



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Wanda Maximoff has 107 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
When Bobbi Met Wanda March 28th, 2021 Dr. Morse is invited to a meeting at the Avenger's mansion and learns of an unexpected ally.
A Disturbance in the Basement March 27th, 2021 SHIELD news is shared with Wanda, knives are thrown, and Clint agrees they're a team
Told You It Would Be Quick March 25th, 2021 Clint returns to Wanda after a mission. Sandwiches and tea are completely ignored.
A Scarlet In Study March 23rd, 2021 Peggy stops by Avengers Mansion and gets introduced to Wanda. There's a bottle of wine, and WHAT was Wanda reading!?
Another goodbye March 22nd, 2021 Targets were shot, Clint tells Wanda he's off again.
Safety net March 17th, 2021 A debriefing of sorts happens regarding an earlier encounter with a temporal creature (Thanks, Anchovy!), and balance is slowly regained.
No goulash today. March 16th, 2021 What started as a good outing turned up a temporarily temporally tossed.
A moment to breathe March 15th, 2021 Clint finds Wanda in one of her 'haunts' and after some conversation, they decide that time is best spent in each others' company.
Spring cleaning the back yard March 12th, 2021 After a brief hello, many hands make light work.
Secret Doors: Aftermath of Headaches March 8th, 2021 Tony and Jennifer check on Wanda, after she'd had an encounter with some demons.
Feeling impish March 2nd, 2021 Imps make Wanda look like a crazy woman... Jennifer to the rescue!
SAVE YOURSELF February 25th, 2021 Wade and Wanda save the life of a Fish called Wanda and other pets from a fire.
The day after... February 23rd, 2021 Wanda found Bruce in the mountains after the Hulk escaped his cage.
Secret Doors: The Haunted Mansion February 23rd, 2021 The Avengers take on the eerie creature haunting their mansion, having forced it into the back yard and into solidity!
Better Late Than... February 13th, 2021 A quick check in turns into a quick mini-Avengers planning session.
That's NOT how one goes 'clubbing'! February 13th, 2021 Mistakes do happen at times, but in this case, mistakes can lead to benefits. Nothing like 3 sorceresses getting together!
Secret Doors: Little help here February 2nd, 2021 The ghostly monster appears in the basement of the mansion, tangling with Avengers!
Dinner Without Notice... January 31st, 2021 While not fond of crowds, Banner and Wanda managed to have a good conversation and just enjoy the other's company for a while. She helped him with his tracker issue as well.
Sunny Side Up January 25th, 2021 Clint makes breakfast and almost burns the eggs!
Wanderers and Stags January 24th, 2021 A dance is had between friends.
In a family way January 20th, 2021 Talia and her mother meet for the first time in this reality, and all conversations still have to happen over food.
Carnival Calamities Cause Crisis January 19th, 2021 Scott attends a fund-raising carnival for his daughter's school that he certainly did not break. Joan gets unexpectedly sat upon by a rainbow gorilla, Meggan tries to ruin Scott's bad boy persona with her photography, and Wanda is up to something fishy.
Sonnez les matines January 17th, 2021 Magical meeting in the park. The sound of the bells of the Cloisters is discussed briefly. This warrants more investigation!
In or out January 9th, 2021 Wanda and Pietro decide that perhaps Genosha should be checked up on. After goulash.
Another day at the Avengers Mansion January 8th, 2021 Chatting at the mansion, catching up with new friends.
Walking the rubble December 28th, 2020 Wanda revisits the scene, Clint joins her and the pair meet up with yet another 'veteran of the bunny war'.
Sometimes roads lead to the Avengers Mansion December 26th, 2020 May visits and drops a grenade that can't be resisted. Not by Wanda, anyway.
Decking the Avenger Halls December 26th, 2020 Some of the Avengers come together to decorate the Mansion for Christmas!
Studying For Success December 25th, 2020 Clint and Wanda plan a date.
Someone's in the kitchen December 24th, 2020 Tea and coffee work wonders!
Beware of Schmeeps December 21st, 2020 The Schmeeps were stopped. The world was saved. More or less.
Going Greek December 21st, 2020 A casual lunch outing turns into a plot to redecorate Avenger's Mansion.
Off-Broadway weirdness December 17th, 2020 Like the proper big brother he is, Pietro helps his sister and Amanda take out another pocket of demons that were infesting the city.
The Last Muffin December 14th, 2020 One muffin, three Avengers.
Magic over muffins December 13th, 2020 Definitely magic over muffins.
Nightstalkers December 10th, 2020 Amanda spends her evening hunting monsters in Manhattan with Wanda.
In the Weeds December 5th, 2020 Wanda runs into Loki and his weird, creepy pets.
=Tea and Thaumaturgy December 4th, 2020 Wanda and Hank meet for brunch. Does magic happen or science?
Witches in the Woods December 3rd, 2020 Wanda and Amanda accidentally meet in the North Woods of Central Park, each on the trail of a different monster, both connected to a rogue portal on the Great Hill. So, naturally, they team up to shut it down.
Any sufficiently advanced technology... December 2nd, 2020 A visit to the Multiverse gives Hank a moment of peace.
Just a Relaxing Spar Day December 1st, 2020 No description
GIRLs Night in the Mansion November 8th, 2020 Nadia, Natasha, Janet, and Wanda chat at the mansion about the incorporation of G.I.R.L. and why Nadia shouldn't do paperwork by herself. (Also magic and aliens.)
Sera past, present, and future tense October 28th, 2020 Sera and Wanda discuss derustifying magical skills. Pietro says Hi.
Avenging Is Hard Work October 7th, 2020 A training session in the Avenger's Training Room gives way to breakfast and talk about Halloween costumes
Things Found and Lost September 26th, 2020 No description
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
Foreign Snacks, Foreign Facts September 23rd, 2020 Wanda and T'Challa enjoy a rare flavor of Wakandan ice cream and talk talk talk.
Gone Girl: The Quantum Beacons Activate September 22nd, 2020 The Avengers and the Titans follow the trail of Nadia's quantum beacons to what could be another Red Room trap, but she's the best shot they've got at rescuing their missing comrades.
Seeing People, Not Powers September 20th, 2020 Wanda and Hyperion chat about powers and being seen as people as they try to get 'Mark' settled into what this Earth is like.
Hero Far from Home September 18th, 2020 Reactor invaded. AIM Operation shut down. Hyperion discovered and rescued. Immigration status To Be Determined. How do you stamp: Parallel Universe on a Passport?
Sisterly Bonds September 4th, 2020 Wanda and Lorna have a night in with ice cream, movies, and talking.
Dock clean-up September 3rd, 2020 Visiting the docks the day after an arrest, Clint and Wanda check to see if anything could have been missed. Wanda makes an inspired comment, and things can progress from there.
Fiji, It's A Magical Place August 24th, 2020 Lorna, Blink, Clint and Wanda escape to Fiji for a break from a world gone crazy
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
A Long Walk August 8th, 2020 Cassandra runs into Wanda in Central Park. Pretzels are eaten, and a bit of magic enhances a wish made at a fountain.
Just A Little Patience July 14th, 2020 Diana Prince and Wanda catch up after Brainiac's assault
So It's Your Birthday July 4th, 2020 Wanda takes Clint for a stay at an Iowa circus for his birthday
Freeze Frames in Mutant Town June 27th, 2020 Wanda Maximoff helps host a charity event, crossing paths with a Black Cat and connecting with a Spider.
Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE! June 26th, 2020 Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
Treading Water June 20th, 2020 Avengers enjoy some last relaxing moments before world events call for attention
The SHIELD Saturday Special June 13th, 2020 Clint and Daisy are joined by Wanda for the chef's Saturday special at the SHIELD cafeteria.
A Little More Creamer June 8th, 2020 A number of friends old and new happen by the same coffee house.
Visiting the Siblings May 29th, 2020 Wanda, Pietro, and Lorna discuss the kidnappings at Xavier's and try to have a family dinner.
Fallen Angel May 27th, 2020 Sera arrives upon earth and is greeted by a myriad of souls.
A Corny Carnie At Coney May 27th, 2020 Clint pays respects to his brother at a memorial at Coney Island of the tidal wave, and he and Wanda talk about his disappearance.
Watching Clint Work May 22nd, 2020 Avengers gather to watch Clint work on a quinjet. Thor gets pranked.
Delivering Bad News May 16th, 2020 Wanda visits Doctor Strange to warn him about Loki regaining his powers
Paprikash May 14th, 2020 Avengers gather over a pot of paprikash. Janet has good news, Wanda bad.
Minding The Stores: The Attack May 13th, 2020 Juggernaut and mercenaries raid an Avengers storage facility, but are turned back by Natasha, Pietro, Thor and She-Hulk.
Being In Tune May 11th, 2020 Clint and Wanda enjoy a nice day and guitar music, until Thor arrives, bearer of ill tidings.
Genosha: From the Ashes - Shipping In May 1st, 2020 Natasha Cranston shows up on Genosha with a freighter full of aid supplies, which are hastily unloaded.
Avengers Ultimates: Burger Edition April 22nd, 2020 On a night off, the Avengers take on a diner's challenge of eating a three pound cheeseburger
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
The Hunger: Murder By Design April 20th, 2020 While the Thanagarians do battle outside, AIM presses their advantage ...
Shoot them with the pointy end. April 20th, 2020 Diana whines about her sad love life. Lame.
A Quiet Night In April 16th, 2020 After a battle with AIM, Clint and Wanda go to Brooklyn for a little time off. Clint gives Wanda a gift.
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
I Have a Bad Idea April 4th, 2020 Clint and Wanda discuss a bad idea.
William Tell or Robin Hood April 4th, 2020 Clint teaches Wanda to shoot a bow.
Huff and Puff and... April 1st, 2020 Carol comes to the mansion for a bit of a reckoning that looks like it all actually work out in the end with Rogue and help.
Purifying the Purifiers March 30th, 2020 Cable, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch foil an attack by the purifiers. Wanda and Clint ask Cable some questions.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Charity Gala March 24th, 2020 Schmoozing, boozing, donations and more. The Hellfire Spring Charity Gala is a huge success, benefitting Genosha.
Lord Rogers Assembles his First Legion March 24th, 2020 The Avengers receive some unexpected guests: Seven Einherjar from Asgardia, pledging their services to Steve Rogers, Lord of Midgard!
Avengers: Space Pod Problems March 21st, 2020 Carol briefs a bunch of Avengers and Associates about the Space Pod before it has to go SHIELD so they can obsess over it.
Which Sandwich March 18th, 2020 People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
Family Reunions March 18th, 2020 The Magnet kids meet up.
How About an Embassy March 14th, 2020 Thor gathers the Avengers to discuss many things, including ambassadors, embassies, and the theme song for the team.
Tonight At Eleven March 13th, 2020 Avengers, ice cream, and reality dog TV shows.
Maker's Debutante March 13th, 2020 Zatanna hosts a party for some of the magically inclined, and a new magic user gets to show off and make contacts!
Genosha Burns: Survivor's Stories March 11th, 2020 Heroes comfort the Genoshan survivors, and find nuggets of information in the stories they have to tell.
Genosha Burns: Additional Evidence March 9th, 2020 Superman shares a discovery about Genosha with the Avengers.
A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style March 5th, 2020 Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
Lost and Found March 3rd, 2020 Wanda and Lorna share their grief over the loss of Genosha, their father, and mourn.
Genosha - Explosive Situation March 1st, 2020 The Avengers confer on the Genosha situation. Intel is shared. Assignments handed out. Need more information before Avenging can happen it seems.
A Date Unlike Any Other February 29th, 2020 Indian food and getting caught in a downpour mark the first official date between a pair of Avengers
HAMMERS ARE BETTER THAN ARROWS! February 28th, 2020 The Avengers discuss their next steps.
A Reason To Feel February 28th, 2020 In the depths of tragedy and hurt, something is found worth holding on to.
When the World Ends... February 26th, 2020 When dinner is interupted by the destruction of Genosha, Clint helps Wanda keep her sanity while her world crumbles.
She Likes The Soup February 24th, 2020 Soup from a Serbian vendor is the start for a long conversation between Clint and Wanda in Central Park.
Apparently, Midgard is the Time-Out Room February 24th, 2020 Thor brings news of Loki's exile on Midgard to the rest of the Avengers. Opinions vary. Disappointed looks reign.
Presidents and Mini-Mes February 23rd, 2020 Clint and Wanda go to Katz's Diner and sit at /that/ table. Things are realized and Tony is discussed.
Cold Day, Warm Fire February 22nd, 2020 Warm drinks and fire hold off the NYC cold, until Wanda feels Genosha's impending demise coming.
A Food Court Unlike Any Other February 21st, 2020 Daniel, Clint and Wanda eat at SHIELD, then Clint takes Wanda an on aerial tour of his stomping grounds.
Welcome Back, Thor February 20th, 2020 Thor returns to Avenger's Mansion from Asgard
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.
If It Makes You Happy February 19th, 2020 Clint hears some of Wanda and Pietro's past, and shares some of his own history he has with other Avengers
The Early Bird Gets The First Batch of Bacon February 15th, 2020 Clint's return to the mansion is celebrated with eggs, bacon and burnt toast with Wanda. Also, Happy Valentine's Day, archer.


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Wanda Maximoff has 107 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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