15256/Shark Avoidance By Sitting on Sand

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Shark Avoidance By Sitting on Sand
Date of Scene: 29 June 2023
Location: A tropical beach somewhere.
Synopsis: Namor and Gabby after their visit to the coral reef have some snacks and discuss visiting Atlantis in the future.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Namor

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The sharks that had been in the water, stay in the water, well away from those that had been swimming and since returned to the beach. Which was well enough--Gabby didn't need an ACTUAL shark bite in her swimsuit. There would be nothing left of it if that happened.

Rebreather in hand she pads up the beach to where the softer, drier sand was that causes her steps to grow a bit uneven as it shiftsbeneath her feet with each step. Finally reaching her bag she stoops over to rummage inside just a moment to pull out a rolled up blanket. It's tossed out with a quick snap to unravel and lay on the sand.

"Here, this is better to sit on than the sand when we're still wet," she reasons glancing back over her shoulder with a grin. "I brought some snacks too in case we were hungry after. It's not much, but..." She trails off with a little shrug looking uncertain.

Namor has posed:
Under most circumstances Namor would have little conern for the sharks. And in fairness, with Gabby as his companion it is not a significant issue either given her ability to heal.

Unfortunately her swimsuit is unlikely to share that same ability of course which could be a little more awkward if the alpha predators of the sea decided to take a real bite out of her.

While he might love the water, the beach is pleasant enough that he doesn't mind a little time outside of it -- particularly with good company -- and the underwater monarch comes padding up through the sand in her wake. "You had the good sense to think ahead. I'm sure your snacks will satisfy. And should hunger prove a more pressing concern it will not be difficult to plunder some of the bounty of the sea. I could manage a passable meal, even here. Though nothing compared to what I could fete you with in Atlantis of course," he conceeds.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney sinks down to sit on the blanket letting her legs stretch out to help allow the sun to dry her further. It wouldn't take long given the warmth of the day at least. "Thanks! I try to be prepared when I have a chance to plan ahead for things. Better to have something and not need it than the other way around." A quick smile is flashed as she settles in. "I'll have to take you up on that the next time I'm in Atlantis, then," she responds casually with a grin, as if she might just wander by some day and be there. "Though," she adds chuckling, "I imagine that'd take more than a day trip to see properly."

Reaching into her bag again she pulls out a plastic container. One of those reusable ones, and not the disposable. "It's not much," comes her remark again. "Just some crackers, olives, cheese, a bit of hummus. Kind of a charcuterie board but without the board. Or sausage. I wasn't sure the heat would do it good." Her eyes flit over Namor a moment regarding him thoughtfully. "You're not lactose intolerant are you? Not really much milk in Atlantis I imagine."

Namor has posed:
Settling down himself, the King of Atlantis sprawls out, looking a little less dignified then is usually the case. Apparently he is willing to risk such a thing when it is just her around. "A sensible approach to things," Namor says with an approving nod. The warmth of the day is very much discernable, more so then it might have been at slightly more northern climes, but there is enough of a breeze rustling through the leaves of the nearby trees to keep things pleasant -- and add a relaxing natural symphony of sorts to their impromptu meal.

"Mmmmm, I mean I suppose you could make just a quick visit, but that would seem to be a shame. There is a great deal to see," he agrees with a certain, obvious pride to his words. But then he is King. It's no surprise that he would be proud of his underwater nation. Justifiably in many respects no doubt. "Perhaps sometime when you can get away for a time."

Turning his attention to the little haul she takes out of her bag, Namor collects a small sampling, giving them a try before gracing her with another aapproving nod. "Most satisfying," he asserts. "And I do not believe so. I have had such things before when I have visited your world, without apparent discomfort. I'm sure it will be fine," he says confidently.

Here's hoping, given that she's trapped on a beach with him.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Just making sure. The last thing I need is to be accused of attempting to poison the King of Atlantis." It's a joke of course, and Gabby grins warmly as she reaches down to snag one of the olives for herself to pop into her mouth. A little sigh comes as she finishes off with a mumble of, "I really do love olives."

"As for getting away I can always manage that so long as there's nothing more pressing going on. I just need to let Nettie and my partners know so they won't worry."

"What about you though? Here I am stealing all your time. I hope I'm not keeping you from anything too pressing. Though," she adds reaching out to poke his shoulder with one fingertip. "Even Kings need a break. Don't overwork yourself."

Namor has posed:
All in all, Namor is a pretty sturdy example of the male breed. Chances are a little lactose intolerance would do him no lasting harm. Though depending on the severity of it he -- or those around him -- might wish he could die.

But he does seem his usual, supremely confident self as delves into the offerings, sampling one of the olives himself with a little nod of satisfaction, chewing as he stares out over the crystalline waters of the nearby ocean. "Fortunately my Kingdom is blessedly peaceful at the moment. Aside from the usual tensions with the surface world, things are almost orderly. But fear not, if the need arouse I would be certain to put my duties first, even before hte pleasures of your company," he says with a smile. "For now though I will take advantage of my opportunity to rest and recover myself. It makes a nice change of pace, truth be told," he admits

He waves one of the crackers around in his hand, gesturing much like he might if he instead held a scepter -- or a trident. "Well then! We shall have to arrange a suitable visit for you. While I'm pleased to have had the chance to show off the local reef to you, the wonders of Atlantis itself are much more enticing. When you are free I shall insure you get hte royal treatment itself," he promises in that overtly grand fashion he can sometimes fall into.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
A twinkle of amusement, perhaps even excitement, fills her gaze as Gabby regards the edge of the ocean with a rather broad grin. Grand as his remarks may be there was a lure to the offer. "I got to see the stars not long ago. There was a mission in outer space. I'd never been before," she explains quietly, perhaps a bit out of the blue. "Getting to see Earth from outside of it was just... Hard to describe. It's beautiful in so many ways."

A tilt of her head brings her gaze back toward Namor as she speaks, smiling all the while. "I always wanted to travel, and explore, and see as much of everything as I can. I hadn't been able to do that in awhile so it just reminded me of that urge. I want to see everything this world has to offer. Even the hidden places most can't go." Her hand lifts to gesture at the water.

"So yes, I would really love to see Atlantis. It sounds amazing."

Namor has posed:
He is fond enough of the stars. Looking at them. Preferably while floating atop the ocean. They are quite lovely. To be admired. From afar. Near water. Something that space, for the most part, is sadly lacking.

But to each there own. He's not about to hold it against her.

"Not many have visited both the stars and seen the beauty of the world that exists beneath the waves. You will be well travelled indeed," Namor says with a smile of his own, dipping his head her way. It might not take quite so long to travel down to Atlantis then space, but it is just as rare in some ways. Perhaps even more so given the way that Atlantean tech might allow her to view things.

"Well then, it is settled. We shall find a time that works and you shall be my guest under the sea. I suspect you will not find the experience wanting!" he promises, whether confident in the wonders of his undersea Kingdom -- or in his gifts as a host -- is a little more difficult to say.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins broader with an amount of glee hard to properly convey. The thought of getting to visit really did have her excited over the prospect. It was a good day all over. Good sun, good surf, good company, and now the promise of more. Though he had offered in the past it hadn't really been said in a way that she felt was an actual plan until now.

"Thank you!" The words burst from her with a laugh as the excitement she feels boils over a bit unable to be contained in a dignified, adult way any longer.

Which is precisely when she leans over to give the King of Atlantis a firm hug for all of a few seconds before realizing what she's done. "Ah, sorry I'm a hugger but I know you probably don't like that so sorry just got excited a bit there," she blabbers out quickly releasing him again with a laugh. "I'll see when I can get some free time."

Namor has posed:
In fairness, Namor does not exactly have an overabundance of friends. Those that he would count as such on the surface world are even fewer in number for certain obvious reasons. Part of that is his sometimes brusque attitude towards others. Part of it no doubt has to do with the responsibilities inherent in being the ruler of about seventy percent of the entire planet. That sort of thing has a way of seperating a man from others.

Certainly the offer seems genuine enough, and the King of the Seas even smiles, one arm briefly lighting on the young woman's shoulders as she hugs him. "It is quite alright Gabby. You are a good friend and such things are rare. It pleases me to see you so excited at the prospect of seeing my world in a much different and more detailed light. I find that I am looking forward to the chance to show it off for you," he conceeds with a low laugh.