16401/Giving Thanks. Sorta.

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Giving Thanks. Sorta.
Date of Scene: 23 November 2023
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: The Thanksgiving Spirit is alive and well within the hearts of Negasonic and Logan!
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Logan Howlett

Negasonic has posed:
So. There was a lot of Thanksgiving going on in another room, no doubt. Many, many residents of the Mansion were getting together to celebrate the Holiday, most likely, as many of the people here have been sepearated from home and family. That meant that they all were one big happy family here in the Mansion.

But even happy families have some black sheep, from time to time.

Such as Negasonic. She had participated in the gathering for a bit, but after suffering through too much love and joy, well... she was out here. She had her fill of most of the traditional foods anyways at this point.

She had a piece of pie on a plate, with some whipped cream on top.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan dealt with more than enough 'Oh, Logan, you have to come here for this' and 'Logan, we're going there, you should come along'. While it had been rendered quite clear recently that he stayed at the School because he wanted to, the Wolverine was at heart a solitary creature. Large crowds of laughing, chattering people was a bit much.

He'd made his appearance, of course, but he'd bailed out before Negasonic had. Gone for a walk, maybe, he steps in from the foyer and moves towards the Fridge. The teenage mutant is given a muttered 'hey' as he produces a can of some cheap beer or another which he pops open with a hiss. He takes a noisy, gulping swallow and breathes a sigh of contentment.

In the other room, there's a muffled clatter followed by a gail of laughter.

"They're still at it, huh?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Probably gonna be at it for some time," Negasonic said. She had dressed up, not that many people would notice such things. Because dressed up for her was something like... a dark black long sleeve turtleneck, freshly buzzed hair with a little bit of an uplift at the front, and she was wearing jeans, and cosy sneakers. And her skull earrings. And her nose ring.

But she was eating pie with one hand, while texting away on her cell phone with the other hand.

She makes a sound in the back of her throat at her first response to Logan, just a little grunt, if that.

"Probably going to be at it for a while," she finally decides to add a few moments later. "The love and togetherness and family and all that is getting to me, though," she says.

"So. I need a break," she tells the hairy Canuck. Where were her eyes? On the phone through the entire interaction.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Well, don't worry 'bout me," Logan tells her, dinting the beer can in his grip and taking another sip, "Not plannin' to interfere too much with your splendid isolation here. Just gettin' a drink then I'm headed out to the woods."

He turns his attention towards the big windows, looking out towards the front yard and the gate beyond with a click of his tongue.

"Besides, I'm Canadian. Thanksgivin' was last month."

Negasonic has posed:
"Canadians, always trying to get ahead of the Americans," she says.

"Being kinda cringe at it all the time," she says, glancing up towards him with a frown. But just a brief glance. "What do Canadians have to be thankful for, anyways?" she asks.

Not that she was super nationalistic. Technically, she was a Genoshian refugee.

So one might get the feeling she was trying to get a rise out of him.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Hell if I know," Logan answers, shrugging his shoulders, "Though one of the only things I remember from bein' a kid is thanksgivin' dinner and some ol' man talkin' about how hedonistic it all was. Nothin' beyond that, of course."

He finishes off the beer can with one more gulping swallow, crushing it into a puck and tossing it into the kitchen sink. Someone else will tidy it up, surely.

"I suppose we can be thankful about havin' an excuse to not have to go to the giant dinner with the Americans."

Negasonic has posed:
"What?" asks Negasonic.

"Eating until you puke?" she adds, her eyes heavy as she looks up towards him. "I guess wasting food might be bad to people leaving in the arse end of Canada. They need to conserve all the poutine they can up there," she says, glancing up towards him and curling her nose at the beer, her skull earrings reflecting the light well.

"I guess the last people that did ended up having a bad time." A beat. "But I know the holiday's kinda evolved past that to just mean... eat a lot," she says. "Like Christmas is all about the presents and all, not really the whole... whatever it used to mean," she says.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Not really a poutine guy," Logan answers, his hackles not rising to the bait though the smirk on his face suggests he knows what she's up to, "Too busy playin' hockey and eatin' Kraft dinner."

He reaches back into the fridge, producing a six-pack with one can missing and grabbing it in one hand.

"Anyhoo, I'm goin' for a walk. Come along and get some air if you want."

That said, he turns back towards the door to the foyer.

Negasonic has posed:
"Naw," Negasonic says.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Ellie says, "Even if you're a month behind," she says. The six pack is seen with a snort, and Ellie turns her attention back to her pie and fork. "... whatever," she says, bringing up her phone to start to look over her feed again.

"It's starting to get freaking cold out there, anyways," she says.

"But uh..." she lifts her chin. "Hope you have a good night. Doing whatever you do out there, okay?" she says, glancing after him with her expression very serious.