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  Negasonic Teenage Warhead  
Negasonic (Scenesys ID: 588)
Name: Ellie Phimister
Superalias: Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student / Twitter Warlord
Citizenship: Genosha
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: In High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 23 Sep 2004 Played By Brianna Hildebrand
Height: 5'2" Weight: 94 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @AtomicPinCushion
Theme Song: "Bury A Friend" by Billie Eilish


Character Info


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Ellie Phimister was born a mutant in Genosha. Rookie mistake! She was put through the Mutate Bonding procees and was used as slave labor in Genosha's mines. But lo! Saint Magneto came and freed Genosha, successfully reversed the Mutate Bonding process, and Ellie was a normal girl again! Albeit still mutant, with a horrific childhood to provide nightmare fuel for life. But it's okay, because then Sentinels came and utterly destroyed the much improved Genosha, despite one hundred percent more freedom.

From the wreckage, Ellie was rescued by the X-Men and taken to a country she doesn't know, to live in a place she doesn't know, with people she doesn't know, and expected to go to school or something. At least she was given a smartphone with which to vent on Twitter. You think you got problems? Meet Ellie Phimister, Twitter Warlord.


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* 2004: Ellie Phimister is born on September 23rd. Good news: She has the X-Gene! Bad news: She was born in Genosha where having an X-Gene assigns you to a life of slavery.

* 2010: When she was 6 years old, Ellie was taken from her family to be put through the Mutate Bonding process, activating her X-Gene while robbing her of her free will. Genosha was not a good place to be a mutant.

* 2011: Ellie, now designated Mutate#420, was put through supervised training sessions to develop an expertise in use of her powers so she could best serve Genosha. When the explosive nature of her power was adequately controlled and she was able to perform detonations while protecting herself, she was assigned to mining detail.

* 2012: Ellie proved to be very effective, and her handlers approved of her. Having undergone the Mutate Bonding process, Ellie wasn't really capable of liking or not liking her situation. She just obeyed without question when she was given an order. A simple life, with no aspiration or awareness. At least not on the surface.

* 2015: The greatest year in Ellie's young life. at 11 years old, Magneto took over Genosha and won independence not only for the country, but for every single mutant and mutate within.

* 2016: Ellie is one of the mutates to successfully go through the Reverse Mutate Process devised by Magneto's Government to try and return mutates into their former state, as indepedently thinking mutants with free will. Having gone through the process, all at once Ellie was struck with the weight of the years stolen from her by corrupt, utterly evil, human government. She was shocked by the depths of hate harbored on her kind by absolute strangers, simply because of what she was.

* 2017: Ellie in her disgust with society and the evils it could lead to, found solace in the gothic subculture and goth rock music. She started to dress in the subculture's style, and very intentionally tried to adopted an anti-social look to push people away. A tough exterior, helped cover up the wounded soul that she was after her experience of being a mutate in Genosha. Nobody would take her freedom away again, and she had a finger to display to any who thought otherwise.

* 2018: Ellie discovers the world of social media and how easily accessible it is from her phone. Twitter became one of her addictions, and coping mechanisms, savagely insulting, offending and attacking one and all to share some of the pent up anger she harbored. The few friends she does have teasingly refer to her as a Twitter Warlord, and she adopted it into her Twitter Profile: @AtomicPinCushion - Twitter Warlord. Location: The Upside Down.

* 2019: Ellie starts to develop a rather frequent nightmare problem, where she often sees Genosha being destroyed and most everyone dying. The very few people she shared this with, assumed the nightmares was a result of her experience as a mutate, and a subconcious wish for payback on the place that robbed her of being her own person for so long.

* 2020: Genosha is destroyed in a massive Sentinel attack. Were the nightmares a coincidence or a sign of a gift for precognition? Ultimately, it doesn't matter. There are few survivors. Ellie just barely makes it thanks to her powers, one of her abilities is to generate a defensive force field around her to survive her own detonations. On pure instinct, she activated her power before being buried underneath toppled buildings. Fortunately for her, she was rescued by a team of X-Men who went to look for survivors, pulled out of Genosha's wreckage along with Doug Ramsey.

After spending some time in medical for recovery, Ellie regains conciousness to a world where her home country is destroyed (but only after Magneto saved it), her family is dead, everything she knew was gone, and she was in some special ed school for 'gifted' youngsters. Yeah, life sure did suck. But at least there was a prospect of becoming an X-Men to aspire to, or at least honing her powers for real. Because her power was offensive, it was destructive, and it seemed tailor made for revenge on mutant haters. Although having gotten an example of where that can lead with Genosha's destruction, it remains to be seen how the teachers at Xavier's can help shape young Ellie.

IC Journal

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Ellie as a result of all the suffering she's been through, is very much an introvert with zero faith in humanity. That being said, she loathes the idea of ever letting anybody assert themselves over her or reach a position of power over her again. So she hides her introversion by very aggressively engaging others and attacking what perceived flaws she can latch on to, in effect, appearing an extroverted bully on some level. It's sort of a defensive mechanism she engages in, as she very rarely opens up to other people. Though one can be sure, if she ever were to make a true connection with another soul, it will be a deep and meaningful bond. She's not like other people, even though she seems like your typical social media addicted teen. She's not valuing herself by what goes on in instagram and twitter, but she will openly engage to hurt those who do live at that level. She will usually not be the first to engage other people, but she will not shy away from those engaging her either.

Ellie will stand her ground, and will wildly lash out at any who seek to demean her, deride her, or belittle her. She's had enough of that treatment to last a lifetime, and Magneto showed her that doesn't have to be the way. If she is unafraid of her own strength, if she is willing to take a stand no matter who gets hurt in the process, her life will be much more worthwhile than if she cowered to the point of being enslaved by an oppressing force of pure hatred. It's probably advised not to come to a full on confrontation with Ellie, because she won't not be the one to back down.

Having seen enough of what humans have to offer, what politics have to offer, what governments have to offer, Ellie has become quite irreverent. She doesn't buy into the idea that any authority has her best interest at heart. She finds zero reason to respect religion when it didn't anything to stop what happened in Genosha. She doesn't see any reason to believe in a god that would allow Magneto's unlikely act of turning hell into a paradise come into ruin. To her nothing is sacred anymore. It actually brings her great joy to be derisive towards things that are sacred to others, as she wants to teach them how misguided they are, in upholding something that ultimately allows great evil and misjustice to exist in the world. Because nothing truly stops it from being.

Ellie has created a defensive system to avoid unwanted interaction with random people she doesn't think really give a damn about her. Namely, snark. Not just snark, but weaponized snark, the sort she wields in her many unexpected twitter all out burn attacks. She will intentional be critical and blunt at just about anything she can think, because if people think she's rude and unpleasant, they'll keep their distance and she won't have to bother. She'll often claim to not like people, and she has a good reason what with the past she experienced and all. Maybe someday someone will through all that, but for the most part, she sells it very well.

Considering she's been enslaved as a child, been put through the mutate process to rob her of her free will and instill obedience instead, there's a lot for Ellie to be sullen about. Add on top of it that once her country was freed from the human monsters, and became a mutant utopia under Magneto, it didn't last too long. Humans can't have nice things, so they brought a whole army of Sentinels to obliterate Genosha into kingdom come...well, Ellie doesn't have much to be happy about. She's sunk full into goth culture, gloom and darkness are like friends to her, while happiness and optimism seem nothing but lies. She's not exactly who you want to invite to your party.

It's no surprise that after she lived through the hell of human lead Genosha, and the destruction of liberated supposed utopia Genosha, Ellie has trust issues. First her parents allowed her to be enslaved (at that age laws are not a comprehensible concept), then her saviour who promised heaven on Earth lead Genosha to its utter and complete destruction. Whatever she knew, was terrible. Whatever she knew that wasn't terrible, was destroyed by other terrible people. In short, Ellie completely doesn't subscribe to concept such as honesty, good intentions, or promises. As far as she's concerned the world is a terrible place, and it all comes down to life being a bitch until one day you die.

Character Sheet


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Force Field:
As is the case with most mutants, Ellie is immune to her own power. Seeing how her power is quite destructive, the immunity is reflect by an innate ability to generate a force field that can withstand the power level of a detonation she's about to unleash. Because she needs to spend some time charging her power to reach higher level of force, so too does her force field build up. So if she was under attack, she might try to charge up to form a force field to protect her, but if she's hit with 5 ton of force while her force field is at 1, it won't be too useful. Further complicating the issue is her mostly instinctive use of the power while she uses her main ability. She hadn't quite mastered the generation of a force field, separate from building up a detonation.

Interesting uses of this ability is sometimes to charge herself without actually unleashing the detonation, which allows her to use herself as super fast battering ram, or a launched missle of sorts, without hurting herself. This was mostly explored in her during her mining work on Genosha.

Ellie has a potential limitless gift in the form of the ability to create, shape and manipulate the forces of nuclear reactions such as fusion and fission. When properly mastered, Ellie might one day be able to wield control over electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation and perhaps even transmutation of matter. Sadly, Ellie isn't exactly driven to such ends, it would take a very inspiring and steadfast teacher to push her that way.

For the time being, out of the near limitless potential, Ellie only really worked with one aspect that nucleokinesis allows, namely explosions. It's what the Genoshan used her for as a mutate, and what she had years of experience doing, albeit because she didn't have the will power to resist her handlers.

When Ellie charges up towards using her power, at first a build up of energy can be felt. If she continues to charge flames begin to erupt around her body, at a certain point her eyes begin to gain a fiery glow, and eventually small explosions will accompany the effect. Her power is not subtle.

The most basic use of her power is to explodiate stuff with a detonation she can direct, or create at a given spot. It generally can shatter concrete walls and send vehicles flying.

She can knock people through walls at lower levels, adding force she could destroy a vehicle or a segment of road, and at higher level she could well destroy a ship or building. As a general guideline, a second of charge increases the force of her explosion by 1 ton.

Needless to say, she's not well practiced at achieving more than tunneling mines, blowing up debris, and other tasks once assigned to her by Genosha's government.

Potential Precog:
While unclear if Ellie might have an actual secondary mutation in the form of a precognition ability, she did suffer nightmares about the destruction of Genosha and the death of its people for roughly a year before it came to pass. It could be a coincidence, but perhaps someone in the Xavier School find out of there's really something to it. Assuming of course Ellie ever shares in the first place. She does like to appear tough after all, and suffering nightmares isn't tough. Assuming they are indeed nightmares and not visions.

It's not exactly flight due to abysmal maneuverability, but Ellie can use a directed explosive force to launch herself into the air, to achieve a manner of flight akin to a cannonball shot through the air. She doesn't really like to use this power because of how clumsy and unreliable it is, particularly when facing foes with actual flight capabilities. It is, never the less, effective in helping her reach higher ground or as a setup to unleashing more damage by launching in the air and landing like a bomb, producing a crater in her wake. She doesn't generally land from these propulsion blasts, so much as crashes and has her force field protect her.

Super Speed:
Another application of a kinetic charge that Ellie can build up with her power, is that instead of a detonation, she may choose to unleash it to boost her own speed when she runs. It's only good for short bursts, but she can reach a top speed of 300 MPH with sufficent charge, coming in like a wrecking ball.


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Sadly, as a result of her use and abuse at the hands of the Genoshan before Magneto, Ellie has garnered quite the experience in tunneling and mining with use of her powers. She could really help in situation that may require it, though she likely wants to forget all about it.

Pushing Buttons:
Ellie doesn't push triggers, she pushes buttons, and she's a pro at it. In wanting to keep to herself and push people away, she developed an uncanny ability to spot what most irritates, offends or embarrasses another person, and then unrelentingly push that button until something happens. The other person break in tear, initiate a fight, start screaming like a lunatic. Whatever the end result maybe, it's preferable to the initial action Ellie couldn't stand. She's quite abrasive and would usually have a mean comment or snarky remark, regardless if the audience is people or twitter.

Social Media:
While Ellie isn't the most social of people, and doesn't necessarily reach out to connect with others in person, she is seldom seen without a trusty smartphone. True to her teenage status, Ellie is utterly addicted to social media, and twitter in particular.

She is familiar with a wide variety of apps, various hacks to get the most out of them, and should she decide to apply herself, she may well be great at SEO and Social Media Campaigns.

Sadly, she largely uses her expertise to vanquish the weak and hear the lamentation of their friends in her daily role as a formidable Twitter Warlord.

Xavier Trainee:
Ellie was just pulled out of the wreckage of Genosha and taken to safety at Xavier's. No doubt she will be taught how to handle herself, get put through a good exercise routine, while learning how to use self defense to protect herself. That is what will likely happen, as of now, she's still a novice with very little experience. She may have been engaged in a school fight or two, but that's hardly real world experience.


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The one device that makes Ellie feel alive, unlike this world filled with douches, is the smartphone. It has a plenthora of apps that connects her to the internet, where she can surf social media like a pro, find likeminded people who can feel like a good substitute to real friends, and of course, offend idiots who deserve it (mostly at least). Woe to the person who confiscates her phone. Also woe to he who feeds the trolls. Don't ever feed trolls.

Xavier School:
As a student at Xavier's there are those who genuinely look after Ellie and care about her, and she can also use some of the resources the school makes available. For the most part she's not likely to want to use any of that, but it's there.


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Explosive Power:
When Negasonic uses her powers, everyone in a pretty wide radius can tell. They're not exactly subtle, so if anyone who knows about her is looking for her, it'll be a dead giveaway. If Friends of Humanity type goons are looking for a mutant to pick on, using her powers will be a beacon for them if they're around.

Internet Addiction:
While some may scoof at the notion, Ellie is addicted to the online world of the internet, she constantly checks her facebook, twitter, instagram, etc'. She needs to know what her online friends think, and if she were detached from it all and forced to live in the real world, where she has no friends, well, she wouldn't like it very much. Her phone is her refuge for a reason, it allows her a place to feel like she's just like everyone else. As opposed to the real world, where she feels like a freak and tries to push everyone away. She'll go as far as to delay a fight to finish one last post on twitter.

While Ellie keeps to her goth affinities and presents herself as a bleak, unlikeable person with how she tries to offend everyone with her mean comments, it's all an act. She wants to be liked, she wants to have friends, but her early life as a mutate left a lingering emotional scar from childhood. She believes she can't have all those things, so rather than acknowledge what lacking social skills she has, she instead pushes everyone away. She mitigates some of her loneliness through her phone and social media, but for the most part she feels alone in the world, and she hates it. This is made all the worse when she sees some of the other teens who are social butterflies, nothing annoys her more.

Having gone through the Mutate Process and lived most of her childhood devoid of free will, then later having her country and everything she knew destroyed, herself barely surviving the ordeal, Ellie developed a problem with recurring nightmares. They're not always the same, but her sleep is usually restless, leaving her irritable. It's also something she's loathe to admit to suffering from, because she sees it as a weakness. Albeit there's a chance these are not quite nightmares, but more a precursor to actual latent precog mutation she might have. Or otherwise a rather quantum-like implementation of her nucleokinesis ability.

Teenage Warhead:
Funny that she choose that codename for herself, because Negasonic is just that even without her powers. She's an angsty teen, who thinks she knows best, and has major issues with authority figures -- grown ups in particular -- trying to tell her how to behave and what to do. She is often rebellious and gives a world of headaches to her teachers and chaperones when she either refuses to play along or explodes in anger. Which to be fair is much better than actual kinetic explosions she can produce with her powers.



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Negasonic has 33 finished logs.

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Flat Broke In Flatbush April 2nd, 2021 A punk and a goth walk into a barbell piercing. LMAO but seriously. That is exactly what happens, except by 'walk' we mean 'commit a felony'. Is it MURDER, TREASON, BURGLARY, or VANDALISM? Read on to find out. page Roxy or Ellie if you want to send us congratulations on being awesome.
American Mutant Gothic April 1st, 2021 After Negasonic doesn't come home at night, James, Illyana, Kitty and Julio go searching for her, with Nori also showing up at the mall where they find her. The birthday of Ellie's dead father makes for emotional moments.
One small step March 29th, 2021 Logan shares a sandwich with Ellie. It is not wack. They get into their feels. It was macabre.
The Coolest Woman Ever March 26th, 2021 Ellie experiences the best day of her life, running into Selene Corvinus.
For Want Of A Spike March 26th, 2021 The meeting of three Spiders and a Warhead. Ground Zero: a goth shop.
On The Look For A Missing James March 5th, 2021 Ellie looks after the missing James, and finds out why he went off on his own.
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The Rec Is The Place February 3rd, 2021 Ellie meets Drake, electricity manipulator that CAN charge phones!
Third Wheel Strikes Again! January 14th, 2021 Noriko and Jubilee try to go on their first official date. Simon shows up to begin his unwitting villainous (social flavored) onslaught! He's just trying to be a good friend when Ellie also unwittingly pens them in. Noriko finally causes Jubilee to have had enough mortification and flee after she becomes the casualty of a static shock...and soda.
Xavier School Ski Weekend: Wheels on the Bus January 14th, 2021 The Bus makes it to Vermont! There's a screening of Beetlejuice, a ukulele concert featuring Journey, and everyone enjoys a good meal! And we didn't even lose Kevin!
Escape From Granola December 29th, 2020 'Adults' mix with 'kids' and some of those may be adults and some of those may be kids. The benefits of granola are discussed, Senor Scratchez makes his debut in public.
Time Square Trip December 9th, 2020 Ellie, Ruth and Noriko run into Conner. Noriko's Noriko, then she's worse, then finally everyone gets to eat. Then Ruth is Ruth. Naturally, Ellie is still in love with her phone the entire time. Rumor is they're engaged. Poor Conner.
Ice Times November 25th, 2020 Negasonic and Surge hang out a little while at a mandatory school activity
Returning To The Scene of The Crime November 7th, 2020 Ellie returns to the Study Hall to see how repairs are progressing, where she runs into Noriko and Ruth.
That's What I Want October 24th, 2020 Spiral runs into Negasonic and Surge in the Study Hall, and learns just why it's dangerous to push the button.
Fake Id leads to...... October 5th, 2020 Fake ids, Yakuza and fireballs good night. Negasonic meets Jackie.
Meeting Decent People starring Tony and Leslie September 27th, 2020 Ellie meets Tony again, this time with Leslie, for some joint training
Pizza Parlor Parlez Vous September 12th, 2020 Alex, Slips, and Negasonic meet randomly in a pizza parlor and discussion of what proper pizza should be is had.
Old Man, Old Bike August 23rd, 2020 Logan works on his bike with Lorna, Remy, and Negasonic making entrances. Logan evidently is 'cool enough' for the teen. Remy taunts with an explosive cigarette. Lorna informs Logan about the monsters emerging from the deep. At least one joke about Namor is made.
A Quiet Place to play July 16th, 2020 A song is shared and a little bit of pessimism, too.
Imagine July 1st, 2020 Ellie went to reflect a bit in Strawberry Fields, happened by Tony Masters, and earned herself some fighting lessons in the process.
Happens in a Castle June 10th, 2020 It was supposedly to be closed for reforms, but they were there anyway!
What Do We Do With Evil Assholes May 31st, 2020 Ellie is all bummed out about Stryker and how everything is going, she has a chat with Lorna that doesn't ease her mind.
War of Worlds Part 2 May 26th, 2020 The Battle of Metropolis is on in full. Heroes from all over the World assemble in the City of Tomorrow to hold back Mongul's forces while Superman engages Zod in the air above. While the heroes have created enough space to begin a pushback, the threat of Zod and Mongul still looms over the planet as they move to Phase two.
This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913
A Goth, a French Girl, and the Worst Walk into the Kitchen May 12th, 2020 Roulette and Tarot meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Roulette learns Tarot plans to leave the US after graduation. She is displeased.
Harley Sessions: Negasonic April 28th, 2020 Negasonic Teenage Warhead comes to see Harley Quinn for some therapy... it does not go as expected. Write it down.
Movie Night at Xavier's April 26th, 2020 Movie night is interrupted by -actual- dinosaurs! Maybe next time the denizens of Xavier's will actually get to finish a film...
A Slow Cuppa Joe at The Coffee Bean April 16th, 2020 Coffee was had, people met and introductions made
That's The Back Yard! April 3rd, 2020 Ellie meets Lorna, the two discuss the harrowing tragedy their country been through.
Teddy-Boy Came Out With No Legs March 26th, 2020 And in their place, two wooden pegs
Out Of The Lab and Into...Affluence March 15th, 2020 Ellie makes it to the upper levels, meets Jubilee, it doesn't go well.
Ellie's Log: Day Too Many In Medbay March 6th, 2020 Ellie learns not everyone sucks in the new place, and it's definitely not a hell show.
Waking Up To A New Reality March 3rd, 2020 Negasonic wakes up in a medical facility, connected with wires and tubes to beeping machines. Is she safe...?


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Negasonic has 33 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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