1682/Breaking bread and wine

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Breaking bread and wine
Date of Scene: 15 May 2020
Location: Food Court: Triskelion
Synopsis: Bread was broken, lemonade was offered. Peace was attained. Talks of what makes an hero and a SHIELD Agent.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Achilles

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It has been a few busy days for Quake... What with saving rogue LMD's, set upon by nazis and then being blamed on the papers for robbing a bank! Clearly it wasn't being a good week... So she did what she did best, which was to come over to the food court and indulge. Off hours of course, but today at least the food machine was working so she only had to give it a mighty kick to get the sandwich she paid for to drop down..

At this hour there's little people around in terms of eating or even staff, one of those dead hours in a more late hour of the night. Suits Daisy just fine, she with her legs curled up under her on a chair, a tablet in front of her while she goes through Lolita's schematics and the still untouched sandwich on the table in front of her.

Achilles has posed:
    It's not long before Achilles's investigation bears fruit. Most notably, he realizes that Daisy is not swamped, not in the middle of eight projects, and just sitting quietly by herself. He's been waiting for the right moment, so he wouldn't be interrupting something. This means that it is the perfect time for him to slide into the food court, cafeteria, whatever they call it here.
    So it might seem odd, but Achilles can move quietly when he sets his mind to it. So it is that a sex-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade is set on the table, just as the man sits down across from Daisy, "Peace?" he asks with a lopsided grin, "This is a peace offering. And an apology."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A pause at the sound of the packs of lemonade being put on the table and then she glances up. Daisy squints first at the packs, then over at Achilles. "Seems like you know how to do your research.." she says after a moment's pause, setting the tablet on the table. "I will put that note on your investigation skills assessment when it comes up." smile showing teeth even if her eyes seem heavy. Whatever's been keeping her up is worrying enough.

She reaches across to take one of the lemonades in hand, then another sent across the table to Achilles. "I am all for peace though. Specially when it comes in the form of Mike's hard lemonade.." some approval in her tone. For some reason she always liked these drinks with traces of lemons. Go figure!

Achilles has posed:
    "Just seemed like the right approach. I considered a bottle of eighty year old whiskey. But.." Achilles shrugs as he reaches to open the bottle slid his way, "This seemed more... appropriate. But seriously, I wanted to apologize for what... looking back on it, seems a lot like impeding your investigation when we first... spoke." he says.
    But he can't help but notice the heavy look. He takes a sip and adds, "A wise man once said.. a burden is lighter when two people carry it. Is there anything you need to vent about that isn't classified way over my head?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"The problem with a bottle like that is it just sits there on a cabinet for ages without being drank." Daisy says, almost as if she was speaking out of experience! She also pops open her drink. Her eyebrows quirk up a bit though and she appears amused. "There wasn't much of a conversation if I remember well. Mission was accomplished though so..." she trails off and then takes a long swig out of it.

"And I saw footage of your fight with Firepower. That gets my respect." she says, reaching over with the bottle to clink it with the Olympian's.

As for the question of burden she looks back to the tablet. "I was mostly going through some specs on GL. Figuring out how to implement the changes Hill requested." Then she sighs. "Also trying to figure out how we will be uprooting those nazis. So, yea.., keeping myself busy."

Achilles has posed:
    Not even responding to the Firepower thing, Achilles is attempting to be somewhat modest. Big change from the glory hound so long ago. But for now, he shrugs, "In my defense, I was trying to protect my company while figuring out just what was going on. But yeah. Mission accomplished."
    He says that, and gestures to the tablet, "I am afraid I can't be much help for the specs. But.. strategy and tactics have been something of a... let's say a hobby of mine, for a long time. Maybe I can assist with these Nazis? The question is, how zealous are they when it comes to the Nazi ideology?"
    He takes a sip of his drink and then adds, "Or is the Nazi thing just a convenient cover?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"In SHIELD sometimes that's what it's all about. We may not understand something that may be going on yet we are all part of a team, a family. We always need to get each other's backs." Another drink given out of the lemonade. Daisy then considers Achilles' questions, mmm'ing. "Totally fanatics. At least from what they were talking about when we fought them." she explains.

"Military types. Committed to their mission. They knew well what they were about. I have been mostly trying to track them through websites and groups on social media that these folks like to join in to coordinate. So far without luck." then a gesture with her hand towards the exit. "And the brains up on R&D are also looking for other solutions. We recovered one of their weapons. Apparently it is able to copy someone's powers. The extent of it we are not aware yet."

"So no, don't think it's a cover at all. They have a mission to do, we will just need to figure out what it is before it becomes too dire."

Achilles has posed:
    Inclining his head, Achilles pauses to think, "Okay, if they are truly followers of that insane powermonger's ideals..." Achilles sips his lemonade as he refers to Hitler as if he knew the guy.
    "Well, they came into power during a time when there was no internet. And just because their ideology is insane, does not mean they are stupid. Surely they know that anything online can be tracked and hacked. Perhaps they are purposefully keeping it low tech as far as that is concerned."
    Then he looks at Daisy. He really -looks- at her. "And something tells me that, as lovely as you are... someone of your genetic background is not going to be able to -blend in- at any of their meetings."
    Then he looks down at his own hands, and shrugs, "I on the other hand, appear to be a blonde haired... how did they put it a few years back... oh yes, cracker."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Well, if you go by -that- then you should remember there was one of the nazis saying I was the ..., what was it...." Daisy considers a moment, squinting her eyes. " ... Ah, the marriageable type, or something like that." she lets out a mirthless chuckle at that, a sigh, then downing a little more of her drink. "Though you might be right in this instance, doesn't hurt to try though. But an undercover approach could be interesting..."

Daisy raises one hand to rub at her chin, "With them being military mostly not sure if they may not be too close-knit for it to work but .., could be something to bring up with Bobbi. She is the one leading the investigation on this matter so far. Talk to her."

Then a brief snort at the mention of Achilles being a 'cracker', she shaking her head a bit to herself. "But what about you? How has your stay in SHIELD been? Have you gone through all the basic assessment by now?"

Achilles has posed:
    Smirking a bit, Achilles goes into flirt mode. I mean he has been -there- for millennia. "Well, marriageable?" He lifts a hand and wobbles it back and forth, "Is a ring really necessary?" he adds with another sip of his drink going down.
    "But I did mean the lovely part. So let an old man pay a young lady a compliment, eh?" he asks, his voice getting a bit shrill as he pokes fun at the 'old man' part.
    "But yeah, I could go undercover. What are they going to do, kill me?" he asks. But he takes a gulp, finishing his lemonade before placing the bottle in the carrier.
    Then he lets his eyes wander off a bit, "Skills assessment. Well, my marksmanship scores are passable. I admit, firearms... while useful tools of war, are not my favorite invention. I -did- become proficient with them. But..." then he grins, "Doctor Foster observed my attempts to restrain and detain a superhuman individual. Let me tell you, Agent Drew is a beast in the ring."
    "Aside from those, yeah... I think I'm pretty much finished with the 'official'.... training assessment, and cleared for full field duty."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I mean ..., it used to be back on your time, didn't it...?" Then Daisy just pauses. "Oh, wait... Helen of Troy. If we go by the movie of course." then a small chuckle. A shake of her head later she states. "But no, specially in this century less and less there is the need of a ring."

She does grin at the compliment though. "But thanks for the compliment.., old timer." a joking tone to her voice. The mention of what they could do to him makes her frown. "There are worse fates than dying..." she also taking the rest of the lemonade and settling back on her chair with a sigh of satisfaction.

"She is, officially, a badass." Daisy says about Drew. Yes, she has seen the woman in action! "More and more we have been receiving people with powers. I feel we will have to one day create a unit within SHIELD for it." by her tone it seems it's not the first time she thinks on this.

Achilles has posed:
    "You see, that is just the thing. You should not separate powered and unpowered individuals. That is the beginnings of how things like the Nazi party started." offers Achilles thoughtfully. "I have seen many times when one group was set apart from the rest. They became more feared, but also grew arrogant and believed that they were somehow better than the rest. Better to intermingle powered and unpowered people so that they can get used to working side by side, and can form relationships based on experiences, not powers."
    But then he shakes his head, "Forgive my maudlin episodes. I have merely seen this type of mistake made many times in my years. SHIELD is something special. Here to do the right thing, no matter how painful it may be. The right thing and the nice thing are not often the same."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Depends on the types of threats, doesn't it?" Daisy then replies, still thoughtful. "Some just can't be solved through normal means, yet it's simply a thought I have had." she then goes to dig into her sandwich, pausing a moment and then stating. "Want half? It has cheese and ..., I am not sure on the rest, but it's damn delicious." she calls it her Surprise Sandwich.

"You are right when you mention SHIELD being something special." She beaming a smile at that, instantly looking warmer at it. "Right, yes. But we need to be careful about the cost we make others pay. We need a good balance."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding, Achilles grins, "Just because I can't die doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a delicious sandwich." he offers as he reaches for his half. "But in all honesty, it would be a mistake to segregate powered and unpowered people. Look at the situation that was caused by those who call themselves Mutants becoming separated from the people. People were afraid of them and it is spiraling out of control on both sides."
    He shakes his head and takes a bite, eyes lighting up figuratively, "This -is- good." he states.
    And then... his eyes get that thousand yard stare once more, "It is always the fate of those who stand up for others. For those who place themselves between the innocent and those who would do them harm. Those who feel that call make a sacrifice... most notably their own humanity. It has ever been the fate of soldiers to become killers, of police to become jaded. A bit of yourself is sacrificed for the rest to be able to live their lives safely and with less threats."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy waits for a few moments while Achilles goes on about tasting the sandwich then grins. "Good, just needed a poison taster." she jests, then reaches for her own half to take a bite too, nomming on it quietly for a while, silent while she considers the man's words. Her tone is considerably darker when she again speaks. "It is spiraling out of control, you just need to watch the news. I wonder when we will be called to intervene on Genosha." she murmurs. "Because after that last attack and the lives lost.." she shakes her head, trailing off.

When the man goes into that thousand yard stare it makes her quirk one eyebrow up, but eventually she does add in a solemn manner. "It is what SHIELD is all about. Sacrifices so others may live in peace. Heroes each and every Agent here." then another bite on her sandwich. "You have the right mentality for this place."

Achilles has posed:
    "Maybe now." remarks Achilles. He shakes his head, "You would have hated me had you known me when I was a young man." He takes another bite of his half of the sandwich, almost not tasting it before adding. But he shakes his head and sighs. "Looking back, I don't like the man who I used to be. I have worked very hard, for a very long time to change whom I am. I can only assume that there has been some success in that regard."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"We have all made our share of mistakes in the past. You don't have to blame yourself just because yours spanned a millenia or two." Ouch. But Daisy lifts her hands up to show she was merely playing with the Olympian. Though then she continues, now in a more serious tone, "We always look back and assume we could had done better, or differently. The point is not regretting, but instead look at all that has been achieved to this day. That's how I like to see it."

A grin, "So you aren't alone there in doing mistakes, and acknowledging them. Just means you are human. Or well..., you know. More human..." she lifting her shoulders, perhaps unsure on how exactly the man thinks of himself. Godling or Human.

Achilles has posed:
    "In ancient times, it was told that the gods could not be heroes because they were entirely inhuman. That is why they called upon heroes... heroes who might have been demigods, but that just meant that they had a part of the god, and yet... still had humanity. That humanity is what made them heroes, not the divine inheritance."
    Achilles shrugs and smirks, "I believe it was the knowledge of mortality that made them heroes, the knowledge that no matter what they did, they could never outrun time. I envy them that." he adds.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Pursing her lips together Daisy looks thoughtfully at the Olympian, considering those words. "What does that make you then?" she questions. "Human in a way but immortal?" she does sound curious about that, finishing with her half of the sandwich and brushing her hands together. "Or don't you consider yourself a hero?"

She rests back on her chair, relaxedly.

Achilles has posed:
    Grinning then, Achilles shrugs his shoulders, "Now you are getting it. I feel removed from humanity, and I always have. That is why I was so focused on glory and fame when I was young. I wanted to be remembered... wanted to -be- a hero, but the real heroes were those mortals who fought and died for their people, and I helped to destroy those who's only crime was to defend their city and their people. I did not care about that. All I cared was that it was a war that would be spoken of for ages. How could -I- have been a hero? I was the villain there... and all of Greece looked to me like I was their hero, like it was my job to win the war single-handedly for them." He sighs and shrugs, "I need to stop rehashing this in my head."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
That makes Daisy's brows furrow while she listens. "Wanting to be an hero but not knowing it is made of sacrifice and not simply glory." Yes, she can imagine that quite well. And she has seen the movies too! "Those were very different times though. Yet it is as you said, we now at SHIELD need to make sure that what we do is to protect others, not to conquer or otherwise become that which we were enrolled to fight against."

But then she breaks into a smile and tells Achilles with an earnest tone. "I believe you will do a fine agent here, Achilles. You have the heart for it at least." a pause. "And being immortal is a good, even if minor side effect." a small wink in the end.

Achilles has posed:
    Transforming the sadness to wry humor, Achilles shrugs his shoulders, "It does give me the chance to learn from my mistakes. Even those that should get me killed. So, by all means, use me as a target dummy if you need to. Also... when was the last time you were able to spar against someone you could go all out with and not worry about killing?" he asks, "All jokes aside, I would be happy to be that punch dummy for you."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Be careful with what you ask for. I will let you know I have trained with the best. The likes of May and Bobbi. So...." Daisy replies to the man with a tsk, as if he didn't exactly know what he was getting into! Though then she starts to get up to her feet. "But you are on. It's good to have opponents where we can go all out, specially as I now fight in tandem with my powers." she says.

"We can arrange a training session later on." She picks up her tablet from the table and then reaches for the rest of the lemonades. Yes, they would be well taken care of. "Thanks for the talk, I will catch you later?"

Achilles has posed:
    "You might find that I have a -few- surprises to offer. I have had the chance to learn from some of the best throughout history. Some of the worst too but some of the best." offers Achilles. "But I did manage to learn from my mistakes there, and while I have no such powers... but I know a trick or two."