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Achilles (Scenesys ID: 503)
Name: Achilles of Pithia
Superalias: Achilles
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Occupation: Immortal Reluctant Hero
Citizenship: Complicated
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Even More Complicated
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 2 Mar 1252 BC Played By None
Height: 6'2" Weight: 235lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Dark Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Achilles -is- the mythological hero of the Trojan War. He is not dead. His heel was a ruse he used to fake his death. He has been knocking around ever since, and is just now coming out of the shadows to announce that he is still alive. Oh, and will be fighting to defend Metropolis along with others.


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1252 BC: Born to Peleus, king of Pithia, and Thetis, daughter of Nereus, a god of the sea. Dipped in the river Styx after being fed Ambrosia to make him invulnerable by his mother due to a prophecy.1251 BC: Given to Chiron the Centaur for training. Learns how to be a warrior at an early age.
1243 BC: Disguised as a girl and sent to the island of Skyros, but is discovered by Odysseus and recruited for the upcoming war. (Troy of course)
1222 BC: Having spent years training with Greece's greatest warriors, Achilles has surpassed them all in skill and tenacity. He has become Commander of the Myrmidons, a group of warriors loyal to skill and each other more than any nation.
1221 BC: Trojan War begins. Achilles goes to war, knowing that he is fated to die there.
1211 BC: Trojan war, brutal and bloody, comes to an end. Achilles has grown tired of the killing, and is annoyed at how everyone looks to him to win the war for them. So he arranges to -die-... gets shot in the heel and lets everyone believe that it kills him. Turns out he just can't die. Switches body of fallen Greek into his armor later for the burning and lets the world think he has died.
490 BC: Battle of Marathon. Achilles helps to repel King Darius's Persian Army.
480 BC: Battle of Thermopylae, Achilles is among the Greeks at the side of Leonidas. Does not reveal his identity and is happy to let the Spartans become the heroes of this event.
479 BC: Fights in final battle against Xerxes I. Plataea is a bloodbath that he excels in, but fights in obscurity.
460 - 446 BC: Peloponnesian War. Achilles, impressed by Leonidas's final stand, fights for the Spartans in the war. They win and he slips away into obscurity once more.
431 - 404 BC: Once again, the second Peloponnesian War begins, and once more Achilles comes out of retirement to help Sparta. The warrior elite are more his style after all. Sparta once again came out on top and Achilles faded away to wander the land.
395 - 387 BC: Corinthian War.. *sigh* Yes, Sparta vs Athens again. In the end, peace was found without a definitive winner. In fact, Achilles sat this one out and watched from a distance, mostly scowling.
336 - 325 BC: Alexander the Great becomes King of Macedonia. Achilles, under an assumed name, marches with the King on his campaigns. Becomes officer in charge of a large part of Alexander's army. But fades away again after Alexander conquers Babylon. Achilles leaves Greece, heading for Rome.
200 BC - 498 CE: Lives in the Roman Empire and occasionally fights for Rome, but his heart is not in it. He makes an attempt to be a farmer and realizes that he is terrible at it. Begins walking north.
800 - 1050 CE: Intolerant of Christianity, travels to Scandinavia and fights alongside Vikings.
1066 CE: Having settled in Normandy, fights alongside William the Conqueror and helps to defeat the English. Settles in England... Begins to stay in one place longer and amass wealth.
1100 - 1600 CE: Maintains home in England, but travels as a Mercenary around the world. Every thirty or forty years, returns home to 'inherit' the home that is still his. Personal wealth grows.
1914 - 1945: Achilles takes part in both World Wars. Both times on the side of his adopted home, England under an assumed name. Learns to love modern weaponry.
2001 CE: Truly disturbed by the events of September 11, 2001. Relocates to the United States. He settles in Metropolis, where Superman defends the people. This means that Achilles does not need to. So he continues to amass wealth quietly.
2017 CE: Superman dies. Achilles agonizes over a decision. Bides time, builds wealth, tracks down ancient weapons and armor that -were- made by Hephaestus after all.
2020 CE: Time to step out of the shadows and announce that Achilles lives and will fight for his people in Metropolis.

IC Journal

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Complicated is a good word for Achilles. After all, he was a prideful warrior who wanted to be known forever. To have his name spoken for thousands of years to come. But having so many others die trusting that he would win the war for him made him bitter and guilt-ridden. However, he could never truly become a man of peace. War was in his blood. But as time progressed and he kept fighting, he would temper his warrior nature with compassion. Some immortal beings see mortals as unworthy. Achilles is just the opposite. He watches humans live lives full of passion and ambition while only living for a handful of decades, and he envies them their ability to live that way.
For a time, he tried to re-awaken the brutal warrior's nature he had when he was younger, and fought alongside the Vikings only because they were also Pagans. In the end, he settled down and watched the blossoming of the Chivalric orders. By now, he has learned that if he is -not- defending those he identifies with, that something is missing from his life and from his heart. He fights with compassion and mercy, and tries to avoid killing his opponents because they are deserving of some dignity, even if they are criminals.
He has learned patience over the centuries, and does his best to restrain his impulsiveness, but he is not always successful. In the end, he is a defender, and has adopted Metropolis and the United States as his home.

Character Sheet


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Achilles is not truly Invulnerable. All of those stories got it wrong. He just cannot die. Sure, he is more resistant to injury than normal humans, and can withstand small arms fire with just the barest of bruising. Sharp enough blades cut his flesh, and arrows can pierce it at close range. The truth is just that it will not kill him, and he heals at ridiculous speeds. He is a demigod who was augmented with Ambrosia -and- the River Styx.
While he can be injured, he also possesses a supernatural ability to keep functioning even if he should not be. He can push on no matter what, his will overriding his body while the body heals to keep up. This means that he cannot age. He cannot get sick. He can be poisoned.... briefly. He will always recover.


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When you are a 3200 year old warrior who has fought off and on for all that time, you have learned some impressive fighting techniques. Achilles could be said to be a master of almost all martial arts. Boxing, Wrestling. Samurai Swords. Fencing. Spear. Tae Kwon Do. He's likely studied it if it has been taught as a fighting style. And he has had the time and potential to master it. While he cannot keep up with well trained fighters who also have superhuman strength, stamina, or speed... he can overcome almost anyone who has only had a single lifetime to study. That is not to say that he cannot be surprised. Lady Shiva, Shang Chi, Batman, Captain America. Odds are people of that skill would be able to beat him. But it would not be a guarantee.

Okay, he learned one or two things. Enough to know he should not be a farmer.

Believe it or not, Achilles has learned how to invest and make his money work for him. He has wealth amassed from millennia of collecting ancient trinkets and money. He has made quite a fortune and still manages it himself.

In the early part of the 20th century, Achilles found himself at war once more. He learned to use firearms then and fell in love with them. These days, there is not a firearm that he is not an expert with. He could qualify for a Marine Sniper, or could be called a pistolero, or any number of things. He is a crack shot in any case.

When you live through most of history, you remember a lot of it. Achilles could rewrite many history texts with the knowledge he has amassed.

Hey, Achilles knows how to dress to impress. Again, he has had time to watch styles come and go, and has learned to adapt.

Achilles has spent so much time on battlefields, as a grunt and a commander that he has quite a grasp of tactics and strategy. There are few that could match him in that regard. At least in his own mind.


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Hephaestus Gear:
Achilles's original armor, spear, shield, and sword were all crafted by the god of the forge. While they are not specifically enchanted with any special powers, they are forged from Celestial Bronze and are enchanted to restore themselves in time, even if broken. Also, they seem to subtly change as time goes by, to reflect the world around them. So in Troy, they were ancient looking. In the modern day they look more current.
Armor: The armor can stand up to quite a beating. It can take weapons fire from most modern firearms with little to no effect. Explosives would definitely get through it.
Shield: While it can't be thrown and bounced around, the Celestial Bronze shield can absorb the impact of many powerful attacks. Artillery could be deflected, briefly. Super strong attacks might dent it.
Spear: Unlike most spears, this one has a haft -and- head made of metal. It can pierce many things, but that is based on the strength of the wielder more than just the toughness of the tip. It's major feature is the ability to grow from six feet long to as long as twelve feet on command.
Sword: Technically called a Xiphos, this was one of the earliest of that particular model of sword. Two and a half feet long, it was not made for fencing so much as close in work. Double edged and -very- sharp, there is no further enchantment upon it.

Myrmidon Security:
Achilles has created this security company that specializes in training officers to hire out to various high profile clients as personal bodyguards. They are all well trained soldiers who have a protector mentality. This is where his -official- income comes from.

Come on. 3200 years of fighting? Achilles has weapons of all types from all eras in storage -somewhere-. You name it and he can probably dig it out from a locker.


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Sure, he has compassion and mercy, but Achilles is immortal and he knows it. He has that arrogance one only gets when they know they are superior. It can (and will) be used against him many times.

Not the Heel:
So everyone thinks his heel was his weak point. That was something of a joke he was amused by for many centuries. In reality, his weakness would be poisoning from the waters of the River Styx. A weapon dipped in that water and stabbed into him would be lethal. Or at the very least, incapacitating and -potentially- lethal.



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Achilles has 121 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
SHIELD Nacho Night November 20th, 2021 A group of SHIELD agents converge on the recreation room for a night of nachos and margaritas and nothing really terrible happens, aside for the invention of a new form of chemical warfare. It all ends with a ghostly revelation.
Remember, Remember, 11 November November 11th, 2021 A start of a birthday lunch.
Chance Meetings in the Park November 7th, 2021 Overdone acting, snacks, and a chat. Fun times!
0-8-4 Files: 056 October 24th, 2021 A deadly runestone is smartly and safely snapped up, then SHIELD gets the hell out of Russia before anyone notices. Hopefully.
Rebel Recruitment October 11th, 2021 A host of valiant adventurers answer the call of Gemworld's floundering rebellion.
A Visit to Angelo October 7th, 2021 Angelo Tampambulos invites Phoebe for a catch-up session. There is lamb.
Scene in the Kitchen to be changed in name September 8th, 2021 Phoebe and Angelo Tampambulos catch up as she waits for someone to unlock the Laughing Magician -- probably the bar would not appreciate its lock getting picked
1000 Faces: Crunch Time September 7th, 2021 John relays information, but manages to get no further in the direction of the entirety of an answer. He'll stand and face it armed with bits and pieces and the hope of one little girl with a tea cup.
Show Me What You Can Do September 6th, 2021 Angelo Tampambulos and Michael Erickson meet on green fields to fight. After initially holding back, Erickson fights without reserve. Unarmored, the Angelo wins the first round.
A Demon Pest Nest Fest August 26th, 2021 Demons are removed from a building, even if it damaged the building. Words are exchanged and then go their seperate ways.
Questions, Questions... August 2nd, 2021 Another round of interrogation, another round of indignation, and more than a little quiet manipulation of certain Spider-agents. But did it work?
1000 Faces: On Blood-Dimmed Tides August 1st, 2021 Apep and Set engage in a titanic struggle off the coast of Lebanon. Sacrificed Setites claimed by the black serpent remain undiscovered after its untimely death at the hands of a lot of heroes with powers of light and magic.
Weekly Weirdness: Well, this sucks. July 29th, 2021 Infestation taken care of, Vampires evicted and nothing went south. Or did it?
The Dead are Rising July 27th, 2021 If Midnite thinks John's paying that debt to Samedi, voodoo bloke better think again. But, with the help of a good woman and a couple of total strangers, the zombie infestation in the Cemetery Belt is handled, maybe not neat as a pin, but neat enough.
A mutant, a demigod, and an experiment... walk into a bar. No this is not a joke. July 8th, 2021 Dive bars are fun. Idiot gets locked out. Hijinx.
One Time, at Fight Club June 30th, 2021 Shit went sideways, is anyone surprised?
The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (I) June 20th, 2021 SHIELD defends against a massive HYDRA attack at the Sphere, successfully defending their trapped comrades against certain death.

This scene runs intandem with Scene 6645 'The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (II)'.

The Framework: Data Retrieval Old School Style May 28th, 2021 Angelo and Jessica team up on a very important mission: Retrieve the data Fitz and team went to get from deep within the Sphere -- without suffering the same fate.
The Framework: Eliminating Resistance May 16th, 2021 Commander May, Agent of HYDRA, leads a crack team against a pocket of SHIELD resistence, saving the world from those who would destroy the peace HYDRA has fought so hard to build. Chief Daniel Sousa, Agent of SHIELD, has a very, very bad day.
The Framework: Down the Rabbit Hole (II) May 15th, 2021 Daisy and a team of agents work on circumventing enough of the Framework's digital defenses to allow a team to go in to retrieve their friends... They don't quite end up where they expect.
Prismatic Aftermath May 11th, 2021 Ava wakes up in the Playground, still in the midst of a molecular disequilibrium meltdown. Several SHIELD agents try to get her to calm down so they can help her. That takes a bit of doing.
Pizza is Life May 10th, 2021 No description
Danger on the B-Route April 13th, 2021 A weird attack in the subway! Angelp Tampambulos and Phoebe Beacon halt the attack!
Broken Mirrors: False Widow April 13th, 2021 Shield learns their captured Natasha is not in fact Natasha and not at all what they expected.
Home Early April 1st, 2021 Coming home early was the best choice Sara ever made, Angelo likely agrees whole heartedly.
1000 Faces: Putting Romance in the Necromancer March 28th, 2021 One dead girlfriend. One undead girlfriend. A farmer's market, 4 dozen doughnuts, and the police equal a bad romance. Oh oh oh, caught in a bad romance.
Hot on the trail of the past March 24th, 2021 New blade, old power. Old blood new memories.
Something something something will change later March 23rd, 2021 No description
Backyard Shenanigans March 19th, 2021 No description
And home again. Investigation time. March 18th, 2021 No description
So, you want to join up, eh March 17th, 2021 NYPD Detective applies to SHIELD. Meets Agent May, decides to do some detective work on her own past.
Reunited and it feeeeeels so goooood! March 13th, 2021 Mother and daughter reunited. Tears and tissues used. HAPPY ENDING?
Meanwhile, at the hospital .... memory issues pop up. March 11th, 2021 Reunited with memory gaps. Fun, but still a pseudo-homecoming!
That Is A Lot Of Avengers March 11th, 2021 Lunch at Chelsea Market brings various members of the Avengers, SHIELD, and the NYPD together.
Happily Ever Paranoid After March 11th, 2021 Daniel and Peggy's wedding reception is interrupted by a double kidnapping attempt to no one's surprise. The kidnappers are thrwated, but not before they inject Peggy with a bit more than tranqulizer juice. She ends up rambling on a lot of secrets to Lily Chen.
The Moon and Achilles February 23rd, 2021 Angelo and Phoebe meet
The Beast in the Locker February 16th, 2021 The Beast's Paw makes their play and finds that the vigilantes of Gotham are more then up to the case. The stash of military grade weaponry remains in the GCPD custody. For now.
Shine: Caroline February 13th, 2021 Caroline Beacon wakes up, and finds out that not only was she nearly killed, her daughter is missing, and she's no longer in Gotham because someone wants her out of the picture -- but there's an Agent of SHIELD who is on the case, Commissioner Gordon himself is involved, and that is an awful lot for a middle school social studies teacher to wake up to after three months.
Shine: The Montana Homestead February 13th, 2021 The Moonstone Facility, a former religious commune-turned-slave-labor camp and refuge for the illicitly wealthy. The Outsiders and their ally Agent Angelos Tampambulos are on hand to rescue Phoebe Beacon, missing from Gotham City. The magical healer is rescued from her plight, and returned home. Mickey Rodgers and a slew of other minor villainous types are rendered to SHIELD and FBI custody, and Rodgers, loosing the Gotham Gate, will never be in a position to hurt anyone again.
Pastrami Heals All Wounds February 9th, 2021 No description
Shine: Mickey Rogers February 8th, 2021 Commissioner Gordon, SHIELD agent Angelo Tampambulos interrogate Michael
Shine: Together Again January 31st, 2021 Press conferences at the Gotham Gate always go awry. Phoebe outs herself to her parents apparent, her mother's charity case is reopened (Thanks Gotham Health System and Mysterious Benefactor Angelo Tampambulos!), Jim Gordon calls BS and punches someone who everyone who has met him wants to punch, and Laura Kinney is on the trail of her compatriot by the end.
Iron Fortitude: Oral Tradition January 17th, 2021 SHIELD finds the victims of Naasif el-Lodi and gathers evidence of his wrong doing. Perhaps enough to convince the UNSC to start a serious investigation in to him. Perhaps alerting Naasif that SHIELD is on to him.
Old Graves January 14th, 2021 Nightgaunts walk the graveyard of Trinity Church in Tribeca. The Witchblade senses them interrupting a delicious Korean meal with Angelo Tampambulos. Amanda Sefton arrives by portal to lead them into battle.
One day on (and under) the water. December 29th, 2020 No description
A night at the museum. Without Teddy Roosevelt. December 6th, 2020 Blades and Eagles dance in circles, and the Immortal dude is none the wiser.
The Places You Find In Little Italy November 16th, 2020 Meeting new people in bars
For old time's sake October 21st, 2020 No description
Zodiac Rising: Collecting the Crown (3 of 3) October 6th, 2020 Cancer returns with another quartet of Avatars after the Crown of Ophiuchus. Daytripper and some unexpected allies stand in her way. It's a showdown in Gotham.
ZZGU: The DEO calls in a favor September 30th, 2020 A piece of ZZGU is in the wild, the research facility is lost, but SHIELD has a sample.
The sacred right of all SHIELD agents: The Swordfish Bar September 30th, 2020 Bobbi, Phil, Jess, and Angelo catchup at the swordfish
A day at the office. September 24th, 2020 Vic visits Myrmidon, learns some stuff. Tracking down the owner. More to come!
Track 'n Field September 16th, 2020 No description
Dinner with relatives. What a clusterfudge! September 15th, 2020 No description
=A Bizarre Robbery September 15th, 2020 No description
Dance, Dance, HYDRA-lution September 9th, 2020 The SHIELD team goes hunting for information on another third-generation suspected HYDRA agent. They find several kinds of a dance, a few drugs, and some new enemies.
Give Me a Name, Joe September 1st, 2020 Clint burns Angelo and Jane uses those medical skills.
Reality Check: A Midnight (S)Troll In Central Park August 27th, 2020 Central Park comes alive (literally)!
Investigation at the Port August 26th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Agents of SuperSHIELD August 25th, 2020 Agents Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons have been taken by HYDRA. They were taken from Toshiro Mori's estate in Japan, who is known to have been working for HYDRA and specifically Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall has been running his ridiculous 'SuperSHIELD' and Bobbi was investigating it.

Now the small teams Bobbi has been sending out to find SuperSHIELD have come back with something concrete. A secret base of operations. The mission: Infiltrate SuperSHIELD, Disrupt their operations, Rescue Bobbi and Jemma, take down Whitehall, take down Toshiro Mori.

NOTE: Some of the Agents of SuperSHIELD are unaware that SuperSHIELD is actually a HYDRA operation. They are working under the pretence that they really are Agents of SHIELD's super-powered division. They have been helping SuperSHIELD find Inhumans, Mutants, and Metahumans unaware that Whitehall has been using them for genetic experimentation.

WARNING: Agents of SuperSHIELD and HYDRA agents within their ranks are equiped with a new piece of technology, a watch that lets them select stolen Inhuman abilities and give them a small dose of it for a brief period of time. They should all be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Hunting the Myasnikovs (1 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 Fitz and Tampambulos attempt to track down one of the Myasnikov brothers' potential targetts... and risk blowing themselves to Kingdom Come in the process.
Evening Calm August 17th, 2020 Some citizens do a walk in the park and chatter about serious business and not so serious foods and maybe a measuring contest. Who knows.
Agent Evals: Mission One August 11th, 2020 Agent Morse leads a team of SHIELD agents on a rescue mission into the Himalayas to retrieve an American businesswoman, only to encounter a mercenary gunning for the same prize. A stand-off ensues.
Backyard BBQ and shocking visitor! August 11th, 2020 Shazam crashes a backyard BBQ, asks for advice
Kidnapping Chaos August 3rd, 2020 No description
=The Carriage House July 26th, 2020 No description
Meanwhile, in the recovery ward July 16th, 2020 Cecily gets visitors, and a BIG GIANT TEDDY BEAR!
Not quite a Fair Folk Festival July 16th, 2020 The New Horizons Folk Festival in Central Park is interrupted by a gang of marauding... goblins? Good thing a handful of heroes are on hand to help.
=Molly's July 5th, 2020 No description
The House Special June 30th, 2020 Sara comes to the realization with the help of Angelo that a decision regarding the Witchblade must be made.
Flaming skull, glowing bracelet, and demigod walk into an alley. No, this is not a joke. June 27th, 2020 No description
Things really do go bump in the night June 26th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA June 25th, 2020 SUPER SHIELD WANTS YOU!
Met Gala: Mandate of Heaven June 22nd, 2020 The Met Gala brings together the city and unleashes medieval artifacts far and wide!
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Second Thoughts June 19th, 2020 Sara realizes she was an ass and apologizes, Achilles is his gracious self.
The Nickel Tour June 18th, 2020 Questions are asked and avoided. Anger rises and flight is reflexively chosen. So be it!
Blood and Neon June 15th, 2020 No description
Angelo goes to Angelo's with Sara June 14th, 2020 Pizza at Angelo's. Night trails off with happy conversation and supportive stuff.
Epicenter: The Daniel Whitehall Briefing June 11th, 2020 Peggy shows us the horrors of HYDRA. SHIELD is coming for you Daniel Whitehall.
Cats on the street! June 10th, 2020 In the End the thief gets away!
Just my luck. Yep. June 9th, 2020 Revelations and rescues. Fun and frustrating times.
Weird Investigations involving NYPD + SHIELD June 7th, 2020 Witchblade meets Achilles... connections are formed quickly.
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
Keep your guard up! June 4th, 2020 It's training assessment day! Daisy butts into Achilles's training match so it's a fair one.
Stakeout or Steakout May 31st, 2020 No description
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
Kiss Kiss, Stab Stab May 27th, 2020 Finished.
Breaking bread and wine May 15th, 2020 Bread was broken, lemonade was offered. Peace was attained. Talks of what makes an hero and a SHIELD Agent.
Debrief: Subject Gothic Lolita May 10th, 2020 LW-05 is debriefed, perhaps Gothic Lolita has found a new home.
How To Trap Your Mecha May 8th, 2020 Mockingbird, Achilles, Quake, and Simmons successfully trap and reprogram Gothic Lolita, just in time to head off Captain McMannis from taking her back, and learn how much McMannis has been lying about the situation.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Hunting the Wild Loli May 7th, 2020 Achilles, Daisy, and Jessica have a moment to relax while setting a trap for Gothic Lolita.
Hidden Whispers May 7th, 2020 Mockingbird and Achilles track down the elusive Cpt. McMannis and learn a portion of the truth surrounding the Livewire Program that created Gothic Lolita.
The road less travelled. May 5th, 2020 An afternoon jog on the country trail surrounding the Triskelion leads Hastings to meet the lastest recruit, Angelo Tampambulos (who is totally not Achilles).
Let's Try the Triskelion tonight May 5th, 2020 May gets Mysterious and Enigmatic. Debrief occurs.
Hunting the Faux Part 2 May 4th, 2020 What about my deal?
A day at Spider-Woman's office May 4th, 2020 No description
Achilles, Agent of Zeu... SHIELD May 4th, 2020 Ow, he hits hard!
Hans, We're In Amerika! April 30th, 2020 A Nazi rally featuring actual Nazis earns limited sympathy from SHIELD, aka, the Nazi-scum-defeating agency.
Meeting Quake. Hide! April 30th, 2020 Secrets get revealed. Consultants get consulting...
Hunting the Faux April 28th, 2020 Two stolen ICERs and a suspect with a shot knee
=A Recruit April 25th, 2020 Achilles and Jessica have a roundabout conversation about Shield
Chat in Church. Fun times! April 20th, 2020 No description
Chelsea Piers April 18th, 2020 Three on a golf range, two pissed off, par for the course.
Spotted April 10th, 2020 No description
Meeting the clan. With a C. March 30th, 2020 Achilles meets a couple of modern marvels!
Endless Embassy Encounters! March 23rd, 2020 While Acting as the Receptionist for the Embassy, Cassie recieves and Entertains A Variety of Guests.
One night in Metropolis March 9th, 2020 No description
Most Popular Soda Machine in Midtown March 7th, 2020 Sif and Heidi mull over plundering a soda machine and Singularity comes along to help out in this process. Achilles is a gentleman and suggests the food carts in response to that dastardly soda machine not sharing!
An Equal and Opposite Reaction March 6th, 2020 A gigantic monster surfaces in the bay, endangering ferrygoers and everyone else nearby. Fortunately, some heroes are on hand to set things right!
Runaway in Central Park March 4th, 2020 An overturned truck, some Asgardian lore, and a secret revealed.
Unexpected Sightings March 3rd, 2020 The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Streets of Hell's Kitchen March 2nd, 2020 Cartel Ambush at the Bagel Cart gets thwarted by a polite Asgardian, an incognito immortal, and Spider-Woman.
Showdown in Hell's Kitchen. Along Came a Spider. February 29th, 2020 Jess and Achilles scare off a street gang and have Japanese food after. Yay Tea!
Lost in New York February 26th, 2020 No description
Violent Police Chase in Metropolis February 25th, 2020 Starlabs shipment gets hijacked. Some hero types step in to help. Harley blows it up with a bazooka. Hijinks ensue. Facebook is mentioned. Mister J is mentioned.. Oops?!
Pizza in the Park February 24th, 2020 After a firey confrontation between SHIELD, Freelance Superhero, and a floating girl a surprise pizza party breaks out and everyone goes their seperate ways.
Ancient Reunion, Grecian style! February 23rd, 2020 No description
Mike Hannigan required to get bodyguard for upcoming gig. Stupid contract. February 21st, 2020 Mike meets the old Greek guy and antics ensue. Bodyguard business is rough.
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.


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Achilles has 121 finished logs.

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