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Rumblin Up
Date of Scene: 19 March 2024
Location: April and Harley's Apartment.
Synopsis: April comes home, and pitches the idea of finding a new place to live in the city! While Harley pitches a Amazonian armor set to April...
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Harley Quinn

April O'Neil has posed:
April had elected to take her car to work today in Manhattan. The yellow and black Camero was returning to the antique store following a good, and long, day at the news room! The engine of the car rumbles up as it accesses the back street connected to the alley. When the engine cuts off, April can be heard inside the vehicle with her music up super loud. Thumping the walls of the alley for several moments before she finally kills the stereo, and pops the door on the car.

She steps out in to the alley, her black shin-high boot touching down upon the grimey cement, followed by its twin. Rising up out of the vehicle, April leans back inside to grab her stuff off the opposite chair, Reach, reach, reach, snatch, grab, exhale as she drops something on the floor, snatch that up too, the reporter leans back out of the car and huddles her jacket against her side, draped over one arm, her phone in her right hand, her satchel slung over her right shoulder, and a few file folders in glossy covers that she is meant to read over tonight for some stories set to be aired tomorrow afternoon.

With a hip bump to her car door, April exhales, and begins marching up toward the back door entrance to the store, that leads in to the stairwell up to her familiar place of residence. She grew up here, mostly, maybe half her youth, and thus it has that sweet home feeling, every time she makes it back.

However, something has been on the horizon for her, and one of those glossy folders is related to it... but, she has to spring it on Harley, if she's around.

"Harley?" April's voice calls out, as she steps in to the stairwell, and begins to ascend to the apartment, her boots clunking on the old wooden steps.

Harley Quinn has posed:
What has Harley been up to? She has been suspiciously absent, or hiding inside her room. What kind of plot is she up to?! Is she back to her nefarious ways? Who knows where it comes to Harley's madness, yet April has been keeping Harley domesticated enough that there isn't an high probability of it being so. Maybe like 95% probability. It's those other 5% that can be worrying though!

Just as April opens the door there is a cackle coming from Harley's room, as if the clownette had just come across some kind of epiphany. "Ah yes, it liiiveessss!" is she brewing up some kind of Frankenstein?

The hyenas come whimpering over to April as the door is open, shuffling about and nosing the auburn haired reporter. Yep, they are hungry.

The door opens to Harley's room opens all of a sudden and a blonde head pops off, a measuring tape hanging down her neck, "Did I hear my name?" also, is Harley actually designing some kind of dress?!

April O'Neil has posed:
April leaves the front door open as she strides in, since the stairwell door is closed down below. She moves over toward the coffee table, where her arm load of things are sat down. At first the Hyenas are ignored, at least until April gets her hands free. Last to hit the table are her sunglasses, which she pulls out of her hair, and drops down beside her jacket, that half hangs on to the floor. With a big exhale, she drops down on to the side of the sofa, and reaches a hand out to greet both of the whining canines. This is when Harley peeks her head out, and April is quick to regard her with a smirk. "They're hungry." She tells her roomie, before she eyes the measuring tape.

"You're not building something in there, are you?" She asks. "We've talked about you adding on to the apartment. The city will come down on us with a giant hammer, if we start adding rooms, or... really anything."

It's possible there was a debate about building an extensive balcony outside at some point, to wave to young handsome men on the street, while dressed in princess dresses. Alcohol may have been involved.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Crap! I lost track of time.." Now Harley gets out of the room fully, stretching her arms up as she feels her muscles complain, "Uuuffff." followed by a wicked little grin, "Well..." this about whatever she is concocting inside her room, "It was supposed ta be a surprise but since you are already heah..." she lifts her shoulders, "I have been creating your hero outfit.." a solemn nod out of the clownette.

"Because that sword has been hanging on the wall foh too long without being used!" The amazon sword, that is. "I got inspired after gettin' Gar this tight little suit for him to dress up for the wedding with Terry. Maybe I should become a designer. We can promote it on our OnlyFans." she is grinning now, because this is turning into a whole thing. Just imagine the money!

"I still think we can add the balcony and use our money to bribe who we gotta bribe for it. Brooklyn will thanks us for it! And so will all the nice lookin' men and gals." she winks at April.

April O'Neil has posed:
While Harley speaks, April leans down to start pulling her boots off. She is nuzzled by one of the Hyenas, which darws out a big smirk from the young woman. Pulling her boots off, she lets them thud to the floor beside the coffee table, before she stands up with another exhale, Tugging on her light blue sweater around her hips, April walks toward the kitchen now on bare feet. "You're doing what?" She asks, looking over her shoulder back to harley. "Making clothing? Well that is a good skill to work on!" She exclaims, before reaching the pantry just inside the kitchen door. The Hyenas likely know what she's doing already...

Leaning down she grabs out a can of food for each one of them, which will undoutedly set them off, as she strides deeper in to the kitchen. "OnlyFans? You know what will happen on that site, if we start talking about showing off clothing!" She calls back to the other, as she sets out to open the cans up, and get the food poured in to the Hyena dishes in the corner, less the two rip her apart before she's able to!

"We could open up a Etsy store though! I bet I could sell a ton of the antiques downstairs on it." But those are her mother's, and she's expressed before how she didn't want to let any of them go.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Not just any clothing. It's YOUR hero outfit, April!" Harley complains, hands on her hips as she stomps out of the room fully now, still with that measuring tape around her neck, almost like a scarf. The rest of her? Just that usual tight t-shirt and shorts. And GREEN socks. Because the white ones have all been destroyed already.

"And yea! An Etsy store! We could sell all that old stu--" she pauses, furrowing her brows as something hits her, "Hol' up.." she gets into the kitchen just as the two hyenas are jumping up on April to get to their food, hungry. It's not hard enough to throw her down but they are big hyenas which means there's some difficulty getting that food poured to the dishes in the corner. And all that slobber too. But then they yelp and start eating when April fills their plates.

"You always told me those antiques were off-limits. What is going on?" Harley asks, padding closer to April with just the tiniest of worries in her gaze. Harley is used to certain things, like April's love for this house and her mother's antiques. Anything that strays from it? She worries!

April O'Neil has posed:
"Ow, ow, hey, stop it. No teeth!" April is saying to the two hungry fellas, as she navigates her way over to the bowls. She is quick about the depositing of the food, as she knows all too well that once the food hits the dish, she's no longer interesting to the two of them. She jumps back, and lets them have it, as she glances down at herself, frowning at the state of her sweater after the two basically mauled her, in her eyes anyway.

She turns around, her eyes downcast on herself, her hands batting at the dirt spots, and her face expressing disgust at the patches of slobber. She's walking slowly toward Harley as she hears her catch on to the antiques bit.

April looks up at her, showing a soft expression of understanding. "One of my co-workers, Shelley... you've met her! The blonde, with the mole on her cheek that you said made her look like an Austin Powers character?" April moves around harley out in to the living room, as she leans down to pick up one of the file folders she'd brought in. "Her husband is a real estate guy, and well... they put together a few listings in Manhattan that are in our price range..." She offers the folder to Harley now. "I brought this home to show it to you, let you flip through it." She informs the other, as she folds her arms over her stomach then, but instantly regrets it as she feels the slobber on her sleeves.

"Nothing set in stone, but just ... closer to work, and right in the smack dab middle of Manhattan. More action, right?"

But what about the store! And her podcast studio! And... everything surrounding them!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I swear that mole changes places every time I see her!" Harley still suspects she is some kind of villain trying to take advantage of April. Because only villains have moles. Like the Austin Powers villains! She could go on about her theories on Shelley but then April reveals the villainous ways of this Shelley. Trying to drive April away from this apartment!

Yep, that makes sense on Harley's brain.

The folder is picked up and Harley at least doesn't throw it away right off, opening it to actually look at what is inside, perhaps indulging April for the moment. Her expression is getting more and more troubled though while she studies the offers on the table.

"Your whole life is heah, April. You got the store, and the studio. The roller derby rink!" the trouble brewing on her expression is turning to one of frustrated confusion, "Why?" she finally questions, "Are you gettin' tired of this place?" she bites on her lower lip.

"Tired of me?"

April O'Neil has posed:
With the sounds of the Hyenas eating their food like pigs on a farm filling up the background ambience, April watches Harley thumb through the folder, her bottom lip being pulled in to her mouth as she observes the reaction. When the other looks up, pops out that poutey lower lip, april tilts her head, then jumps forward, she moves to hug Harley. "Oh, no, nooooo, that's not it." She tells the other, wrapping her arms around Harley whether she likes it or not! "That's not it at all." She says, making sure the embrace is good and tight, before she'll pull back a few moments later. Her hands on harley's shoulders, she squeezes them tightly, before easing up. "I'm just thinking about the future, is all. Seeing how things feel out. Ya know. Options? It's fun to look at such things, and just imagine ... ya know... a life that is a bit different. It's like a ..." She searches her mind for the right words. "It's like a fresh, clean shirt!" She finally says before she releases the hold on Harley's arms, and turns toward her bedroom door. She moves toward it, unbuttoning her sweater that the Hyenas soiled as she goes. "really, nothing is set in stone. It's just fun to browse, and see if something came up that looked like it would be an even MORE amazing life." She says, having slipped in to her room to remove the top and shuffle through her closet to find a new one.

"Even if I did want to go through with it, I'd just lease this place out anyway..." She says a bit softer.

Harley Quinn has posed:
For all the bravado and bigger-than-life that Harley seems to exude out of every pore of her being there's some real insecurities lying under. The kind of insecurities that April is quite privy to already. The kind of insecurities that she witnesses now with the clownette looking confused about it all. The hug has a way of soothing those insecurities even if partially, Harley holding her body against April for a long moment.

"Fresh starts. I know what ya mean. It was what I did all those years back when I climbed up the back of your apartment." she murmurs quietly, following after April as the other woman walks into her room. It's clear she has more to talk about this.

"But wouldn't that just drive you away from your life? All that makes you ..., you?" she goes into the room with April, her frown still in place.

"This is clearly something you have been givin' serious thought." she rests her shoulder against the inside of the door, baby blue eyes not leaving April. "Not just a passing fancy."

April O'Neil has posed:
april is just inside her room, facing her closet. She pulls her red and white Chewbacca t-shirt off of the pile of nicely folded shirts sitting on a shelf in said closet. She dumps the blue sweater in to the laundry basket beside the open doors, sorting out the tshirt before she moves to slip it on, still covered by her undergarment, but now pulling the shirt over her head and tugging it down. With her hair all mussed up, she starts pulling it out as the shirt settles down around her sides. "It's just been on my mind since I've been ciking in to work since I was twenty two. I'm ... not getting any younger, ya know?" She shoots back to the other leaning against the door frame. She shows a light smile toward her, as she pulls her hair back out of the collar of the new shirt, and turns to sit down on the corner of her bed where she has a pile of clean clothing she never finished putting away. "I mean there is a lot about living in the city that really sucks... of course, but at least I'd be closer to the news room, and... well... I'd get a place big enough to put the podcast studio inside of, I think. Which is becoming a normal thing in this world of Youtubers, Podcasters... and... ugh... OnlyFanners?" She questions that last one internally for a moment, as her hands pull out a few socks, trying to find a matching pair...

"Anyway, again. I just brought home the first round of picks for you to look over too, since you'd obviously be coming with me. If we did it, which we're not set in stone... it's just... imaginary. Playing pretend, or whatever." april states, as she starts to pull on a pair of rainbow socks with little ponies prancing on the tops, clearly a Harley pair chosen for her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The mention of Onlyfanners gets Harley giggling, "OnlyFannies." she then states, "Don't let a brit hear ya say that." she giggles a bit more as April had just made the bestest joke ever, prowling further into the room when April gets to choosing on those socks. Maybe she wants to check if she still has any white socks lingering about that escaped her wrath.

"Okay, okay.." She says in a softer voice, resting her hand on April's shoulder with a sigh, "If this is what you want I am gonna support ya." her arms wrap around April from behind, the clownette pressing her chest gently to April, which may make it hard for April to continue getting those socks on!

"I just want you to be happy, and if moving is something you may want in the future... Sure.." she isn't too set on it yet clearly, at least by her voice. But she isn't complaining at least.

"We'd be closer to the Avengers tower too, where you can finally join them." yep, that's the plan.

April O'Neil has posed:
Much like American Tale claimed that there were no cats in America, and the streets were paved in cheese! there seems to be no white socks in April's room! But... had that classic cartoon told a lie? Dun dun dun...

April managed to get the sock on partway up her foot, just over her toes, when she was clutched in a hug. "Agh!" She exclaims in a silly voice, having a smirk still on her lips from the OnlyFannies comment. She sits there frozen like a cat grabbed by its scruff, before she reaches up to give harley's arm a squeeze. "That's right. Me. An Avenger. I bet they wouldn't even make me take like a physical fitness exam. They'd just see me, and sign me up."

She holds her smirk yet stronger, as she sees one of the Hyenas padding in to the doorway to check on them, licking his chops after likely devouring everything in his bowl.

"Speaking of which, you better show me this costume you made me. I assume it is every bit as much a Xena costume, as... wait, you're not gonna make me wear it somewhere, are you? I saw some of your concept drawings... there was not a lot of material involved in any of them..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Pshah. You already dressed up as Xena that other time we went to that party and ended up facing off with Quellazaire's goons!" Yep, Harley remembers that well, "It's no repeat of that, even if was sexy as all heck. Even Didi would be impressed." she nodding sagely at April after releasing her from the hug.

"This one is such an improvement! And there's actual armor too. To protect the important parts! You gonna have ta trust me."

She gets up to her feet again, expression sobering a little, "Come on." she extends her hand out to April, "Maybe I will surprise ya this time."

Whatever that outfit may be it will clearly be A thing.

April O'Neil has posed:
April stands up from the bed, her feet properly encased in fuzzy socks since it's not quite spring time weather outside, and still gets cold at night. She follows after Harley, as they move to swap rooms, their doors side by side, so it is not like it's a far flung trek! "Yeah, but that costume was a rental from the television station." She says of the Xena costume she was wearing that night a couple years ago. "It did fit really nice though... and as far as revealing goes, it wasn't that bad."

When she enters in to Harley's room, her eyes have to start looking around for traps... as since their rooms are heavily contrasted in styles. Where April's room has frilly pillow casess, comforters, loads of stuffed animals... Harley's is a wonderland of projects both finished, and very unfinished. Maybe not as scary as Sid's from toy Story, but there does seem to be some undertones that seem to be somewhere within Sid's orbit.

April eyes the materials that Harley has been collecting. "God, it's like a Hobby Lobby in here." She notes, of the popular craft stores that dot across the US geographical landscape. She reaches for a bolt of what appears to be satin. "Oh, this is nice..."