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  April O'Neil  
April O'Neil (Scenesys ID: 548)
Name: April O'Neil
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Reporter / Podcast Host
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Brooklyn
Education: Berkeley NYC
Theme: IDW (AFC)
Groups: Ninja Turtles
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 1 April 1998 Played By Megan Fox
Height: 5'6" Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Auburn Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: AprilONeil (V)
Theme Song: "Elevator Freestyle" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v-2_YOVxGw&t=96

Character Info


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April is a field reporter for Channel Six 'Eyewitness' News in Manhattan. She also runs an internet YouTube / Podcast called 'Truth Seekers' in which she has garnered a wide following of fans. Her internet work allows April to cover the investigative reports that the TV Station won't let her air, but the TV gig has helped spread her name and face across the city, which has been mutually beneficial to her online persona.

Note: This iteration of April O'Neil is primarily inspired by the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film, though the physical appearance is borrowed from the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film for modernising the character's look and style. This April O'Neil is primarily an internet personality, though she still works for Channel Six News and will sometimes do remote pieces for them and on-scene interviews.


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* 1998: April is born to her mother May and her father Oliver. They live in Brooklyn NY and travel to Massachusetts frequently to see her father's family.

* 2008: April's mother is diagnosed with cancer and passes away in December of that year. April is left with her father and her older sister June.

* 2013: April's father is killed in a laboratory accident. A fire broke out and he was killed saving his co-workers from the blaze. April is sent to live with her family near Boston until she graduates High School where she then uses the inheritance from her parents deaths to attend Berkeley in Manhattan.

* 2018: April gets a job at Channel Six 'Eyewitness' News and starts a podcast on the internet called 'Truth Seekers' where she collects information to uncover conspiracies in and around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

* 2019: April graduates from Berkeley and is promoted to a field Reporter at Channel Six News. October of 2019: April is saved from a gang assault by what would turn out to be four mutant teenage turtle ninjas and they soon become close friends as they face off against an enemy known only as the Shredder.

* 2020: April commutes between Manhattan and Brooklyn for her career, and at night she works on her podcast and visits her four friends in the sewers. Often bringing them food and supplies that they need to get by during their continued training and secret vigilante work.

IC Journal

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Find the Truth:
Whether through biking through the City's busy streets has made April extremely aware of her surroundings, or just generally searching the city for the next news story to cover and bring to her boss for proof of her ability as an up-and-coming reporter, April is always 'watching'. She's trained herself to have a situational awareness that is paramount to achieving her daily goals. A> Don't get run over B> FIND THE STORY! (these two things are scribbled on her bathroom mirror in a black marker near the bottom edge of the mirror).

Good Friend:
April is a quality friend, her personality leads her to being there for her closest friends no matter what they need or want. She'll be there to help them and be a comforting shoulder to rest their head upon.

April is generally a happy person. She was raised by two parents who were happy people as well, even if they died tragically they raised April to maintain her positivity and to spread it to others if possible.

April is a loyal person. Once she starts something, anything, she has a hard time stopping it or quitting it until its seen through to its end.

April's perception is one of her greatest features. She uses it in her career and it helps her get out of situations, as well as get in to them.

Both of April's parents were positive influences on her life, though her father stands out more in her mind as the true inspiration behind her desire to 'never give up' and remain Unyielding in the face of adversity.

Character Sheet


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April is an astute artist, painting, drawing and coloring. It is a skill she picked up from both of her parents. Her favorite form of art is pencil drawings however, and she'll often sit and draw a portrait of a loved one from either a photo of them or if they're napping or resting long enough for her to grab the image with her pencil.

April's sport of choice since she was a little girl has been bike riding. A hobby encouraged by her parents, April rode competitively through her school years and continues to ride a perosnally-modified bicycle through the streets of Manhattan to this day as she considers it to be a superior way to get around the city during peak traffic hours.

April spends most of her day riding on her bicycle so that alone is enough to keep her at great cardio levels. However, there's also a community gym near her home that she spends time at each night to do light weight training, which allows her to be at her best physically and mentally. "We have to take care of ourselves on every level, April. Otherwise we're cheating ourselves." She could hear her father saying this to her on many occasions.

Self Defense:
One of the common exercises at the gym is a boxing ring and a mixed martial arts octagon. Since early on in college, April has participated in these training sessions and its helped improve her ability to defend herself from would-be-thugs or nare-do-wells that might wish her, or anyone around her harm. April is not master ninja... but she's capable enough in a fight with your average thug.

April is a college trained writer and she tries to write something every day. She has a head filled with thoughts and words and she wants to throw them down onto paper or onto her computer or phone any time she has a free moment.


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College Degree:
April got her Graduates Degree in Communications and Media at the Manhattan campus of Berkeley. She's been an A+ student her entire life and can't mentally, or physically, allow herself to be anything but the best at what she's focused on doing.

Family Farm:
April's father left her his family's farm and farmhouse located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Its a large plot of land that has a three story tall house and a large old barn. April visited the farmhouse many times as a child and has a lot of fond memories of it... part of her wishes she could live there all the time, but she knew she'd go stir crazy in a small town setting.

Local Celebrity:
April's podcast is gaining followers as the topics of super heroes and local crime / conspiracies seem to draw quite an audience. Her Field Reporting for Channel Six news is continuing to help grow her name as a local celebrity as well, which combined are giving her a bit more access to things then a regular person might get. Between the podcast and the tv news reporting, April's is becoming fairly well known in the NY area.

Press Pass:
April is a member of the Press and comes with credentials that should allow her access to most all crime scenes/press events and potentially many other venues that the average citizen is kept out of. Flash the press badge and be waved on in!


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April tends to get rather curious about things around here and subsequently starts to pry into people's business, or situations unfolding around here. Her nosiness can get her into all manner of trouble and it has.

April is as stubborn as they get. When she gets her mind set on a task or a goal, she refuses to quit on it until she reaches a resolution on the matter that satiates her curiosity. She rarely backs down on anything that she wants to see through to completion.

Trouble Magnet:
Wherever April seems to go to try to find a story, trouble seems to follow her. Though she doesn't intentionally mean for trouble to happen, it just seems to be the case. Its made her quite sneaky and stealthy, in order to escape the trouble... but none-the-less this is an ongoing issue for the young girl throughout her life thus far.



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April O'Neil has 72 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Little Damage Control March 30th, 2021 Steve Rogers checks out the location where Colossus and Venom broke up a gang shootout and then fought each other. April O'Neil lives close by and comes to check out the scene as well.
Interview with a Emmapire. March 16th, 2021 April O'Neil gets an exclusive interview with Emma Frost at the new Centinel Hotel in Mutant Town.
Twasn't me! March 11th, 2021 Harley gets lectured by her roommate due to all the news coming out in the papers about her! Unfair!
What dolls February 13th, 2021 Firefly. Cap's butt looks good, why is Inara so similar to Vanessa and why is River the best character? All questions answered in this scene! Also, Mrs. Dolittle was creepy as heck. But now she is in doll hell.
An Evening at Luke's January 28th, 2021 A diverse crew hangs out at the bar
Whats that thumping noise. January 18th, 2021 And the untrusty van is made semi trusty.
What What! January 9th, 2021 Harley and the Heynas come back to the apartment. Schemes are hatched, plans are formulated, Miama Heat is a show about Vice cops and Bad Girls 4 Life.
Legal Advice December 24th, 2020 Foggy listens to some details of April's recent exploits and supplies a few (legal) facts of life.
Malls are the Future December 17th, 2020 Harley and April hangout in the mall! It's a shame it closed like a decade ago. 2020 sucks!
'Twas Only A Flesh Wound December 7th, 2020 Terry and Gar show up to tell April that Terry is not dead.
Truthseekers Podcast: WOOOooooOOOoonder GIIIIRL November 27th, 2020 Cassie joins April O'Neil on her podcast for a good interview about Themyscira and her life in general!
Here Mall Along November 17th, 2020 There's a gathering in the Mall, things are talked about, stuff is figured out. There's a spooky subway station downstairs that needs more security, Raph's a jerkface, and Harley turns the
Bank to the Future November 7th, 2020 Spiral, April and Harley make their way back to 2020 once more, via a bank. It makes sense to Spiral at least.
The Clown Princess of Crime November 6th, 2020 April, Harley and Spiral go back in time to avert shenanigans. Part 1 is April making sure Old Harley doesn't get in the way. Which she does with her vast knowledge of Harley's fave movies.
I Carry The Plague But Never Catch It November 5th, 2020 April and Edward meet to discuss a mutual rat problem over weirdly specific hoagie orders. They make plans to descend into the sewers on a hunt.
Along come a yellow canary November 4th, 2020 Getting to know the canidate.
April's Apartment : Multiversal Temporal Nexus November 2nd, 2020 April's apartment is a temporal nexus as well as a multiversal one. After it gets wrecked the three go back in time, to save the Joker!
A Radical New Home November 1st, 2020 The Turtle family and SHIELD meet up to go scout out a new base and home for the gang. An abandoned shopping Mall!
Old Stuff New Stuff October 24th, 2020 Harley, Mikey, April all chat together while the Antique Store is setup for possible movie-ins to enjoy and occupy the space that's gone unused for a decade!
A Case can be Made October 15th, 2020 A Moonkin joins the Turtle clan. In plush form.
It was just a Halloween costume tryout! October 13th, 2020 Halloween costume tryouts chez April goes astray when a wild Spiral appears for a long due visit! They meet and arrange dinner. Spaguetti! And Spiral gets the drinks from her old friend Elizabeth.
A Smug Rectangle October 11th, 2020 Vanessa and April drop some supplies off at the farm and meet up with Sally and Donatello. April presents the turtle a gift of a Stark Phone, which receives a lukewarm response. Vanessa and Donnie agree to do bo training once they're both feeling up to it.
Chilling with the Crow October 5th, 2020 Is it the Crow or the Raven? April and Harley talk about ex'es, Halloween, Tahiti and busting people's knees while watching a cult classic movie.
Sewers Under Seige: Old faces, New Enemies September 30th, 2020 The Rat King has come to the turtle lair with an army of rodents. Splinter leads the charge to defend their home, only to fall under the Rat King's control and attack his sons. A combined effort of all the allies of the Turtles pushes the Rat King into retreat, but the lair is no longer safe, and the turtles have had to fight their own father... Where does this leave them now, with the very real threat of this dangerous enemy still moving around in the sewers.
Sewers under Seige: First volley September 30th, 2020 The turtles and their allies respond to a situation at an old pumping station... the Foot are up to their crap again! But something is different this time...
One for the War Two for the Craft September 28th, 2020 BowMurderous is ready to take on Azorth, and Apirl and Casey set up his new pc.
Prelude: War of the Mousers September 28th, 2020 Mice robots, stealing jewls. Foiled by weridos and a titan.
Azeroth Casey Jones September 27th, 2020 April and Donatello share a meal and discuss how the turtles might be able to assist Casey pick the right path, as well as make plans to introduce April to Kainashi. Donnie admits that he turned Casey onto Warcraft and that their fantasy world might soon have one more inhabitant. Oops!
Love Letters Part 3: I'm not like a wordy guy September 23rd, 2020 Letters badly written, girl to win back, testing new tech. It's a cluster, but it seems to have worked out for Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael. April and Casey have a chat, and he is leaving the city for a bit, staying at his family farm.
Foul Ball September 21st, 2020 Bad night, question his purpose with his ex. Casey jones is breaking, but April shows him the light.
Harley's Pizza Place September 20th, 2020 Harley and April spend a night in the arcade, chatting and enjoying each other's company!
Return to innocence September 17th, 2020 Leonardo returns home after two weeks in Japan, speaks with Donnie and April. It's good to be home.
Seeing if the Cat Came Back September 10th, 2020 Gar gets up off his green butt to go see if April O'Neil has changed at all recently. Donatello also shows up to check on her. A glimmer of hope is found.
Ridi, Pagliaccia! September 7th, 2020 Terry's message arrives for Harl and April, and Harl hatches a plan that involves April's multipass- Green? Green!
1-800 April Advice August 31st, 2020 Donnie comes to April's to share his date results and get a lil advice, and maybe some free Game Gear games at some point too! Score!
Super Match Game Episode 03 August 31st, 2020 Super Match Game Episode 3. No spoilers.
Name Dropping August 27th, 2020 Terry is in trouble (again), and April wants to find out what the heck he has been doing to be blamed for making a turtle want to join a moon base.
Sweet Summer Time August 20th, 2020 Donatello comes to April for dating advice. She definitely give advice. But was it any good? Who knows!
TMNT: Past, Present, Future August 15th, 2020 The turtles deal with Michelangelo's desire to get out and see more of the world above, discussing how it might impact their lives and safety relative to potential friends and foes on the surface. April provides her own perspective and is left to consider some ninja training of her own.
Showing Off The Van August 5th, 2020 Donatello shows April the latest updates on the Turtle Van and gets some great advice in return.
A Gift Unlike Any Other July 26th, 2020 April and Vanessa investigate a gift shop that might be involved in smuggling.
Memento: Lost in the Woods July 15th, 2020 People converge to investigate leaves. Yes leaves. No clowns were harmed in the making of this scene.
Justice League July 9th, 2020 No description
Calling Allies June 27th, 2020 Michelangelo and April talk about Mutant Town, before settling into some episodes of Dawson's Creek.
The Sincerest Form of Flattery Pt 2 June 23rd, 2020 April lets Vanessa test her mutant powers with her. A Copycat was born.
Super Match Game Ep102 June 22nd, 2020 Joan and Siobhan play Super Match Game with Bret, Damian, Natasha, Karen, April and Wade in a heck of a showdown, hosted by Greer!
A Night Time Tussle June 16th, 2020 Landry and Chick-A-Plao come to the rescue as April, Vanessa and some others are assaulted on the street
Super Match Game! June 3rd, 2020 Abby and Heather go head to head in a contest to try and sync minds with some crazy celebrities. Captain Thunder, April O'Neil, Nick Drago, Vorpal, Pantheon, Beast Boy, and things go as horribly as you might imagine
Angelo's Fine Dining May 31st, 2020 No description
The Sincerest Form Of Flattery May 22nd, 2020 Vanessa asks April to help with testing Vanessa's mutant power
Woo ee ooo ee ooooh May 20th, 2020 Harley and April enjoy a bit of roomie time together. There's a talking plant, there's hyenas, and there's a movie with really questionable choices in how it ever got made!
Trouble with Triads May 13th, 2020 A job goes poorly for Shen thanks to bad hired help. April witnesses a scuffle. Shen frees some victims to look good and then negotiates to have his face blurred for April's inevitable stream of his exploits. A promise is made to exchange further information in the future. No Phones Were Harmed In The Making Of This Scene.
Genuine Leather May 10th, 2020 While investigating an underground skatepark, MOUSERs attempt to capture Mondo Gecko and Killer Croc. The plot is thwarted by an eccletic mix of individuals, but who's behind the MOUSERs?
BFF meet BFF April 28th, 2020 Harley brings Ivy home, Ivy brings Frank home, Mikey brings Klunk home, April brings sanity home... this is why we can't have nice things.
A Walk Home April 23rd, 2020 Harley and April share some FRIEND TIME at April's new podcast studio that she's bought with all her sweet INTERNET MONEY. There's a lot of colorful dialog shared!
Hit Me With Your Best Shot April 19th, 2020 No description
Hand Vs Foot April 17th, 2020 A rumble between Hand Ninja and Foot Clan goes horribly wrong as a few heroes(?) rush in to apprehend them. Mayhem ensues!
Prey April 8th, 2020 April runs afoul of the oppressed socio-economically disadvantaged. Helena bullies them.
Heroes on the half shell clowning around. April 5th, 2020 The turles get introduced to Harley Quinn
A Very Merry Unbirthday April 1st, 2020 April's birthday bash starts with an unexpected guest dropping in.
My Cousin Vinny March 29th, 2020 Goons come to April's apartment and run into her roommate, Harley Quinn. Then get disappeared by a ninja Turtle. As you do.
Bringin' Home the Black Card! March 28th, 2020 Harley brings home swag for April!
Bank Robbery Road Trip March 27th, 2020 And Mastermind is foiled by local heroes, running off with nothing.
Two Hyenas and a Clownette walk into a vet March 26th, 2020 Harley takes Bud and Lou to the vet... Robert is assistin' with butt stuff (temperature takin') an' April comes back to pick the trio up to take home. (Bud, Lou, an' Harls... Robert can't come yet)
April's New Roomie March 18th, 2020 April introduces Harley as her new roommate. Her Tinder date finds out April knows Kung Fu.
It's TINDER TIME! March 16th, 2020 Seven hun'rit an' ninnytwo dates.
Hello, Leo March 12th, 2020 April and Leonardo meet for the first time since Leo's return to the US!
Tears from a clown March 2nd, 2020 Terry and Gar find out what happens when you pay a surprise visit and you're a Weirdness Magnet.
So April, You'll Never Guess Where I've Been February 28th, 2020 April comes to Starling City and Vanessa introduces her to Oliver Queen
Harls and Apes: Buddy Cops February 27th, 2020 What happens when a girl who's never had a pet before, suddenly has two hyenas brought over to her house that are of questionable training. And what happens when the person who brings them over talks about how she just fed a person to them? Lets find out!
Avon Calling February 24th, 2020 Harley Quinn breaks out of Arkham to hang out with April after their interview... it's surprisingly emotional.
Interview with a Quinnpire! February 23rd, 2020 April O'Neil gets her first 'big' Podcast guest, in the form of Harley Quinn locked up in Arkham Asylum! They talk about all kinds of things from Clarissa Explains it All to the Bat-family! The guards are not comfortable with any of it! Its great fun!


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April O'Neil has 72 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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