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Date of Scene: 29 June 2020
Location: The Dojo
Synopsis: Felicia tries to learn to shoryuken someone, but is told to go to bed and heal instead.
Cast of Characters: Alexander Aaron, Felicia Hardy

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    There are many reasons to visit Oyama's Dojo off 45th. It's an old storied place, a converted textile mill that was in ages past a place where people gathered to discuss unions and fighting back at some of the illegal practices going on at the turn of the century before last. A place where those same people started to come together to learn how to defend themselves when the line busters came in to break up their attempts at fair work and equal pay. But today...
    It's a two story tall building with a grim facade on the exterior. Soaped over windows, no signage, just a metal sliding door that faces the outside. If one were passing by they'd have no idea that it was a place of training. Save, perhaps, for the occasional foot traffic that goes inside and out.
    Yet out on the street, in the small side area where some of the local businesses converge, are a few trees and benches. A place for those near to take their time and rest. And it is there that Alexander Aaron sits. At times he would come and train and hear what there is to be heard from the Oyama family, the two brothers currently running the place always having good stories to tell...
    Yet the guilty pleasure reason that the blond youth in the grey sweat shorts and white t-shirt... is that he comes here half the time because the restaurant across the street has the /best/ egg rolls. So he sits there in that small side park area, munching, smiling, features still a bit flushed from the workout within though now... he watches all the people as they walk by.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
And suddenly there's a pair of black and silver leggings walking by--with white kitten-faced sneakers and maybe a round, recognizable backside.

Or, if not, the mane of silver-white hair is hard to forget.

Felicia Hardy is wearing a fairly filled-out sports bra, black with silver trim, and a light, matching windbreaker that ends at her waist. She seems lost in thought as she walks by, looking at the flyer held in her hands, advertising the Oyama Dojo, and it's fairly obvious from a glance why she didn't notice Alexander sitting there.

Her right eye is covered by a large white pad, held in place by a gauze wrap.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    There's a tilt of the youth's head to the side as his people watching is interrupted. Like dropping an image of a lion in amongst a slideshow of alley cats, Felicia Hardy does cut a silhouette. Traveling as she does so, walking with that same gait and control, her footsteps leading her along the sidewalk toward that sliding metal door. At first Alexander lifts his chin, considering, pondering. Those curious hazel eyes of his drifting over her and then lighting upon that bandage.
    For a brief instant there's a frown, perhaps a consideration to stay silent... only for that consideration to be tossed away as she'll hear a voice lift to call out to her. Perhaps familiar, perhaps not, but knowing her name that is for sure.
    And should that catch her attention she'll see that lithe athletic youth leaning there with a slight smile upon his lips, head tilted to the side with that felinian curiousity she knows so well. A slow blink is given then he offers another word.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
The girl pauses, looks one way with a woosh of platinum, then the other way, and finally continues turning about once the shock of still not having peripheral vision on one side wears off. Looking up at him, she's frowning a bit, clearly not used to being called out on the street. But she blinks one clear blue eye, her eyebrow lifts a little, and she smiles, "Oh, hey, Alex!"

She turns around the paper pamphlet and holds it facing him, right below her sports bra's forced cleavage. Because of course she wouldn't wear something *completely* concealing.

"Have you ever heard of this place? Supposedly they teach really good martial arts there."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The teenager tilts his head toward the side letting his gaze drift towards the dojo, then back to her. One eyebrow lifts curiously as he cocks his head to the side with thoughtful consideration though a ghost of a smile flirts with the corner of his mouth. "Oyama's? Yes."
    His head bobs a little as he sets the small white bag he has at his side off and down to the ground, then eases over in case she might choose to take a seat on the bench with him. That done he lifts those pale blue and jadish green eyes back to her, gaze meeting her lone iris as he considers her. And her injury.
    "But I thought you already trained at a place of your own." As she told him before, she proclaimed being... quite a talent herself.
    But then he nods once, "What happened?" He motions vaguely to that bandage.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"I do. Did. I did." Felicia sighs a bit, looking right toward her eye-pad. "I..." She closes her eye and shakes her head. "There was an incident. I got my ass handed to me." Her eye opens, resolute, and she nods at Alexander. "So I'm here to learn some aggressive kung fu. You know, the attacking sort, not the soft 'I'm going to defend and disable' sort."

Her curvy hips cock aside as she frowns at him again. "And maybe learn to use a real weapon. Or just, um..." She makes a light clawing motion, "Eagle-Claw Style?" Awkward, maybe a close save to avoid outing herself as having claws?

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    A hand lifts to the side of his jaw as he scritches his chin thoughtfully. When she mentions she got her butt kicked his brow furrows and his lips twist sympathetically as he nods. But with that admission his eyes drift over her and he takes her measure anew. Not looking at her quite in the way that other men may well do so, but more perhaps trying to see how hurt she was, perhaps if she favored a side or a limb...
    Yet then his attention returns to her and he says with that same gentle tone. "You should probably, you know, heal first. But Master Oyama and his family have been friends of my father's for a good bit of years."
    He sits up, drawing one sneakered foot into his lap almost like he was seated half-lotus as he looks to her. "He prefers the Japanese styles, though he's very good with Gung Fu and Tae Kwon Do."
    A hand uncurls to gesture to the side, "You wanna sit down and we can talk a lil bit?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy has a couple poofs in the right sleeve of her windbreaker. She's probably got bandages on under it. When his gaze travels over her, she quips softly with a mock-sincere concern, "Need me to turn around and bend too, Alex?" She does shift and twist a little, showing off as he looks her over, though.

At his explanation she nods, folding up the paper after looking in the direction he did, to figure out where, exactly, the dojo is. "I learned martial arts to do arm-locks and knock-out people." Her eye looks back toward him, and she's frowning with seriousness again. "But I want to fight. Something serious. Like you see in the movies. Maybe with a sword or tiger-claws or knives or something."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Mmm," She's heard that tone before, when she's said something that he doesn't entirely agree with, he couches his words with that small sound before speaking. But then he elaborates as he tells her, "So. It's good. To pick up more skills. But you also need to realize that..."
    He rubs the back of his neck. "The largest change in that sort of thing is to realize that /you/ are the weapon. Right? That the things you know already, if you use them with a different mindset, they become something else entire. An arm-bar becomes a joint-break with two pounds more pressure. A choke can hyper extend the neck with a slight shift in stance or grip."
    He leans forward a little, that eerie youth with those curious eyes, as he smiles to her and tells her. "So the main change is that mentality. But once you make that decision, and make your peace with it. Then you learn to augment yourself as the weapon."
    A glance to the side toward that large door where the dojo hides, then back to her. "And Master Oyama prefers not to teach weapons. You'd... probably want to take up Kendo if you're looking to use a sword."
    He straightens up a little, "Why don't you, I dunno, tell me what happened?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
There's a faint pout when her tease is *entirely* deflected. But Felicia does move to sit on the bench. "I'd really rather not." For a variety of reasons. "I just got a piece of metal in my eye. It's out now. And a couple cuts." She purrs at him crossing her legs towards him as she leans against the backing. "Worried about me?"

Smiling brightly at him for a few moments, she shrugs a bit, looking away. "Anyway, that's... Actually pretty good advice. What about attacking stuff bigger than you? Like, a lot bigger?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    When she turns to face him he'll mirror her posture, turning as well, resting one arm upon the back of the bench and keeping that sneaker in his lap. That close she can see the faint flush of him from the recent exercise, catch that subtle scent to him. Oh there's that hint of masculine effort, the tang of sweat and blood, but also that curious hint of ozone even as he turns fully to face her.
    "Well, I don't like seeing you hurt." He says that at first with a gentle hint, then couples it with a grin of teasing as he murmurs, "If only for aesthetic reasons." But then he gestures with one hand to the side. "But mmm, a lot of this stuff that you could learn out and about at schools or dojos. They're not going to cover every use case, right. But, they can sort of give you the framework to try and deal with things, and that's always better than not at all."
    For an instant he bites his lower lip as if trying to think up an example, finally settling on one as he murmurs, "It's like, you've taken jujitsu. So you know if you fight a giant guy where to go for his weak spots. And you know all about leverage, those things translate."
    A small shrug given, "Anyways." As if he remembers he hasn't told her /that/ much abot himself. "What do I know?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
The Black Cat tilts her head a bit. Ozone can be dangerous... And little details like that don't escape her notice easily. "Well, that's all good advice and such, but..."

She shakes her head. With a considerable rock of her sports bra. It's custom tailored to her figure, but even then there's still some *effort* being taken on the part of the stretchy nylon-hybrid material.

"I'm really looking for someone to reach me combat fighting. Superhero-style fighting. German suplex or run-them-through style fighting." She frowns a little, ducking her head with another light pout. "I don't really need yet another soft-style. No matter how aggressive the thought process behind it is. I want to shoryuken someone if I need to."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "I don't think that's like, a real thing." Alexander says as his smile slips wry. But then again he could entirely be wrong.
    Instead he leans over and he says, "So ok, suppose I told you I knew some people, or could help you train as well. Would you agree to do what I said?" Normally she might be suspicious of a guy sitting opposite her asking such a thing like that, especially when faced with the tableau before him of beauty and platinum blonde and sports bra.
    Yet, he does seem sincere, if a little smirky and entirely too pleased with himself. That was always the thing with Alexander. Over-confident arrogant lil jerk that he is.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"Oh my." Laying a hand on her upper chest, Felicia feigns a bashful turn of her head, "How forward, Mr...Um." She blinks. "What *is* your last name, anyway?" She shrugs and nods, "Just throwing this out there, but you're not going to randomly fire off thunderbolts if we tangle, are you?"

It's said entirely innocently and off the cuff, but she caught that scent of ozone, and she hasn't detected it again. From any other source but him. Her eyes narrow a bit, suspiciously.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    An exasperated sigh slips from him as he just looks at her, sure there's a wry smile and sure Felicia has ever been a flirt. And, to be fair, Alexander has flirted back at times. But right now he is trying to maintain that serious facade despite her best efforts to break it. He crinkles his nose at her and says, "Aaron. Alexander Aaron."
    She probably knew that and might just be being a pill. Still.
    "And no, I promise no thunderbolts. But if you are going to do this sort of thing it's not like..." He lifts a hand to the back of his neck thoughtfully, "Not some half-assed thing. And the first thing I'm going to tell you to do... is go rest and heal. Ok?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
She *was* looking really sly and coy and sexy and all that. But then he tells her to go home and go to bed and she just slumps. "But I..." She can't just *tell* him, after all. There are several layers of not being able to tell him.

Instead, she stands up, "...Fine. But when this bandage comes off, I want to learn." She plants her hands on her hips. "Okay?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Sure, gimme a call." Alexander pushes himself to his feet and grabs his small white bag of egg rolls, tucking it under one arm. "We'll figure something out."
    There's a tilt of his head to the side and he gestures to that metal door, "Though if you want to go in and watch a class in Oyama's, you'd be more than welcome. Just I was going to head home and take a shower. I'm gonna be really sore in the morning." As he says that he lifts an arm and rolls the shoulder slowly, wincing a little at one point in that rotation and then shrugging a bit.
    Then there's a pause as his features seem to soften a bit and he asks, "Are you going to be alright?" A glance to her arm, that bandage on the side of her face, then back to that single beautiful iris.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy smiles very faintly. Probably her most genuine expression today. "...Yeah. But thanks for asking." She reaches up, lightly touches the bandage wrap without touching the pad, and then lowers her hand. "Well, see ya 'round." She winks, turns, and starts to trot off. Apparently being a passive observer isn't her style.