2288/Crt-Alt-Delete to Reboot System

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Crt-Alt-Delete to Reboot System
Date of Scene: 01 July 2020
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Carol visits Xavier's for help from Jean and Rogue on restoring some of her memories. I'm sure it will be fine.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Jean Grey, Rogue

Carol Danvers has posed:
Yeah it may be true that there is a crisis going on that threatens the entire world. Many people might actually say it is more important than taking care of personal issues. As far as Carol is concerned though those people would be wrong. Crisis honestly may be just another Tuesday as far as Danvers is concerned.

Also it is highly likely if they all survive there will be untold fallout to deal with if Powergirl is right about the cities in bottles and then .


Carol touches down in front of the manor house glancing at her wrist as she does. Yup relatively close to being on time, and considering the week that is pretty good. She walks up to the door and knocks on it, very politely.

"Hope they remembered I was going to be by today... admittedly things are pretty nuts..." she trails off looking around now. "Should have asked Tony how the meeting yesterday went..."

Jean Grey has posed:
Right after Carol finishes knocking, there's a click of the door as it opens, revealing Jean Grey standing there, wearing a rather fashionable green blouse and skirt combination. "Ah, Colonel Danvers, glad you still managed to come by." She smiles faintly, shaking her head, "With all the madness going on lately, I'm glad you were able to find the time." She gestures, "Come on in. I don't know if you've managed to see the school proper aside from that brief visit a few months ago."

With that, she gestures around, "We'll be using one of the side offices for this, as it's relatively private and... well, experiences like this can be a bit, hmm." She pauses, as if thinking of the right word, then settles for, "Intense. But I'll be more than happy to help you, Colonel." She smiles a bit faintly, her eyes flickering back to glance over at Carol. "Right this way."

Rogue has posed:
As it so happens, Rogue is on her way from the garage in the west wing to the recreation room. She stopped off in the kitchen to drop some things off and is headed to the Rec Room becasue it's her day to refill the cabinets.

With the sound of rubber wheels on carpet, Rogue is pulling behind her a Radio Flyer wagon by it's shiney black metal handle. Inside the wagon are a load of plastic grocery sacks that are filled up to a puffy level of fulledness. Filled with snack food, drinks and even some healthy junk, she's coming out of the west wing hall into the foyer, doging past a group of three students who try to get into the bags she's hauling.

"No! Wait for them to be in the cabinets for at least five minutes, you heathens!" She fights off the kids with a light slap with a gloved hand causing them to squeal and run away!

When she turns back around she spies Carol, with Jean, up ahead and she comes to a sudden stop, wide eyed...

'Oh god.' being the first thought inside of her head.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol was considering knocking again, then the door clicks and opens. "Right. Telepaths." she notes with bemusement with the slightest tilt of her head.

There is a pause, awkward for a moment as she considers whether or not it is rude to call a Telepath a Telepath like that, does it come across as descriptive or dehumanizing. Hopefully just descriptive.

"Right... it is a bit crazy. I couldn't make a meeting yesterday..hopefully Stark did okay sharing the info we have managed to get." she sort of gestures there. "That said. I am looking forward to this.. intense or not.. maybe it helps with the current threat.. maybe we all get disinigrated and I at least remember my childhood when it happens. I wouldn't bail... thank you."

She is about to follow Jean when the commotion happens and she pauses watching Rogue. Sort of having fallen very still. The interchange with the younger students is observed. Rogue's eventually turning around and spotting them is also noted.

The thought in Carol's head is something along the lines of 'a deer in headlights'.

Out loud Carol asks turning to look to Jean "You told her today would be the day right?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean says, "Actually, not telepath. Security system." She grins cheerfully at Carol, "I wouldn't pry that way, especially when there's no need to do so, Colonel. But it isn't rude, I mean, it is who I am after all."

She looks like she's about to say something more, but then Rogue looks a bit stricken, and she glances back to Carol, "Um, yeah, I did... Rogue, it's Tuesday." She sounds a bit confused, as she regards Rogue, "I mean, if you're up for it, anyway. This won't work unless you're both willing to do it." She passes a curious look to Carol at that.

Rogue has posed:
When the two step closer and join her in the near middle of the Foyer, Rogue just looks from one of them to the other, then back again ultimately to Jean. At Jean's reminder, Rogue just looks a bit blank in the face. Finally, she speaks. "I thought you meant next Tuesday." Her words are soft, calm and even toned. She then flicks her gaze back to Carol. "But it's fine, totally fine. It's 'cool' even, yeah?" She then tries to grin. "Lemme just wheel this stuff inta the lounge and I'll join ya both wherever it is you're gonna do..." She gives yet another look from one to the other.

"Gonna do, whatever it is you're gonna do." She starts to creep forward again, her right gloved hand pulling the wagon along further once more with it's treaded rubber tires make a dull humm on the rug as she starts to head toward the rec room doors just inside the east wing now. "Where do I find ya?" She asks back over her shoulder now.

Carol Danvers has posed:

Carol looks just the smallest bit concerned that Rogue is avoiding it or maybe not willing based on the whole reaction and mixing up days and tone and.. okay yeah she is worrying and overthinking this.

A lot.

It has been an intense few months waiting for this follow-up.

At least Carol isn't talking to herself.

"I am still willing." she confirms and then glances to Jean and back to Rogue. "See you soon." she notes after Rogue and lets Jean tell her which side office to head too.

Once they are in said side office though Carol will note "Call me Carol please.. also do you think she is going to rabbit?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles, "We're just going to do this in the side office there... it's private enough for what we need. Don't worry Rogue... join us when you can." With that, she follows Carol into the office in question, shutting the door behind her.

Then she smiles a little, "Carol, then. You can call me Jean." She looks over at Carol, moving over to sit behind the desk as she hmms.

"I don't think Rogue will chicken out. That's not her style. I think with everything going on... she genuinely forgot about this." She gives Carol a nod, "Have a seat. Did you want anything to drink?" Her eyes focus on Carol, perhaps a bit more than she might with another visitor.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wheels the wagon into the rec room and off of the rug, its tires buzzing now on the hardwood floor as she takes it into the kitchenette area in there then parks it by the fridge. She opens the fridge up. "Beer beer beer..." Of course there's no beer inside of it though, she knows that. With a frown though, the hope of summoning a beer was a futile endeavor. "I need magic powers." She grumbles as the fridge door shuts with a thud!


Rogue steps out into the hallway then and starts toward the office that Jean indicated, she puts her hands into h er unzipped hoodie, the dark red fabric of the hoodie poking forward now over the white tank top she's wearing underneath it. She walks fairly slowly toward her final destination and smiles at another pair of students who walk past and greet her. 'They're gonna wipe my mind or something. I'll be a whole person in just a few minutes...' She thinks to herself. 'Bye everyone...' She says to the laughs coming out of the computer lab where all the kids are playing Fortnite together on the computers.

She knocks on the office door when she reaches it and opens it up a moment later to slip inside, smiling at the both of them now once within!

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I'm good, while I like to drink I don't really need to anymore. Techies think I just metabolize cosmic energy now a days." Carol will settle into the chair indicated and look around the side office, considering everything. "This is still the fanciest school I have ever been inside." amusement in her voice before looking back to Jean. "Well if she does chicken out, she didn't get that from me."

Carol is trying her best and all, she did note to SHIELD where she was going, at the highest level due to the secrecy of the school. If she comes back barking like a dog wellt hey know who to nuke with a hellicarrier is a bit of comfort she thinks.

The knock has her tilt her head nad look over as Rogue comes in, she offers a half smile. "Thanks for doing this."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean chuckles a bit, "Alright, so... a few things I should clear up first. And this isn't exactly... well, this isn't a precise analogy, but I suppose it works." She glances between Carol and Rogue, then smiles a bit.

"Rogue, you're not going to really lose much of anything. Think of this as making a copy of Carol's memories and thoughts you have now, instead of just cutting them out of you. That's... going to be far too disruptive, considering how integrated they are with you. But, making a copy and transferring them over... that's a lot easier, and safer."

She then glances to Carol, "This isn't going to be easy, and it's going to be intense, for all three of us. But, if you're all willing to do this, I can begin." She gives Carol and Rogue both a reassuring smile, though the observant might notice that her eyes linger a bit more on the Avenger, for some reason.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps over to a chair near by and sits down on the edge of it. Her hands are gloved in black mesh that show hints of her skin beneath it, but the mesh is closely knit and prevents her skin from doing... what Carol has experienced more than anyone else on the planet has.

Rogue returns the half smile to the woman she stole very nearly everything from, then adjusts her gaze to look on Jean... the woman that she trusts probably more than anyone else on the planet. She nods once to what Jean says to, presses her palms flat together between her knees and interlaces her fingers together.

"Got it-- Wait." She states then, looking between them. "Does this mean she's gonna get some'a my memories?" She asks. "Some'a my personality? Cause I still am doin' stuff that I think came from her. Like makin' my bed every day with those perfect creased sheets. I /never/ used'ta make my bed until--- until all'a this happened."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol listens pretty closely to Jean making sure she understands it as best she can. "That.. is what I thought wuold probably be done. I can't imagine that psychic surgery of any sort would really work after this much time has passed." she trails off. "I would also think integrating the memories will be work as well." she considers. "The Kree have .. a lot of memory tampering technology that I've been on the wrong end of, which I guess Rogue knows better than I do right now." a glance over to her.

When Rogue gets worrid nad brings up that good point. Carol blinks at the thought. "I.. well I'm sure it won't be too much or too bad. Jean knows what she is doing right?" a glance to Jean making eye contact then back to Rogue. "Also... that is the proper way to make your bed." okay that is some light teasing to try to inject some humor to descalate the situation.

Of course. It may be that bad. Carol doesn't actually know. She just knows she wants her memories back and is willing to risk some extra at this point.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles a little, "My powers kicked in when I was ten, and the Professor has been helping me ever since. And I might not be the most powerful telepath on the planet, but I daresay I'm somewhere on the top ten list." She says that pretty matter-of-factly, looking between Carol and Rogue.

Jean nods, "And this might not be all done at once. In fact, I'd be rather surprised if it was. Something like this can take a long time to get everything over, but we can start slowly. Whenever you're ready." She glances between Carol and Rogue, steepling her fingers in front of her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at Carol's bid to put a little levity into the situation. "I know, I just... never /wanted/ t'make my bed until, you." She says then as she glances down at her gloved hands now resting on top of her thighs. Truth is, Carol's influence on the southern girl has changed her dramatically. She's far more responsible than she ever used to be, doesn't get angry as easily, doesn't feel the need to run away and be alone as much as she used to either. The changes are more than Rogue could even list, if she wanted to make a list anyway.

Her eyes go to Jean then as she further explains it might take time, and more than one meeting to get it all right. "Like a tattoo." Rogue quietly says. "A... brain tattoo..." She frowns at herself for saying that aloud, but what's said aloud can't be taken back! -- unless you're a telepath...

"Okay. I'm ready." Rogue says then, sitting up straight on the edge of the chair and tucking her feet under it a little with her ankles crossed together. "It's only fair that she get her thoughts back, lord knows some'a them I'm not even sure what's goin' on in'em anyway." She raises her hands up and flicks her hair back over her shoulders. "Do I need to do anything? Like hold still? Hum quietly?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol doesn't have any idea how much her humor about this has been really accurate. Get it from her indeed. She may soon have a pretty good idea but not yet. She does nod though when Rogue notes about making the bed.

"Brain tattoos.. not the metaphor I was here for. Yet here we are now. Okay I guess I am also ready." she settles in and takes a deep breath looking between them. "I bet the stuff that doesn't mak sense are the Kree and the Supreme Intelligence. It tried to convince me I was full blooded Kree and had never been from earth.. had to break that brainwashing to be me years ago. Was wild having two lives like that."

Actually maybe Carol does have an idea what it is like for Rogue.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles at Carol, then at Rogue, "No, you don't need to do anything... now, just relax. Both of you." She concentrates a moment, and then, the scenery changes...

And Carol and Rogue are both standing near each other, in a young girl's bedroom. Not either of theirs, though, as the young redhead teen appears to be texting someone on her phone. She blinks a bit, then looks up, "Oh! I forgot this is where I was, I thought this might put you more at ease." And it's clearly Jean, just Jean as a teenager, at least in this part of the mindscape. Why she chose this spot to start the mindscape isn't entirely clear...

Until one looks at the wall, and there's... quite a few pictures of Carol up there on her wall. Clippings. Photos. Daily Bugle headlines. Jean blushes a little bit, "Ah, I thought this might set you more at ease, Carol. As far as my intentions, anyway, I know you were having a lot of doubts about my veracity."

She ahems, then glances wryly at Rogue, then at Carol, "You're where I got the inspiration for my alias, and I'd never try to harm you, Carol." She then nods at Rogue, "Rogue knows me from experience, but you don't... and I need you to trust me, if this is going to work." Teen-Jean's lips quirk into a faint smile.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tries to settle in and relax after Jean tells them both to do so. She glances to Carol for a second but just hushes for the time being and lets her eyelids close. When she opens them again she sees the bedroom and then the teenage visage of Jean in fromt ofher. This makes her grin. She then goes back to looking around the room to take the sights of it all in. "Nice digs." She quietly says, her hands going back in to her pockets since she's standing now again inside a new room.

She glances again to Carol and then motions to the pictures and posters on the wall. "Someone's got a hero fetish." She says to the good Captain, in good natured fun. Her eyes go back then to Jean. "You wanna go get fake IDs with me an' hit up Harry's t'see if he'll give us booze?" She invites Jean on some teenage-fun-times, since they're both relatively the same age now in this new place!

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol will actually closes her eyes as she relaxes back into the chair. She is trying to let her guards down and let this just happen. She wants it very badly after all.

When the mindscape fades in Carol will blink and look around. "This is very much like the mindscapes the Supreme Intelligence used.. from what I can actually remember." she blinks a little bit looking around very slowly.

She takes in the posters and clippings. "I do trust you more than you know... I don't have a bad feeling about this whole endeavor which is very promising. Trust me. Rogue knows."


"What is your alias?"

The mention of getting drinks. "I'm happy to get drinks with you once you are legal Rogue."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean gives Rogue a wry look, "I'm still the same age, this is just how old I was when I had the room, and was saving the clippings of Captain Marvel." She actually blushes a little bit when Carol asks for her alias, then scuffs her foot a bit, looking down, "Marvel Girl, actually. Still is, aside from a brief stint as the Phoenix, but I passed that along."

She glances towards Rogue, and then towards Carol, and to each woman she extends a hand. "Anyway. If you're ready... we can begin with this. This might be... a little weird." Her eyes glint with a bit of amusement, despite the tension of the situation.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to look over to Carol at the drinking comment and afford her a rather mischievous grin. "Fly me t'London, Sugah." She says. "Then we'll be all the right age." She's gotta have her teases, her fun, she couldn't live any other way.

Her green eyed gaze goes forward to Jean, then down to her offered hand. Rogue's left hand comes up and is offered in-turn back to the redhead, before she looks to Carol and offers Carol her right. Both of her hands are still gloved in those black mesh gloves that let her hands breath, but let others not fall into comas too! "This should be an experience." She then murmers softly.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol nods to Jean at the naming of callsigns and then blinks lightly. "Marvel Girl... well I can't knock that. Has flair and style." she smiles then blinks. "Phoenix. That is an unusual name." it also vaguely rings a bell. Not entirely but a bit. Hm.

"My whole life is wierd . Honestly. Bring it on."

Looking to Rogue she nods "Well true, in London it is legal. Also don't you have my flight power.. I don't need to fly you to London." teasing back.

Then to Jean she turns and extends her hand sliding it into the womans hand and then hesitates and takes Rogue's hand... she can't not hesitate but she does take the hand regardless.

Jean Grey has posed:
And then, there's a rush of mental power from Jean, as suddenly there's a fiery aura around her. The aura seems to take the shape of a giant raptor, as her psychic avatar seems to haven't changed that much... speaking of Phoenixes, anyway.

And Rogue can feel some of Carol's memories coming to the surface. Further. Higher. Faster. Mar-Vell. The Kree. The Supreme Intelligence. Joining the JLA. Nothing seems to be /leaving/ Rogue, but as Jean mentioned earlier, it's being copied and transferred to Carol.

There might be a few Rogue-isms slipping through... Jean's trying to filter as best as she can, but Carol might get a better insight into the X-Men as a result. How Rogue feels about her friends and how she views the others...

Rogue has posed:
Before it all starts, Rogue smirks at Carol's response to her about their flight. "You're faster, and... I'm afraid t'fly over the ocean. I don't wanna get tired, lost and drown." She murmers that last part moments before all of the brain-waves start to swirl and get churned up like an ocean all its own!

Rogue's chin rises up and her eyes close shut. Her eyelashes flicker as she just squeezes both of their hands. "Ahhh... this is trippy." The Belle says then. All of Carol's memories flashing fast in front of her mind's eye. "Is, is this workin' right? Cause I feel like I'm on some kinda drug..." She says the words, but they're distracted in pitch and focus.

Carol's probably going to see glimpses of the past 2 years of Rogue's life on the road too, scared and alone after running away from the Brotherhood - post San Francisco - and having no idea how to handle everything she took from Carol. From stealing food to survive, to sleeping under bridge overpasses, all trying to make her way up north to Canada where she heard rumor sof a Mutant sanctuary there that could help her.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol looks like she is about to reply to Rogue about the London thing.... right when the mental energy and rush of her old memories hits her and shuts her quite up. Her eyes go very wide and she tightens her grip on both hands. Thankfully this is in the mind scape and not in the real world.

That said the chair she is sitting in, the arm rests are absolutely dust under her hands right now despite what is happening only happening in the mindscape.

She is on the recieving end of all of this since she isn't the one being copied but rather the one who is having all of these memories shoved into their skull.

It is .. a lot. "Drugs... are not the.. metaphor wo.." she mangles it "Wou.. would use...." eyes closing in the mindscape as things start to jumble. Some things slot in. Some things float. Other bits bounce around inside her 'skull' metaphorically. This would be the third time an entire memory set was shoved in her head in her life. It is faught. "I .. think it is working.."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's voice reverberates in the mental landscape, sounding a bit less like the calm and gentle voice that she uses in the real world. Rather, it's still calm, still gentle, but the authority and power behind it here seems to reverberate to your very essence as she says, "Carol... it's okay... just accept this. Trust me, please."

Carol can feel Jean's hand squeeze hers, a comforting grip as the bird aura around her flares fierce and bright and beautiful as psychic flames ripple around Jean, not burning as they engulf the redhead, "We're... almost... there..." She's sorting the memories, though a few errant thoughts of Jean's might also slip into Carol's mind. Mostly of Jean as a teen, idolizing Captain Marvel from the safe space of the school.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's doing her best to not squeeze Jean's hand too hard, since she knows Carol can take it, but Jean likely couldn't... all the same, the southern girl is still holding on pretty tightly at this point!

She goes from tilting her head backward, her chin being held up high, to lowering her head down so that the whites of her bangs fall around her face and mostly conceal it in shadow. Her eyes remain closed and she breathes lightly through her nose, she's not in any pain of course, just a seriously 'trippy' sensation inside of her head.

"This is more intense than that space movie about the black hole." Rogue groans out the words, speaking of course of Matthew McNaughton's amazing performance in Interstellar!

"I hope this is workin'." She has to mutter too though, because well, she knows it's important to Carol to get her memories back!

Carol Danvers has posed:
There is very deep 'breath' metaphorically and Carol relaxes.

She relaxes all the things she had to do to prevent the Supreme Intelligence's brainwashing from ruling her life. She is .. surprisingly mentally sturdy.

I mean many people would just say she is damned stubborn.

Still she lets it all wash over and into her that Jean is trying to cement home and kind of collapses overwhelmed but letting it do what it was supposed to do.

With a side dish of Rogue.

She is pretty toasty though right now.... figurative smoke out of the ears or maybe just cross fading for the earlier drinking and drugs references.

Jean Grey has posed:
The mental fires of Jean's avatar seem to engulf the room now, the light turning bright white, blinding in its intensity...

And then, slowly, the office room comes back into focus, as Jean blinks a little bit, returning to the 'real' world from the mindscape of her teenage bedroom. She then focuses on Rogue first, then Carol, asking both of them, "How are you feeling?" She asks that verbally, though there's still that lingering mental connection between the three that will fade over the next few minutes. So she can tell well enough, of course... but she feels like asking nonetheless. Habit, really.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue fell mostly quiet for the remainder of the experience, and up until the point where they all three faded back into the reality of the unused office in the east wing of the mansion her eyes had remained. They didn't open until Jean spoke in fact. It was then that the young southern girl reaches inside of her hoodie pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. She raises her head up and tips her chin back as she plucks a cigarette out of the pack and puts it gently between her dark magenta painted lips. "Perfect." She says through the unlit cigarette as her eyes slip over to Carol.

Rogue offers Carol the pack of cigarettes next then, not really expecting her to take one, then offers Jean after that, not really expecting her to take one. After that's said and done she leans back in the chair she'd chosen.

"Brain tattoos." She says, her voice understandable, but yet still muffled by the soon-to-be-smoked-at-some-point relaxation stick. "I'm lookin' forward t'round two."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol shifts blinking her eyes open.. she unclenches her hands and looks down a bit sad at the damage to the chair. Then just shakes her head as clearing it. She cracks her neck. "Sweet Zombie Jesus..." she mutters ineligantly.

"That was.. is.. when you said intense and wierd you weren't kidding. I feel like my whole head is swimming and .. just.. ugn... flashes of .. yeah." not entirely coherent there. So many things still going on.

"I think I need to go lie down.. but I do think it worked.. is working... settling..." she tries to stagger up to her feet there. "Thanks Jeanie..." she mutters softly. I mean you say thank you when someone helps you. It is polite.

She reaches to steady on the desk. "Round two... later though.. maybe if we save the world later..." she inhales and looks down to Rogue. "Are you covered up enough I can give you a hug?" yeah she knows better now everything Rogue went through oddly.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean moves around the desk, taking Carol's arm with her hand, "Hey, easy Carol... you've had a jolt. Though I think a hug is a good idea." She smiles warmly at Carol, helping steady her as she says, "If you need a place to lay down for a bit, we have some extra rooms here, you can crash out in one if you need to."

She nods, and blushes very slightly when Carol calls her Jeanie. "I'm... glad I could help, Carol. Really, I'll keep checking on you, and we'll probably need to do this a few more times, just to make sure everything is back where it should be. It definitely helps that Rogue is willing too." She smiles warmly at Rogue at that, glad the other mutant is wanting to help.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands up then when Carol does, she watches Jean move around the desk to join them, then nods to what the redhead says. "Yeah, there's plenty'a places t'sleep around here. Like Hank's classroom. I got some'a the best sleep I've had in years in there." She reaches up to pluck the cigarette from between her lips, then glances down at herself. "I'm safe." She says to Carol as she looks up and opens her arms up. She motions with the 'come here' gesture with her gloved fingers.

"Bring it in." She tells her. "Like an F-14 and I'm your aircraft carrier." She'll move in to hug Carol then and reach around to pat her on the back. "There there, Maverick. I won't steal from ya no more, I promise." She's never even seen Top Gun, but she's absorbed the memories of it out of other people... probably Carol.