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Amateur Anglers
Date of Scene: 16 August 2020
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Fishing, a jet ski and a grumpy Canadian, oh my!
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Logan Howlett, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
It's getting late in the day. The sun isn't down, but it's begun it's slide towards the horizon, with oranges and reds starting to be visible in the western sky. Most people who spent the day out by Breakstone Lake have headed back to the school, to rub aloe into their sunburns, or to grab dinner.

At least one person is still working on dinner at the Lake though. Kitty Pryde is sitting out in a lawn chair on a dock. She's got a fishing pole in hand, which she puts some fresh bait on the hook and then casts it out into the water. The bobber attached to it floats there in the placid water, while Kitty kicks back and relaxes. She has a hat with a big brim on it for shade, and is wearing shorts and a bikini top. Her skin is quite tan, she's gotten a lot of sun this summer.

Lockheed is curled up on the dock in a life preserver for a bed and pillow. Lying on his back, where he was catching the sun on his belly before it started going down.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Today is a Grumpy Day for Logan. He's been extra grumpy lately. One can only guess its in regards to the return of a certain magnetic maniacal man. Wearing a white tank-top, blue jeans, and hiking boots, a few boards are tucked underneath one of his hairy muscular arms. A half-dozen nails stick out of the corner of his mouth, and his other hand wields a hammer.

He strolls up to the boathouse and absolutely wrecks whatever peace and tranquility Kitty might have been looking forward. Grumble. Grumble. Thwack. Thunk. Logan deftly and overzealously replaces a few of the rotten boards of the boathouse, a project he's been poking at all summer.

It has to be startling. Not just for the students, but for the fish.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty might have been near to dozing, as that first sound of a hammer pounding in a nail causes her to sit bolt upright. Lockheed starts awake as well, lifting his head and an eye opening and casting what might be interpreted as a very judgment gaze over towards the boathouse.

Kitty winces with each blow of the hammer. She sets down the fishing pole next to Lockheed and turns towards Logan. "What in the H-E-double hockey sticks, Logan?" she calls over to him. "I'd have thought you of all people would respect someone fishing. What, if there isn't ice overtop the lake it doesn't count?" she says, rising from the chair and putting her hands on her hips. Yes. That posture. The one that was made by God and gifted to women to let men know when they are in the wrong about something.

Though she gives up the posture to wave her hands in the air a few more times for extra effect.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan gives Kitty a glare in return. Playing the part of the ass, he gestures to an empty spot on the boathouse and places his last board. He looks at Kitty then looks at the board. He swings his hammer. THWACK.

He pulls another nail from his mouth, places it on the board, looks at Kitty, then swings the hammer. THWACK. Its not until the third swing of the hammer that Kitty's posture actually manages to conjure some guilt out of him. He sighs and quickly finishes his handiwork then holds up the hammer and an empty hand.

"Alright.. Alright. That was rude. Sorry, Kitty." He hangs the hammer in the rafters of the boathouse and slips his hands into his pockets, walking out toward Kitty, Lockheed, and her chair. He offers the little dragon an up-nod. "Needed to hit something. Figured this was the better option, and had my mind pretty set on it."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty glances at the pole, but Lockheed is there next to it. She wanders down the dock, meeting Logan partway. Her arms cross rather go back to her hips, once the Canadian has made nice about it. "It's ok," she tells him. "Been cooped up in the lap working on the computers for the annual computer refresh for the new school year," she tells him. "Figured I needed a break. And maybe something fresh for dinner."

She eyes Logan for a moment. "Upset about Erik and Genosha?" she asks, though in a tone that makes it as much statement as question. She lets out a somewhat angry breath as if that has been on her mind as well. She gives a little shake of her head. Even though she's nearly been killed by Magneto, to the point of being moments away from death at his hands, she'd finally dropped her guard a little to let herself think better of him in more recent years.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue rides in on a jetski.

The Jetski's engine grows louder and louder as the thing gets closer and closer to the dock.

But it's going way faster than any Jetski should. She's hunched over the top of it and skipping over the water with great speed! The southern girl sweeps the jetski in toward the docks and then turns the handle bars hard to the right and digs deep into the top surface of the water!

This, sends a wave of lake water toward the dock and everyone on it, or near it!

Once it settles, Rogue is just sitting there on the foam seat of the jetski, sunglasses on, a green and gold bikini top, blue jeans denim shorts, and a big smile on her face.

She reaches forward and turns off the engine, then just leans over the handle bars and puts her forearms across them.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan grunts and nods, "You always were a hardworker, Kitty. School's good to have you."

He growls a little bit at the mention of Erik's name, "Don't call him that around me. He's Magneto. The same arrogant psychopath he's always been. He just managed to fool some of you for a couple of years. And no, I'm not mad at him. I'm mad at the people who decided to follow him and are surprised when he-"

Logan was so worked up on the subject, he hadn't even registered the commotion on the lake. His rant is cut short by the wave of lake water. He stands silent and drenched. A piece of algae hangs off the finger he was waving to accentuate his point.

He tenses then growls and goes to point that same finger at Rogue but manages to sling the algae right at Kitty.

Stunned, he blinks and then abruptly roars in laughter, "Okay, I guess that's one way to cool me off."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde did appear to hear the engine's whine as it got nearer, for when the wave comes rolling towards the dock, it passes through Kitty without leaving any water on her at all. And when Logan tosses the algae her way, it passes right through her as well.

Kitty gives a soft harrumph at the algae toss. "Learning to phase when I'm startled helps with more than Juggernaut sneak attacks," she comments, but then she's laughing softly when Logan starts to. "Hey Rogue," she says. "I think you're going to owe someone a lot of Cheesy Poofs. And I don't mean Logan."

Lockheed stands up and does a dog-like shake to dislodge water, then trots away from the life preserver far enough he won't burn it when he breathes fire on himself to dry off the rest of the way.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans there on the handle bars of the jetski, while the water vehicle bobs up and down on the lake's wavy waters, settling after her aggressive arrival.

"Heya, Logan." She says with a big grin to him. "Lookin' like you're finally 'summer ready'." She flutters her eyelashes at him before her green eyed gaze averts to Kitty. "Damnit, Pryde. I was goin' fast as I could, hopin' I'd get ya before ya could phase out." She clucks her tongue and then sits up straight on the jetski, dropping her hands down to the tops of her thighs. "Guess I wasn't fast enough..." She smiles sweetly before Lockheed's fire draws her eyes.

"Purple Rain needs t'cool off a bit, he's gonna get tubby on all them dusty cheesy treats." The purple dragon gets a grin too.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Rogue should know by now, that it takes beer to smooth my ruffled feathers anyway." He grins a bit at Kitty and gives her a thumbs-up, "A+ on the reflexes kid. Since I scared off your dinner, I can pick up the tab for dinner if you want take-out."

He flops down on the dock and hangs his legs over the side. "Your dad turn up yet, Kitty?" He asks pointedly because there really isn't a good way to ask that kind of question. "I was keepin' an eye out for someone who smelled similar to you while I was helpin' at the refugee camp, but with one hundred thousand people. Needle in a haystack."

Shaking his head to fling off some of the Lake water, he eyes Rogue, "Summer ready, huh? Keep talkin', Rogue. You'll hate the payback. Cold bucket of ice right when you aren't expecting it." He points at her then reaches down to remove his tank-top. Twisting it, he wrings out some of the water back into the lake.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed blows a puff of smoke towards Rogue, evidence he understands her if anyone ever doubted. "One of the first things the Professor had me work on," Kitty replies to Rogue with a soft grin. "And yeah, takeout sounds good actually," Kitty agrees. She walks over to grab her pole and begin reeling the line in.

She only slows the turning of the reel for a moment at Logan's question. "No, he's not there," she says softly. She turns back around. "I had Genosha hacked. Their security services. Had all their video feeds recording. You know, just in case," she says in a quiet, somber voice. "It took a long time, facial recognition. But I found him. Dad. He was in a square with a big crowd and... and a Wild Sentinel..." she says, looking away and shaking her head.

She finishes with the fishing pole, securing the hook on it and grabbing the small tackle box she'd brought out. She just moves them though and sets them down nearby. "You all ready for school to start up, Rogue?" she asks. "Looks like I'm going to help teach some classes. English Lit for Scott, and not sure what else. Cover for those going to help the refugees."

Rogue has posed:
While Logan is ringning his shirt off, Rogue is grinning at him and watching. She even wolf whistles when he tugs the tank top off. But at his quip about ice water, she just mockingly rolls her eyes and raises a hand up to sweep it through the whites of her bangs, pushing them back behind her left ear. "That ice would melt before it even touched me, hot as I am, Sugah." She arrogantly toys back with the man. "You been hittin' the bowflex extra hard, Logan? You're lookin' puffier than usual."

Kitty's question about school makes her look back toward the girl that can ghost. "School?" She asks, like she hadn't even thought of it in a decade. Her eyes dart to the school's direction, then back to the Deerfield native.

"I uh... I graduated, I don't gotta... like, do anythin' more do I?" She asks, having not gotten her stuff together to start college, because Gambit had distracted her all summer long...

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan frowns and grunts. "Sorry to hear it, Kitty. Well, I'm sure he's proud of the woman you grew into, and I bet you'll continue to make him proud. We always want more time then we get."

He leans back and folds his arms under his head, staring up at the sky. "You know, I was thinkin' of helping out with teachin' myself. At least get more involved with trainin'. Ever since Creed showed up at the school... I've thought that maybe some of the others need the difficulty dialed up."

He doesn't include Kitty and Rogue in the 'others' which is some sign of respect. Then again, he'd already imparted much of his 'martial knowledge' over the years with the two young women he almost considered to be daughters.

That causes Rogue's flirty comments to just raise a bushy eyebrow. "Don't oogle me, Rogue. Creeps me out. Save your eyes for your pet thief." He stretches his arms overhead, "And let me know when I can have a shotgun conversation with him about bein' a responsible young man."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde hears the comment about Logan's physique, and it leaves her looking a little green around the gills. "Yeah I'm... just going to borrow some brain bleach from one of the telepaths for that," she comments to Rogue, picking a worm out of the bait jar and tossing it at her.

"So are you not doing the college classes? I think last I heard you were considering it anyway," she says. "Not a bad idea if you can handle more school. It's a bit different than high school, even here," she adds with a shrug and a grin.

As the conversation turns to Remy and responsibility, the Jewish girl is glad she wasn't in mid swallow of a beverage. It would have definitely come out of her nose. "Oh, yeah, that's a conversation I'd like to witness. Maybe from a distance though," she says with a small grin.

Lockheed flaps over to land on her shoulder. "But no, you don't have to take more classes if you don't want," Kitty agrees.

Rogue has posed:
"Payin' compliments where compliments are due, ain't ooglin', /Logan./" Rogue counters with a little shake of her head and a pop-out of her tongue's tip. But her Seventh Sense warns of worm, and Rogue ducks as Kitty throws it her way, leaving the little worm to tumble in slo-motion through the air to some sweet 60s music playing, until it just quietly and peacefully plops into the lake's water, (maybe not actually, but it'd be really neat if that's how it happened on film).

"I was gonna do it at the start'a summer, but once I had so many people tellin' me I need'ta focus on my ... abilities, and how I can use them as a 'hero type' that, well, sorta changed my outlook on stuff."

Rogue dismounts the Jetski whilst its still just out there on the water, and she walks her way across the water toward the docks, her bare feet just lightly impacting the surface causing ripples as she steps up onto the dock then there-after.

"Now, I think I'm gonna do that for awhile. Fly around, help folks, stop criminals... Fight Sentinels -- if I see any -- and go from there." Mystique, and Gambit both got her off of the college-path, admittedly.

Rogue grins back at Logan then. "Remy's up by the pool, makin' food for the kids."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan squints at Rogue and huffs, "You didn't try deflectin' that... so I guess things really are gettin' serious between you two. Guess that means I should try liking him more."

He grumbles and rubs his chin, "You two get hitched, I'm given you away, Rogue. Cause I need to look that cajun in the eye and make sure he knows what'll happen to him if he treats you wrong."

Kitty gets the next glance, "Glad to hear you are stickin' around and teachin'. You are a good role model. Chuck and Scott both know it. More you rub off on the next class, the better."

He flops back onto the deck and sighs, "Shit, you kids are growin' up fast."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is just grinning at the exchange between Rogue and Logan. She had to endure a bit of ribbing over the years with her crush on Piotr despite the difference in ages. Seeing someone else get it is a welcome change.

"Definitely something to be said for training," Kitty agrees with Rogue. "Though, the other kind of learning can come in handy in doing that too. I can't even count the number of times I've saved Logan's skin by working a computer or fiddling with a machine in the nick of time," she says, a bit of mischief in her gaze for Logan. Though she's not wrong in what she said, either. It's just fun to point it out.

"Thanks Logan," she tells the Canadian then at the compliment. "I'm still kind of deciding what it is I want to do. I mean, job or... stay at the school, or what. But I've got the time for now, so happy to fill in. I'm just still a bit torn on where to take my life next," she says with a little sigh.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had lost her father a long time ago, she barely even remembered anything about him at this point. So to have Logan say those things made her smile, she wasn't even sure what having a father-figure even did, or should, feel like either.

"I appreciate the sentiment, Logan." She says, as she pads over toward where Lockheed is, to nudge him with a toe. "But, I'm not even 19 yet, I can't imagine myself gettin' married any time soon. Plus... Remy still hasn't ever really told me much about his past... which /tells me/ that there's a lot t'hide. Don't think I could ever put myself inta something super serious, with someone who can't fully open up t'me."

She looks over to Kitty then and grins at her. "You're a teacher, through'n through. No question about it. It's all over your personality, Missy Pryde." She says to her fellow youth!

"Me? I dunno, I guess I could do online college. Get some bullshit degree, like 'Journalism'." She pauses then and looks between the two of them. "That's a degree right?"

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan offers a great big sigh of relief. "Glad you are still usin' that head on your shoulders, Rogue. Smart girl, you keep those sensibilities and don't let Remy drag you off into too much trouble."

The scruffy Canadian resumes gazing up at the sky. At first he found it peaceful, but then his jaw clenches as he remembers that Magneto is up there somewhere. Magneto reminds him of Lorna, and that reminds him of the green-haired mutant hugging Namor. "Ugh.. the sub-mariner. I thought she was smarter than that."

He pinches the bridge of his nose and groans.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's eyebrows go up a little bit as she glances from Rogue to Logan and back at that last part. "I heard some rumors but no specifics. And I haven't seen Lorna in awhile to catch up. So... that's a thing then?" she asks.

She scratches at her hair idly. "I ran into another one of them. I mean, Atlanteans. Just briefly. Didn't even really get a chance to talk. Was saving a guy from drowning and... oh, you know how it goes. Explosion, all the fun stuff. Anyway, left me all curious about them in general," Kitty says. "I may have to hit up Lorna for what they are really like then."

Her eyes go back to Logan. "I'd try to draw some inferences from the fact you don't seem to approve, Logan," Kitty says. Then pauses. Then grins as she shrugs. "But then you never approve, so...." She gives him a cheeky smile.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"I approve sometimes. Namor is... Well, he's an arrogant prick, who sometimes does the right thing." He rises up and flings his wet shirt over his shoulder before he begins to head back toward his cabin. "Lorna could do better in my opinion... but I guess a relationship between monarchs makes sense. Hell, maybe I'm readin' too much into it, but she ran to him for a hug. So.. That's that."

He waves his hand dismissively, "Sure she can take care of herself. Least she's not followin' dear ole dad around. I'm gonna go order chinese. I'm assumin' the usual for both of ya."

Rogue has posed:
While the two of them talk about stuff that is completely off of Rogue's radar, she steps over to the side of the docks and looks out over the waters. When Logan speaks to her about Remy a bit further, she just grins at his acknowledgment of her using her head. But at the rest, well, she grins.

"You're right, a'course." She replies. "But I like trouble." She adds before stepping off of the docks and hovering in mid air. "Speakin' a which, I best get on the move, gonna go meet some folks in town!"

The Belle flies over and grabs the Jetski by it's edges, lifting it up like it's made out of klennex, she turns toward the boat house to return it. "Ya'll have fun, now, but if it gets real fun? Shoot me an invite." She says at both of them before flying off to take the water-craft back to its hidey spot in the boat house's collection.