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Clothes Make The Beast
Date of Scene: 01 September 2020
Location: Lost Pond Mall
Synopsis: Out of fear that Gar might show up wearing something that might force Themyscira to declare war on the world, Terry and Kate make it a point to play Cogsworth and Lumiere to his Beast, and provide him with a suitable ensemble with which to attend the ball.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kate Bishop, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Kate Bishop, rumor went, always knew what to wear. She had a walk-in closet that went so deep that Narnia uses it as its post office. She has a dress for every occasion.

Or, maybe, that's what Terry O'Neil thinks. She certainly doesn't need to look for something to wear to the Embassy, at least, and Terry grew up enough of a Catholic boy that he still has a serviceable tux at hand that he has worn to at least a couple of weddings, two Confirmations, and one Bart-Mitzvah.

Gar, on the other hand...

"All I'm saying," Terry says as the trio steps into the rather reputable formal clothing store, architecture in tasteful shades of eggshell white and satin gray, "is that I know you. If left to your own devices, you'd show up wearing something that'll make people think they need to adjust their TV sets, Gar."

The red-headed reporter smirks, hands in his jeans pockets, "I figured you could use the opinion of someone of taste. Which is where you come in," he adds, turning to face Kate, "I'm just the moral support."

He was definitely playing 'the buddy' in public. No lingering contact, no arm over shoulders, for all intents and purposes Terry was Gar's Very Good Friend and nothing more. "I mean, I figured you'd be able to afford something nice, even to rent. Being a movie star and all."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate had her car service pick up the dou when they got off the hyperloop. It is a lot safer than having a rabbit hole appear in a clothing shop in the mall if Kate wants to keep a very low profile on this excursion.

"Rent?" Kate says scandelized. "This store is a purchasing store.. also Terry... I utterly dread whatever suit you are planning to wear that you got for a wedding then probably used for your job interview at the Planet. This is a party at the Themyscarian Embassy Terry O'Neil."

She smiles and looks around slowly there now, dressed fashionably but somewhat incognito. Just very expensive designer jeans, a blouse, a matching jacket, and sunglasses. None of them what so ever in Hawkeye purple. Lots of blues and some reds. camouflage.

"This will be fun and everyone will look oh so fine."

Gar Logan has posed:
It wasn't that Gar was fashion unconscious. Nothing of the sort. He had taste.

It was just that his tastes often ran counter to normal convention, and this thing probably called for an outfit that was less gaudy than usual. "Hey, just because you could taste the rainbow with all the stuff I've got to pick from doesn't mean it's all bad. Maybe, like, ninety-five percent bad. But I get it. I could just show up in a black tux, looking like, well..."

He, of course, turns into a green penguin as he enters the mall with Terry and Kate. "Lost Pond? How does anyone even find this place, anyway? It's pretty swanky, though. Reminds me of Beverly Hills and some of my old hangouts. You know, where I'd just chill and let it all come to me. Used to get rides like the one we took today /all/ the time."

He's trying too hard, again. It can't be a humblebrag when there's nothing humble about it, and maybe all of that happened once. It counts, right?

By the time they're finding the store they've come here to ransack, he's back in his usual appearance, wearing a polo shirt and slacks with comfortable-looking leather shoes. "Speaking of which, don't they just do the Greek-slash-Roman thing? Shouldn't we just be getting togas or something?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"If the Planet wants me to show up dressed to the nines, Katya," Terry says with a grin, "Then they'd give me an actual raise. It's a good tux, and nobody will look at me twice, which is what an observer wants anyways."

Terry raises an eyebrow at Gar, as he starts looking around the place. "A toga party isn't exactly the thing, here. Besides, nobody wants to see my pale ass baring my pasty legs when there's bronzed Amazons around to make me look like Casper, the Friendly Ghost."

He ponders, and looks over at Kate, "Although that does bring up a question. Ever notice how formal wear for women tends to bare more skin than men? We get stuffed into penguin suits and don't get much variety, outside of the breast cut and color... and even that is limited."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"This is the hidden gem of Westchester.. all the New York money with their summer estates that aren't in the Hamptons.. also a lot of Greenwich money from over in Connecticut comes here as well instead of going down to the city and slumming it with all that new Manhattan money...." she sounds amused really, but then she is new Manhattan money.

She glances down and nudges Gar lightly. "We are trying to be a little discrete... I'd rather not have to answer a lot of reporters and rags like the Bugle as to why I am hanging out with Beast Boy you goof.... I mean.. it may yet happen but an Emporer Penguin will practically make it happen." she seems to be having fun though.

"Terry.. I'll buy you an outfit... wait are you going tomorrow on a press pass or as a Titan?" that last part is hissed as she steps a little closer to Terry to ask. "Men have pocket squares and things like that. Watches. Ties. But yes you don't have nearly the exposure or variety that the women do.." she adopts a mock wistful tone "Oh for the time when men were the peacocks and dandies wearing hose and corsets.."

Gar Logan has posed:
"I wouldn't have a problem with a toga party. Some of us can make it work without blinding everybody," Gar points out in a bit of a sing-song voice, emphasizing a strut as he advances forward before turning back around to face both Terry and Kate, spreading his arms wide. "Kate, my dear, in case you missed it, I am green. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes." He mimes the children's song as he points to each part of his body, then he arches a brow at them.

"While money is no object today, I'm pretty sure they don't have corsets and stuff for dudes here. This isn't Shakespeare in Love with the guys going around with mini pillows over their junk," Gar remarks, but he's looking at them as if /daring/ them to press that train of thought.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Katyushka Ekaterina Nikolayevna Petrovetich Bishop I will hear nothing of the sort," the redhead says, waving a hand, "I'll show up looking nondescript and boring. I'm there as media, not honored guest- nobody knows who I am, and it's preferable that way. I'm there to see, not to be seen."

He quietly adds, "I'll be there... as /both./ Vorpal already has his tux," he says, low enough that Gar doesn't hear. THen he turns to look at the green guy.

"You know... he does have a point. Maybe we should look at something that makes him stand out..." he ponders, and starts looking at the selections.

"These things look like they cost more than I make in a year. Each one, I mean," he pulls out a very traditional looking design, and shakes his head. "Man, can you imagine bleeding cash just to look like everybody else, only more expensive?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"There is a green meta with friends in a mall.. and then there is a green emporeror penguin Gar.. I stand by my admonishment though I do realize it won't do me any good what so ever." she smiles sidelong to the lovable Titan.

"Also alas.. alack no. I imagine you are right so you will have to settle for colorful pocket squares or a colorful tie. No comedy ties though."

Then she blinks and turns on Vorpal when the ... well Terry makes up a whole lot of extra middle names for her suddenly. "Ah so you are there on the press pass.. how droll." she reaches out and gives Terry a poke.

To be honest she is feeling a bit fiesty because her ribs have finally healed enough she doesn't feel chest pain every time she takes a breath.

Stupid ice dragon.

"The thing is Terry. To the people who shop here this is a rounding error on a rounding error...." she peruses one of the suits tugging it out a bit to see how the cut looks. "Hm this one is in style this fall." she notes thoughtfully.

Then she skips down to another one "You know.. I think you would probably be best in browns.. earth tones... if you wanted to pop a bit we could do a Rust color."

She holds one up. (http:///Asno)

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan all but does the peacock thing without turning into one, placing his hands at his hips and puffing out his chest. "Remember, Kate of Many Names, I /am/ a semi-famous celebrity. You're both fortunate we haven't already been swarmed by teenage autograph seekers or groupies of cougar age."

In the midst of his hubris, he completely misses Terry confirming he will be there not just as Terry, but Vorpal as well. "They probably /do/ cost more than you OH HOLY HELL when I said money was no object I didn't really /mean/ it!"

Suddenly flabbergasted after turning over the price tag on one of the suits, he coughs into a hand. "I might have an upper limit. This is making me think of wedding dress prices and I don't really want to spend /that/ much on something moths are going to start finding appealing before I wear it again."

He stops long enough for Kate's suggestion to register, and he moves over to check out the rusty-looking suit. "Oh, hello. This might just do. What do you guys think?" He rests a cheek against an arm of the coat, comparing his green hue to the reddish one of the outfit.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry turns his head just so that Gar can't see his facial expression, but Kate can. His eyes are broadcasting "DANGER WILL ROBINSON" and his mouth moves silently, mouthing something that Kate should be able to read quite well: That's my tux!

Terry instantly turns around and says, "The color is nice, but the cut is so traditional."

He is clearly in a desperate attempt to salvage his purchase, as well as avoid the disaster of his date /showing up in his same suit/. "How about something a little more... aha..."

He pulls out a vest/pants combo. The vest is a subdued red, closer to wine than rust, and black slacks. "You could eschew the tuxedo and go for the vested look. Black or white long-sleeved shirt... what do you think, Kate?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Pfffts, obviously we sell it as a suit worn by Garfield Logan and recoup some money. Seriously though if it is a problem I'll buy your suit since Terry is going incognito and won't let me buy him a fancy suit." she rubs the fabric and looks it over then looks past Gar towards Terry and her eyes narrow.

Yes she can pick up what he is putting down there. Dangit. Still this would have been perfect.

"I suppose that Rust might be a bit too battlecat on Gar..." she resignedly hangs the suit back up. Carefully no need to make the clerks spazz out in here. Still she is wearing thousands of dollars right now so they are giving her wide berth with her clothes browsing for the two young men.

"That could work.... though we could go with a cream or near white suit as well. It is summer.. could flaunt it by doing it right before labor day I suppose." she looks it over the store then wanders to pull one off and turns to show it to both of them.

Yes she totally dissed Terry's choice and breezed right on.


Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan squints between Kate and Terry as the latter hides something from him in silent communication with her. He has no clue.

"A vest? I could rock a sleeveless thing and really play up some 'Long Lost Son of The Incredible Hulk' deal. I've got the muscles to make it work. See?" Rolling up the sleeve of his polo, he flexes and..it's only mildly impressive. He's fit, but he's not /built/ in that sense. "Yeah?"

They don't seem to be buying it. At least, Kate's not. She no-sells the whole thing, leaving him to rub one of his pointy ears. "I think I'd be down with selling it as a charitable thing, sure. And don't worry. I can cover the cost of my own suit." He'll just..avoid the super-expensive stuff.

"Battlecat?" he questions, head tilting in Terry's direction because of obvious reasons, then he follows to the section where the white suit is found. "That might work, but A) I thought the 'no white after Labor Day' thing is only for women, and B) nobody cares about that any more."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, /some/ people care. Mom had this super rich customer come over once to handle some sort of touchy stuff- and you should have seen how she /looked/ at the receptionist for wearing those shapeless white boots she likes so much. We're talking daggers here. Thank goodness Agnes is mostly clueless."

He looks at the selection, and nods slowly in approval. "Yeah, that will look very nice. I have to say I'm partial to that sleeveless idea, but ultimately you'll have to discuss it with your date." He smirks and puts his hands in his pockets, "Being on the press pass is not so bad. Everybody knows exactly what to expect from me and nobody tries to socialize with me in case they confuse me for that dweeb who runs that social media."

He looks at Gar, and the suit, and then at Kate, "I think that's a winner of a pick. What do you think, Gar?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I can tell you haven't been amongst the Hamptons crowd much Gar... which is good.. I don't like being amongst that crowd either." she shakes her head and sets the cream suit aside there. "Well I think it is really good but Gar has to love it if he is spending this kind of money."

She looks around then points to the ties and pocket squares "That is where you go wild if you want to really make things pop with this suit.... " she starts to head that way thoughtfully.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan questions Terry. "Are you talking about gogo boots? Didn't those go out of style two generations ago?" A brow raises in Terry's direction at the 'talk about it with your date' bit, leaving him to sniff audibly.

"Anyway, this would work. It fits with green pretty well. And the only ham by the ton I'd want to be around is bacon, Kate." His back is to her, so he won't see the visible reaction she has to /that/ particular response.

The green Titan adds, "I was thinking of going with something really out there, but this doesn't look like the kind of place for that. If we're talking about other parts to this, you know I like purples, maybe reds too."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry chuckles, "Maybe you can get accessories that are color-coordinated with Wonder Woman's outfit. That'd draw the eye- and mortify Donna, so two birds with one stroke, right?"

His friendly feud with the Amazon was well known. Any time Terry got too smart for his britches, Donna would tease him by listing all of the cool historical treasures in Themyscira he would never be able to see.

"After this, we should get food. I think I saw a Greek place on the way here, and I'm in the mood for some Mediterranean..."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate chuckles "Terry may be actually on to something here...." she considers the selection of ties and pocket squares. "We could lean into that.... and I am definitely good for some Mediterranean... we can double up. I imagine the canapes will be a lot like that as well at the embassy after all."

She walks towards the pocket squares proper now and then fishes up a very beautiful one, red square, little gold highlights like star bursts along the edges. She tosses it to Terry before moving over to the ties section next. "Lets see.... gold tie." she carefully picks one up and drapes this directly onto Terry there.

"How about either blue shoes or blue socks with white shoes.... do the whole deal?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan raises a brow, leaning closer to the procured gold tie and red/gold pocket square. "You know they're gonna throw me into Amazon prison for contempt if I wear those colors, right?"

Would they? No, of course not. But what if?

"Blue socks with the white shoes would be nice, though..." before his face lights up.

"And just in case it turns into one of /those/ parties, I'm totally rocking Wonder Woman Underoos!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Terry smirks, "You know you can get away with stuff like that because you're..." he pauses, clearly checking himself, "Charming." It decidedly felt weird, keeping that emotional distance. But he nevertheless had to get good at it, if they were going to go with the fiction that Terry and Vorpal were two different people, and Gar wasn't dating the one that wasn't fuzzy. "But hey, anything that makes Wonder Woman more likely to focus on you than on me." Because he was not about to embarrass himself in public by becoming a mess.

He looks at the square, and nods, "I think we've got a combo... and for once, my stomach is growling before Gar's. Let's wrap up and get this boy some clothes, so we can get my stomach some nourishment, I say."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Great..." she looks over towards the store clerk that was hovering and giving them plenty of distance. She waves the clerk over. "We will take this assembly... and Mr. Logan will need it tailored to him this afternoon. We can't wait, event tomorrow so it needs to be a rush job this afternoon and we can have someone pick it up tomorrow."

She pivots and looks at Gar and Terry. "Are we missing anything gang?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Extremely charming, and a winning smile to boot," Gar chimes in after Terry decides on the word to use when so many others could have also fit. Said smile is shown around, teeth nice and clean and straight. "I don't know if her focusing on me is a good idea or not, but if there's one thing I'm not afraid of, it's being the center of attention. So let's take all my measurements. Check that. Let's take /almost/ all of my measurements, and get our grub on!"

Suddenly he's standing before them as a meerkat, rubbing his hands together. "Remember, slimy, yet satisfying!"

Right in front of the poor clerk, yep.