3622/Meeting the Bosslady

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Meeting the Bosslady
Date of Scene: 29 September 2020
Location: Charles' Office / Classroom
Synopsis: Remy tries to pull a prank, but gets a job from Dr Grey.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Jean Grey

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The rambler, the gambler, has returned to the manor. Remy is bored, so he is exploring once more; as he comes to Xavier's office, a credit card is used quickly to slide inside to pull a prank on the old-timer.

Remy is behind the desk with his boots up, cleaned for it is about fun not being disrespectful, as he is smoking a clove. The smoke is curling up into the ceiling, as his hand is are shuffling a deck of cards, always pushing to see what he can get away with, but the old-timer would know before he got here. As he spins those cards around his fingers, ever so slowly, each one is flicked up into the air, to land back on the desk, making himself a game of solitaire.

That cigarette is almost at the end, as he burns it up no more cigarette, in a bright flash of energy, as his hands are resting behind his head."Xavier never takes this long when I mess in office, something big going a down, or is busy. Ya know no play, makes ya get more wrinkles, Charles, I hope your not too busy."

Jean Grey has posed:
"There's no smoking in the office, Remy."

The voice is decidedly /not/ the Professor's, as Jean Grey stands at the door to the office, giving Remy a look that would cause most of the students to wilt. She's wearing a very schoolteacher-esque outfit, of course, green faux turtleneck and matching skirt of highly respectable length.

One eyebrow arches as she simply says, "If you're going to keep sitting behind there, I can give you some papers to grade... otherwise you can get out of /my/ chair and we can have a conversation." Her lips quirk as she stops leaning on the doorway, as she seems more curious than irked at the moment.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, it is Jeannie, I see you have big man hat now, no?" Remy leaps to his feet with a flourish, as he bows towards her with the card flicked upwards, raining down around her."I had no confetti; this will have to do. Nice, on your new job title, I hope the stress treats better den, it dat hair of his."

Remy grins at her, as he reaches out to grab the cards, as they rain around her, before he is ordered to pick them up, it is not fun work to clean. As he slides out the pack of cards, sliding each one back into it, with another soft chuckle."It seems Remy has been gone too long missed much, so tell me about the things I did miss, Mi Cherie?" With another flourish of a spins, he is sliding into the chair in front of the desk, arms behind his head, as he grins at the big woman chair."It is a very lovely chair for a very lovely woman, in charge."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean gives Remy a bit of a wry look, "The Professor is focusing his efforts on running his new project, X-Corp, so he put me in charge. With the mess that Magneto and Brainiac left Genosha in, we felt that was probably for the best." She crosses over and sits down in her chair, looking over at Remy with a wry expression. Flattery, it seems, can help mitigate the irritation, at least a little bit.

"Though if you wanted to get back into the swing of things, we can definitely use you back here, Remy." She smiles faintly, "Have anything particular in mind, since I didn't think you wanted to just be the French teacher for spring semester." She sounds rather amused at /that/ thought.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No No No, I will teach them life skills, I will be their life coach. Teach them all the Remy tricks of the trade." Remy grins at Jean as he leans back into his chair, as his hand is bringing up card the King of Hearts, as he spins it around his fingers as he listens."Good good, ya do I belives in ya." With each word, he twirls the card around his fingers, then he flicks it into the air, as he catches it with his left hand.

As he watches Jean, as he thinks for a moment as he speaks softly."I wanted to be more helpful around here, so if ya have an idea, float by me. I feel like putting down some roots; Remy wants to come home. I have someone that I wish to be around for, and I should give back to my old home."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods, "Taking advantage of casinos is /not/ a life skill, Remy, despite what Jennifer Stavros would have you believe." She grins wryly, as apparently the thought of a few dozen Remys-in-training is definitely not something she's wanting to be supervising. "However, I can arrange for something a bit more fitting for your skill set, as far as teaching goes."

She pauses, meeting Remy's gaze as he makes that admission, then she nods, "And you're welcome back on the X-Men whenever you want, of course. I don't think Scott would have an objection to that. We can use you here, Remy, that's not even a question." She smiles, being perfectly honest about the matter.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well now, well now, you need the Remy, everyone needs the Remy. But what does the Remy need is the real question, no?" Remy leans back in the chair, rocking back and forth. His hand is coming up to stroke his chin slowly, as he thinks."I need to be more involved; I need something to keep idle hands moving, teaching fine. What ya wish me to teach, if not life skills, I can do teach them how not to get found, how to find new ways of thinking, how to be good out there in the world, that hates us so. I can teach them cajun french, No?"

As the word X-men is said, his eyes closed now, as he thinks a long time, as his lips curl into a simple."I would like dat yes, I wish to come back to the X-Men, it has been a long time, and I honestly miss it. We have had good times and bad times, but dat is family, no?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods, "I was hoping to hit up Marie-Ange to see if she was interested in teaching French, but she went back home to France, so... well, if you want to teach that and other things, I'm sure we can arrange something. Because frankly, you can teach some practical skills that the students will likely end up needing."

She does, however, nod somewhat somberly as Remy admits the family connection that is the X-Men, "Well, good times and bad times are pretty much the X-Men stock and trade, at least ever since I've been here. You're always welcome back here as far as I'm concerned, and you /are/ part of our family." She pauses, then adds, "And I think your room is just as you left it, if memory serves... no one's taken that over."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Room is good, used it last night." Remy nods slowly as he thinks for a moment, that card rolling around his knuckles as he nods again."It will be done, I will teach, and de will learn, someone else can sort out the morals. Maybe McCoy had good at dat's stuff." A soft chuckle, as he flicks his hand forward to produce a coin now, as he spins it around his fingers, old silver doubloon.

"So then, will talk to Scott or shall I talk to Scotty?" Remy, eyes deep red locked on to Jeans, with a smirk of pleasure, as his finger flicks the coin up as is it spins in the light, as his other hand snatches it back up to start the game again."So got to fill out forms; how does dat work? Never been teacher before on an official roster!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean makes a bit of a face at that, "Oh, I've got plenty of practice with forms lately, but I'm sure I can send Rogue or someone else over to help you with that." She chuckles, "You can talk to Scott if you like, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to fit you in." At the mention of morals, Jean can't help but laugh a bit more.

"And we're definitely /not/ having you teach comparative ethics. Hopefully some exposure to Kurt will keep you from corrupting the students /too/ badly." She smiles, obviously teasing, as she leans back in her chair, "Anything else you need, Remy?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I will have Rouge assist me with dem paperwork, she is good at such thangs." Remy nods slowly, as he leaps upwards as he spins softly, with a chuckle, as he places that silver coin down on the desk."Now den, dat should be all, have paperwork sent over to my room, and I'll find scott when I do's. Have a lovely day, Miss Grey. Head Woman in Charge, you have come long way." With that he is moving for the door, waving over his shoulder, as he steps through the door.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean grins, "That's Doctor Grey, I didn't spend eight years at Mutant Psychiatric School to be called Miss, thank you." She looks fairly amused, though, waving to Remy, "Stay out of /too/ much trouble, Remy. I have enough paperwork as it is." She laughs a bit, going back to her reports. Oh. So many reports.

No wonder the Professor was bald...