3697/Fake Id leads to......

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Fake Id leads to......
Date of Scene: 05 October 2020
Location: Josie's Bar
Synopsis: Fake ids, Yakuza and fireballs good night. Negasonic meets Jackie.
Cast of Characters: Jackie Estacado, Negasonic

Jackie Estacado has posed:
Dive bars, the only place you can find a good fucking drink these days, beer is nothing fancy, none of that hipster fucking bull shit. Jackie is sitting down at the end of the bar, with his hand is taping against the counter, 2 in the afternoon, his eyes the size of the moon.

Three beers deep, and a cigarette hanging from his bottom lip, lighting it with a cheap bit as he exhales the smoke into the air, this early ain't no-one going to give him shit, he is working anyways. He is on guard duty, VIP in the back with a little blond bimbo, fucking out of town Yakuza always want a cheerleader first thing, like it's such an honor to fuck big titty American sluts, as he exhales the smoke slowly.

"Come on, Jia. Get it over with, I got shit to do." His voice is cold, as he looks towards that back room with a shake of his head, as he exhales the smoke again, just him and the bartender, and the yakuza's men sitting in the corner booth, all of them bored as hell.

Negasonic has posed:
So Ellie was officially 16 years old, which in England would be old enough to drink, it just wasn't fair that the US was lagging so far behind in teenage rights. That's where connections come in, attitude, and of course the ever useful help of one somehow procured fake identification. Thing is, she still looks rather young, and dressing like an obvious goth with multitudes of piercings might not make people partial to her. On the other hand, a lot of people find it uncomfortable to look at her. So maybe she's in luck. She tries to play it coll and simply walk in, head hug low, collar of her leather jacket popped up. So far she seems to be doing okay.

Jackie Estacado has posed:
Jackie kicks off the stool, looking at the new arrival, then the yakuza as he sighs softly motions her to join him, pointing at the stool next to him."Sit kid, don't move, and I'll buy your drinks. Show your damn id, so we look on the up and up. But don't get your ass off that stool, till these men are gone, and myself."

His hand is pointing to the leering Asians in the back of the room, as that back door opens slowly outcomes Jia, with his arm around a girl not much older than the new arrival, big old fake tits, blond hair, looking like a model off penthouse. He is in his mid 40's Asian long white beard, muscled pushing against his dark black suit, tattoos dotting his hands, and his neck as he nods towards Jackie.

"I will be going back to my hotel, tomorrow we will meet for business, I will bring this one and that one with me." His finger points at Negasonic, with a chuckle."I know, you know I need seconds, and that is a lovely gothic girl." The English itself is perfect, but that accent dancing along the words, as Jackie watches the girl and then the Asian with a mirth laugh, waiting to see what will go down.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie was feeling pretty damned good with herself at having walked past the bouncer, turns out she looked freakish enough for him to not care to talk to her, and with her head down, and the collar popped up, enough of her face was covered that she could feasibly be 21. It's still not managing to actually order alcohol, but hey, baby steps. Once inside, however, the next thing that happens is quite unexpected, as she's left staring at the muscular Asian pointing at her. "Excuse me...?" She calls out at the outlandish idea that she would go with him to any hotel room. "I don't know you, and I'm definitely not going anywhere with you...even if you did buy my a drink, fuck, who do you think you are?" For a rather smallish girl, she doesn't look overly intimidated, as much as annoyed.

Jackie Estacado has posed:
Jackie's mouth opens with the words fuck, as he stands up quickly, moving in front of the kiddo."This is my niece; she is meeting me for a drink. I will have Robert send up another girl then." He seems to not really care, but it's a kid. Well, he doesn't wanna kill her right now.

The yakuza sighs softly, as he moves towards that table, snapping his fingers, as the men all leave together the one from the back in the center, as the door slams behind them.

Jackie grabs a bottle of peppermint flavor liquor, and a glass from behind the bar, as he pours a shot for the kid placing it in front of her."Jackie, drink enjoy, you almost got kidnaped. Good first bar experience, that man is not to be fucked with, but he is in a good mood."His hand is going into his coat, to produces a phone sending off the txt reading young girl, gothic to the hotel of K."Now, then your first bar trip, kiddo?"

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie squints as Jackie steps up to protect her, albeit she has no clue she's being protected, or she's in any legit danger. She honestly thought there was some misunderstanding here and that's that. Clearly the older Asian guy thought she was some streetwalker, and maybe he was actually supposed to meet one? Who knows. Was no real need to blow it out of proportions, and she certainly was capable of that.

"Hey...you're not going to ask for my id? Thanks," Ellie immediately changes her opinion of Jackie in a second, although he still seems as sketch as they come. "Kidnapped? Why?" She seems genuinely confused, though she does reach for a sip of that minty liquor, her face twitching in distaste. Certainly wasn't as awesome as it was being advertised, that alcohol stuff. "So he's Mr. Big Stuff?" Ellie asks in a way of clarifying, before scowling at the follow up question, "is it -that- obvious?"

Jackie Estacado has posed:
"Yeah it's that obvious, I'm getcha a real id for this shit. Name is Jackie." He nods slowly, as he makes a call to a guy, as he speaks softly into it with a chuckle, as he looks at her for a moment."I've been drinking here since 12, I ain't going to blow ya in kid. I've got someone coming to make ya good one, for the trouble I almost gotcha into ya, he is a Yakuza works with my boss. Aint' the type of man to fuck with, he likes em young and your young, he likes em spunky your spunky, he doesn't like bullets though so he fuckign bailed."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie sighs, and looks over at her fake id which has her listed as 21 year old Phoenix Rebel from Iowa, "I guess the name was a bit stupid, wasn't it?" She quickly slips her fake id back in her pocket, "so you're good with these things? How much would it cost me, Jackie?" She peers at the pocket of her jacket, as if pondering whether to keep the fake name, before quipping, "Ellie." She then laughs, feeling more at ease when Jackie cracks a joke, "12? So what you're saying is I should have started sooner, gotcha." She looks a bit confused when Jackie states the guy was Yakuza, "what, like in the movies, Yakuza? What is he doing here? And eeewww...he should keep away from young girls. That's creepy as fuck."

Jackie Estacado has posed:
"Yeah it is, but he is in town for business. Yes like in the movies, and yeah I'll cover it for putting your innocent little self close to them." Jackie chuckles slowly watching Ellie for a moment, as he refills her glass slowly, with a chuckle."Wanna try fire ball next, it'll kick the shit outta ya mouth, but no ya should never wanna be like me at all. I'm get this id done, and I never wanna see ya in Hell's Kitchen again, this is a bad place, for bad folks like me."

Negasonic has posed:
"Hey, I'm not as innocent as you may think," Ellie offers boldly, and yet, it seems highly unlikely it's anything beyond a teen's aspiration to be edgy. "What's a fireball? Is it legit fire? Because I don't want to drink fire."

She shrugs, "I'm bad enough, maybe I should hang around Hell's Kitchen more..." she offers a counter opinion as she slowly sips her drink, wincing and cringing throughout, as she tries to appear tough and not sound her distaste for it. At least she looks cool, or so she thinks.

Jackie Estacado has posed:
"I see." Jackie chuckles softly, as he pours fireball into a glass sliding it over, as he lies lots of cash on the bar top, as he waves towards her."She is drinking on me till Prints gets here, than he is making her an id. I'm outta." With that Jackie is making for the door, with a shake of his head.