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Green Acres is the place for me
Date of Scene: 07 October 2020
Location: Jones Farm
Synopsis: Cattle rassling with Harley quinn and Casey Jones. Talk about wars, rats, and chasing down cows.
Cast of Characters: Casey Jones, Harley Quinn

Casey Jones has posed:
The once quiet farm this early is still quiet, but after the attack last night on the lair, safety was getting out of the dodge. Casey is standing on the porch with a cup of coffee, dressed in tight black jeans shirtless, as he is trying to wake up, muscled scared and bruises, cuts, rat-bites marks all over his chest. His right hand is rubbing along that furred chest as he sips his coffee. He is watching a chicken pure black, walking around eating, he calls this one el diablo."El Diablo, don't eat too much ya know, ya a little piggie." His voice is teasing, as the sun comes up over the barn, as he sighs softly.

Harley Quinn has posed:
With her old school Jaguar now having been repaired it was time to go and give it a test drive.. And what better place than Jones farm?! Since it had been Casey helping in repairing it and all...

The screeching sound of wheels on asphalt is heard coming close to the farm. High speed of course because that's how Harley rides, pedal to the metal. And then the rather 'clownish' sound of her Jag's horn. Clearly custom... And who needs a cock to sing dawn when they have got an incoming Harley?

The car comes to a sudden stop, lifting a small cloud of dust in the air before she steps out, large goggles on her eyes that would be more at home in a steampunk era, a leather jacket who'd fit more an aviator than an actual car driver. But Harley doesn't give a fuck..

"Helllooo, Jones." She says to the figure on the porch.

"Sooo, from this distance it was eitha some wild night in bed or what the heck awhe those bites?" She asks, squinting her eyes. She still isn't that close afterall!

Casey Jones has posed:
The sound of a car out here is odd, Casey is moving to grab his whack-a-mole hammer, resting it over his shoulder as he waits now, as he looks at the Jag, a soft chuckle as he shakes his head now, moving forward off the porch. Each step is slowly, with a pained look on his face, as he leans on the hammer now, waiting for Harls."Yo, Harls. Nada, not that I wish bad night is all; it got all wild and crazy last night, so me and some folks living out here for a bit, and shit."

That hammer is swing upwards as he points to the house, making his way to a shady tree to sit down, as he looks over at his coffee left on the porch, with a soft annoyed sigh."So got coffee, some pizza, cupcakes, and can do ya up some eggs if ya want, farm-fresh and all that jazz." As he leans against the tree closing his eyes, shuddering from the pain for a moment, his teeth biting into his bottom lip, crying or complaining is for suckers, ya aint' dat Jones.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"And heah I was thinkin' you weah done with gettin' into the vigilante business." Harley replies, arching a brow upon noticing the hammer before her grin widening in a wicked manner. "No shotgun to shoot people outta yoh porch?" she asks, amusement showing in her voice. She walks closer to the entrance of the house. "Well, as long as the otha guy got it worse than ya did. It's a good measure." she folds her arms together, glancing into the house and then back to Casey. "Suwah, I will go and make mahself invited in heah." she hops up the steps starting to go in before noticing the look of pain on Casey.

"I will manage." She replies before asking. "So what kinda trouble have ya been gettin' into? And I hope ya aint draggin' Apes in." She states, wandering in to start rummaging for coffee for herself. Her voice is heard from inside.

"Theah's pizza with pineapple in heah! Gross!" She comes out soon after, holding a mug.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey rests against the tree, as he thinks for a moment watching her waiting for her to return, she mentioned Apes as he exhales slowly, pushing himself to his feet. Suppose you are going to fight a crazy clown, best to be standing right.

Walking towards the porch bending down to grab his coffee, as he sips it slowly with a content sigh now, as he leans against the porch.

That large bloody hammer still in his right hand, as she is coming out."Apes, was there, yeah. So was a bunch of others, it was a fight we got called to and shit, ain't my tale." His hand is running along his neck, cracking it with a bone sound, as he looks at Harls."She is fine, no damage. I took most of it."

As he looks into the house with a shrug, as he chuckles."One of the house guests likes it; they are not human. No human likes pineapple on pizza."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Apes was theah? What the fuck?" Harley's expression turns a touch worried for a moment before eyeing Casey in a suspicious manner, "Yea, lets hope she is fine.." bit of a threatening tone there! But then she has a sip of her coffee, pinky up! All so polite and posh.

"And bein' called in to go to a fight is soundin' a lot like goin' out to some gang fights and shit. I know how those awhe, had a few back in Gotham." She eyes the wounds on Casey from up close now. "Shit, that's a lotta bitin'. Rodent troubles?" just before a glance is given back inside the house at the mention of not humans.

"Oh, don't tell me it's *those* guys. The green ones.. One o' 'em just tries ta act tough but he's a softie inside.. And anotha is the leadah, could use ta talk moouh than he does but ah well.." could just be a coincidence, but maybe she has met a few non-human friends of April!

Casey Jones has posed:
"They lost their home, so we stand by our family Harls, ya know that about Apes. I stand by ya to Harls; ya call me Casey comes a running your family too." Casey grins at her with that loop sided style of his as he sips his coffee, his hand is pushed off the wall moving towards Harley Quinn as he looks at her.

"I mean fighting is sorted with Apes, we are fine, and we talked it out and shit. I'm allowed to help others, just not be crazy on my own, so how ya doing bounty hunting bad-ass?" His eyes watching the woman as he walks over to reach into the farmhouse to grab a bagel, as he leans against the wall to take a bite of it, simple plain bagel still hot from the lady that bakes it down in town.

"Yeah rodent sucks ya know, got to pound em down into the ground till they ain't moving no more. So, what about dem green guys, when ya meet em?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well, shit. Why didn't ya say so from the get go!? I will help out, and ya know what's great against rodents too? Bombs! I got this cocktail I was usin' back in Gotham in Mistah J.. It was a blast! Well, not literally but ya know what I mean.. Fuckin' roasted 'em.." Because yes, Gotham is filled with weird villains like Ratcatcher. Harley is positively beaming though, perhaps she will get those bombs to use again!

"As foh me, I am doin' just fine ya know? The normal kinda life foh a girl outta Gotham and tryin' ta make a livin' in New Yoik. People awhe just crazy out heah, always tryin' ta rush somewheah. Gotham is a bit different."

"And well, it all depends if we talkin' about the same green guys oh not. I met two o' 'em through April a while back. Hard shelled and all that!" Hey, got to be vague when dealing with secrets!

Casey Jones has posed:
"Dem are good guys, they are my brothers Harls." Casey nods slowly as his hand is brings that coffee to his lips, as he takes another bite of the bagel with a chew chew chew."Now, yeah and I'll ask if ya can come. Ya would be handy, and I know Apes would enjoy having ya there to have our backs and shit."

As his hand is brushes back his hair slowly, his eyes narrowed as he thinks for a moment."No bombs, we gots to save the home not blow it up and shit, mallets and weapons for swinging or cutting only harls."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Not all bombs are the explosive sort.." Harley admonishes Casey with a wiggle of her finger, the other continuing to hold her mug up in a posh manner. "Theah awhe poison ones, oh just sleepin' bombs, oh ones ta make people laugh.." she frowns a bit. "Okay, that last one is just nasteh. But hey, blame Mistah J.." a shrug offered.

"And it all depends on what kinda problems ya gettin'. Who's yoh enemy?" She asks before taking on another wee little sip.

"And so you been hangin' with that crew foh a while now? I mean, figures. I am guessin' since you are tight with Apes you might be with those guys too."

Casey Jones has posed:
"Yeah dem my family Harls, and yeah ya know. But it's odd, I'll let someone betetr at the word smithing, the wording tell ya abouts it." Casey nods slowly, as he sighs softly, his eyes closing as his hand is rubs the back of his neck again."I'll have Apes, fill ya in and she is good at that, I'm good at the fighting and protecting bit, not the plan stuff."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Know how that can be. Sometimes it's we that choose our own family.. At least I hope so. Not that you awhe some kinda weird mix between toitle and human. That'd also explain a *lot* and be a wicked origin story but ..., guessin' not." Hey, Harley has heard a *lot* of origin stories in her time. Gotham is a weird place!

"But a'right I will talk with April. How long till ya guys thinkin' on raidin' the place?" She asks.

Casey Jones has posed:
"I don't know still making dem plans on when going back, and yeah family aint' something I have had for a long time." Casey nods slowly, as his hand is brings that bagel to munch it, as he looks over at a cow running through the field."Dat is suppose to be in the pen, ever chase a cow?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Depends what kinda cow we talkin' about..." Harley replies with a casual lift of her shoulders, letting out a sigh, "Last one was that Stiltman girl. Cool armour but she's got a filthy mouth." she drains the rest of her coffee cup, setting it aside and jumping down to the ground.

"But awright, I will get yoh four-legged cow into the pen. Even if I am betta with two-legged ones.."

Harley eyes the cow a moment and then starts running over to pursue that damn cow. Not that she actually knows where the pen is. But that's details that she can learn later!

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey watches as he runs forward, now leaping over the fence, as he moves towards Harley and that escaped cow, he is worried now as he is didn't tell her where.

Once again, shit at the planning thing, they are rushing through a corn filed now, as the cow is still barreled down on the world, as he leaps to the left."There is a hole in the fence or somethang! I bet; you chase it right behind the bar, and I'll chase it left. Pincher it or whatever!"

Casey is running to the right of the large cow, as he gets it heading towards Harley, as he points towards the barn, trying to keep up with his damaged body, he is panting in pain and exhausting, but this needs to be done.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Thought you weah supposed ta be restin up!" Harley pants during her run after the cow. "Sorta beats the point if ya get heah too. And can't ya just lure it with food?!" She wonders while running to one side to flank the damn thing. It MOOOS back at her which makes Harley reply. "Yea, yea. We will see who laughs last! I shoulda brought Bud and Lou. They woulda wrangle these bitches in no time."

But nothing like some teamwork. The cow is led straight back to the pen and then the fence gets closed up.

"Theah we go. Now you just gotta find that hole and coveh it!" a beat. "Also, title of yoh sex tape." there.

Regardless, it was a good morning work.