3818/Thundering Home

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Thundering Home
Date of Scene: 14 October 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - First Floor
Synopsis: Thor returns home in a hurry and relays the troubling situation with Elektra to Natasha. Natasha recomends Shield's expertise to what may not be a simple clumsy murder.
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff
Tinyplot: Zodiac Rising

Thor has posed:
    Some time past the witching hour, late in the evening at the Avenger's mansion it is quiet. There is the faint hum from the refrigerator off in the kitchen area, the low ker-chunk now and again of the ice maker filling and releasing its payload, and the subtle low-toned clicks of the data service system in the wall keying back to life, cycling, then returning to its snooze state. All relatively at ease in the small hours of the morning.
    Though there is a faint beep as the security systems come to life, small red LEDs flickering into being as perimeter is broken and identification is made. Thor Odinson likely comes up on the displays moments before the front door is opened with a heavy /thud!/ as he steps through the foyer and into the main hall. On the monitors his image would appear a touch out of the ordinary, carrying his umbrella in hand wearing a STARK Industries t-shirt and loose plaid flannel sweat pants. But no shoes. Just bare foot stomping into the room scowling to himself a veritable storm cloud over his head to complement the literal one above the mansion.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    There's something like a running gag that Natasha Romanoff doesn't actually sleep. Unfortunately that's been closer to the truth ever since the Russia rescue. And, like many other restless nights, Natasha finds herself in the lounge, curled up in a chair by a reading lamp with a book, a glass of vodka, and a high calibur handgun within arm's reach.
    So it's really fortunate that the security system gives her a heads up before doors start slamming open, an event which compels her not to just let the entry come and go un-noted. She springs out of her chair and stuffs the handgun into the back of her sweat pants before moving into view in a black sleeveless undershirt, squinting a bit before she flicks a light on.
    "Thor?" She calls out, despite knowing who it is, squinting a bit with eyes unused to the amount of light now filling the room.

Thor has posed:
    She emerged in time to see the man, rarely with anger to have it dominating his features. That grim expression, severe gaze shifting away and hen suddenly toward her at the voice given his name. It might be terrifying to some if it was known they were the object of his anger, but as soon as his gaze falls upon her, he take a breath and composes himself. "Natasha."
    Looking like he just stumbled out of bed, the Thunderer frowns and looks to the door, then back to the stairwell, then returns his attention to the Widow, considering which way to go. Perhaps what to do.
    Until eventually he shakes his head. "Forgive me, I did not mean to make such a commotion. I find myself." A pause as the right word escapes him til he settles on, "At unease." A deep breath is taken, held, then let free slooowly.
    He remembers his manners, "I trust you are well?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha does not typically find the God of Thunder perturbed, which is cause enough for concern, her brow furrowing slightly. "I'm..." Natasha shakes her head, her tousled red hair moving around a bit as she lies, "... fine." before immediately moving on to: "Did something happen out there? You're..." Natasha gives him another brief once over and notes, "... missing clothes."

Thor has posed:
    "Ah, there was..." Thor spreads one hand to the side, as if trying to dismiss the concern even as he tosses his umbrella into the corner near the coat rack where it stands straight up and down without falling to one side or the other. He turns his head and looks at Natasha, "I had words with Lady Elektra, it was not... it was a strange incident."
    Shaking his head he looks to the side, chewing on the inside of his cheek. "She and I retired for the evening, and several hours ago she apparently departed. I awoke to find her returning home only..."
    Looking back to Natasha she can see his mind working, pondering if this is a good idea to tell her. Which perhaps it might please or amuse her to realize it only takes him an instant to decide on trusting her. "Her hands were covered in blood, her clothes were torn, she seemed disheveled. I was aghast, and asked her what had occurred and she..."
    The tall man scowls while shaking his head, "Pretended that there was naught amiss, refused to acknowledge the blood, then railed at me for daring to question her."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Thor's extremely brief indecision and ultimate conclusion is noted by a part of her she can't turn off just because it's manipulative and cold. But she's more concerned with what he actually says, her face gradually tilting forward as her eyes stay on his face with an expression of incredulity.
    "That's... extremely concerning." She says evenly, trying to keep the median composure in the room as solid as possible despite her alarm. She shakes her head as she steps closer. She'd only met or really heard of the woman once before. "... Did you know her to be involved in anything violent before? Or..." Natasha hesitates briefly, but goes ahead with the obvious conclusion, "... or to be capable of hurting someone?"

Thor has posed:
    She'll see him start to shake his head, but then he checks himself with a controlled breath and then a grumbling scowl as he looks down, then back up. "She has not confided such, nor has she told me as much, but there are aspects to her that lead me to believe she is no stranger to violence." Which might be a curious thing for him to say.
    Then he elaborates as he looks to her, his powers of observation perhaps being of a surprise as he relates, "She has callouses between thumb and forefinger, and scars upon her knuckles. One who has trained extensively I believe, perhaps fencing or some weaponry. And she seems to not flinch from surprise, has control of her reactions in some ways."
    That said he murmurs, "But nothing concrete beyond that. I could be mistaken."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha takes this in with a troubled expression, folding her arms over her chest as she concludes, "... Sounds like a soldier." She says, perhaps a bit redundantly, as Thor would likely know better than most. "... Or at least some kind of professional." Professional WHAT is something she doesn't draw wild conclusions to. Could be a professional fencer! Who comes home covered in blood. "... Thor, I realize how this might sound coming from me, but... maybe you should call the police."

Thor has posed:
    The tall man's jaw sets and his brow knits, nodding, then looking toward Natasha. He takes a deep breath, "Is that wise? How does one do that?" He asks as he shifts his weight to the other foot and looks around the room, likely never having needed to call the police... for anything.
    Then he uncurls a hand toward her and asks, "Is there not some other way? Or some other explanation? It seemed as if..." He take a deep breath again and grimaces to himself. "As if she refused to look at it, when I showed her the blood in the sink, when I held up her hands she refused to look upon them. And yet she seemed entirely sincere and spoke to me as if I were mad."
    Shaking his head. "Bother."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Thor-" Natasha starts to speak when Thor asks about another way, though her expression becomes increasingly disturbed, and then ultimately falls blank as Thor describes Elektra's state. "... I've seen things like that." She says very softly, looking to the side. "It could be... consistent with brainwashing. Post hypnotic suggestion. She wouldn't be the first person to kill against their will." Natasha sighs softly and says, "... She could also be out of her mind, and in denial." That one would make more sense to Natasha if Elektra's... encounter was sudden, unexpected, and got out of hand, but... like Thor says. She seems like she's trained.
    "... It might not be the worst idea to contact Shield." She says, "Though if she's disposed of the evidence by now, I'm not sure how much can be done. Though your word may count for a lot."

Thor has posed:
    Nodding to himself at first as he listens to her words, that nod continues even as those blue eyes lift to meet hers. "You're right. It could be any number of things. My brother. Amora. Some aught else. Yet I cannot take action against her without more to know, yet..." He takes a deep breath.
    "This betrayal of trust will likely mean..." His lips purse a little, but he does not voice the likely outcome of calling in SHIELD on one's paramour. He scowls, but in the end nods.
    "Very well, I will depart shortly and find one I can speak to in SHIELD. Would you suggest anyone?" He looks to her even as he starts to walk to the wide winding stairs that lead up to the second floor. "I imagine I should also put on the rest of my clothes."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods her head once. Right. Magic. She needs to remember to take magic into account. She was still on good old fashioned human evil. "Bobbi Morse. Phil Coulson. Maria Hill if you can get her, but she's right at the top, you don't generally just walk into her office." She's kind of like Secret Agent Odin in that respect.
    "Clothes are... probably wise." She notes, glancing away briefly. "Do you want a ride? Or..." Nat vaguely rotates her arm like one might while swinging a hammer, "... are you gonna go the usual way?"

Thor has posed:
    "I thought to go immediately as quick as I can," Which should answer her question as he starts the ascent, footsteps heavy upon the stairs until he gets about midway before he turns to look at her. "Morse, Coulson, Hill. Very well."
    There's a short sharp nod given then he meets Natasha's gaze. "Thank you, Natasha. I know you view me as a trial at times for the team, but I do trust your advice. You bring a clarity to matters." That said he resumes his stride reaching the top of the stairs and unless halted continues down the hall to his quarters.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha puts on a bit of a smile and says. "I don't think of you as a trial Thor." She says, which is... mostly true! "Your family just has baggage that... can be." Natasha shrugs a little, quietly finishing "... Same as everyone else."
    She doesn't mention that his dating choices are now suspect. The facts of that will hash out soon enough.