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  The Thunderer  
Thor (Scenesys ID: 173)
Name: Thor Odinson
Superalias: The Thunderer
Gender: Male
Species: Asgardian
Occupation: Adventurer, Prince.
Citizenship: Asgardian
Residence: Asgard, Avengers Manor
Education: Courtly Tutors and Military Training
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Groups: Asgardians, Avengers
Apparent Age: 1302 Actual Age: 1302
Date of Birth 11 April 718 Played By Chris Hemsworth
Height: 6'3" Weight: 250 lbs
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin.

Character Info


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To most Thor was just a name of some old god that was worshipped back in crazy viking times. And then in 2015 he showed up. In 2018 he fought against his brother Loki and became a founding member of the Avengers. And today? He can still be seen running around doing his part to help the 'mortals' in their fight against the evils that threaten mankind. When not doing that he's often seen on youtube or instagram or people have links and selfies and images of him on various bits of social media. Not that he has a presence himself. But it's become something of a fad to get some nice shots of Thor walking around... being Thor.


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*718: Born to Odin and Frigga.
*728: Grew up in a similar timeframe with Sif and Loki as children. The trio became a fixture advenuring in Asgard and around the Court.
*750: Asgard goes to war with the Svartalfar as they battle over the fate of Midgard. Thor's first war, battle, and encounter with mortals.
*850: During this time Thor battles across the nine realms to help stabilize Asgard. Has many adventures at times returning to Midgard until over 1000 years later.
*2015: Thor, feeling he is on the cusp of being declared the rightful heir to the throne, presents himself to Court. Is informed by Odin that the Frost Giants are still a threat. He reacts poorly and attacks the Frost Giants. Odin strips Thor of his powers and casts him down to Midgard where he must become worthy. Loki takes this chance to make a bid for the crown. Thor is able to overcome his brother and the Frost Giants. Loki is thought lost.
*2018: Thor comes back to Midgard upon having discovered that Loki survived. The Avengers form and battle Loki in New York.
*2020: Thor continues as an Avenger and helps Midgard.

IC Journal

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Bordering on arrogance, Thor has an almost unassailable sense of confidence. He exists and goes through his life feeling that if there is a task before him all it will take is the proper application of his effort. And though that effort might require him to call upon some friends, all the better. But he has the deep-seated knowledge of himself that no matter what he will do all he can and ultimately it should turn for the better. Though there are a few aspects of his world that can shake his confidence. Such as when Loki became not just a trickster, but betrayed him and made a bid for the crown, that shook Thor. It is possible that other events could serve to shake him, though for now he maintains a strength of conviction that is impressive.

It is no rare thing for a hero to consider themselves honorable. It takes many forms for most people. But Thor's is very clearly defined for him mentally. He is an individual who has a very clear moral compass and it remains strongly present in almost everything he does. It does have some idiosyncracies considering his upbringing as a warrior and a deity. For Thor has experienced a great many things, but he envisions himself as a Hero in the truest sense of the word and would find it exceedingly difficult to act in a way that would go against that self-image. This includes holding to his word, doig as he says he will do, protecting those who are innocent or are beset upon by those stronger than theselves, and working towards an ideal that to some may be unattainable but for him is simply how he must be.

Larger Than Life:
If there is one thing that anyone comes away with from having met Thor it's that the man lives life well and his personality is even bigger than the man himself. He is a man that believes in grand gestures, in heroic notions, in living life fully, and he finds there is no reason to be modest about such or to turn the volume down of his inner voice or conscience even when he's broadcasting his thoughts so openly with every expression movement and gesture and loud booming words. That is not to say he is entirely a boor or is without understanding of solemnity. But more he is a man of deep emotion and when he expresses himself it is entirely through the heart firmly attached to his sleeve.

Character Sheet


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Thor has the gift of Allspeak as an Asgardian and can speak all tongues in the 9 realms and some alien languages as well.

Functionally Immortal with the golden apples of Idunn, Asgardians do age just very slowly and almost never die from old age.

Thor has a physique that is superhuman even for Asgardians. He is capable of lifting one hundred tons fairly easily, and in times of crisis is capable of great feats of strength that border upon the mythic along the lines of supporting a falling building, lifting the side of a mountain, or breaking/damaging seemingly unbreakable materials. He is also able to endure great amounts of damage from energy weapons to blunt force trauma. A weapon must be great indeed to inflict lasting injury to Thor. And when he does become injured he heals at a greater rate several times faster than a human. He does not get tired, nor sick, and can't be poisoned unless magic enters into the equation. He is capable of running up to 60 miles per hour. And also has extremely good coordination and reflexes beyond the human norm but not on the level of agility focused heroes. Thor also does not need to breathe and can survive in a vacuum.

Weather Control:
Thor is capable of making great changes to the weather or harnessing its elemental energy. He can generate and manipulate vast amounts of electricity at will and can create weather effects with only a minimal amount of time to build up. He can make a day go from clear to hurricane levels of weather in minutes as well as manipulate great sweeping changes in temperature.


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As a King's son, Thor has a good understanding of politics and the needed manners/etiquette required in given situations. He is capable of conducting himself well in a courtly setting and also knows how to phrase things to perhaps not give offense.

Thor has been raised to be the crown prince of Asgard. He has trained and learned to be a leader of men and has a natural talent for it. In his time he will likely be a good King, and currently is capable of leading people into battle with a decent change at winning or at least surviving no matter the circumstances. He has a great grasp of strategy and tactics, though oftentimes does suffer from a direct forthright mentality.

Thor has a knowledge of the magical lore of Asgard as well as to a lesser extent the lore of the nine realms. He can at times be called on to offer insight into things he has perceived or experienced in his 1000 years of life, and these tend to be the out of the ordinary magical aspects of things in those realms.

Thor has been a warrior for a thousand years, has received training from the greatest warriors of all of Asgard, and now in his prime is perhaps the greatest among them. He has few peers in the handling of weapons or hand to hand combat using the styles of his people. Only a similar greatest warrior from his culture would have hope in besting Thor in a contest of arms, though there are a number of other Asgardians that stand on his level.


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Avengers and Shield:
Thor is an active Avenger and an asset of SHIELD. He has access to the latest SHIELD technology and information, as required by the tasks they set before him. As a long time Avenger he has access to the mansion and has security clearance for both agencies. He is also taking lessons on how to fly a Quinjet.

Crown Prince:
As the Crown Prince Thor has the support of Asgard and can call upon her people for aid as well as the aid of the nobility and his family. He has access to advanced equipment and weapons and can draw upon resources normally unavailable to most.

Magical Items:
Thor has access through his father to a number of secondary magical items that can be used in a bind to enhance his capabilities though he does not wear/use them at all times and he needs a justification to bring them out and about. Things such as a belt to enhance his strength, or a helm to provide better vision, or armor to provide greater protection from magical attacks. Acceptable reasons for use of these items tend toward war-time situations, or a dire threat to the 9 realms.

When wielding the Uru-hammer Mjolnir Thor's powers are enhanced further. He is stronger, able to channel and absorb greater amounts of energy of various types. He is able to throw it and it will return to his hand no matter what is in the way. It is unbreakable by normal means. He is able to spin it and deflect most attacks. Can throw it and use it to fly at up to a speed of mach 8 in an atmosphere and an order of magnitude faster beyond. It is also enchanted that it can only be lifted by the Worthy. Mjolnir also allows one to change their form somewhat, clothing and armor are easily manipulated. In times of great need Mjolnir may even channel some of its own mystical energies into a God Blast that has the power to damage or destroy some of the greater entities in existence.


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There are times when Thor can lose himself to the Warrior's Madness, when lost in the rage of battle he can during extreme moments of duress give in to the temptation of pure battle and strikes out at friend as well as foe. Enduring a bout of such can have great repercussions on Thor's sanity and behaviour.

Thor is a large man, who makes grand gestures, sweeping statements, and truly lives by the heroic standard. This... can be tiresome and weigh heavily upon people around him. It can set people on edge or make them feel somehow lesser in some ways.

Not a Deep Thinker:
Thor... is a man of the moment. He prefers to think the best of people. He at times feels he has an understanding of something and doesn't give it that extra time it needs. He can at times be tricked, though he can be somewhat shrewd at times. Sometimes he does act a little more dense than he is, but sometimes... it's not an act.

Thor is a man who is willing to take advice, to leave his world view open to others give their input. But often when he makes a decision and feels he has the right end of something it is very difficult to advise him otherwise unless obvious proof is present.



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Thor has 277 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Spring Fling April 12th, 2024 Janet throws a costume party. It ... goes well?
Hydra vs UN: Outside attack April 6th, 2024 Hydra launches a mechanized assault on the UN during a meeting of world leaders. Numerous heroes including Superman, Thor, Iron Man and others arrive to halt the attack.
Another Archer In The House March 31st, 2024 Kate Bishop and Cap run into each other at Avengers Mansion, while Thor returns from smiting demon slugs and needs decontamination.
Kitaens in the Kitchen March 25th, 2024 Priscilla, Thor, and Mary Jane bond over video games and fabulous hair. FABULOUS.
Spring is springing March 17th, 2024 In the gardens of Asgard.
Avengers Winter Camping Trip March 12th, 2024 The Avengers do some winter camping. After a day of snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing, they gather around the campfire that night.
The Biggest T in Midgard March 11th, 2024 Thor comes to Titans Tower for a long-promised tour. Unfortunately Gar is streaming at the time, Donna challenges the Thunderer to video games, and everyone forgets all about the tour. Raven was, of course, appalled.
Small Catchup, Now With More Hammer February 28th, 2024 Thor comes to see Steve's apartment when he returns to Earth.
The Farseer's Eye February 24th, 2024 Frigga heals Thor's injury.
More than Sight February 24th, 2024 Thor is restless, and Frigga seeks out the source of her son's pain.
Asgardian Testing February 6th, 2024 Thor gets weighed, measured and is not found wanting.
We're Pirates from the Moon January 23rd, 2024 All the cool kids win the thing.
Pirates of the Ivory Coast! January 9th, 2024 There are pirates that need a thumpin!
The King of Atlantis is the Other Guy. January 6th, 2024 Fish people are weird!
Portent December 30th, 2023 No description
The Thor Abides November 27th, 2023 Diana realizes she can get phat lewt by scamming Thor into getting a Youtube channel and then stealing all the moneys.
Burning the dead November 1st, 2023 The dead are afoot in the University of Oslo, and the object they want is the same that Frigga wants, that is, the remains of a newly discovered Viking warriormaid. Many thanks to Sonja, Thor and Kelda!
Mjolnir says hi. October 26th, 2023 Discussions are had on the disposition of diplomatic parcels.
A Maximoff Birthday! October 12th, 2023 Pietro and Wanda's birthday goes off without a hitch...or well...almost!
Knight to Asgardian September 21st, 2023 Chess in the park with an Asgardian prince.
ASGARD ASCENDANT: My Dinner With Taal August 23rd, 2023 A long talk at a large table.
ASGARD ASCENDANT: The Ambassador August 1st, 2023 A dark elf ambassador comes to Odin's Court and gets yelled at by Brunny.
FLASHBACK: The Early Days of War July 26th, 2023 Back in the mists of time! Asgardians face the early war.
This Is My Axe! July 7th, 2023 Thor brings Stormbreaker to the Triskelion and gives out an autograph.
Beach Asgardians July 7th, 2023 Sif learns volleyball. Thor steals the Thunder. Hilde wants to take a bow for a spin. It's beach with the Asgardians!
Resonants: Epilogue June 16th, 2023 Finally that bastard Higgins retires!
The Asgardians and the Hag May 18th, 2023 The Asgardians face the Hag at her Tower and discover things were not as they seemed.
Life at the Embassy May 16th, 2023 Sif and Thor agree to go out into the city together.
I Lead Therefore I Drink May 14th, 2023 A chance meeting with Thor in a bar leads to new friendships.
Crown's Awakening April 29th, 2023 Odin returns!
What did you buy THIS time April 26th, 2023 Friends come together to talk of victories, virtual and otherwise.
Lets Ride April 20th, 2023 Thor, Sif, Kelda and Brunnhilde ride towards Amora's Tower to retrieve Dragonfang. What they encounter isn't what they expected.
With Tales Unbidden April 12th, 2023 Thor and Diana speak on the Starport Battle.
The Cracks in the Hammer. April 8th, 2023 Thor remembers how awesome Amora is.
Challenging Homecomings April 4th, 2023 Sif and Brunnhilde return to Asgard, and are met by Frigga and Thor upon their arrival.
Home from the battle April 3rd, 2023 Thor comes home to Asgard in the middle of celebrations, and his return is reason for even more celebration! But first, a story.
Addio Devastatori April 1st, 2023 Thor and the Ravagers part ways. The pirates get a ship and a reward down the line for their altruism.
Discordants: Children of Asgard March 31st, 2023 Thor and Loki after the battle of the Starport.
Discordants: After the Battle March 28th, 2023 Zatanna and Thor speak after the battle at the Starport.
Discordants: Aftermath at the Embassy March 26th, 2023 Thor returns to the Embassy after the war and has a reunion.
Discordants: The Finale Part Deux! March 24th, 2023 The attack on the starport is defeated by Malekith's death, though not without price.
Discordants: No Going Back March 17th, 2023 The heroes and the Eisenhower battle group put together their heads and come up with a plan on how to deal with the attack on the Starport.
Discordants: The Finale! March 17th, 2023 The heroes confront Malekith and start up a butt-whupping!
Discordants: The Grand Forge March 11th, 2023 Thor and the Ravagers reach the World Forge and Stormbreaker is brought to life.
Discordants: The Reprisal March 4th, 2023 The USS Eisenhower battle group comes under attack and several ships are damaged, some heavily. But the heroes save the day.
Discordants: The Fallen King February 25th, 2023 The Ravagers meet the former king of Nidavellir, Sindri.
Discordants: The Ritual February 18th, 2023 The heroes were successful in cutting off the ritual before it could complete. Though there are some loose ends. The Svartalf prisoners must be seen to. The civilians must be returned home. And what happened to the Black Widow?
Discordants: DANGER ZONE! February 16th, 2023 The Dark Elf Attack upon the Triskelion is foiled, but not without loss.
Discordants: To the matresses! February 11th, 2023 The Ravagers meet Jn, a space do-gooder-goody-two-shoes. They also encounter a curious gang of bandits.
Discordants: The Dark Ships of the Black Order January 28th, 2023 The Ravagers are forced to flee when confronted by a Black Order ship. Though now where shall they go?
Discordants: The Telling of a Tale January 21st, 2023 The heroes gather to the site of what was a dark elf ritual in Yasawa Island, Fiji. They uncover some of the tale and bring about more questions.
Steve makes a friend. January 9th, 2023 Steve and Yondu chat.
I Want A Slurpee January 3rd, 2023 The one where the gang goes drinking.
Discordants: A Look Back December 23rd, 2022 A memory from the youth of Thor and Sif.
Discordants: A Pirate's Life For Me December 10th, 2022 SteveRogers gets a hand, and a sense of humor. Kraglin gets a happy. Yondu gets a drink. Gamora gets SERVED!
Discordants: A day in da life December 3rd, 2022 Thor learns where his loyalties apparently lie.
Discordants: Return to the Starport November 19th, 2022 An attack on the Starport by Malekith's forces ends with the destruction of the Artifacts, Mjolnir's return, and Zatanna's fall.
Discordants: Ravager Thor! November 12th, 2022 Steve Rogers joins the crew.
Discordants: Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey November 1st, 2022 Yondu meets the new guy.
Discordants: Meeting the Crew. November 1st, 2022 Thor meets Gamora and learns a bit about his place on the ship.
Discordants: Tripping the Light Fantastic October 29th, 2022 The one who is watched.
Discordants: SPAAAAAACE Thor October 28th, 2022 The Ravagers find some loot and it turns out to be some crispy critter. (OOC: Elektra emitted Gamora for scene.)
Resonants: Finale Pt. 2 October 15th, 2022 The battle with Malekith raged, and in the end the heroes were victorious. But at a cost as Mjolnir was destroyed. And Thor lost.
Resonants: Finale Pt. 1 October 14th, 2022 The Ritual is enacted, only it does not go well as the party is crashed.
Resonants: Trickster Acquired! October 10th, 2022 Loki and Thor catch up on the last phases of the interdimensional project.
Resonants: Niflheim, Pt 2 October 7th, 2022 The Asgardian-Midgard recovery party seeks their prize in Helheim. Cleverly avoiding harassing Garmr and a conflict involving many mortal kings and mesmerism, they confront the horrors of Hela's puzzle-trap. A trial indeed is a trip through Hel, and they come back the richer with a piece of the Black Bifrost.
Resonants: Niflheim, Pt 1 September 24th, 2022 Something is not right in Helheim. Asgard gets more than it bargained for as the brave seekers of a final treasure head for the heart of darkness. PS - Malekith sends his bitterest regards.
Resonants: The Young Queen September 20th, 2022 Korek accosts poor Thea and gives her his own attempt at an artifact.
Resonants: Where the Captain Dwells September 19th, 2022 A Sunday evening spent in good company.
Resonants: Tis Better to Ask Permission September 18th, 2022 Thor and Diana speak of the Starport and using it for the relics.
Resonants: Nidavellir pt. 3 September 14th, 2022 The Dwarfs along with Colborn and Zatanna craft a suitable artifact for the bond between Midgard and Nidavellir.
A beer between thunder buddies September 8th, 2022 Thor and Clint share a beer, wax on metaphysical, philosophical, and on matters of other peoples heart. Avenger stuff, ya know.
After the Dwarves September 8th, 2022 Thor visits Shadowcrest. Zatanna recounts the results of her recent exploration of the ley lines around the Starport.
Resonants: Nidavellir Pt. 2 September 7th, 2022 The delegation and the dwarfs discuss the form of the artifact to take and make plans for the crafting of it.
Resonants: Muspelheim September 1st, 2022 The heroes go to Starling to recover an old amulet fabled to be of Muspelheim. But what they find wasn't what they were expecting, though that's the life of a hero.
Resonants: Site of Power! September 1st, 2022 Thor consults with Lara and Zatanna about a possible location for them to invoke the ritual. The Starport is considered and decided on.
Resonants: Nidavellir August 31st, 2022 The heroes make it to Nidavellir and meet King Eitri. Festivities are had.
Resonants: Alfheim Pt. 3 August 26th, 2022 The heroes enjoy their time in Alfheim and emerge with the boon of a queen and the artifact so needed.
Resonants: A Brief Moment of Reflection August 15th, 2022 Thor and Donna drop in to share two words with Diana and Kora. An unholy alliance ensues with great plans for the overthrow of the dictator known as Wonder Woman.
Resonants: Alfheim pt. 2 August 12th, 2022 The heroes participate in the hunt and acquire a trophy as well as the favor of the Queen!
Resonants: Alfheim Side Story pt. 3 'How Does One Solve a Problem Like Jane Foster August 8th, 2022 Liam Thorns has two words with Jane Foster about the coming hunt.
Resonants: Alfheim Side Story Pt. 2 August 7th, 2022 The team compare notes after a few days work.
If one is to go to war with another at their side, then best to learn of them. August 6th, 2022 Thor meets with Psylocke and realizes she is bonkers.
Resonants: Alfheim Wanderings August 6th, 2022 Lara and Zatanna dig through the stacks to find possibilities for the future and almost get eaten by a giant spider.
Resonants: Alfheim pt. 1 August 4th, 2022 The delegation arrives in Alfheim and are greeted by the people and then the queen!
That time Thor went to Queens. August 1st, 2022 Thor comes to recruit Colborn and gets assaulted by his sister. In the end, Mother Box separates them and shop repairs begin.
Resonants: The Harmonics Are Key July 28th, 2022 Thor, Sif, and Zatanna have a chat and get more at ease with each other.
Resonants: And an Archaeologist! July 25th, 2022 Lara Croft Get!
Resonants: We Need Another Mage! July 24th, 2022 Thor, Sif, and Caitlin travel to speak with Zatanna about her aid in their effort to gather suitable artifacts.
Resonants: Asgard Pt. 3 July 22nd, 2022 The shard of Buri's Shield is recovered, and Frikke Ravenhair is destined for Asgard.
Resonants: Asgard Side Scene! July 20th, 2022 Vintridr and Thea sneak out of their rooms at Northfort for the night and gain some insight from Tarl the cook.
Sorcerer's World -- Cloudy with a Chance of Doom July 16th, 2022 Felix Faust has found a means of sending his 'monsters' beyond the magically imposed borders of Latveria, but a group of assorted heroes and Agents of SHIELD proved up to the task of dealing them. The threat that the mad magician presents is proving to be almost enough to make an ally out of the most unlikely foe of all; Victor von Doom.
Resonants: Asgard Pt. 2 July 15th, 2022 The party reaches Northfort and they meet Lord Yoren as well as his great grandson Frikke. Words are shared and some not so polite.
Meeting of the Gods July 14th, 2022 Thor, the God of Thunder, and Balder, the God of Light, reunite. Thor has a task that he thinks Balder can help with.
Wanderers: Killer Queen July 10th, 2022 SHIELD, Thor, and Doctor Strange get vengeance on the disir. They don't quite reach the Stone of Destiny...this time.
Resonants: Asgard Part 1 July 8th, 2022 Sif, Vin, Thea, Thor, and Jane rush off to adventure together in the Northlands of Asgard.
July 4th BBQ July 4th, 2022 It's America's birthday! And also Steve's. There is cake, and dancers, and discussion of AI rights. All-American fun.
Resonants: So Here's the Thing July 2nd, 2022 Thor has a gathering of worthies and sets matters in motion!
Wanderers: Another One Bites the Dust July 1st, 2022 Inverness gets creamed by draugr, but the quick thinking actions of SHIELD and the Avengers prevent an outright massacre. The damned survivors of the Norwegian-Scottish Wars are decimated... but not before the corrupted Thorn of Yggdrasil is charged, unleashing the disir in their fury on Perth.
If You Empty The Pool You Must Refill It June 21st, 2022 The Avengers gather at the rooftop pool. Simon Williams becomes a full member. Janet supplies drinks. Thor makes a splash.
A Wondrous Arrival June 16th, 2022 Wonder Man visits the Avengers Mansion. He and Thor have a heart to heart.
Ever Seen a Cat Wear a ThunderShirt June 11th, 2022 Thor returns to the Avengers mansion to drop of party supplies. Felicia stands around gabbing.
Along Came A Thunderer June 9th, 2022 Thor has an idea about an interdimensional greeting booth. Doctor Strange approves.
Thor Or Less June 6th, 2022 Diana and Thor speak on the subject of inter-dimensional visitors, and Starports.
The Unforeseen Consequences of Being Awesome June 2nd, 2022 Thor saves the mild mannered Megan Morse from a rampaging fire giant, little knowing just what he has inspired...
Asgardian Gathering May 25th, 2022 A small gathering was held for the Asgardians and company for after the incident in Trollheim.
Trollheim or Bust May 21st, 2022 Korek is faced. Ulik is back on the throne. Caitlin punches a dragon.
The Problem With Getting Into Trollheim May 18th, 2022 The team of heroes invesigate Trollheim and find out much of interest.
Trollheim now May 11th, 2022 Thor makes his mind known of what has passed.
You're Gonna Be Cool, Right May 11th, 2022 Thor and Jane seek Loki and find a Vintridr and Caitlin as well. Plans are discussed on what to do with the current troll situation.
The Saga of Ulik the Troll! May 6th, 2022 Tvark and his raiders come looking for Ulik and find only battle and death!
The Mind of a Troll April 25th, 2022 Thor is advised by Jane about the troll problem.
Ulik in Repose April 22nd, 2022 Vintridr and Jane share words with Ulik while he is in a better mindset.
The Journey of Ulik, Part Two. The Embassy of the Enemy! April 22nd, 2022 Ulik and Thor agree to accepting a peace treaty of sorts while they wrangle out the details of their blood feud.
I am Ulik, Filer of Form Seven Slash J! April 21st, 2022 Ulik comes to Midgard with a complaint! His compatriots, however, misstep and a clash ensues. Jane Foster secures the peace with the Troll Chief for now.
Why Don't They Listen April 13th, 2022 Thor gets credit for Sif's hard work.
Prodigals April 11th, 2022 Thor has a chat with a self-exiled Valkyrie. Vintridr answers some old questions.
The Changing of the Guard April 10th, 2022 The guard is changed at the embassy and acquaintances are rekindled.
The Embassy's lament April 4th, 2022 The brothers actually get a chance to talk.. even smalltalk is talking!
Those To Whom the Future Belongs April 3rd, 2022 Thor has a small gathering to celebrate the visit of several Asgardian youths. And, of course, Diana tries to ruin it all.
From Earth to the Stars March 30th, 2022 Diana invites many members from an assortment of super teams to meet in the Hall of Justice to discuss Earth's first starports, and the plans there-in.
You Can Never Go Home, Until You Can March 5th, 2022 Carol returns to a childhood home she doesn't remember clearly. Thor, Diana and Donna visit and help her explore.
A Sunday on Midgard February 13th, 2022 Thor and Brunnhilde head to Jimmy's for the Superbowl Party! To Victory!
Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala December 28th, 2021 Atlantis makes a sweeping return to the world stage with an offer to become the de facto homeland of all mutantkind. Brows furrow.
Yuletide Snow! December 22nd, 2021 Lady Sif and Thor have a drink and discuss the Holidays.
Something Something Here Ice Palace December 16th, 2021 Loki and Thor have a drink and talk.
Remember That One Time In Hell December 5th, 2021 Thor drinks... and SMOKES! Gasp!
Aesir Check-ins November 21st, 2021 Warning Thor that bad things are coming is a relaxing event. Clearly.
Saturday Night Poker. October 24th, 2021 No Poker is played but other games are learned.
Calling on Old Friends October 6th, 2021 Hercules barges in on Thor and the pair do what they do best; Drink!
Discord: Prologue - Disir I September 13th, 2021 Hermod, bruised from being an Aesir sacrifice to the gods, has a warning for Thor. Autocorrect is NEVER your trustworthy ally!
1000 Faces: The Sound of His Wings August 3rd, 2021 Arawn is barred from claiming the nightmare-wracked Parisians... for now.
1000 Faces: Eurovision - Anno Mortis August 1st, 2021 Eurovision ends in a battle royale! Featuring appearances by Living Dead Girl, The Thundercats, Trenchcoat Brigade, and the Spook Sisters!
A Mage, Two Gods and a Faerie and a bar. July 25th, 2021 What price will karma toss at John for pranking the Gods? Perhaps Loki knows the answer to that? But, after a meeting between John and Thor with a side of Loki and Meggan happens without the city imploding or exploding? That's one for the win column for certain.
Housing the Winter Soldier July 24th, 2021 Steve Rogers approaches several members of the Avengers to broach the topic of formally adding Bucky Barnes to their roster. Concerns are raised, but the Avengers decide that he's worth the risk.
Jane Thor Reunion June 15th, 2021 Thor rescues? Maybe? Jane from...all of the death realms at once?
Thor's Day Off June 7th, 2021 Kaida gets to visit the Embassy! And eat for free!
Where is Diana May 21st, 2021 Harley goes to find Diana at the Themysciran embassy but instead meets the gardener who is none other than Thor!
Spying on the OTHER Odinson May 6th, 2021 Thor forbids Spying. Sif does it anyways.
Truths In Peril May 5th, 2021 Thor gets mead and a horse peptalk. Trouble abounds, and Loki is no doubt blamed for it all. Or some of it all.
Krypton or Bust: Zod Returns April 8th, 2021 Zod turns up in a Kryptonian warship of design and capability never before seen by those on Earth. It was a good thing the Kryptonians weren't there to kill and conquer. They searched Earth for specific Brainiac technology and didn't find it. Their ship took quite a beating, as did Non, before they made a tactical retreat before more flowers grew on their bridge or Kryptonite was introduced in to their ecosystem.
I never could get the hang of Thorsdays April 1st, 2021 Doom breaks the enchantment on Mjolnir, splitting it into multiple hammers that can be wielded by anyone BUT Thor. Heather Danielson, Amora the Enchantress, and Golden Eagle gain the POWER OF THOR... for a while, anyway.
1000 Faces: Resurrectile Dysfunction March 28th, 2021 After saving some of Orkney from draugr, the Asgardian royal court goes to teach a draugr a lesson. One that starts and ends with
Bizarro Destroys Metropolis March 19th, 2021 Manipulated by Mister Mxyzpltk, The Bizarro Superman confuses the Fifth Annual Giant Robot Appreciation Day Parade for an invasion! Sweeping in to help save the day, Bizarro must be stopped before he ruins the nice day out...or gets someone killed.
When debts come due March 6th, 2021 Thor and Loki pay a visit to Amanda. Loki's request for payment of a debt? Full access to Amanda's -magic- libraries.
What Price One Soul: Latveria March 1st, 2021 A bunch of magically transformed humans turned into lawn ornaments are rescued by 'Doom'. The soul Hellboy sought wasnt there, but he did find a clue.
No Solitude in Death February 23rd, 2021 Loki reads into trouble. Thor saves his brother from being lost in Astral space, right?
Friends Help Friends Move Bodies February 18th, 2021 Nadia runs into Thor at the Triskelion while looking for Dr. Foster. Dr. Foster subsequently mysteriously disappears. They definitely did not take her and half the medical bay. IT'S VERY MYSTERIOUS!
Hello, Uncle Thor February 17th, 2021 Thor meets Grani and they plot with hope, valor, and a lot of beer.
Magical inquiries February 16th, 2021 The brothers speak, civilly if not cordially! Carrots are dangled and Loki takes the bait.
Yoohoo, Where's Lady Jane February 12th, 2021 Thor finds things are problematic on Midgard with regards to a complication. Jemma wishes she had answers. Jane makes a lovely corpse.
Quaff your cares away February 9th, 2021 Rhodey stops by the Asgardian embassy to drown his miserable week, and finds a willing listener -- and ARMOR strongman -- in none other than Thor
Don't believe the Hyp January 22nd, 2021 Hyperion and Thor chat about a myriad of things.
(SoS)I'm Doing My Part! January 6th, 2021 The Bug is inspected by Strange and Zat, with Thor watching for safety. Strange is a potential source of the bugs invasion.
Decking the Avenger Halls December 26th, 2020 Some of the Avengers come together to decorate the Mansion for Christmas!
Oh hai! December 16th, 2020 No description
Patience December 3rd, 2020 Thor visits Gunna in the dungeon and offers her freedom in exchange for her oath, an honest attempt to become Asgardian. Yeah no.
Old Soldiers December 2nd, 2020 Old friends meet and realize tales need to be told! Over drinks! They will have to meet again once John finishes his work day.
You've got to pay the Troll toll. November 20th, 2020 Thor meets with Gunna in the depths of the Raft and learns what he can of her and offers to her what is his to give.
Abundance November 18th, 2020 Loki and Thor discuss the merits of specialization.
Battle God Royale November 16th, 2020 Thorfeld.
Kind of Like Speed, But the Sequel. November 15th, 2020 Hercules, Hyperion, Human Torch, and Starfire ruins the naming scheme of all H names. Luckily they were still victorious in their battle against bio-organic marauders.
Retrieving the Tablet November 5th, 2020 Amanda askes Thor to retrieve the hidden piece of the Tablet of Zalmoxis so she may dispose of it properly. He agrees.
Wounded Scorpion November 1st, 2020 The aftermath of Thor and Amanda's confrontation with Elektra about the cursed ring. Revelations are made.
Up from the pit, 7' high October 27th, 2020 Hela meets Thor to talk of peace between them. Meanwhile the snakes gather around them.
We're going to totally take your ring. October 27th, 2020 Thor and Amanda come to Elektra's Condo to retrieve the Zodiac ring of the Capricorn. After bloody battle they are able to overcome Capricorn's Avatar and take away Serpens influence from Elektra.
The Ring October 24th, 2020 Thor arrives early in the morning, waking Amanda to tell her of his concerns for his paramour Elektra.
DATELINE: ASGARD! October 23rd, 2020 Amora gets bitter news and Thor consoles her.
Mood Rings October 20th, 2020 Jessica and Lara tell Thor stuff, and Thor probably retains most of it, maybe.
Thundering Home October 14th, 2020 Thor returns home in a hurry and relays the troubling situation with Elektra to Natasha. Natasha recomends Shield's expertise to what may not be a simple clumsy murder.
The Zodiac Calling October 13th, 2020 Elektra returns after a night out doing Capricorn's bidding and gets intercepted by a questioning Thor. Discussion ensues.
Farewell October 12th, 2020 Loki departs and Thor says farewell.
TO ASGARD AND BEYOND! October 8th, 2020 Sera is presented before the court of Asgard and Odin accepts peace with her.
Name Dropping Thor October 7th, 2020 Nico demands a conversation with Sera. Sera makes her day by discussing magic and putting her on the phone with Thor.
You should meet Harley. September 28th, 2020 Sera and Thor catch up on their recent efforts.
The Red Room September 26th, 2020 A combined team of Titans and Avengers assault the Red Room facility. Nadia, Janet, and even Ying are rescued. Everyone lives Happily Ever After ...for now.
Arabian Nights costume gala September 25th, 2020 The Avengers have an Arabian Nights themed costume charity event.
Gramercy by night. September 18th, 2020 Thor goes for a speech at the Gramercy Hotel. Elektra is there to try and stir him away but duty prevails!
What's In A Glance September 18th, 2020 And lo, did Thor meet with Orphan. And they did end up on tv together, and then spoke at length about...just kidding, they beat on each other like adults.
Time to do some Avenging September 17th, 2020 Thor arrives to speak with Hank about Nadia, they have pizza.
Ice Palace: Do we have a plan September 16th, 2020 The team discuss how to approach getting rid of the necromancer.
It Was A Dark And Stormy Sea September 12th, 2020 Thor and Mera come upon a very strange ship.
If He Be Worthy September 5th, 2020 T'Challa returns to Avengers Mansion, and this time Thor is the FIRST to know
Thorney Island September 1st, 2020 Thor and Mighty Woman have a walk and talk on the Coney Island pier. Laffs are had, lemonade and cotton candy are consumed. Something gets thrown into the east river!
Ice Palace: Sharing what we know August 30th, 2020 The Infinity Watch and friends devise several plans to deal with the Sorcerer Vega.. and Loki who seems to be pulling strings behind the scenes.
Asgardian Attention and Favours August 27th, 2020 When Pepper invites Thor to the apartment to ask him to help protect the fragment Radu dropped in Amanda's lap, Loki turns up, too... and Amanda makes a deal with the devil.
Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships At Sea August 26th, 2020 A stern receptionist rules over her waiting room, resulting in Vanessa having a chance to meet Thor.
Please sir, may I train with Loki August 18th, 2020 NO!
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
Ice Palace: Do you want to build a Skeleton August 12th, 2020 Frost magic and skeletons erupt in the Bronx! A fight is waged between the minions of a necromancer and our heroes. Loki is kinda snarky.
Welcome to the X-Men, Thor! August 5th, 2020 Betsy falls off a roof.
The Search for Banner: Part 1 July 28th, 2020 SHIELD discovers Banner has become know as 'nekkid guy' in Manchester Center, stayed one night, bought a truck and headed out west. He appears to have a shrunken city in a bottle with him.
Cleaning is easy! July 26th, 2020 Post Kitty-party clean up on shore's edge, Thor and Storm share quiet thoughts.
Birthday Pryde July 22nd, 2020 Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
Summer days in the city July 21st, 2020 From farmers market to table in NYC.
A funny thing happened on the way to the market.. July 17th, 2020 Thor and Ororo meet, and Ororo is reminded as to what makes a good leader.
Into The Lab! July 14th, 2020 The lab security is defeated and a portal array found, but can it be made to work again and what might lie on the other side?
Through the Looking Glass Darkly July 14th, 2020 Our heroes brave the portal to a parallel Earth, rescue Hank from the abomination that is PymTron, and break all of his stuff on their way out!
Finding the elusive time! July 11th, 2020 Chat in the apartment turns into.. more of a chat.
Genosha Burns: Avenger Weaponry July 10th, 2020 Tony's invention to stop Brainiac causes Tony and some avengers to have a stressful night.
Midnight Raider July 6th, 2020 Thor is tricked by evil Heidi.
Where In The World Is Jessica Jones July 4th, 2020 Jessica lucks into a meeting with Thor, kinda sorta invites herself to drink with him, and the two have a candid discussion of few words.
The Disappearing Troll July 3rd, 2020 Sara's questions to Thor about the recent invasion of goblins are answered.
Tears in Heven July 2nd, 2020 Thor fails to help Sera move.
Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE! June 26th, 2020 Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
After the Embassy's Opening June 23rd, 2020 Thor and Diana reflect on the embassy party.
A Wild Wasp Appears! June 21st, 2020 A Wild Wasp Appears searching for her missing father! She has a wild tale to tell the Avengers and given the numerous shady elements in her past soon finds herself under house arrest awaiting a SHIELD investigation and paternity tests.
War World: Interim June 11th, 2020 Loki visits Thor while he recovers from the first War World conflict.
The Monstrosity Under the Bridge June 6th, 2020 ULIK is brought forth through a portal to menace Midgard. Heroes respond and save the day!
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
After the Battle May 30th, 2020 Kara makes sure Thor is seen safely home and they share insight into their future.
The Buoyant: Post Party May 29th, 2020 A few hangers-on enjoy a late night drink aboard Tony's yacht after the official festitivies conclude.
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
What is this... 10th Realm May 28th, 2020 Sera and Thor discuss her past.
Fallen Angel May 27th, 2020 Sera arrives upon earth and is greeted by a myriad of souls.
War of Worlds Pt 1 May 26th, 2020 Mongul's Warworld entered Sol at the far reaches of the solar system and a force of Earth's Mightest Heroes flew out to Jupiter to face him. The massive weapon on the plantoid station was destroyed, but at great cost to the heroes. General Zod, the Kryptonian warlord responsible for the first Alien Alliance that attacked Earth, revealed himself as the driving figure behind the invsaion. With Superman in their clutches, Power Girl lost in Warworld, and Thor unconscious, the heroes rush back to Earth to ready the planets defenses.

The War of Worlds has begun.

Watching Clint Work May 22nd, 2020 Avengers gather to watch Clint work on a quinjet. Thor gets pranked.
Otherworldly Meetings May 20th, 2020 Peggy and Thor meet in the SHIELD operations center and manage to shock each other with their equally unlikely presences in this place and time.
After the Interview May 19th, 2020 Dinah and Thor catch up after the interview 'incident'. Their conversation takes a surprising turn.
Shadows - Robbery - Relaxation May 18th, 2020 Some light catching up between Thor and Natasha. Another trip to Asgard may be in order.
Good Morning America! May 14th, 2020 Cecily Saves the Avengers!
Minding The Stores: The Attack May 13th, 2020 Juggernaut and mercenaries raid an Avengers storage facility, but are turned back by Natasha, Pietro, Thor and She-Hulk.
Being In Tune May 11th, 2020 Clint and Wanda enjoy a nice day and guitar music, until Thor arrives, bearer of ill tidings.
Boxers and Coffee May 11th, 2020 Thor shares some of his great wisdom with Pepperface.
The Bells: Whispers in the Dark May 10th, 2020 SHIELD agents and Asgardians attack the Shadow consuming Metropolis: and work to return it to prison.
The Hunger: Breakout May 8th, 2020 The Avengers and their allies stage a daring rescue of Tony Stark from an AIM facility deep beneath New York!
The After-After Party April 29th, 2020 PG walks in on the tail end of something adorable, but delivers her gift all the same: A fantastic tale for Thor to hear on his birthday. A joke hammer plays a role somewhere.
WAFFLES! April 28th, 2020 Thor makes waffles for everyone and everyone loves him.
sThorytime April 27th, 2020 It is a lovely little after party at the Themysciran Embassy. Let your soul glo.
Avengers Ultimates: Burger Edition April 22nd, 2020 On a night off, the Avengers take on a diner's challenge of eating a three pound cheeseburger
Roxxon Over Drinks April 21st, 2020 Jessica and Danny meet to discuss the next step of the Roxxon engagement. Thor stops by, and Matt joins in the end. Jessica was never drunk. You were drunk!
Shoot them with the pointy end. April 20th, 2020 Diana whines about her sad love life. Lame.
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
I would have words with thee! April 14th, 2020 Karla tries to save the day, Thor hits her with a hammer.
Did You See What I Saw April 12th, 2020 Sif and THor talk... and Loki makes a cameo.
The talk in the rain April 11th, 2020 Jennifer talks to Thor and convinces him to help charity.
The Prince and the Witch April 10th, 2020 Thor asks Amora to help him deal with magical happenstances.
Knockout gone missing April 6th, 2020 Thor drops in to visit Fairchild.
PSA: Do Your Best! April 5th, 2020 Director Rutherford films a PSA with Steve and Thor while Carol aids in directing from off-screen. Something's funny, but nobody can put a finger on what precisely. Regardless, hard work deserves a steak dinner.
The Light and the LIghtning March 29th, 2020 A reunion and a puzzle presented. Asgard awaits.
Lord Rogers Assembles his First Legion March 24th, 2020 The Avengers receive some unexpected guests: Seven Einherjar from Asgardia, pledging their services to Steve Rogers, Lord of Midgard!
C'est le choix de monsieur March 24th, 2020 Thor takes Jessica on a tour of the Avenger Mansion
Prithee what dost thou doeth, Lady Fury March 22nd, 2020 Nada
A ferry trip, this time without sea monsters. Hopefully March 20th, 2020 Beatriz pitches an idea for a charity to Thor.
Cool People Doing Cool Things! March 19th, 2020 Jessica and Thor catch up on what passed and Heidi shows up and is a nerd.
Coming clean's surprisingly easy! March 19th, 2020 Natasha confesses her duplicity to Thor regarding Loki. It goes over surprisingly well!
And Many Happy Returns, Lord Rogers March 19th, 2020 The Avengers present in the manor meet after Thor, Steve, and Natasha return to discuss the outcome of the visit to the Court. Not all is settled in the end.
Once more, good friend! March 19th, 2020 Thor saves the day
I would have words with thee. March 19th, 2020 Toril gets taken to SHIELD
Heralds of the Ridiculous March 19th, 2020 Loki visits Thor to get news... but Loki mostly already has the news.
Welcome to Earf March 19th, 2020 Knockout shows up and hassles Thor.
'Ships passing in the night March 18th, 2020 An anniversary is set.
King Rogers, Ruler of Midgard! March 18th, 2020 In the aftermath of Steve's day in Asgardian court, Thor reveals startling and troubling news: Steve is not just Midgard's Ambassador; but the ruler of the realm!
Mr. Levinsky March 17th, 2020 JD and Thor stop a crime
The Lordship of Midgard March 17th, 2020 Thor brings Steve to Asgard, to plead his case to represent Earth.
How About an Embassy March 14th, 2020 Thor gathers the Avengers to discuss many things, including ambassadors, embassies, and the theme song for the team.
Thor Has a Plan March 12th, 2020 Thor returns from Asgard with a proposition to offer Steve. Both gents talk through new revelations in regards to Genosha with Natasha and Carol. The latter learns of Superman's return from the dead. There is no vodka!
The Grand Court of Asgard March 10th, 2020 Thor seeks wisdom from his father Odin and comes away with a course of action.
Send me a post card from Asgard! March 10th, 2020 Thor can't find his action figure before he leaves for Asgard. Nat can help!
How Many A's Are There In 'Svartalfar' March 10th, 2020 Thor shows Kitty a place of his past, one of both beauty and battle
Avengers - Self Guided Tour March 8th, 2020 Carol and Thor meet finally. They discuss the Avengers and also delicious earth foods.
Avengers Assemble A Little Bit March 7th, 2020 Thor and Tony shoot the breeze, watch TV, and navigate the treacherous waters of intellectual property law.
An Equal and Opposite Reaction March 6th, 2020 A gigantic monster surfaces in the bay, endangering ferrygoers and everyone else nearby. Fortunately, some heroes are on hand to set things right!
A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style March 5th, 2020 Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
When in Darkness... March 3rd, 2020 Thor and Kitty speak on deep matters and decide to celebrate life.
Avengers in Genosha February 29th, 2020 Loki is given a task to perhaps prove his sincerity.
HAMMERS ARE BETTER THAN ARROWS! February 28th, 2020 The Avengers discuss their next steps.
Late Night Catching Up February 28th, 2020 Jen tries to get a hang of what's going on with the Avengers.
Gods, Spies, Kings and Vodka February 25th, 2020 Thor returns to the Avengers mansion from his meeting with Loki. Natasha presses for details. T'challa learns of Loki's return, and Thor laments his father's opaque reasoning before unknown inspiration strikes him and he leaves.
O Brother Where Art Thou February 24th, 2020 Thor and Loki come close to forgiveness.
Apparently, Midgard is the Time-Out Room February 24th, 2020 Thor brings news of Loki's exile on Midgard to the rest of the Avengers. Opinions vary. Disappointed looks reign.
Got Some News Here, Buddy Old Pal February 23rd, 2020 Surprise! Loki's not in a dungeon, Thor, and you have some talkin' to do!
If You Can Make It There You'll Make It Anywhere February 22nd, 2020 An Avengers play on Broadway. An attempted mugging, a Norse god and a ghostly woman. All the makings of a fine time.
Welcome Back, Thor February 20th, 2020 Thor returns to Avenger's Mansion from Asgard
It's Nice to Be Home February 20th, 2020 Vodka goes well in coffee and conversation both. Steve and Thor reunite and discuss the importance of the past in the present.
A Fishy Situation February 19th, 2020 Lois tries to investigate a fishy situation, Aquaman and Thor save the day from another.


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