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Nobody Knows the Trouble Jimmeh's seeeeen
Date of Scene: 26 October 2020
Location: Medical Lab
Synopsis: Jimmeh and rouge chat with each other.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Rogue

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The night passes along decently well for Michelle in the med-bay, whatever it was that her mutant power was it must've taken a lot out of her for she was out like a light. The alcove where she was tended to was enclosed, the curtain was drawn, white noise generators engaged. And eventually her teacher James Hudson found his way out into the hall, taking a break from being on the inside and walking down the small length of hallway...
    To the water dispenser with its paper cups on its side, set out in front of... he looked up at the signage and only could make out the red DANGER sign. Yeah that wasn't a door he was going through.
    But it was a good chance to be alone, and a chance to get his head on straight as he leaned against the wall and just slowly. Very slowly. Sipped his water.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had quit her job at Mel's Diner, since it was cold out now, and she didn't want to be roller skating people's food out to their cars when it was threatening to snow, let alone do it all winter.

So she's back to having quite a lo tof free time, which means time in the Danger Room, in the gym, or in the Blackbird Hangar. Today was the Blackbird Hangar, working on it as it was ever-necessary since the engines had to be rebuilt quite often to keep the plane flight-ready.

Rogue is striding out of the hangar and just moving down the hallways when she sees the medical lab and dips in to see if Hank is there.

"Doctah?" Rogue calls out, her hands inside the pockets of her leather jacket, wearing her bodysuit on beneath it, though its unzipped around her waist and rolled up over the leather belt that is resting on her hips. A black tanktop is worn on her upper half.

Rogue glances over to see that teacher who'd come with the exploding energy mutant girl. Rogue pauses, stares at him, and then tips her chin up very slightly. "You look like you're lovin' life." The southern girl says to the teacher.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    She'll see him look up slightly, sort of squint sidelong at her and for the first time she sees him smile. Just a small thing, not like the few times in the jet he tried to offer some hint of support to little Misha. No this one seems more like him. Rueful, worn-out, ragged, but still a smile that seems to tell her, 'You ain't seen the half of it, buddy.'
    But he nods to her, lifts up his paper cup of water in a silent toast in her direction. Then looks back at the medbay.
    "Long night, I figure. Lots of decisions for the kid in the morning. Some for myself." He tilts the cup back and takes a sip.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans back and just stares at him as he replies, her hands inside of her leather jacket pockets making them push out forward in front of her, with her elbows tucked in just above her hips.

She smirks at him. "You want somethin' other than water t'drink?" She asks, glancing over to her right. "There's a mini fridge down here, its got some other stuff in it. Sodas. Juices'n such." She looks back to the man then.

"This kid someone special to you, Mistah?" She asks him. "Family or somethin'?" She asks him next then.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    A small smirk flashes across his harsh features even as he looks over at her. "You got a beer?" Apparently some things may well be genetic. But he shakes his head and then crunches up the paper cup, holding it in one hand and still leaning against the wall. But he pushes forward a little, uncrossing his ankles and getting to his full height, standing there in the hallway.
    He pushes a hand through his wild mane of hair and grimaces at the door, then back to her. "But sure, lead on."
    With that said he starts to walk down the hall with her, his own hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans when she asks that later pair of questions. It causes him to look at her sidelong and he murmurs, "Mm? What? Nah. I mean..." He heaves a small 'heh', then goes on. "One of my students. Though, to be frank. I don't really have students. I'm the substitute teacher there at Horizons. So they all sorta know me, but don't know me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leads him down the hallway toward the lounge area that has a kitchenette nestled in to one of the corners. She looks back at him as she strides through the open doorway in to it and toward said kitchenette. "No beer, not down here anyway. I know where some is hidden upstairs, but... yeah." She pops the door open. "There's some... wine, if you're so inclined." She states with a smirk before she reaches in to the fridge and pulls out one of those fancy types of sodas in a glass bottle and everything.

"Root beer." She says, grinning at him as she sets it down on the counter.

"Sub teacher, huh?" She asks then, swiping a gloved hand through her white bangs to stroke them back behind her ear on the right side of her face. "Kids were never nice t'subs when I was in school. But you look like the type that wouldn't take no gruff."

Some part of her does associate him with Logan, but she hasn't made that connection with him yet, it'd be a big leap after all to just randomly do it.

"She got family that you know of?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    At the suggestion of wine she can see him hemming and hawing even as his features twist up a little but then he waves it off even though she's likely joking. "Nah, root beer is fine." That said as they both walk in there to the fridge he looks the place over still getting a vibe for the place as a whole. He takes a deep breath then once she reveals the drinks he'll take her up on the offer.
    "It's actually a pretty good gig." He says as he walks across the room and half-sits on the edge of a table, just one leg partially up as he twists the cap off the bottle. "They're good kids, no behvarior problems, honors students. Don't have to crack the whip often. And they remember me. Also..."
    He takes a sip of the root beer then says, "I'm their PE teacher for a good lot of them, so they respect the whistle." He nods as if imparting that bit of wisdom to her.
    Then she asks about Misha's family and he nods, "Mom and pop, as far as I know. Think your friend Kitty let her call them, and think she spoke to them too."

Rogue has posed:
There's a pool table in the lounge room, along with a sofa and chairs area, and a dining table with a scattering of chairs around it, plus some tvs hanging from the walls. It's quite a setup, if James hasn't wondered what the hell this place is, or who they all are, he might start the more he sees of their setup.

Rogue walks over to one of the sofa chairs and sits herself down on the left arm of it, her gloved hands going to rest palm-flat together between her knees as she eyes him. "I see." She says softly, clearly trying to figure him out.

"You seem really chill about all'a this, ya know?" The Belle says in her naturally husky voice. "You had dealins' with Mutants before this all went down?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Oh no." He tells her, chewing on the inside of his cheek in thought even as he looks around and then says bluntly in a way that would shock his students assuredly. "I'm weirded the fuck out. But I try to handle things well."
    Those blue eyes lift up as if knowing he was underground and he gestures with one hand, motioning as if to the heavens. "All of this, is a lot of money. You aren't government. So it's something else. The something else could be a lot of things."
    Then he confesses to her, though Kitty had gotten the information out of him before, "But yeah, dealing with mutants before. Since I kinda am one. Makes sense."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes wander the room when he speaks of them all being 'something else'. She stares the room over for a moment before her gaze sweeps back toward him, and her loose-again white bangs just wave gently around the sides of her youthful face.

"I figured you must either be one, or know them well." She says of his mutant-relations. A small smirk is shown to him. "I dunno what you've been cleared t'know about us, but all I can really say definitively is that we're privately funded, and we're a mutant group who wants all the people'a the world to co-exist peacefully, happily, and for each other t'get t'live the best lives they possibly can."

"Idealists. I suppose, is what you can say we are." She shows a faint smile. "Not a title I'm that offended by. In fact, there might even be room for someone as cool under pressure as you seem t'be. If you feel any pull toward interest in it. /But/ that ain't my job 'round here."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Hm." He says at first, not exactly showing his down card to her, and the rest of his hand is damned hard to read. Instead Jim nods a few times as she speaks, watching, listening. Then he exhales slightly with another 'hm' as he hears her speak about the purpose behind them, who they are and why they're doing their thing.
    "People say if you scratch a cynic you find an idealist underneath all the rust." Which might carry some significance if he elaborated on that thought. Which he doesn't.
    But he looks away, letting some quiet hang between them before he finally adds, "I had a coming out party sorta like her." James nods with a slight toss of his head in the direction of the medbay. "Car accident, got burned something fierce." James takes another breath as he remembers, then gives Rogue a look. "Family lost their minds that I had a wreck like that. Then they lost their minds again when I got up and started walkin' around."
    He holds the can by the very top and then wipes at his lips with his forearm with that same hand, still looking thoughtful and away. "After that my family told me to keep it secret. Lay low. Don't let anyone know."
    The way he says those last few words he's affecting a tone of speaking in someone else's voice, then chews on the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. "So it got me thinking, if I did that. While Misha, she blew up the classroom. Well. My parents probably woulda wanted me to just keep on laying low."
    He then looks back at her, "If I did that, and if you all hadn't shown up. Where would she be? Maybe dead. Maybe in jail or treated like some dangerous monster. So I'm tryin' to let that whole thing sit with me. And I'm not sure how I feel about it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shows a soft smile at the line about scratching the surface of a cynic. "People say a lotta things." She quietly replies to it before listening to the rest of what he speaks on. She straightens up on the perch of the sofa's arm and puts her hands atop her thighs. She tilts her head a little at him when he speaks of recovering from a car crash, and a bad fire there-in. It does start to make some wheels turn inside of her head, starting to link things up with her. Healing factor, and his just general demeanor, appearance, taste in drinks... anti-wine and pro-beer.

Logan is the first member of the X-Men that Rogue met, after all, two years ago, he was a connecting factor in how she got hooked up with them here. He meant a lot to her, even if she rarely saw him these days.

"Well that's the rub we mutants are facin', isn't it?" Rogue replies to him. "Humans are panickin', afraid t'really help us, and not even really sure how even when they want to. Others are wantin' t'profit off'a us, be-it through turnin' us inta weapons'a war, or just generally put us t'work in ways that'll puff up their bottom lines."

She draws in a breath and gives another quick glance around the room. "That's why I like it here. Been here for two years, and the folks here? They just wanna help mutants live a good life. Teach'em about their powers, how t'control'em, how t'incorporate that inta a safe lifestyle, even amongst the scaredy-cat humans." She pauses then, shakes her head. "I've been on way worse mutant teams, so trust me. Some mutants just wanna set the world on fire. These folks definitely do not."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Yeah, I know it's complex. Going to take me some time to unravel it all. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm stubborn." Jim rubs the back of his neck then tosses the empty root beer can into the recycling as he pushes himself up to his feet.
    "Alright, I'm gonna go try and get some shut eye. Thanks for the drink and the chat." He moves to the door and through, but turns around to eyeball it as if remembering where it is in case he gets a hankering in the middle of the night.
    Then he nods to her, "Talk to you later."
    He turns and heads back down the hall.