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Jimmy Hudson (Scenesys ID: 494)
Name: James 'Jimmy' Hudson, Jr.
Superalias: Jimmeh
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Weehawken, New Jersey
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers University
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 10 April 1993 Played By Scott Eastwood
Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: MapleLeafFanAccount
Theme Song:

Character Info


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James Hudson is a mutant living in hiding, trying to forge a normal life out of what he's given in the world. Currently he's a substitute teacher in Weehawken, New Jersey.


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* 1993 - Jimmy Hudson's mother steals and takes the purest sample of the experimental drug 'Mothervine', a biotech enhancement guaranteed to produce a mutant child. James is born to his mother after she spends a night with a grim man, she abandons him to the care of James and Heather Hudson.
* 1995 - James is legally adopted by the Hudsons, is renamed James Hudson, Jr.
* 2010 - Jimmy's mutation is manifested after he has a street racing accident. His body, mangled and burned, immediately started to heal itself - within an hour, he was completely healed. His father tells him about his mother and that he's a mutant, speaking to how dangerous it can make life for him.
* 2011-2015 - Jimmy continues on to college, hiding his status as a mutant as best as possible. Graduates and embarks on life in the private sector.
* 2016-Present - Takes positions in different schools, until settling on working as a substitute teacher in a private school in New Jersey.

IC Journal

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The Golden Rule means something to the man. He's developed a code of conduct, a sense of honor, crafted with the aid of his adopted father and from life experiences learning as he can from meeting a myriad of people. He's found that the best way to deal with people is being honest and direct, even if sometimes people take that and use it as an advantage against you, ultimately the truth will out.

Jim may come off at times as cynical, but you scratch a cynic and under all the rust you'll often find a tarnished idealist. He believes in ideals of a just world. Not just Platonian ideals, but more that there are tenets that are strong for people. Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood aren't just words to the man.

Even though the world isn't fair, Jim feels in a lot of ways it's up to people to try and make it fair, to treat people equally and give them a fair shake. On a personal level he tries to give people the benefit of the doubt before finding fault. He tries to give people opportunities to redemption if they seem to have wronged someone or something, and ultimately at the end of the day he likes it when the scales even otu on a personal level between people.

One thing Jim has going for him, he often accomplishes a lot with few words. Wasn't always this way though, but ever since he realized what he was, and the temper that hovered there on the edge of his awareness, he decided it was best to try and mold himself more toward a relaxed and calm manner. With this comes along the way he speaks, the calm way he handles himself.

It took some doing for Jim to bring himself to this way of thinking, as it often is with people that know they can have a temper. But Jim tries to keep a level head even in emergencies. He takes things as they come, handles them as best he can, and carries on. It takes a lot to discombobulate him. Something threatening his family, or loved one assuredly but it still takes some doing then.

Jimmy's always on the lookout for the latest way to get an adrenaline rush. This is normally found in racing cars, but could extend to skydiving, rock climbing, just about anything to get the heart pumping. He hasn't considered any illicit means to get this thrill, he perfers the physical side of it.

Character Sheet


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Jimmy has a set of six bone claws that are housed in his forearms that he can extend through the knuckles of his fists. They are very sharp and are capable of cutting through most conventional metals.

Healing Factor:
Jimmy is capable of healing extremely rapidly from injury. He hasn't been hurt often, the worst injury being a car wreck where his body was horribly burned, but he was able to heal up enough to be mobile in a handful of minutes, and then in an hour had recovered entirely. He can likely recover from bullet wounds in a matter of minutes, and it is possible that he heals from a lost limb in a period of 24-48 hours. His healing factor also makes him largely immune to poisons and disease unless heavily exposed in large amounts.

Also he seems to have a strong resistance to mental intrusion due to his healing factor adjusting to changes in his memory almost instantly to recover from alterations. This has the fringe benefit of giving him a photographic memory for events.

Organic Steel:
With concentration, Jimmy is capable of focusing and having organic steel manifest throughout his skeleton to brace himself and provide further physical protection. This includes being able to coat his claws with hte organic metal, causing them to be sharper and able to cut through denser and stronger metals and armor, but not through the greater more durable metals such as Adamantium and Vibranium or Uru metal. Also his bones are incapable of breaking while armored, save from someone as strong as perhaps Colossus-level or higher. When he loses consciousness, however, his armor fades.

Jimmy has enhanced senses allowing him greater range, focus, and detail with them. He has extremely good vision, able to see roughly three times as far as a normal human with greater acuity as well as to see very clearly in a darkened situation with only minimal light available. His hearing is very robust able to hear frequencies above and below the normal spectrum as well as much smaller sounds more distant. His sense of smell is amazing, able to discern the state of a person, if they are telling the truth, where they've been, what they've been doing. He can track a person from an exceedingly long ways away and over a period of a week's time depending on how much the scent has degraded in that time. He also has an enhanced sense of taste, able to discern subtle differences from one ingredient to another, though he has not developed this with effort. Also his sense of touch can be very strong, able to perceive minor differences in texture but again has not focused on training this power.


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Part time Physical Education coach as well, Jimmy has spent a good amount of his spare time practicing general athletics. Running, jumping, exercising, weight-training are all aspects he is rather well-rounded on and can instruct people well. If his gig as a substitute teacher fell through he could probably work as a personal trainer.

Nothing too formal, Jimmy's taken up training in mixed martial arts and boxing, but he's not taken too long working on those skills. He's a passably decent fighter, but not on the levels of a professional though his powers would likely give him the edge over most. On a pure skill level, however, he's equivalent to a gifted amateur. He could feasibly handle 3-4 untrained men in a street fight without having to use his powers or be saved by his healing factor.

Jimmy has an eclectic Bachelor of the Arts that gives him a rather robust round about knowledge of many subjects which curiously gives him a good framework from which to teach the burgeoning minds of today's youth, but really also makes him the best guy to be the substitute teacher. Which is good since that's what he does for a living.

One thing growing up in the rural parts of Canada helped Jimmy get used to was living in the outdoors, learning how to survive, tracking wild animals, and providing himself with shelter. He's mainly most skilled dealing with Northern forest areas, but it's feasible these skills could translate at least in part to areas around the world. He's able to be dropped empty-handed into the wild and survive for several months if needs be, less if he has to provide for others.


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The Hudson family aren't staggeringly well off, but it's feasible that in a time of need Jimmy could call upon his mom and pop for a little help. A place to lie low, some quick cash possibly, but beyond that it's not likely he could get their aid.

James has a black SUV Chevy El Dorado that he has driven for the last three years.


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Weapons forged from Carbonadium are able to play havoc with Jimmy's healing factor and are unable to be repaired until the injured flesh recovers, usually a period of several days.

Sensory Overload:
It is possible with effort to overcome Jimmy's senses by a series of powerful exposures to his senses. A horrible series of smells, stink bombs, or the like would be more effective on him than normal individiuals and burn out his sense of smell for a period of time relative to the amount of exposure. A series of loud sounds blasting into his ears are likely to leave him reeling and helpless. Bright flashes of light during night time can cause him to be blinded for a handful of minutes.



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Jimmy Hudson has 79 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Discordants: The Shades of Hel November 18th, 2022 In the tumult of the worlds at war, there is a hint of closure.
How Long It Has Been November 14th, 2022 Sif finally talks to Jimmy after everything that has happened. Neglecting boyfriends is bad.
Discordants: The Ranch that Sif Built October 31st, 2022 Rhona helps Jimmy take care of Sif's ranch during these times.
Discordants: Two words with Korek October 31st, 2022 Thea interrogates Korek and confers with Sif and Vintridr about what the future may hold.
Discordants: Investigating Alfheim October 27th, 2022 The travelers visit Alfheim for answers. They are given...sort of.
Survived Death October 9th, 2022 Sif returns home after the adventure in Niflheim to reunite with Jimmy.
So how do you pack for a trip to the LAND OF THE DEAD September 23rd, 2022 Sif and Jimmy talk about her trip.
Rogue Captured September 10th, 2022 A big wild thing happens at a train station. Everyone is kewl!
Resonants: Jotunheim Part 2 September 6th, 2022 The finale! Who will will the Tug OF WAR!
Resonants: Jotenheim Part 1 September 6th, 2022 The next step in the Resonants plot is Jotunheim! There the heroes are challenged to the most deadly of combats: The Tug OF WAR!
Amazonian Wonders August 22nd, 2022 Upon returning to Sif's ranch, Amazon.com packages galore await. Sif has some misconceptions cleared up. Loki shows up, meeting Zatanna and Jimmy, and granting gifts. Lots. Of. Gifts.
Do they keep dynamite on campus August 21st, 2022 Jimmy catches up with the new graduate Atrid.
Resonants: Sneaking Svartalfheim August 19th, 2022 Svartalfheim artifact is retrieved. And probably a war between Asgard/Midgard and the Dark Elves Maaaay have been started.
Duet To Me Harder August 12th, 2022 Jimmy needs to practice his stealth. He decides to two-fer and snoop on a friend at the same time!
A Night's Reflection August 2nd, 2022 Jimmy comes across Psylocke vandalizing the lake area so he sets her straight, I tell you hwat.
X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older July 30th, 2022 There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Welcome to the club. July 29th, 2022 Psylocke is introduced into he madness of Resonants, greeted by Sif and Zatanna.
That Itchy Feeling July 27th, 2022 Psylocke and Jimmy catch up and he tells her all about South America.
So, about the thing. July 24th, 2022 Jimmy comes clean about his mutation and issues around it.
Resonants: Vanaheim July 21st, 2022 The Vanaheim artifact is secured but not until after a few challenges must be overcome!
Butterflies and Wood Axes July 14th, 2022 Two adrenaline junkies meet by chance, and do non-adrenaline junkie stuff.
The Sad State of Midgardian Liquor July 3rd, 2022 Sif and Jimmy catch up.
And Then There Were Dragons June 15th, 2022 Sif tells Jimmy the the tale of their adventures in Trollheim then shows him around the Asgardian Embassy.
Smol Thing In The Stables June 15th, 2022 Jimmy does all the work in the stables while Rhona and Tabby are all 'blah blah blah!'
Sharks and Minnows at the X-Swimming Pool May 29th, 2022 Jimmy Hudson and Logan observed Iara's aptitude in the water and debated if she might join the X-Men and/or utilize the danger room in the near future.
Leaving On a Bifrost May 14th, 2022 Sif lets Jimmy know she's going to be leaving Midgard for a time.
A Farmstead Fit For a God April 29th, 2022 Sif shows Jimmy around her red barn.
Money To Burn April 18th, 2022 Sif meets with Jimmy and Tabitha about buying some horses.
The Devon-Winters Horse Show April 7th, 2022 Sif is gonna buy a horsey.
Jiggedy-Jig March 28th, 2022 Smol glimpse into a morning and the life.
The One about the Claw Kids March 10th, 2022 Inez visits the X-ers with Gabby in tow while Jimmy shows them around his mansion.
Xaviers: Spring Break Volleyball March 5th, 2022 ROGUE WINS AGAIN! The others are pretty great too tho.
Welcome to Best-Mart February 28th, 2022 During a shopping trip to gather supplies, Inez, Sam, James, and Tabitha have to interfere with a domestic dispute.
Don't Tell Mah Heart February 25th, 2022 Inez and Jimmy reconvene at Harry's
Burgers, Beers, and a Drawl-Off February 19th, 2022 Came for a burger & beer, left with dessert!
Dinner After Climbing February 3rd, 2022 Carrie and Jimmy make some fondue at her place after climbing. Not that kind of Fondue you pervs!
I'd Climb That! January 29th, 2022 Jimmy totally wins and defeats Carrie at climbing stuff.
After Pho Wanderings January 21st, 2022 Carrie calls Jimmy on his 'best hugs' boast aftr lunch.
Pho Gotten About January 20th, 2022 Jimmy and Carrie meet and realize they know a few of the same people!
Why Did You Give Me This Thing January 16th, 2022 Jimmy has questions about his last meeting so manages to find Shiva to ask them.
Danger Room: Rage of the Gorilla King January 7th, 2022 The X-Men's island adventures in the Danger Room come to a climax, facing off against the Gorilla King. Who knows what the next chapter will have in store...
Texts Before The Storm January 3rd, 2022 Jimmy texts Veira to check in before the storm hits.
A Silver Dragon Rampant Upon a Field of White January 1st, 2022 James investigates the nature of the card he received and meets Veira.
Jimmy and a woman from literature December 28th, 2021 Mina met Jimmy, walked him to the subway station, all the while trying to convince him that she was doing nothing more than walking a, maybe, slightly intoxicated man to a safe place. Did he believe her? Who can say! But Mina felt that it was the right thing to do. She didn't get her reading time in tonight but it was worth it!
Even Knights Get Invitations December 25th, 2021 No description
Bonfire of Vanities December 22nd, 2021 Jimmy has a drink station setup in the backyard. Rogue and Jeepers stop by to mingle.
It's Winter December 21st, 2021 People drank cider!
Danger Room: X-Men vs. The Volcano Gods December 21st, 2021 The X-Men's tropical island hijinks continue. Gorilla gurellias, undead monkeys and a giant 6-armed Volcano God waiting at the end. Will anything remain of the island by the time the team is through?
Contempations and Computers December 15th, 2021 Jimmy Hudson and Monet talk about camraderie. Monet is less than thrilled.
Shovelin' Time December 12th, 2021 Jimmy Rogue Jean Hot Chocolate Risque Pics Snow Shovels Cold and Warm Stuff The end.
Danger Room: Shipwreck Isle December 12th, 2021 The training session in survival techniques proved a few of things for certain. It is probably a good thing that they have mutant powers to rely on. That Rahne can sleep through almost anything, that Monet knows an impressive array of french swears, that James can benchpress a solid portion of an 18th century sailing ship, that Jimmy cannot be trusted with pork products. And that Scott should not include alcohol in his simulations. Especially if Rogue is involved.
When the past catches up with you December 9th, 2021 Harley gets a free Christmas tree for April's household while Jimmy talks about his job as teacher of defense against the dark arts.
XAVIERS: Caroling pt 2 November 25th, 2021 It is that time of year again. The Xaviers School gang tries to go out and spread Christmas / Holiday cheer. It sorta goes pretty good this year! Everyone is surprised by this...
The Lounge in the Below June 20th, 2021 Rogue and Jimmy do some socializing to get to know each other better, even take Jeepers on a walk to the creek!
Cry the Children: Beginning May 29th, 2021 The X-Men UnSHIELDed
Why do you have to bounce it May 26th, 2021 Storm learns a little about basketball. She still doesn't really get it.
Another evening at Xavier's May 23rd, 2021 Piotr and Jimmy meet up in the backyard.
X-Men: A Call to Arms May 16th, 2021 Mutant tries to rob an armored car, gets captured by a passing super group. What're the odds?
Here's the story of a man named Logan... May 9th, 2021 ...That's the way we became the Logan Bunch!
Under By The Boardwalk, Down By The Sea May 8th, 2021 A nice day in late spring sees a number of people congregate at the beach at Coney Island. A volleyball game breaks out.
Healing is hungry work April 18th, 2021 No description
Open Event: Wardrobe Malfunction April 16th, 2021 Heroes at a museum exhibit about heroes and villains find the villainous costumes come to life with the powers of their former owners. Also, Trevor had a good time.
X-men: Hijack This April 11th, 2021 Anti-mutant terrorist hijack a plan with two dozen Trask engineers and researchers. The X-men assault an abandoned salt mine to save them and the other passengers taken hostage.
Family March 28th, 2021 Jimmy and Gabby share a soda and apparently Logan's DNA
A problem shared is a problem that winds up on Jeans desk. March 26th, 2021 Ororo, James, Jimmy and Talia try to enjoy a nice sunny day only to have Laura spoil it somewhat by turning up with a dossier full of information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E
Xavier's School: PIRATE TIMES November 30th, 2020 PIRATES
Hot Topic vs Honky Tonk November 30th, 2020 Harley goes to a bar and comes across Jimmy Hudson. Turns out he is not the bartender! What a cheat!
Secret Office, Secret History November 26th, 2020 Jean and Jimmy talk about the school, raid Rogue's stash, and share some personal history.
DANGER ZONE November 16th, 2020 Jimmy meets the danger room, unwittingly facing a number of Logan's Greatest Hits. 1.5 out of 3 isn't bad, right?
Jimmypool November 16th, 2020 Jeepers plays with his newspaper squeaky and runs around, then maybe gets to go flying later ZOMG! oh and there are humans nearby being boring.
Brooklyn November 4th, 2020 Jimmy and Elektra meet in Brooklyn and get into a talk. Noone dies.
Backyard Introductions November 3rd, 2020 A random meeting of James Hudson, Betsy Braddock, Gabby Kinney and Noriko Ashida. Insert
How Do We Solve a Problem Like James Hudson October 29th, 2020 James gets some help from Hank and Jean to learn more about himself.
Xavier's: Taking A Knife To A Pumpkin October 26th, 2020 A load of pumpkins for Xavier's turns into a lot of jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin punching, and Logan-relative sniffing outs.
Nobody Knows the Trouble Jimmeh's seeeeen October 26th, 2020 Jimmeh and rouge chat with each other.
Professor Xavier is a jerk! October 25th, 2020 Kitty debriefs Jimmy and finds out things.
He Kind Of Reminds Me Of Logan October 25th, 2020 Jimmy Hudson is brought to the X-men's base along with a student of his whose mutant power emerged in a school
Welcome to the X-Men, Jimmeh. Hope you survive the experience! October 24th, 2020 The X-Team responds quickly to a mutant situation and discover a Misha and a James.


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