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Falcone in Toyland
Date of Scene: 07 November 2020
Location: A Metropolis Meat Packing Plant
Synopsis: Falcone and Toyman agree to build a warzone to end all warzones.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Winslow Schott

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Metropolis, the big peach, the shining city, the city of tomorrow. It had many names and today it sure looked like it earned those names. The city lights shine out a beacon to the hopeless in all directions far and wide. There's a sort of calming effect to it as people set on the side of a distant hill watching fireworks go off into the distance. They blast high in the sky sending the colored lights fluttering off near and far.

     Through the city streets of Gotham a simple limousine crawls along. It's not exactly a stretch limo, more sedate really in styling. A simple black thing with mirrored windows on everything but the driver, and even the driver holding 12 inch thick bullet resistant glass.

     The driver is an old italian man almost completely bald and with a thick luscious mustache. He's dressed respectably but reserved with a calm expression on his face and a clearly visible pistol holstered to him. Setting next to him is another man dressed in a suit and tie, Italian, with no such visible weapon, and mirrored sunglasses.

     The limo is a custom built 1986 Lancia Thema 8.32. Just at a glance it would appear a fairly standard car just stretched out a slight bit in the middle to give it that limousine feel. Though the engine lets out a distinct roar having been replaced with a supercharged v16 engine custom built for the car.

     Passenger hops out of the front the seat swinging out to the side to allow him to step out. From inside he runs to the back pulling open the door.

     Out from the car steps Carmine Falcone dusting himself off as he steps into the night air of Metropolis looking upon the unsuspecting building. He takes a few steps forward as he pulls a battered and worn down unicorn out with him. It's seen better days. One of the eyes replaced, some of the plastic worn down so hard that you can see the metal beneath. A little hand drawn heart has been scribbled on it in crayon, the wax having already faded. Around its neck hangs a little dog collar with the tag reading: Mr.Scribbles.

     "Boss you" The passenger from the front starts only receiving a silent look from the badly scarred Carmine. Silence falls as the words grow hard in the man's throat causing him to choke and cough for a brief moment. He bows his head. "My apologies, I was just thinking."

     "If it was a bad idea, I wouldn't be doing it." Carmine adjusts his cuffs letting the little unicorn drop to his side. "Besides it's better to question me here then anything in front of someone else. You did that in front of Mr.Shott and you would have had a problem."

     A nod from the goon is given who closes the door and moves back to the car.

     Behind Carmine another man stands, olive skin, dark grey hair brown eyes and dressed in a very plain outfit. Barely standing out from the city.

     The two move up to those doors and give a firm knock waiting for a reply.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Old Metropolis Meatpacking Plant had sat abandoned in this part of Metropolis for almost two decades. This place was rumored by the neighborhood children to be haunted, cursed, and all other manners of negative things, but, the truth was much more sinister. Toyman, real Name Winslow Percival Schott had taken over this former meat processing plant and has turned it into his new personal workshop, where he was no doubt waiting for his newest guest, Don Carmine Falcone himself.

Toyman was usually a quite reclusive villain to track, and for good reason. But, as one of the most powerful criminals in Gotham, you were able to come into contact with one "Fat" Al Benson, an associate of you family and a former goon of the Toyman himself. He told you that the Toyman has opened himself up for commissions in the past, but was very picky about who he chose to built for. After a series of rather tedious tests, you received a toy biplane carrying a piece of paper with this address in mind.

The second you knock on the door, it opens, revealing two men wearing very colorful polyester suits. One of the men, a very tall, skinny man with a mop of brown hair and glasses looks at you and says,

"Falcone right? Follow us." The men then walk into the plant, gesturing the two gangsters to follow

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine gives a low nod of respect standing with hands folded behind his back. His body language is firm and in control as he walks through the doors holding that small unicorn behind himself. He looks from one man to the other. "That's correct, and it is a pleasure."

     The two mobsters make their way in the guard behind Falcone taking in the sights with a light intention each exit each entrance windows routes for a quick exit should the need arise.

     The cold blow of the city rolls in behind them before the door is closed. Falcone's rose sticks out against that black suitjacket and bowtie.

     "It's good news that your employer has decided to open himself to commissions yet again." He pauses in his stride to take the place in himself. "It was unfortunate that I was not able to get in touch the last time that the opportunity presented itself."

Winslow Schott has posed:
As the men lead you through the hallway, the smell of mildew and mold filled your nostrils. It was quite evident that this place has not been used for quite a few many years. The other man leading you, a short, fat, balding man chuckles a bit and says,

"Yeah, Mr. Schott is very picky with who he gives out commissions to. He fears having his creations used to harm children and usually puts prospective clients through a big vetting process. Luckily, you passed."

As you go deeper and deeper into the plant, you swear you could hear music, singing, and what sounded like Children's laughter coming from further into the facility. The noises grew louder and louder until you stopped at two double doors at the center of the plant. The two men suddenly stop right before entering the set of double doors, with the Obese man turning and saying,"Schott want's you searched for anything "not fun" before you join him. He doesn't want to end up in cement overshoes if ya know what I mean. Your Highness, Done Falcone is here!"

At this cry, You hear what sounds like clopping of hooves approaching your direction. As the clopping grew louder, the figure of a large, pitch black, regal-looking Unicorn appeared. The two goons nodded respectfully at the creature before it turned to look at you. The Unicorn smiled at the men and nuzzled the tall man, eliciting a smile from him Suddenly, it's horn lit up and the Unicorn said in a soft, regal sounding British accent,

"Please hold still Your Lordship while I scan you for weapons."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "You know he does right by me with this job and I can pull a few strings with my construction firm." Carmine offers with a bit of a smile to the balding man. He takes a moment to bring in the noise. There's a part of him concerned but if there's one thing he's developed in his 70 years on this earth it's a solid poker face. His expression keeps calm and confident.

     At mention of cement overshoes Carmine takes a moment to pull his pistol holding it with two fingers pointed towards the ground. A visible display of disarming himself. He's just about to reach down towards a boot when he hears that sound. His body freezes and he thinks for a spell. He's a hard man to read, like a statue but he blinks once, then twice more. And kneels down to pull out the pistol and knife from his boot making a display of slowly disarming himself, and passing the goods back over to his guard.

     "Princess Midnight." He offers, giving a nod towards the horse, his expression flattening even more. "A surprise to meet you, but not an entirely unpleasant one." He keeps hold of that little worn down toy now held in his hand visible.

     The guard with Falcone looks confused and concerned as he looks from one side to the other leaning over to Falcone to whisper something into his ear. It gets a bit of a shake of the head from the older man as it's confirmed that he is not just seeing things.

     "We live in a world where a man threw a building at a giant ape and you're telling me a talking Unicorn Princess is too much?" He pauses for a moment pulling another pistol from his person and handing it back over to his guard. "You let your sense of wonder die or just leave it in that Arkham Cell?" Looking back over, as he holds his arms out for the scan.

Winslow Schott has posed:
The Unicorn smiles at Falcone and does what can only be a Unicorn's version of a courtesy. Suddenly, it's horn lit up and began to scan you, no doubt looking for any more knives or guns. The Unicorn then steps back, peers to the two men, and says,

"His Lordship is not armed with anymore weapons my friends. Please, bring him to Master Schott. I shall be in the other side of the building checking on the progress of my Brother and his men on that little project."

Midnight's brother of course, was the valiant Prince Gallant, a brave and noble Unicorn Knight and fighter of evil. If he was here, how many more of those Unicorns are there? The two men walk towards the door and, after a brief nod, open both doors at the same time.

Bright lights immediately flooded your eyes as the sounds of music and laughter grew louder and louder. Once your eyes grew accustomed to the brightness, what you saw before you resembled a child's playroom. There were toys scatted all over the floor, and placed rather neatly on the shelves. The toys varied from small, old-fashioned tinker toys, all the way to jumbo teddy bears. Amongst these toys you would a rather large amount of Unicorn toys of various sizes, all from "My Precious Unicorn." your eyes would suddenly focus on a short, chubby man with brown hair and blue eyes covered with wire-rimmed glasses sitting at a tea table. He was dressed in a very colorful blue and purple stripped two-piece suit and had a rather large black bow tie on. He appeared to be having a tea party with a whole bunch of stuffed animals. There were two chairs available, one for you and one for your bodyguard. The fat man looks up at you and smiles warmly as he says,

"Mr. Falcone! I've been expecting you! Please, join us for a rather marvelous tea party!" Yep, this was indeed The Toyman.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Luckily there are no more weapons to be found. Unless one counts a metal replacement hip to be a weapon but then again most people wouldn't. He remains still for the scan making sure not to linger his gaze for longer then needed on anything in particular.

     The bright lights are blinding. Falcone takes a moment to place on his glasses to try and dim the light somewhat to avoid being blinded quite completely. Once his eyes adjust he finally takes off his glasses and places them back into the breast pocket of his shirt.

     In spite of what he might or might not be thinking his face is calm and respectful as he looks from one side to the other of this child's playroom of sorts. The bright colors and lights are not entirely what he might have been expecting but then again it's hard to expect much of anything with capes of either stripe.

     "Mr.Schott, I must say you've an interesting taste in decorations, not entirely my style but you've certainly gone all in, and the results speak well." A light smile given as he makes his way over towards the teaparty. He finds himself a seat without trouble allowing his guard to take spot first before setting himself down beside him.

     That well worn My Precious Unicorn toy is sat down onto the table beside the worn Mobster. "Why I would simply love to enjoy a nice tea-party, thank you for the invitation." His bodyguard, a little worse on the poker face, was clearly a bit confused.

     "You come highly recommended Mr.Schott, I did make an attempt to contact and contract you sooner, but I understand you take your vetting highly seriously, and respect the precaution."

     Carmine's own suit looked at a distance to be plain black all the way down save for the brilliant red rose sticking out from his pocket but from this close in the bright light it's clearly covered in an intricate network of roses and vines embossed across the black surface not a single rose vine or thorn identical to any other on the suit. A similar embossing is on his Bow-Tie around his neck and even those perfectly polished shoes.

     "The Antics of Black Bart were always rather close to my heart when I first watched your television show with my youngest." He offers a slight smile settling into the tea party with all the grace one might expect from a man who had attended a vast quantity of tea-parties with his children and grandchildren over the years. "Though I admit watching the first five minutes of the same handful of episodes did wear thin after a time."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman smiles at the two men and hands them the tea kettle, which appeared to be actually filled with tea, though what is unknown. Schott then shrugs and says in a thick, British accent,

"I apologize for not contacting you the first time Mr. Falcone. I must've not seen your summons." His eyes then focus on the worn Unicorn toy, first in shock, then in happiness as he smiles and says,

"I take you had a child Mr. Falcone. That's the first Lord Nova I've seen in years, or now I should say Mr.Scribbles." Schott smiles and chuckles at this and takes a deep sip of his tea as he clears his throat. He then says,

"I am glad you liked Black Bart Mr. Falcone. He was quite fun to design and write for. Though personally, I am more of a Pirate Man than a Western fan. Hence why i prefer Captain Bones."

Captain Bones of course, was the Minotaur pirate captain of the feared pirates of the "Black Heart" pirate fleet. Schott then clears his throat again and says,

"So, why do you need to see the Toyman today? Do you need Mr. Scribbles to be repaired Mr. Falcone?"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "The Black Heart fleet has always had its appeal to be fair, but I've always had my heart in the american wild west." Carmine holds up the tea cup and graciously sips of the contents with a single pinky out. "There's something admirable about the era even if the character himself was something of a bumbler." He smirks. "Out beyond the edge of civilization men those men ruling by their own law protecting what's theirs instead of relying on others to come to their rescue." A deep breath of the aroma. "It's something of a reflection of what I yearned for many years." He chuckles quietly.

     "Rest assured I take no offense, I realize you to be a bit indisposed with your personal crusade, and would be more offended if you had told me you put your whole business on hold simply on my account." He gives another warm smile. "I respect a man who stands for himself, and takes matters into his own hands, I built my entire enterprise on such behavior."

     He looks down towards the little Unicorn. "Well that is one task yes, I tried for many years to find someone able to do the work to get Mr.Scribbles in top shape again, but all the money in the world can't account for the skill and talent of one who designed it, Mr.Schott."

     "Of course if you'd be interested in more lucrative measures I have a rather sizable order for an upcoming fundraiser dedicated to the Wounded Warriors project." He takes another sip of tea. "I would like to have a little battle running with precise timing, in a controlled environment of course to wow the locals and bring in donations to the cause." He pauses for a moment. "With your skillset I have a feeling you could do justice to the gravity of the situation without.. Discomforting the donors"

     Carmine makes a lot of hand motions as he talks heavy gesticulations with each and every word to hammer the point across. "You're an excellent showman, that much can't be denied, and I simply wish to pay you to do what you already do best."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman remains quiet throughout most of Falcone's speech, occasionally taking a sip out of his tea. After Falcone finishes his tea, he places it gently on a saucer and clears his throat. He then says,

"I might consider helping you with your charity project Falcone. It has been quite a long time since I used my toys for good. How much are you willing to pay me for this venture Mr.Falcone? Also, I would also like to request secrecy if I do accept, most people don't tryst my name anymore."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I was actually going to suggest much the same myself, and as you would be lacking in the publicity one might expect from this venture I would compensate you in other means accordingly." Falcone sets the cup back down and steeples his hands on the table. "I'd say for the scale required, effort on your part, secrecy, and the time put into the whole affair 3.5 million sounds reasonable enough wouldn't you agree Mr.Schott?"

     He pauses for a moment to take a drink from the cup. "Now of course I wouldn't be able to pay you directly, without first cleaning the currency involved which could take some time but I assure you that you will be paid in a timely manner." He pauses. "A Falcone always honors his debts."

     "And of course if you would like any assistance in your? other ventures we may be able to work something out. Perhaps a Family lawyer in case of emergency on standby?"

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman nods as Falcone continues, showing that he was paying attention. Suddenly, he grabs his tea kettle and starts to pour himself a cup of tea and hums, as if in deep thought. Suddenly, he puts the kettle down and says,

"I think we got a deal Mr. Falcone. I will build you a battlefield diorama to end all diorama's. I am think the Battle of Waterloo personally. As for Mr. Scribbles, I will throw in his repair for free. Also, i will consider your other offer Mr. Falcone thank you.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine offers a warm smile nodding his head as he takes another sip of tea. "I knew my daughter had the right idea when she pointed me towards you Mr.Schott." He folds one leg over the other. "We've both had a difficult time of it, in some ways more difficult than others around us."

     "I want to make clear that I respect your hold on your morals, and that you are willing to do what it takes to avenge the wrongs done against you." He taps his fingers down on the table. "I promise you in this moment, God as my witness, that this diorama will be guarded like fort knox, and I will do my personal part to ensure it is put to good use." He waggles that finger of his.

     "When this is said and done Mr.Schott I believe it would be appropriate to donate it to the Gotham Children's Museum, so that long after either of us are dead and gone there will be something left to remind the people of Winslow Schott, even if they do not know his name, something untainted by their predispositions on the matter of your prior work."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Toyman smiles and reaches across the table to shake Falcone's hand eagerly. It would seem that your offer to donate his creation to the Children's Museum really appealed to him. He says as he shakes your hand,

"That would be lovely Mr. Falcone. I really do love it when the children play with my creations. Bringing them joy is why I became a toy maker in the first place. I beleive that every child deserves a happy childhood and that toys are a big part of that, your donation will be greatly appreciated."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine reaches across the table and shakes that hand firmly. He's been keeping it together fairly well this whole time but there's the slightest crack in his poker face at the mention of 'a happy childhood' a tinge of sadness that just barely crosses his eye. He smiles but it's a more somber smile for just a moment before he collects himself.

     "Everyone deserves a happy childhood." He repeats in his own words.

     Falcone rises back up to a stand dusting off his suit pants.

     "Mr.Schott, it has been lovely talking with you, and I am glad to be working with you." He pauses for a moment adjusting his collar. "If you'd ever like some construction work done." He slides a business card onto the table. "Fidaleo for personal business, and just a regular dial for remodeling."