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Mr. Toad's Wild RIde
Date of Scene: 01 December 2020
Location: Upstate NY
Synopsis: Toad drives his own makeshift assault vehicle through upstate New York while Rogue looks to stop him and the two reminisce about old times.
Cast of Characters: Mortimer Toynbee, Rogue

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     The news copters were keeping their distance but from overhead they had quite a sight. A quite literal trail of destruction, tire treads, fires, smashed buildings, overturned police cars. At the head of it all, no less than a dark green semi-trailer. At least what used to be one, now it was closer to an assault vehicle with armor plating, armored tires mixed with tank treads in places. Various turret protrusions poked out of both the truck and the trailer behind it, some spouting flame, others bullets, on occasion even a small rocket flying out to blast. Most of the fire seemed random but on occasion the turrets would track to something that caught the driver's eyes and fire with more precision. All the while the truck kept barreling ahead, over, and through things, on the road almost as much as it's off it.
     In the driver's seat inside Toad cackles to himself. His view was narrow thanks to the armor, only a few slits of bulletproof glass to see through but there were enough monitors in the dingy cab to let him see 360 degrees around himself using various cameras mounted over his 'ToadTank' a name spraypainted prominently on one side of the vehicle. "That's roight, Toad's back in town! Move out the way ya fookin coppers! Or don't! See if I care! HAHAHA!" he cackles again as he barrels through a blockade that was largely abandoned by the time he hit it, the police realizing by now he wasn't stopping and spike strips weren't cutting it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been with the Brotherhood for 2 years, from age 14 to 16. She's on the verge of turning 21 now, so she has some experience with former members of that very questionable group, Toad is likely one of them!

Rogue was in the area, on her way back through the skies when she caught wind of what was happening via an alert on a App on her phone that actually tracks large scale issues breaking out in the cities on the east coast of the United States. It was a pretty handy app for people like her, who were working on building up their independent super hero cred!

It didn't take her too long to get to where the Toadtank was, and it stood out like a big ol' metal sore thumb on the road. With her hair whipping in the wind as she flies, Rogue grimaces at the sight of the truck and arches her body to let the gravitational pull on her body adjust to fly her right over and alongside of his custom tank.

She comes up alongside the vehicle's driver side door and /knocks/ on its surface. Her eyes peer through one of the glass slits at the driver. He might even recognize her just by her eyes and the whites of her bangs flowing around her face. "Pull over!" She shouts inside, not yet aware of whose driving it.

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     CLANG CLANG CLANG. Was, was someone knocking on his armored door? The voice is muffled of course given the speeds and the noise of the vehicle, stealth running clearly not something this monstrosity was built for. Toad blitzes through a small tree which shatters like it was just a toothpick and peers through the window slit, his eyes widening to see someone looking back at him. Then narrowing up in recognition, his tongue wetting his lips. Grabbing a handset, his rough voice is even rougher with the crackle of static, a couple of mounted loudspears making him a fair bit easier to hear.
     "'Ey kiddo, Uncle Mort so happy to sees ya! No can do on the pull over though, gotta show what I'm capable of, gonna open up me own shop. Advertising, you understand! Now, be a good sport will ya dear? And sod off." As he'd been speaking he'd also been adjusting the aim on a couple of turrets set just behind Rogue. A bellow of intense flame bursts out at her from one while a heavy caliber machine-gun opens from another. It might not be able to pierce her skin but the repeated strikes of such heavy bullets couldn't be pleasant.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is right there toe-to-toe with the Toadtank, right up to himk blasting off the road and through a tree! She spins out of hte way of the tree debris, gracefully rolling her body through the air before rolling back over on to her stomach and raising her hands up to shove a falling tree branch down and away from ehr to keep it from slamming right in to her!

Raising back up in the air, Rogue darts back toward the Toadtank now only to be greeted by a familiar voice-- and accent --over the loudspeaker. So it /is/ the Toad she knew. Some part of her saw the words scrawled on the side of the 'tank' and it made her wonder... the confirmation was like a cold chill and a bunch of memories flashing past her mind's eye as she recalls Morti.

"Toad!" Rogue calls out, her voice muffled thorugh all the noise but still likely reaching him inside the cab of the vehicle. "This is ridiculous! You're not only gonna kill othe'ahs, but you're gonna get yourself killed! The cops aren't gonna go easy on ya with this kinda machine. Pull ove--"

And then comes the fire turret! Rogue's Seventh Sense tickled the back of her head, and she cut her speed to just vanish backward while the burst of fire illuminated the area in light, and heat!

Is she gone?!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     "Yeah yeah, sound like me dear old Mum. Right fore I killed her I means," Toad says sounding oddly wistful about the patricide. As the flame and gun smoke clears away he peers again outside and sees no sign of Rogue flying next to him. Which of course prompts him to look at the monitors set around the cab.
     "Ah ah lil Annie, Uncle Mort sees you back there still! No hiding from the ToadTank! Well, not unless I wants ya hids!" Toad's mocking voice calls out to her again as he spies her flying further back. Clearly the cameras he had strewn about were going to be a problem if she wanted a stealth approach. Except, what had he said about unless he wants her hid? It's about then the smokescreen kicks up, a heavy black odorous smoke mixed with what is almost assuredly teargas which billows up around and behind the truck for a solid twenty seconds or so before whatever canisters that hold it seem to run dry.
     "Now I told ya before, bugger off! Cops ain't no problem for me!" Toad crows out as the truck makes a hard sudden turn...which was looking to take it very near a gas station.

Rogue has posed:
Of course, once she found out it was Mortimer in the patchwork tank, Rogue felt an inherent kinship not to really just smash the thing in to a metal cube... which would play a factor in her way of dealing with the vehicle, and its wayward driver..

Back behind the vehicle now, Rogue is coming up on it when she hears his voice prattle on, then the sudden smoke fumes that billow out, the tear gas does effect her, not maybe as much as it would a normal person, but it does have an irritant effect to the Belle's eyes, meanking her speed up out of the cloud to get up on to the back of the tank, clutching it with her gloved hands while the rest of the fumes play-out behind her.

"Son of a bitch..." Rogue mutters in the wind and chaos around her. She there-after starts to climb the tank, using only her hands to guide hre up the back of it before she spots the flame turret and lunges at it first!



The southern girl that Toad used to know from hear early teens, has changed quite a lot. She used to be gentle and all Goth'ed-out in dark makeup and clothes. Now she's in a green and gold bodysuit, leather jacket worn over it, and long boots up past her knees!

And is pummeling the hell out of the fire turret he'd just tried to toast her with!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     Clinging to the actual surface of the truck/tank's rear Toad finally loses sight of her and smirks to himself. "Kids. Sometimes need a good spank is all. Wish more parents remember that," Toad chatters to himself as he prepares to set the handset back down...only to hear a loud crunch, bang, and a few red lights go up in the cab. Frantically he looks back at the monitors and now sees Rogue standing atop his truck.
     "Oi! You damn blighter! I stole you a doll before and this is how you repay me?!" He jerks the wheel hard trying to throw her off, not that it meant much against someone that could fly. Gritting his teeth he looks at the gas station ahead, people screaming and running away from it as they can see what's happening. The cannon mounted to the front of the truck might not be quite as big or powerful as an actual tank, but when it fires at the gas station it seems to the job just fine, a massive fireball rising into the air, the force of the blast enough to rattle the armored beast, a sweep of hot air rolling over it. And only getting hotter as he keeps driving straight into the flames and out the other side, confident in the ToadTank's fireproofing it would seem.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just using her immense strength to pound that flame turret into a mess of metal shards, twisted slag and irreparable junk! But her eyes shoot up just in time to see the gas station, and the attack upon that Toad does to create a cloud of fire that he's driving head-long straight toward!

"Toad! This is crazy! Even for you!" Rogue shouts, as she straightens up and starts to run toward the back of the tank once more before the vehicle can charge in to the wall of fire! She does an actual cartwheel across the top of the tank, her gloved hands grabbing the back of it to gracefully send her long legs over her body as she twirls around and BACK down to grasp on to the back of the truck like she had been before!

The fire rushes over it, while the Belle lemur-holds on to the back of the vehicle until it passes through it...

Some time passes, Toad doesn't see her hear from her again...

But what he'll note is that the pitch of the vehicle is suddenly changing....

She's behind his tank now, and lifting the back end of it up in to the air while flying along above the ground!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     "I've grown just like you have! Ain't the same old sniveling Uncle Mort like I used to be! Ain't nobody telling me what to do now!" Toad hoots, actually believing his own words. If Magneto showed up about then it'd be a different story of course. The tank cruises through town, only clipping a couple of cars and smashing a water tower's base to pieces before it's back in the countryside, Toad catching his breath and grinning as he sees no sign of the trouble-making girl he once knew.
     Well, not until she starts lifting his armored vehicle off the ground that is. The heaviest semi trailers were about 40 tons. With all the additions and armor Toad had made his was probably closer to 60 or more. And she was still lifting it. Toad feels a twinge of the sniveling coward he was cross his mind, but then an anger sweeps over it.
     "I was trying to be nice Anna-Marie!" his voice crackles. Uh-oh, he was using her WHOLE name, she was in trouble now with Uncle Mort! "Since you want the damn thing so bad though, why don't you go and take it!" With that the armed and armored semi-trailer pops free of the truck cab. No longer attached it might throw Rogue back or up a bit. That wasn't the problem though. The problem was about ten seconds after it detached, it also self-destructed, along with every piece of unfired ammo still inside it. The blast would make the gas station explosion look like a firecracker by comparison.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in the process of tipping the vehicle up on to its nose when she heard his voice over his loudspeaker trying to play up the waterworks with the loose 'family' words. Words that did hold weight with her back when she was in her mid teens, and really desperately searching for a family that did care about her, but that was then, and this is now. She'd grown, and she'd found Xavier's School, which was a far better family for her than this sort of stuff ever was!

The tank is heavy, no questions asked, she's lifting and pulling though, when the tank's main body disconnects and suddenly sends her up a good 10 feet in to the air, holding the back-end of the vehicle dangling down beneath her. She looks up to see the cab speeding off, then her tingling Danger Sense triggers again, and with a sudden gasp the Belle TOSSES the tank off to the east!

But it can only get so far, before it detonates!

The detonation is massive, the shockwave is powerful, and it sends Rogue tumbling end over end away in to a nearby field where she vanishes in to the tall grass!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     When the vehicles tires touch down after the release of the cab they squeal for a bit before it takes off. It's moving far faster now without the extra weight of the trailer, clearly the engine is not the same one it came with and it's soon topping well over 100 MPH. Just without most of its weapons. Toad grimaces watching the countdown and when the blast comes even at these speeds he can still feel the backend of the truck lift up a bit from the shockwave. "Sorry lil Annie, shouldn't be getting in me way though," he mutters, almost sounding actually sad as he figures he may well have just killed her. Drawing in a deep breath though he keeps driving, no authorities chasing him now, the twin blasts of it and the gas station getting full attention. He might actually get away!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was just stunned, not dead. Shockwaves have a weird effect on her, she's experienced a few of them, though that one was a particularly large explosion... possibly the largest she's taken straight to the face like that.

All the same though, Toad likely feels as though he's getting away scott-free, as several minutes go by with his vehicle now light-loaded and driving much faster. But, sadly for the Toadly-one, that's not the case!

From the north, there's a shadow that moves past the sunlight, zipping right over the vehicle and momentarily blocking some light from the slitted-windows. Then, out of no where, the yellow boots of the X-Woman touch down right on to the hood of the cab! Rogue just lands right down on top of the vehicle, and stands on it, her suit singed and tattered in places, her jacket in good condition still though. Her hair is blowing wildly in front of her face as she takes a step forward and just kicks the front windscreen of the vehicle inward!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     Settling back in his seat Toad retracts the armored panels on the windows and has the audacity to turn the radio on, stopping as he finds Fleetwood Mac playing 'Dreams.' Tapping his fingers on the wheel he seems to already be over killing his old running buddy. It's possible Toad wasn't a good person deep down at all. "Should be nuffs footage on the news get me a few clients looking to work on their...speak of the devil," Toad plucking a smartphone from his pocket and switching it on, adding driving on the phone to his long list of crimes today.
     "Hey mate. Yea saw that did ya? Course I can get you something, ain't cheap though. You bring in the ride and I'll work it up however you...uh, I gotta go," Toad ending the call as quickly as it began when a set of yellow boots fill the better part of his view in front. His head cranes back to look at up Rogue staring down at him, a look on her face that could be called 'surly' at best.
     "Ah, hey now, lil Annie, Uncle Mort did, AARGH!" his apology too late as she boots the bulletproof glass back into him with a healthy crack now in the center of it. The heavy glass thumps him in the face and then into his lap, and keeps his hands from reaching the steering wheel. The truck/tank has done well smashing through all sorts of things, but it doesn't take well to a sudden hard turn at high speeds, turning onto its side and skidding along with a flurry of spark until friction and a guardrail bring it to a stop. At least while Toad was a criminal, he was a safe one, his seatbelt keeping him in place through it which he hurriedly starts working to disengage!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had intended to rip the cab open and just pick Morti up out of the seat. But he reacted poorly to her tearing her way in to the vehicle, and she sensed the truck was about to tumble out of control... so with a quick step back, she vanished with the motion of a long arching backflip!

The truck crashes, and it isn't a great crash at all... it could've easily killed Toad, especially with the torn-up condition the cab was in after the Angry Belle arrived and started to get her vengeance on the giant explosion he set off in front of her face.

But when the sounds of him struggling inside of the cab come from within it... Rogue touches down on the ground beside it, her long legged boots walking around the cab to stand in front of it again, her eyes now on the form of the driver inside it.

She shakes her head, with one hand on her hip. "Ya were one'a the nicer ones t'me back then, Morti." She tells him as she starts to walk toward him, her naturally husky voice laced with apparent disappointment. "I had hoped ya found your way t'somethin' better than a life like this. But... Mystique's poison has clearly soaked deep inta ya."

Rogue moves toward him now in the cab, aiming to get him outside of the wreckage now. "Come on. I'll take ya where some people can help ya..." Does she think he's given up? Seems that way.

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     The harness comes loose at last and Toad drops onto his side with a thud. That scared little girl he once knew, maybe he had cared for her in a way, but he was a mess in his head too, the crack about killing his parents' far from an idle boast. As the confident belle struts towards him she'll find another side of Mortimer she might remember again, the one that groveled to Magneto. He crawls towards her, his lower lip quivering, snot and tears dribbling down his face. "Annie! Annie I'm sorry! It, it's been rough since you left! I ain't even seen the rest of the Brotherhood in a year, I got nothin but me own two hands! Annie please," he blubbers at her, crawling towards her like some Gollum-like creature, mostly unhurt save for a bit of blood trickling from his forehead, a few bruises under his clothes.
     The act was good, he knew very well how to be the sniveling, pathetic, pitiful being that everyone looked down on as he gets closer to her, his head almost bumping her boots before he looks up at her and smiles a wide, wide smile of yellowed teeth. "Annie my dear," he croons with what sounds like genuine affection.
     Another sound like a sniffle, except this one goes just a wee bit longer. Her danger sense might warn her, but it was likely too little, too late at this range as Toad's throat swells up and his mouth opens. The viscous gob that he spews forth isn't spit (well, not entirely) but a thick slime that he aims at her eyes and potentially nose. Whether it hits her or not he tries for a double-footed mule kick to follow-up, his strength not equal to her own but still far above that of a normal human, especially his legs as he looks to knock back a blinded Rogue and start hopping his way into the nearby forest to hide before she gets the slime off herself, a process that wasn't likely to be quick or pleasant.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a sense of familial connection to him, she can't help it. He was part of her team and it didn't even feel like that long ago. She'd ran away from the Brotherhood because of Mystique, not because of the others... sure they had their problems too, some of them more than others, but there was still a sense of care for them. Kinship. Yep. It's a bad thing, if you're naive about it.

And she maybe is a bit too much here.

As Toad crawls his way toward her, Rogue just stand there with her right loose fist on her hip, and her left leg out to the side a bit, eying him as he grovels. "Alright, alright, enough. Lets just get ya---" And he spits!

She's only able to partially dodge it so her right eye isn't fully covered, but the rest slaps across her face, covering her nose, and left eye entirely, going up in to her forehead and hairline too!

She's actually already stumbling backward when he kicks, and drops her! Which is /very/ rare for Rogue to fall down anymore, her balance has been legen-dary, since she got these flight powers.

But here and now, the Belle is knocked to her butt, and lands hard against the ground. She falls backward, her hands going up to her face to try to claw the slime shell off of her skin, but her gloves are preventing it. "Damnit, Toad!" Rogue shouts out while tearing her gloves off of her hands!

Mortimer Toynbee has posed:
     Toad is all but gone in a flash and with a cackle. "Sorry Annie! I do like ya though!" he calls out as he vanishes into the treeline. Maybe she'd try and follow or fly overhead but the forest of New York wouldn't be an easy place to find Mort, his flexible body letting him crawl into the smallest of hideyholes and he wasn't about to be scared of getting a bit dirty doing it. But before he's too far gone into the trees something else does come flying back out to thump and roll up against the fallen Rogue. No it's not a grenade.
     Rather bumping up against her when she's finally able to look again is the head of the doll Toad had mentioned he once stole for her back when they were together in the Brotherhood. A Raggedy Anne doll. True she'd probably been too old for dolls by that point, but it hadn't stopped Mort from giving it to her all the same. "An Anne for Annie, ain't that dandy?" he'd cackled, all too amused at his own stupid rhyme. The head now was dirty after these few years traveling with the criminal, but it seems he'd kept it when she left all the same. Good luck charm? Rememberance? There's no note to explain why but she has it back now.