4586/Another You: May be time to gear up

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Another You: May be time to gear up
Date of Scene: 03 January 2021
Location: Security: Triskelion
Synopsis: Upon discovering she's got an evil twin out there in the world, Melinda May gears up for war, along with a trio of backup: Bobbi, Phil, and Peggy.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Peggy Carter, Bobbi Morse, Phil Coulson
Tinyplot: Another You: Doppelgänger

Melinda May has posed:
Her steps are quick on the Triskelion floor. May sweeps out of Ops, heading swiftly through the corridors. She's got that intense focus look on her face. That expression that says she's on a mission. Her first stop is at her quarters, to grab a jacket to put over her tac suit. One that doesn't have SHIELD stamped all over it. Her next stop? Totally the armoury...

Peggy Carter has posed:
It's pure dumb luck that Peggy's catching Melinda as she stomps down the hall like that, but the woman's stride is hard enough and the look on her face rather dire. So, with that, Peggy turns on the ball of her high heel clad foot and double times it down the hall after May, "I've no clue what is going on, but you're certainly not going at it alone." She insists as she quickly joins May down the hall, even if she's not in a tac suit herself. She rarely is, unless it's a planned and highly dangerous mission. Today is a dark navy 1940s swing styled dress with matching red shoes and belt. She's just more comfortable working in the same clothes she has for 80 years.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi peers over at the computer terminal May was sitting at in ops. The crowd is still big, there's a lot of discussion going on. When Bobbi sees whose face it is on the security footage she sighs, "Oh hell." She copies the location data down on to her tablet and squeezes her way through the traffic jam of people to get out of ops.

    May is no where to be seen. Priorities.. tac suit, May's quarters. Armory for weapons, vehicle bay.. no.. quinjet. She'd take a quinjet. Weapons... Bobbi takes a hard left and heads toward the armory to try and cut off May before she makes a tactical mistake.

Phil Coulson has posed:
It didn't take long for Coulson to see that image on the screen after May left Ops to put the two together. And so, he hurries out of Ops as well. It would seem that he's had similar thoughts as Bobbi, since the armory is where he's heading for, making sure to get there as fast as he can without knocking down anyone else on the way there.

Melinda May has posed:
May glances briefly to Peggy as she falls in step beside her. "Dimensional gates are opening all over the damned planet," the Asian woman says bluntly, anger in the set of her jaw. "Gotta fix it." Before her evil twins hurts someone. Hopefully.

Thus, by the time she reaches the armoury, Morse and Coulson are both already there. She pulls up short. Eyes them both, and then wordlessly moves resolutely towards the door.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Yes, most of us do not live with our heads under rocks. This is a very... abrupt moment to fix things not under your control and without a proper team so..." Peggy's dark eyes flicker up as she sees the other two coming into the armory. She gives them a wry look and a single arched brow before nodding curtly. "Seems you have a team behind you now for whatever this urgent mission is."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Well, now -that- is a look from May, the Agent who refined her martial arts abilities in to the kicking and punching machine she is today. She raises an eyebrow. "We need a game plan," she says as she moves out of the way opening the door to let her through, then following her in.

    "We have no idea what she's planning. It could be a trap, she could have weird weapons.. she's survived on an apocalypse world for decades," she comments and picks up a regular tac belt and starts clipping on stun grenades, flash bangs, a regular pistol with lethal armour piercing ammunition.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson raises an eyebrow. "What's the plan, then?" he asks, quietly. Waiting a few moments, he nods as he adds, "Because you're not going after her on your own, without backup or a plan, right?" He moves over to the weapons, before he adds, "And of course, we need to have a way to be sure we can know which one is you and which one is not, once you head out there."

Melinda May has posed:
May enters the room and adds some extra ICER ammunition, as well as a handful of stun disks. She's not going for lethal weapons, true. But that's partly because she's likely got all the lethality she'll need in her bare hands and feet.

She glances over to Peggy at her comment. Yeah. She missed the ops briefing. "We're hunting *me*," she tells her friend. "Gear up as if you were going to take down *me*." Yeah, that's not creepy to her at all.

"Of course, there's going to be a trap," she tells Bobbi. Though she's not sure what sort of weird weapons she might use. "But if we get to her *now*, she won't have time to acclimate and prepare. This is our *best* window of opportunity." And May being angry is... actually kinda typical for her. So, she's not really that different now, than any other mission. Except that this one is very, very personal.

Then, her attention shifts to Coulson, who, of course, came up through the agency with her. He probably knows her field style better than anyone else. "Come with me," she tells him. "Get me one of the new lanyards. Or put a damned RF chip in me. I don't care. But I'm not leaving her out there to kill someone when I know where she is *right* now."

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Got it." Peggy states flatly in response to May's comment about hunting herself. She didn't see the footage, but she trusts her friend and clearly doesn't disagree with the timing. Therefore, she starts strapping up. She does pull down a body armor jacket, pulling it on across her upper half to protect all the vitally important bits. She's grabbing two different ICERs, several hand to hand weapons, zip ties, and a few flash grenades. Distraction might not be a poor idea.

She then looks back to Bobbi and Phil. She knows either of them could override this determination, give orders that they aren't going out there to put down this woman's other half. She's still strapping weapons to herself, clearly intent on going with May, but Peg is a team player and she's curious as to what the rest of the team is saying.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi pauses at that and smiles. "I have just the thing," she says and walks over to a different cabinet. In it, the radiological taggers used to track agents when they expect to get separated from their team. "Skyhawk was invented in the last decade, so there's next to no chance they'd have an analogue over on their world."

    She takes out a pincer like device and loads in a dosage. "Arm," she tells May as she approaches. With her spare hand, she's thumbing on her tablet to synchronise up the tracker so they can always tell which May is their May.

    If May lets her, she injects the isotope in to her, "Lasts up to six days, so you're off undercover for the next week.. not that you and I do much of that any more, but it's worth noting," she says and then thumbs on the phone again sending a message, 'Get Mockingbird suit to quinjet hanger' for Agent Jenkins. She's not going anywhere near a May-doppleganger fist fight without an unfair advantage.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson keeps silent for a little while as he considers, letting out a brief breath as he sees Bobbi ready the tracking stuff, he nods slowly. "That takes care of that. We still need some kind of a plan, though." Grabbing some weapons and checking them as he readies himself.

Melinda May has posed:
May pauses long enough to let Bobbi inject the isotope. "I have a plan," she says bluntly. "Find her. Punch the hell out of her until one of you stun both our asses into unconsciousness. Then send her home." So... maybe not completely off the rails?

Oh, don't mistake anything. May is absolutely willing to go up against the woman mano-a-mano without backup. And probably will, before all this is over. But she's also just tactical enough to use every advantage she can find. So, if they can take her down together, then fine. But if not? She'll totally do a death match with herself. And still bet on winning.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi puts the injector back in the cabinet and slides her tablet in to her thigh pocket. "As far as plans go.. it's not completely terrible. But let's be pessemistic for a moment. She survived over there, but no one survives without friends. She's going to have allies with her. Heck, an evil Coulson might show up for all we know."

    She gives a playful small 'sorry not sorry' shrug to Coulson.

    "So let's not count on avoiding an ambush," she says and then feels a buzz on her wrist and glances at the message. "Quinjet 7 is fuelled and ready to go. I take it you'll want to fly May?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peggy's here to be muscle and another set of hands. She doesn't interfere in the planning, but as May lays it out, she gives a little bit of a smirk in agreement. "I've heard worse plans before, at least. Bobbi's right, though. There could be duplicates of... any of us, really. Or more likely you three. But that means we have to keep in teams at all times. We know who each other is right now. No one goes off alone? Means there can't be any swaps when we least expect it."

With that thought added to the planning, Peggy sets one more flashbang on her belt and preps to head into the quinjet with them all.

Phil Coulson has posed:
Phil Coulson nods a bit slowly. "I'm sure we would all like to take this duplicate, or duplicates, out as quickly as possible," he says, shaking his head a bit lightly at that shrug from Bobbi. "Stay together, and expect anything. We don't know what tricks these people might have up their sleeves, after all." One final check that he has gotten enough weapons and gear, and he nods. "Let's get this done, then."

Melinda May has posed:
"Maybe you should have injections, too," May says dryly as the others outline the likelihood of meeting themselves in the field. She nods to Bobbi. "Yeah, I'll fly." It may allow her to focus if she does. She picks up the last bits and pieces she thinks she needs and looks at the trio around her.

A quiet breath fills her lungs as she studies their faces. For just a moment, her expression softens. Then, the game face comes back. "Let's go."

The quinjet awaits.