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Thor Has a Plan
Date of Scene: 12 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - First Floor
Synopsis: Thor returns from Asgard with a proposition to offer Steve. Both gents talk through new revelations in regards to Genosha with Natasha and Carol. The latter learns of Superman's return from the dead. There is no vodka!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Carol Danvers

Thor has posed:
    Winter may have passed with how warm the day has been. No hints of snow mar the streets, no icicles remain. Just fresh grass, a cool breeze, and new sod having been placed at strategic locations in the lawn, suitable for helping oncoming new growth. Though today the sky is overcast, perhaps the last salute to a fading storm-front. Though then those clouds start to swirl, and flashes of energy flicker across their surface leading to them parting only for the rainbow brilliance to slice through them and slash straight into the new growth of the lawn.
    Seared into the ground is the emblem of Asgard, runic and strong and sizzling. The energy lashes back, disappearing into clouds and from within emerges the Thunderer garbed in metal and leather, Mjolnir in hand, and advancing with a quick stride.
    Though in this one instant preceded by his shouting.
    "AVENGERS!" He hollars, echoing off the nearby buildings. Then quieter, "Jarvis?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve mulls the pencil back and forth longwise between his lips as he types through another email from SHIELD. An inquiry into the officer involved in the questionable apprehension of a mutant has pinged back to him and he squints in obvious disapproval at the affair. It's the reflection of the Bifrost off the screen that has him turning in his chair, eyebrows raised, even as JARVIS sets off the benign alert for the Asgardian's arrival.

Somewhere, the gardener is fuming.

Placing aside the pencil with a sharp snap on the table, he departs from his upstairs office to clatter down a set of side stairs and towards the backyard. After all, that was a hell of a holler.

"Thor," calls out the Captain as he appears out of the side door tucked a dozen feet down from the back patio. Steve is in grey sweatpants and a navy-blue hoodie, running sneakers, and he clearly //meant// to go for a run. Emails are distracting, it seems. "Is something wrong?" His golden brows knit as he walks over towards the Asgardian across the lawn.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    After Wakanda... Nat needed a shower. She needed, like, a three week vacation in the shower. She just gets the one, though, and steps out to her room just in time to see the clouds start spiralling in the build up to Thor's explosive entrance.
    <<Ms. Romanoff, I believe Thor has->>
    "I heard him." Natasha interrupts gently, an instant before Thor bellows out to them, causing her to wince.
    <<I believe he wishes an audiance.>>
    "... Thank you, Jarvis."
    A few moments later Natasha is dressed in a black sleeveless shirt, slacks and a pair of slippers, appearing in the doorway shortly after Steve speaks to Thor. "That was a short fotenight." She says, sounding good natured but more tired than she's usually willing to let on. "Did everything go okay?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol asked JARVIS a favor after Wakanda. She asked for him to please let her know the next time Thor showed up at the Avengers Mansion because she wanted to talk to him about one of the Verily good Fights he had in the files.

So thankfully when JARVIS sets the benign alert that Thor arrived it didn't just alert those in the mansion this time. Carol pauses reading through dossiers and files a plenty across down and glances at her wrist. "Ah... excellent." she pushes back standing and causing some of the analysts sitting near the station she requistioned to stare. "Going out.. keep hunting." and well not like anyone else is going to tell her oh no Carol don't go and stop pestering us about Genosha or Mystique or whatever it is of the day. They are much better trained analysts and they also know an opportunity to relax without Captain Obessive pacing around.

Carol just steps out the nearest exit into a courtyard then in one leap she is up in the sky zipping across town. Not breaking any sonic barriers or windows though, keeping it safe for those around her.

Despite that she makes excellent time streaking across down.

Her touchdown in the backyard is after the others have left the mansion to see what is wrong, but not too long after. It definitely isn't as impressive as the bifrost though.

Thor has posed:
    Advancing upon the back door, then diverting over towards where Cap stands, Thor moves quickly, though as he walks a silvery flame slashes over him, energy flaring and flashing as that magical fire licks at his form and where it touches it removes the armor and seems to leave behind his normal Midgardian garb, much to Janet's chagrin assuredly.
    Striding forth he hefts his umbrella and catches it in one hand, looking between Cap and Widow then, pointing at them both. "I am glad you are here, matters proceed apace though we should get ahead of them. We must be as quick as Wanda's brother and as agile as good Natasha."
    That said he stops. And for a moment... silence. As if he hadn't gotten to this part mentally or pondered how to start.
    But only a short moment before he looks to Cap and says, "How would you care to add Ambassador to your list of responsibilities?"
    Though as he asks that it's likely that that is the moment Carol appears behind him.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha hears this, takes a deep breath and sighs: "We *just* ran out of vodka."

Steve Rogers has posed:
A quick glance over his shoulder means Steve has time to shoot Natasha a quick, small smile of greeting before he looks back to Thor striding towards him. Paused now upon the untouched green of the lawn, hands slung by his thumbs in his pockets, he blinks at the sudden question lobbed his way.

"...that's true, actually," the man notes of Natasha's commentary, though his look over at the Widow is quick yet again before it swiftly flicks back to Thor.

"'m gonna need more information before I say yes to that though, Thor. Where'd this stem from?" He nods a greeting towards Carol behind and beyond on the lawn. The gardener will be pleased with her arrival far more kind to the newly-laid turf.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha slowly nods her agreement and steps beside Steve. "Yeah. Yeah, slow down a minute, Thor, explain what happened."
    Carol lands nearby and Natasha gives her a quick nod of greeting. She's a little distracted.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol nods Steve and Nat from behind Thor. "Captain." said with a bit of wry amusement. There is a doctor doctor joke somewhere in her head whenevershe greets Steve like that.

"Why do we need Vodka?" she looks between everyone walking to the side so she isn't behind Thor but it is suddenly more a conversation circle. "Did you ask him about the tornado arm villain yet?"

She missed the part about Ambassador Rodgers.

Thor has posed:
    "Ah, Carol," Thor gives a nod as he turns around, "You should hear this as well I imagine." He takes a few steps over, seemingly pondering taking a spot near the fountain, but then lifts his eyes upwards. "Wait, what? Tornado villain? Perhaps, we had best step inside to discuss?"
    And with that he'll uncurl a hand to motion people inside, filing on through and holding the door at the last for Carol to precede him. Once inside Thor sets the umbrella down upon the prep island there in that rather fancily decorated kitchen, then leans there with arms folded as he takes stock of those nearby.
    "As you know several days ago I departed for Asgard to speak with mine father, to gain his reasons for exiling Loki here to Midgard." He uncurls a hand, "I spoke to him in Court at first, and he e'er does not care to be questioned before the courtiers. So he railed at first, but then we walked and spoke. I told him that the people of Midgard felt themselves sovereign and should have some say in events such as these. He declared that had they not made agreements with us in the past, had they forgotten the aid granted and the saving of their realm. I am paraphrasing of course."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Thor wins the niceness round and the hold-the-door-off given Steve does end up in the mansion before him. He does, however, linger to usher both Carol and Natasha into the kitchen before following them. Rather than lean, the Captain takes up a seat at the eight-person table tucked off to one side.

His attention is direct and keen, his arms fain to cross eventually but for the current resting upon the table, fingers interlaced. A frown still lingers on his fine features as he listens. A subtle turn of his head is a nerve touched slightly at the apparent viewpoint of the All-Father, but patience councils further information before he makes some impromptu comment or decision.

"Saving of the realm? We know you've been around Midgard even before the Avengers, Thor, but this sounds like something bigger. Before our time?" He includes all present in the kitchen.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha looks to Carol, briefly glancing to the side. "No, I-" She's briefly interrupted as Thor directs them inside, finishing as she walks. "I just got back a little while ago. Wanted to share it when more people where here. The report should be with SHIELD by now, though."
    Natasha takes a seat, listening to Thor quietly, though gradually leaning forward and propping her head up thoughtfully on one closed fist. "If humans ever made agreements with Gods, they did it thousands of years ago, carved it on papyrus, and died. I don't think anyone was representing all humankind back then." And there's certainly no one like that now.
    Natasha furrows her brow slightly. "So he thinks we're ungrateful. What happened then?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Has some choice thoughts about the chivalry but honestly she knows they both mean well and one of them is worthy of that fancy umbrella so she lets it slide.

She nods to Nat about the report and lets the ushering go on settling into a chair at the eight seated table. "This thing should be round." she notes thoughtfully then focuses her attention on Thor. "Is that why he banished Loki here, some sort of nine realms prison sentence due to ancient treaty?"

Thor has posed:
    "My father," Thor begins, nodding to Steve, "He means the great war with the Svartalfar and Jotunheim when they had set loose the endless Winter upon Midgard and we brought our aid. He parleyed with the leaders of Midgard at the time, agreements were made of mutual support. It is from agreements such as this that Asgard's protection to the nine realms is given."
    He uncurls a hand, "I believe..." Thor sounds a little pained, "That though the obligations were made with men long dead, they were made with oaths to the mind of an Asgardian's view of matters, perhaps less so a mortal's. However, I told him that the nations he built such treaties with no longer exist, that those wars and battles had faded from Mankind's awareness."
    "He seemed reluctant to give the matter more thought. However," Thor looks between them, "I told them that the people of Midgard were unsettled with recent events. That their current generation knows Asgard primarily through the perfidy of my brother. And that they were unlikely to bow their will to a perceived foreign power."
    A breath is drawn and held, then released slowly. "However, I was able to convince him that Midgard has long been our ally, and is worthy of recognition in the Court as Alfheim and Vanaheim are so recognized. That a promotion to an ally status would be a just act, and a voice in the court so they can be assured of their matters being addressed."
    He pauses and then smiles, "And he agreed to the possibility, though he wishes to meet my choice for an ambassador first."

Steve Rogers has posed:
There go the eyebrows, expressive as always, up and up. "Before our time then," Steve murmurs under his breath at the tale of the foreign nations fighting for Midgard. He continues to keep his peace until Thor is finished speaking and then nods, glancing between Natasha and Carol.

"Dunno that he banished Loki here for breaking an ancient treaty. I was under the impression it was to make amends for what he did a couple of years back." His true-blues find Thor again for confirmation, though he adds: "It's a good idea as a whole though, an ambassador. Enough time has passed 'nd the world is changing at a fast rate. Don't think we're too proud to ask for help as we need it. Knowing Asgard as an allied world would settle a lot of minds."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods slowly, summing up with "An Ambassadorship between Earth and Asgard. That's..." Natasha leans back slowly and folds her arms, looking somewhat distant. "... That's a good idea. That's a *really* good idea. Humans come and go, but with that sort of connection nobody can... 'forget' any old treaties if they're there to remind us. We can keep abreast of any big changes out in the cosmos. And if they're willing to listen to us..."
    Well, Natasha leaves that part unfinished. Of course the spy would think of being able to angle toward advantages, but that's not in the spirit of things right now. And god forbid they have more powerful allies with so many aliens seemingly sharpening their knives and salivating at Earth.

    She does smile a little, though, and say "Good job, Thor."
    The job's not *done* per se, but this is technically more progress towards diplomacy with Asgard than has been made in... ever.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I thought we were already allied with Asgard." Carol notes looking puzzled for a brief moment. Honestly she couldn't remember for certain but she figured with Thor here saving the day on a regular basis they must have been. Maybe he was just a free wheeling prince of Asgard though.

"That said considering all the things out there that would love to either disinigrate Earth or use it as a breeding pit for their larvae... yeah I think having an Ambassador with Asgard and normalized relations is an excellent idea." she glances at the window towards the sky herself there then back to the others. "This wasn't what I was expecting us to be talking about, but it is excellent news Thor." nodding in agreement towards Nat.

Thor has posed:
    Then, as if remembering, "Ah, and an embassy here. So official channels and less separation between our peoples." But he seems entirely pleased at the compliment paid by Natasha, his answer being a lowering of his eyes and a nod.
    Back to Carol, Thor says, "Allied in... that currently Asgard grants Midgard protection. But I am afraid it is not the protection granted between peers. This, is perhaps a step in the right direction. Though regarding the ambassadorship, I would choose the good Captain Rogers. But I do not know if that is a choice that all of Midgard would accept."
    Then, when Carol speaks, he straightens as he looks at Cap as if for explanation, one eyebrow lifting. "It wasn't?" Regarding this not being what Carol wanted to speak about.
    "There was aught else?" Then his head lifts a little, "Ah the vortex individual was it?" He tightens his arms over his chest and looks to the others, "What would you have of me?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve unlaces his fingers as he leans back into his chair. "I'll be frank: I'd accept it with a majority vote for it because...you're not wrong. There're candidates beyond me capable of keeping Midgard's interests in mind in the Courts of Asgard. Now, if we wanna have a temporary point of contact while things're talked over? This, I also accept," the Captain says with a nod towards Thor. "If your father needs a modern take on Midgard, happy to step in."

He does, however, glance over at Carol. "Who is this vortex individual then?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's face returns to a guarded neutral when Thor wonders about Earth agreeing on one ambassador. She... doesn't see all of earth agreeing to much of anything in the next few dozen generations. But Nat isn't an optimist, and optimism is probably more useful to the cause right this second.
    When the topic shifts however, Natasha nods and folds her hands her in her lap, taking a deep breath as she recalls.

    "We were protecting Wanda while she was in Wakanda to see her people." The refugees from Genosha. "A few of them spoke of people on the ground after the attack. A man in a purple suit. White hair, yellow-orange skin. They said he coud spin his arms fast enough to whip up winds strong enough to move bricks and steel beams.
    "A woman in green with silver-green hair. The witness said she made her sick.
    "And a man whose clothing was supposedly... 'made of machines' or 'parts' according to the witness, who was bagging up corpses and carrying them away. The first two also seemed to be cutting pieces off of the bodies and prodding them with devices they couldn't identify. Said there were probes sticking out of the top."
    Natasha takes a breath and shakes her head. "So far we don't seem to have any records of anyone like that."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol blinks there and leans back in the chair staring at Steve. "I suppose by Odin's definition, you do have a modern take on Midgard."

"Specifically the woman made them dizzy. There was also a white pasty skinned man with black tattered cloak that stood up behind him.." she shakes her head. "As Natasha said... they were either involved with Genosha or scavangers right after it."

She hesitates then adds. "The Satellite footage was modified as well.. I'm not sure how or what was changed of the actual assault on Genosha but there are subtle artifacts the forensics team found. The diagnostics and a visual inspection though showed nothing wrong with them." that last part is more for Cap and Nat.

Thor has posed:
    "That... sounds familiar." The Thunderer says as he turns to he side and frowns, lowering his head and touching fingertips toward his brow, trying to focus and recall when that was. Who that was. He straightens up off the counter to his full considerable height and glances toward Cap as if that man may have some insight, or might at least be able to help jog his memory.
    But then he turns his attention back towards Nat.
    "It reminds me of an encounter, during the business with the Morelocks," Or as some would call it, the Morlock Massacre, "I faced several individuals that could match that description." He frowns and chews his lower lip for a time then looks away. "The man with the mechanisms was some Hunter I believe, taking what prey he could in the tunnels but as soon as he spotted me he fled. Left several others in his wake to perform their foul deeds and they fled before I could question them. I believe one was called Vertigo, and their leader was some pale man whose name I did not have at the time, though I would recognize him if I saw him."

Steve Rogers has posed:
"A more modern take 'nd a cross-cutting of some significant time periods in history," Steve notes with a wry, somewhat rueful little grin towards Carol. Still, he falls silent to hear the updates and reports given of the survivors of Genosha. Now...now the arms fold across his chest.

He watches as Thor suddenly excuses himself after the the remembrance of the Morlock Massacre with no comment. The Asgardian appears to have suddenly found a memory to strike upon and perhaps needs time to reflect further on it before more information can be shared -- or perhaps the stress of family interactions has brought him to need some silent contemplation away from the group as a whole. Regardless, Steve does allow himself a quiet sigh through his nose as he looks back to Carol and Natasha.

"If the footage has been altered, it begs the question of whom. Why is easy enough: hide evidence. Thor seems to know more about those people you're referencing than I'd have expected, but that's also important. If he knows these people, anyone involved with the Morlock Massacre might also." His eyebrows lift in question at the two women. Do they know of anyone else involved?

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha is surprised to hear Thor note any familiarity with what they're saying - SHIELD's knowledge is considerable, so an Asgardian knowing something about Earth that they wouldn't didn't strike her as likely - and he has her full attention when he stands suddenly, making her lean back sharply. "Vertigo." She repeats in a hushed voice, letting on to a hint of excitement. "A name's a lot more to go on. And the Morelocks give us a point of reference. That's helpful."
    Natasha lets Thor go, but definitely plans to bother him to see if he remembers anything more later. But with that, Carol has her attention.
    "It also begs the question: Who's capable of *doing* that who would want Genosha hurt. It sounds like a lot of people are involved in this. Mutants, even, if Vertigo's anything to go by. This was complicated enough when we just had wizards blaming the Green Lantern."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"It could be unrelated, they could be scavangers or they could be involved in the whole thing. We will need to investigate them to find out both possibilities. To chase this lead into the ground." she frowns.

"Probably to hide evidence yes... those green beams probably didn't come from thin air. The question really is who can nearly flawlessly replace footage coming through a SHIELD satellite in real time without leaving a trace we have been able to find yet."

Nat does get a nod "We should look into the Morlock Massacre and the name Vertigo... none of this is ringing any bells to me at all. Is there anything else about this either of you have managed to uncover before I go back to hitting my head against a wall on this?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Entirely possible that a mutant went rogue. Not the first time somebody on one half of the playing field wanted to switch sides because something else looked more tempting...or was coerced." Fingertips rub at one of his temples as the man looks down to one side, beyond the arm of his chair. "SHIELD's gonna have to lock down the satellites tighter than usual."

Now the super-soldier looks up at Carol. "We had a friend of the Avengers drop off a pod he got from deep space. He thinks it was decoy signal, read at first like a distress signal from a ship. By the time he got back into the atmosphere, Genosha had been attacked. Superman's promised us any and all aid he can manage in this."

Tah-dah: the friend of the Avengers, arisen from the long-dead.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha sighs. "The tricky part is investigating the tampering without tipping of perpetrator off... if it's an inside job."
    She says that like a traitor being in their midst is the most natural thing in the world.
    She lets Steve describe the probe, and gives a stiff humorless smile. "Superman's alive by the way. Surprise." She says, then adds, "Him or a convincing double if he's one of the guys who popped up right after the Doomsday situation." She gives Steve a bit of a Look and says, "... It's all going in my report."
    She then adds, "According to him, he determined that the pod was of alien origin. Somehow. Made up to look terrestrial, but not. Some of our science guys are double checking." Natasha shakes her head. "It *could* be unrelated, but it's a hell of a coincidence, and they're piling up."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is all business nodding along with Steve and the talk about the satellites being locked down better. Then another nod about a decoy pod. "I was pulled away on a mission off world as well..." she trails off as the whole.. wait a second what did Steve say.

She stares at him and then what Natasha is saying registers and she looks to her. "What." is all she manages, though it almost sounds like a wut.

She brings both hands upand sort of presses her fingertips to the sides of the bridge of her nose and closes her eyes taking a deep slow breath here. Honestly she should know better than think anyone is dead, hell she wasn't dead was she.

"I just..."

Another deep breath. "I know we worked together in the JLA before it all fell apart... I failed to.." those memories out of all the crap Rogue should have taken and left behind, it spotty.

Carol fidgets a bit and thne leans back opening her eyes and looks at the ceiling. "Okay.. I would like to scan the pod.. might be in the Kree databases." right business. Focus on business. Honestly she is also thinking about punching Superman for faking everyone out like that, he is going to need a good excuse really. Also on the bright side he is one of the few people she can really wallop too.

"But.. I think I need a drink first."

Steve Rogers has posed:
At the Look given to him, Steve returns it with a more bland lift of his brows as well as one hand off of his bicep as if to ask 'what?' He mentioned before to the Widow that his trust extended to whom she chooses to inform of the man's reappearance after so long.

Carol's reaction is watched with a patient understanding underlaced with a bone-deep empathy. Not so many years back, Steve too had learned his oldest friend was still alive. When the woman has fallen silent, he nods slowly in understanding.

"Felt that way too after he came and spoke to me, Carol. Pod's all yours to scan; as Nat said, it's still in our hands. Anything you find, let us know -- we'll pass word on to SHIELD, see what else they can come up with. Could skip the drink 'nd go talk to the man? Figure if you wanted to yell for him, he'd hear you."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's look was more of a friendly jab. She's not *bitter* that he didn't tell them before Superman dropped in on them! Not much! Spies just have odd senses of humor, one supposes.
    "We're out of vodka." Natasha repeats with sympathy tinged with bemusement. This is kinda fun. Usually when she tells someone something that staggers them, it's right before she kills them. "We could raid the fridge, but I don't know if you should fly drunk."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol just stares at the ceiling still and then rolls her head a bit popping her neck, lot of tension all of a sudden there. "I..." okay that gets a snort of a laugh out of her. "I try to not fly drunk.. I don't want a FUI..." okay she found a spot of humor here thanks Nat.

She does push back and get up to her feet though. "I'm going to get that scan and ... then maybe go yell on a skyscrapper in Metropolis.. or maybe go to Josies in Hells Kitchen.. I'll figure out it.. but scan first." duty first. "Thanks for ... " she just vaguely gestures. "Thank you for being you." to both of them and then head shaking turns to head to the science lab area of the mansion.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"FUIs are a thing to avoid," agrees the super-soldier in his bland and dry way, finally able to scrounge up a hint of a smile as well. It threatens dimples if it grows further. Still, he nods towards Carol.

"Accept no substitutes," comes the quip to float out the door after the woman. Steve then glances over at Natasha. "I thought that went well given every option available." Cue a half-dimple to one side of his mouth that does melt away after a moment. "Ambassador...need to think about that one." A grimace shows as he rubs at the back of his neck as if a sudden crick had taken up residence as well.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods slowly and adds, "FUs in general are a thing to avoid." very blandly. She's good at not smiling. She kinda wants to smile. She allows a little one.
    When Carol leaves, Natasha says "... Hope Banner was done with that." before she turns in her chair back towards the table and Steve. "It's..." she starts to say, then decides to agree: "... a lot." She shakes her head. "I don't know who I'd pick for it, but... out of the short list, you're the only one that doesn't have something on their record that needs..." Natasha gestures vaguely with one hand, "... explaining."

Steve Rogers has posed:
"'s'true, nobody's written down the one time I forgot to return a library book." Maybe it's another shot by the man to make Natasha give him another Look. "Mean, I paid the late fee 'nd everything, but those librarians...they give you the stink-eye if it's over eighty years late." Steve then takes a moment to stretch in the chair before rising.

"Got time to think up a list of others just in case things pan out where I can't stand in. Thor won't let me forget." He does smile to himself; the Asgardian does have a better memory than he might initially let on. "Let me know about any updates with the pod, if more show up. We'll talk again soon." Even if he might reach for a gentle patpat of the Widow's shoulder, in respect, Steve doesn't. He simply gives her a little smile before he exits the kitchen, sure to return back to correspondance with the SHIELD labs as it stands.