4602/Old Friends, Can You Imagine Us Years From Today

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Old Friends, Can You Imagine Us Years From Today
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: Liberty Island
Synopsis: The original Human Torch shows up in a surprise, at a charity event that Steve Rogers is helping kick off.
Cast of Characters: Jim Hammond, Steve Rogers

Jim Hammond has posed:
Jim Hammond joins the crowds at Liberty Island feeling and looking out of place. He looks out of place. He's wearing a suit of a very conservative cut, as well as a natty slouch hat but no coat despite chill in the air. People round him are unconsciously loosening their coats as if there is a sudden warming of the weather.

What has happened to the world? People dress like tramps and vagrants. Everyone is blathering on one of those weird radio phones -instead of talking to their friends. The music... okay the music is weird but... I kind of like it. It's that rock and roll I've heard of. The only thing that is the same, Captain America can still fill an event.

But I don't think that is my Captain America. So sorry I wasn't there to save you and Bucky, Steve. If anyone deserved to see the end of the War: t was you. He watches the podium, wondering what will happen.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The kickoff of the New York Food Bank's new charity drive wasn't a major news event. But it had gotten some publicity in part thanks to Steve Rogers having agreed to help promote it. A few radio spots and some posters, flyers and pamphlets had raised the awareness level though.

Liberty Island being chosen for the location did cut down slightly on how accessible it was, but the organizers figured the image of Captain America at the steps of Lady Liberty would be sure to get coverage from the media. So it is that Steve steps up to the podium, wearing his costume and carrying his shield, his head left bare though so his face is visible. The shield hasn't changed over the years, though his costume is different. Deeper blue, a different design, yet close enough the similarity is noticeable.

"Thank you for coming out today," Steve says into the microphone. "I realize the weather could be better, so I'll keep my comments brief. Around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, we all gain an extra bit of awareness of those less fortunate. Donations and volunteerism increase. But then with the New Year, people focus back in on their normal lives. Winter is still here, and this is one of the hardest times of year for homeless, for people out of work, and families trying to get by."

"So I'm joining with the New York City Food Bank to kick off this awareness campaign. New York's citizens still need your help. Whether it's a bag of non-perishable goods, a few hours of your time helping out at a shelter, or a monetary donation, you can be the difference for thousands of people in January and February," Steve says, while local news crews record the event and photographers snap pictures.

Jim Hammond has posed:
Jim Hammond thinks he'd probably be one of those in need, except he doesn't really need to eat, or a place. He has grown adept at finding all night movies and other venues. He doesn't really have to sleep.
    he big man stares though. Android memory is pretty sharp, you could call it photographic and that face rings more bells than Quasimodo. He moves through the crowd trying to get a closer look. Steve died ten years before his malfunctioning made him shut down but his memories of the man are still fresh, his manner, his body language. He suddenly makes up his mind. He was always a man of action. He doesn't know why Steve is going around unmasked but if this is the way these modern marvels do things, he will adapt.

The people on the podium will no doubt see people edging away from the burst of heat and flash light. There's no cry of 'Flame on!" But hey, New Yorkers have had a Torch and for far longer than Jim was active. The flaming man leaps into the sky and... stays there, 30 feet in the air, not burning anyone, wreathed in flames. He waits.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve's voice carries through the crowd, augmented by the speakers set up nearby. "If you wish to help, visit www.FoodForTheWinter.com and you'll find more contact information for volunteering or donations, as well as a list of businesses that are accepting donations of food, blankets and clothing. Thank you to everyone who is able to help out. This is-"

The sudden flare of light and the flaming figure rising up into the air cut off Steve as he seems to be making his closing remarks. His eyebrows go up in surprise, though less from the fiery man emerging and more from the sight being a familiar one.

"Jim?" Steve Rogers says in a tone of disbelief. It's more difficult with that fiery plasma wrapping him for Steve to be sure it's the Human Torch, the original one, than if he could see his face. But there are still enough differences in appearance compared to Johnny Storm to leave Steve thinking he's seeing his old friend. Who from Steve's standpoint, he last saw three years ago.

Jim Hammond has posed:
He knows his name! His human name. That was not in the history books. He checked on news about himself trying fruitlessly to track down Toro. He makes a sweeping gesture with his right arm and flames form ..._. Let's see if it really is Steve. No one seemed to understand that chord, or a V-sign.

But it has to be Steve. Only Steve could recover from surprise so quickly and draw the right conclusions the ..._ hangs there in the air and despite the flames a wry smile comes through. Too bad he destroyed his clothes. But this is worth it.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve is still staring. As Torch makes the sign, Steve finally snaps out of it a bit. "We did win. Or so they tell me. I'm still working out what we lost," Steve tells the fiery, familiar figure. "They also told me that you disappeared in... when was it? The 1950s?" he says.

"Have you been hiding out all this time?" Steve Rogers asks. He finally notices the reactions of the crowd and steps back to the microphone. "Everyone, it's ok. Thank you for attending, and please, help if you're able to," he says, and then repeats the website address again.

After Steve steps back over, away from others so Human Torch can speak to him more easily without others being at risk. "Where have you been?" he asks.

Jim Hammond has posed:
Jim Hammond turns to the audience and gives them a little show before approaching Cap. His dots and dashes rise into the sky where at a yell from their creator they burst in a showy display of fireworks, flashes, streamers and sprays. The burning man floats to Captain America and drops to the podium, snuffing the flames from his feet to his head as he lands. He bows to the crowd and sends another display overhead. Just to make sure they keep for a minute.

He turns to Steve and says, "It is you, I was malfunctioning and losing control of my flame. I didn't want to hurt people so I crawled into an old mineshaft and deactivated in a blaze of glory... near as I figure, some air got to me and I reactivated. Or was resurrected. Whatever applies to me. Gosh, I'm confused... what the hell happened to the Dodgers?!"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve's smile is that from Jim's memories. That smile that he'd give when people made it back from a mission alive. "I can't hardly believe it. It's so good to see you," he tells Jim. "Dodgers, they moved to... Los Angeles," Steve says, giving a soft groan before naming the city. "And they have a new team, the Mets. I've been to a few games, but it's just not quite the same. Been to LA for a few Dodger games. But, they also aren't quite the same. Though, at least it's the Dodgers." Steve says with a sigh and a little shake of his head.

"So you've only been back awake for a short time then?" he asks. "For me it's been three years. I ended up going into the water on my last mission. Ended up frozen in ice, so they tell me. Someone found me 72 years later and they thawed me out. A lot to adjust to," Steve says, reaching over to clasp Jim's shoulder, both happy to see him, and also the gesture and Steve's expression suggesting he'll be there for Jim to help with Jim going through it.

Jim Hammond has posed:
Jim Hammond boggles a moment. "You were really picked out of the ice by a giant, a pixie with wings, a German god and an iron plated guy... and they were looking to rough it up with Subby? I mean, I thought Namor was a good guy -now. Steve, I can find no mention of Toro after my deactivation... he'd be in his eighties... do you think he might be alive? It really stinks to be ageless. But, I'm intruding on your show... unless we can work up a little improv to give the folks a thrill You still now how to use that man hole cover you tote around?" The android winks and suddenly his finger tips are flaming.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve gives a little wave of his hand. "It's ok, I was pretty much finished," he says. A lot of people are lingering though, taking pictures of the two of them. Social media is getting flooded, no doubt. "I don't know about Toro. They say he disappeared as well," Steve tells Jim.

"So you've heard of the Avengers then," Steve comments. "They weren't the ones who found me in the ice or woke me. A... military and spy agency called SHIELD, headed by Nick Fury's son, were the ones who did that. But there was a threat from an alien and the Avengers formed to stop it. Along with a lot of other enhanced individuals from around the world," Steve confirms.

Jim Hammond has posed:
Jim Hammond nods. "I'm staying at the YMCA in Williamsburg, Steve. Give me a call there. We have got to catch up. I got nothing else to do... I mean unless a Nazi or Japanese superweapon activates or these aliens show up wanting some more, I'm free. maybe we can take in a practice game or a movie?"

Jim leaps into the air and ignites again and is surprised by a -warm reception- clapping and few shouts. He flies over the crowd once more before streaking into the sky. He's a bright star but soon lost to sight.