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Secret Doors: Flashes
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - First Floor
Synopsis: Steve encounters an SOS signal!
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts

Tony Stark has posed:
Strange lighting effects have plagued the Avengers mansion. Different shapes sometimes move through, as if they were the edge of humanoids, but then disappear when really looked at. JARVIS has been able to consistently report on these anomalies, and keep tabs on where they are, and when.

Now, multiple flutters of movement have gone through into one the main rooms of the mansion, like wisps of lurking creatures: light bronze and golden, flutters of flux, that are aligned near the center of the room in a strange little set of bundles. For the most part the various effects have been sparse in the main rooms - at least, since the vanishing of Stark and Potts. That they are back could mean something, or herald something serious...

Steve Rogers has posed:
It was a tiring day for Steve. He'd left the matter of the people arriving through portals from another Earth largely to SHIELD until they hit a scenario that they said needed his help. But when he heard a call go out from SHIELD to local law enforcement to apprehend someone near to Steve's location, he had headed over if just to get a look for himself.

The man had been fairly normal in appearance and demeanor, which had caused the NYPD who apprehended him to let down their guard. Up until the moment that he'd pulled one of their guns, while cuffed. The bullet had only grazed the cop's arm, but only thanks to Steve's fast reaction to shove the gun away from where it was pointed at the cop's torso. The worst part was the grin the man had, like he'd just done something clever rather than nearly murder someone.

Steve paces up the hallway from the front door, heading for a room he can sit down and relax and clear his head of what had happened. He turns the corner into the room, coming to a standstill as he sees the odd flutters of light and shadow, reminiscent of what he'd seen in his bedroom.

Tony Stark has posed:
Abruptly, to Steve from that fluttering bundle, that spot, strobes little funny flickers. They just seem odd at first, flashing, then... there's a repeat of it. Something that has a pattern to it. Three short little flashes, then three long, then three short, then nothing.... just the subtle ebb of the energy.

"Okay, there's that, you can open your eyes; let's see what happens," Tony says to Pepper. He's got the little drone set up, and it is emitting blinding pulses. Tony stretches one hand out protectively across Pepper's torso as they see motion in a doorway - being down here is dangerous, rare to venture back down into one of the main rooms of the mansion, with the monstrous THING lurking about that they've seen multiple times. They're tired, hungry to some degree - but at least they've had water, from the invention Tony'd made early on. They can see wisps of movement, but not exact shapes. They've been seeing them everywhere, and trying to give them a wide distance, on their side of the gap of... whatever twisted reflection of reality they are caught in.

Pepper Potts has posed:
The flashes of light subsiding, Pepper looks back, her hands dropping from the covering of her eyes as she looks first at Tony, then the drone, then back, worry etched on her face with a touch of hope tingeing the sides. "Do you think it worked?" Her tones are coated with that worry, the manic, rapid-fire questions regarding their plight all but spent days ago. She does lean in to Tony's touch, just for the sense of reassurance.

They are downstairs; maybe someone had found her clutch left in the front hall where she'd dropped it before? To at least give a hint that she had been there? At least, her phone is in there, it having been a present from Tony, the whole 'battery life' probably isn't an issue, and there's plenty of charge left. And even though the drone has the 'Tony cobbled together' glasses, she can't help but look over her shoulder after the lights. "Maybe the bright light will keep it away?"


Steve Rogers has posed:
While few people today are well-versed in Morse Code, for Steve it is something he can speak as well as English. Well, better than Spanish or German at least. The pattern is quickly recognized, Steve's brow furrowing as he moves closer, trying to discern what is causing it.

He pulls his Avengers card from his pocket. "JARVIS, there are some of those strange patterns here in the room with me, forming an SOS in Morse Code. Can you detect anything that can help me in breaking through to the other side?" he says.

Steve pulls out his phone and unlocks it, then fights with it for a few seconds. "For love of..." he says as he seems to be failing at getting it to do what he wants. "JARVIS, turn on my phone's flashlight," he says. It comes on after a half second, nearly blinding Steve. He points it towards that bundle of odd shadows, passing his hand over it to form dots and dashes. Dash. Triple dash. Dash-dot. Dash-dot-dash-dash. Spelling out "Tony". Steve starts yelling towards the bundle as well. "Tony!? Can you hear me!? How can I get you out!?"

Tony Stark has posed:
"Captain Rogers, I am not seeing any patterns as you mentioned, but I am able to sense that there is a mild presence in that room; I must caution you that the anomaly may be present in some form that we cannot see," JARVIS says helpfully, concerned for Rogers' well-being.

"Was that something?" Tony asks Pepper curiously. It's so mild and subtle, hard to tell, like a tiny blinky light. "This is going to be a pain in the butt," Tony laments. "I saw dash, triple dash. Then what," Tony converses with Pepper, while poking at the drone's open data entry pad next to him from the flung-together interface made of other parts. The might is coming from the iron man guantlet's repulsor, also repurposed to make things super blinding. "Maybe. I still have stars in my eyes from the brightness, maybe you can see better, if you heeded my advice that I did not take, to shut your eyes. That's a T-O -- wishful thinking might lead to my name." Tony WOULD jump to that, seeing as everything is about him.

Pepper Potts has posed:
With side-eyes, there's movement, shadowy-wispy, there and not there, and it's really taking something of a toll on Pepper. She's tired, hungry, frustrated, and with a pull of her hair to tuck it behind her ear, she's shaking her head. "I don't know.. maybe.. long, short.. something, something?"

There, though, and in squinting green eyes to actually try and focus on something, Pepper comes up with nothing. Tony's suggestion, however, gains a tired, but affectionate smirk. "If so, it's only because 'Tony' is shorter than 'Pepper'."


Still, there is the dawning awareness that if there is Morse code, who would be the most likely to know it?



Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers continues to yell, "Tony! Pepper!? Can you hear me!?" and he repeats the Morse Code for Tony twice more to see if he gets a response.

Steve pockets the phone and moves forward, watching as the shapes and patterns shift about in the air before him. When one of them seems about as noticeable and substantial as they get, he tries to reach out quickly and see if he can't grasp it somehow.

"JARVIS I'm flying blind here. Is there anything else you can tell me about this that would help me... break through to the other side?" he asks aloud. "We could really use Wanda or Doctor Banner right now."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Looks like my name. Yeah. ....Okay, we need to confirm this somehow. I mean, they could be saying THEY are Tony, and I'm talking to myself here, which... could be a benefit, in a way. I didn't think we were that far shifted dimensionally, though," Tony chatters. He sets up the drone to flash back in a quick, even clip:


While they wait to see what they get back, Tony continues to talk. "So, I think I have some readings from our side here. But I'll need the scan to run from that side, and the appropriate machine to get a gate going, maybe breach.... This feels like trying to talk through a paper cup on a string instead of a cellphone, though," Tony gripes.

That misty shape of whoever they are talking to approaches, and Tony stands his ground, with a brave sort of tension. Feels like nothing. Weird wisps of energy stuff. "I feel slightly violated," Tony does comment to Pepper, teasing.

JARVIS answers, "Seeking to calibrate, to analyze to what you seem to be witnessing. I am able to produce flashes in Morse Code for you if you wish." Then there's a pause. "The impact of your hand registered something. Please standby, I may be able to adjust to read. If you would, please interact again."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper presses her lips together in a gently frustrated expression to his musings, though there is still a softness to it that holds affection. She breathes out an audible breath, "If it's another you, I would be both happy, and concerned." She pauses, lets him continue, and nods her head once in that 'final' decision, "Concerned." She does reach out, however, just for that closeness, even while looking back over her shoulder for that creature.

"I still feel like we're being watched," is murmured.

Looking back, it's a strange feeling, the wisps of reality as it's split, and it's only caught out of the corner of her eye, the movement of Steve. Or, whom she fully believes is Steve now. Stepping back, she's got her nose wrinkled, brows creased in that 'oh that was weird' reaction, and looks back at Tony. "He went.." right through them. "He moved towards us though.."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers's hand close on empty air, and Steve isn't quite sure if he's feeling something different there or if it is just his brain making him think he is because he expects it.

The information from JARVIS caused Steve to glance up. JARVIS isn't in the ceiling, yet it just feels right to face that direction to address him. "Alright, I'll keep trying to touch them," Steve agrees. As he is saying it, the pattern changes again, and after a few flashes Steve recognizes them as not just being random.

"More Morse Code," he says aloud, mostly for himself. "T, A, N, D, P..." he says. "H-E-R-E'. It's them! Signal them back, JARVIS: Cap Here. How Do We Help You?" he recites for JARVIS, and then goes back to work, waving his hands through those distortions in the air. "Um, sorry Pepper, if my hands are... nevermind."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Signalling," JARVIS agrees, beginning to pulse lights using the ceiling light.

"I felt something weird. Not good-weird, more a general weird." Tony extends gauntleted hand towards the weird mist-apparition of whoever they are speaking to. Then there's something lightly concrete! Was that impact?!

"I am getting readings of the larger manifestation now, be warned! It is starting to effect the room!" JARVIS says suddenly, on Steve's side. But Steve's hand has also impacted something solid, something real!

Suddenly, the little robot begins to scream at Pepper and Tony, beeping and flashing a little bit towards the hallway that leads to the kitchen. It has seen something, for sure. The world begins to warp, even if the thing is invisible, to Tony and Pepper's view. Reddish, thicker, more disorienting as it twists with the arrival of the mass of spirit-like presence.

But Steve's got something, and the misty connection breaks like a membrane. Tony flickers and flows through out of Pepper's reality...

And into Steve's.

"Huh. Hi, Cap," Tony comments in puzzlement, before his brain gives way under the stress of the pulse of breaking that wall, and he loses consciousness.

To Pepper, the wire severs to the drone, and Tony is just... //gone//. And the drone is screaming at her with worried beep-boops!

Pepper Potts has posed:
"Not good-weird, just.. weird, weird?" It is strange, seeing the phantasm but not really. It's as if her mind is playing tricks, but it's not. There is Steve, in wisps and forms, just before them, just in front of Tony. She'd taken the step back to try and avoid any-

The little drone begins its wild beeping, and in that instant, Pepper is whipping her head back and around to see what is setting off the little guy. Green eyes widen as she doesn't initially see anything, but still, it is fixed on something, and that something isn't good.

In the next moment, Pepper is turning around once more, "Tony," on her lips before she realizes that he is.. "Tony!" and reaching out for him, he's gone through that break in realities, in the split .. dimensions?

"Tony!" is yelled once more, as if he could hear her. Pepper takes a step back, and another, the wild beeping of the drone insisting that she move, that she answer it, that she does what it thinks she needs to do. She looks wildly around, then focusses back on the drone, watching the flashing lights that light up the kitchen. Looking back at the spot where Tony'd disappeared, she stands there for a long moment before moving back up the stairs, trying not to be seen by the creature.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The thought of getting out of there to avoid whatever comes next never passes through Steve Roger's head. He continues to grasp, and then suddenly feeling something solid, he takes hold firmly and pulls.

Later he'll describe it like a bubble popping. A bubble that made his skin crawl and then reformed behind the shape of Tony Stark as he suddenly appears there, his gauntleted hand grasped in Steve's.

"Tony!" he exclaims, only to have Tony pass out a moment after speaking. Steve lays him down and looks back up, seeing the other two hazy, shifting forms begin to move. "Pepper, no!" Steve calls, lunging forward and wrapping his arms around both, not sure which is Pepper, or what or who the other one is.

He falls forward though, unable to find anything substantial, and then they are gone, a few last flashes of them retreating from the room before Steve looses sight of them.

"JARVIS, try to track them. Tell medical I'm bringing Tony down!" he says, scooping up Tony in his arms and running for the medical rooms downstairs. Leaving the room behind him to quietly pulse with that strange energy before fading out.